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In my thought form.

Magick - the translation of a thought to a physical manifestation of projected conscious.

Now is matter a thought, or is matter a real creation? I think it's both. It can't be one with out the other. Meaning that with practice thought can become real, the more practice the more instatntanous the projection can become.

Poetry / Lucid Spectrum
« on: January 09, 2015, 02:24:39 PM »
This is my vision after repeating this phrase until I fall asleep

"Earth please begin to take my mind, as i lay her in these binds. Free my thoughts and let me search, the depths of the universe that my brain had burnt."

Her mouth opened, I saw the earth.
Her eyes open, I see the moons.
Her eyes close, my blood surged.
Her mouth closed, my life stopped.

As I became lucid I came to a realization that the state I am currently in, is not a dream.
Not even close, it was not even a nightmare.
I tried to breath but there was no need I no longer needed the taste of oxygen.
"Where the hell could she have sent me?"
I ask my self.
"Funny thought" a voice echoes "you are the first of the men such as wise as you are to realize where you landed you are granted one wish."
"I wish to take your place" i think with no hesitation.
"Hahahaha hahahah. You are a wise man but that was a foolish choice. Your wish is granted"
This sensation, this overwhelming power. why does it hurt, why don't I want it to end?
My eyes are the first to go, I start seeing a flash of my past, a beach with a pale floating off Into the water.
I think to my self to stop. And that's what happens. I fall out of the sky and Into the middle of a deep ocean. I look up and she is back, this demonic yet beautiful figure.

"This is where it happens, this is how you will be for the rest of your life. It is a crime against the cosmos to try and take my reign. and you will float here for an eternity."

"How can you be so certain?" I mutter

"Simple minded human, what gives you the right to speak before me in any tone other than divine forgiveness?"

"Because I'm dreaming, I've been lucid, controlling every aspect of our encounter, to retrace my steps back into your presence. And I found out who you were. You are no angel, you are no devil. Just a figment of my imagination."

I awake in bed, however I feel asleep on the couch, look outside and it's snowing. Still dreaming. I look to my left and she's asleep next to me. I reach to touch her and she disappears.

I finally wake up in the real world. My mantra works. I was asleep for 6 hours. But it felt like a dream for two days.

"Earth please begin to take my mind, as i lay her in these binds. Free my thoughts and let me search, the depths of the universe that my brain had burnt."

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Global Synchronicity
« on: January 08, 2015, 06:15:54 PM »
Imagine a time in the future, a day where the planet earth is at its closest proximity to the sun, imagine mass gatherings all at once with the purpose of group meditation, with the intent of holding the planet in hand to cast in unison healing enegies into the earths atmosphere and pulling it towards and pushing it down to the core, a group of people designated to refuel, recycle, and renew the natural healing, and grounding effects the earth carries.

How would this effect us?
Would it work?
 The short answer is yes, but how exactly and what exactly would it change?

Those who take part in my future plans will expirence sensations we take for granted, love, unity and togetherness beyond what is currently possible. In the future this will happen. Would you help? Would you spread the idea? Can we get enough media attention to shift our planet back Into its divine state? It's impossible to do it with out the help of the people and their ability to follow the right ideals, but does the attentions of our general population have what it takes to fully accomplish my vision?

Main Hall / Void Mind Meditation Ritual. Repeat before every meditation.
« on: December 26, 2014, 04:40:13 PM »
Get comfy upright in any mundra with a void mind state topic chosen. (Be it magic, health, anything you so desire to freely communicate to your self)
Now realize your current concious state,
Your concious state are resting thoughts of the day, or troublesome worrys you might have.
Now close your eyes and focus solely on each breath.
Breath out with the nose and in with the nose.
Notice initial pace of breath and how you begin to correct each breath to keep a comforting and relaxing pace.
This is your unique rhythm.
Prolong your breath,
Inhale slowly,
Realize the mouths open position and exhale slowly.
Keep the mouth slightly open  as you
Slowly inhale with the nose,
And slowly exhale out the mouth.
If you are steady and focused, you can slowly exhale and inhale thru the mouth and nose simultaneously. This is the perfect breath.
Repeat of he final step until full focus on void mind topic is achieved.

Poetry / Nature
« on: December 18, 2014, 12:33:52 PM »
Moss tells tales of growth and age in a planet burnt by war and plague,
violence and hate.. Yet Forrests grow true beauty in the eyes of the wise.
The best idea in the world is to use your mind and truly witness earth knowing
your place in the universe.

Body Energy Arts / Kinetic exercise for finding your energetic body.
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:53:44 PM »
First guys what's up, I'm kyfixorus the wise.

Stand up and start rocking with your entire body,
Find a comfortable pace and begin to full exhale as your rocking back,
And full exhale as you lean forward.
Begin to play around with your breath.
And feel the inertia between the body and the breath.

Side effects may be...
Wobbling in Your entire body.

That is your energized body cooperating back into a rested physical motion.
Great exercise to do before meditation.

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