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Hello and Goodbye / Hello Veritas
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:54:17 PM »
Hi everyone,

I totally forgot to introduce myself.  :rolleyes:

I'm male, 23yo, my timezone is UTC+2.

I don't like talking about me but I think it might be good :

How come did I got interested in Magic(k)? I first started by meditating, and learned auto-hypnosis. I had really good results with that so I wondered why it's not more popular. I tried to meditate as much as I could as a student, and had all the sensation of what they call "kundalini".  I wanted to learn more, I tried Kunlun System by Max Christensen which totally changed me. But now it's maybe a bit "too powerful".
Then I discovered Bardon's IIH and it was another "revelation" to me. Everything is so perfect and beautiful in this book ! But hard. It's totally worth the work in my opinion :)

Also, I might be searching for a suitable school for my magical studies. I heard good things about TDS. And their members seems legit. But they don't seem to accept everyone? I sent an application but had no answer.

See you !

Magick / Is the Kunlun system compatible with Magick ?
« on: July 03, 2018, 04:42:36 PM »

First of all, I've been practicing Bardon's IIH for a couple of years, and I enjoy it.

I know Kunlun methods are a very popular subject and has been discussed many times in many forums, I don't want this thread to feel like "yet another kunlun thread..." and I'm sorry if it looks like that.

Fact is : I love Max Christensen's books, especially the "Kunlun system". This method/meditation has been a "revelation" for me, with more positives than negatives effects. Even 2 minutes meditation has effects on the next day.

From a Bardon's point of view it feels like accumulating a lot of "vital energy" (but without doing anything except holding the position described by M. Christensen), and finally releasing it all at once. Resulting in a big "mental emptiness".
Then, next day, I seem to have "too much fire" : I'm nervous, hyperactive and it's tiring. I also tend to naturally be naturally in the "thougtless meditation" state, which is quite pleasant, when I don't have to do anything.
I'm really interested if somebody can describe what this practice does in a hermetic way of speaking.

Most of the "effects" seems to last like 24 hours after practice.
I have to say, it's "hard" to keep doing it everyday. Even if I have more energy, it's hard for my nerves. I can become a lot more nervous and things in everyday life may seem "too slow". In fact, that's probably because times goes slower when "I'm on Kunlun". I have a lot more time to think and I also have a lot more "physical energy" : doing sport seems easier, for instance I have more stamina when I run.
So my question is : in your opinion, will it help practising hermetic magic, or is this just going to slow me down ?

And finally, sorry if my english is not the best :)

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