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Hello and Goodbye / Guess who's back
« on: January 24, 2009, 12:57:15 PM »
I'm back for a bit. Older, and slightly wiser. I've finally figured out the path i'll be walking down.
Looking forward to catching up with the rest of the oldies. Hopefully i'm still remembered

ps. I'll be taking back control of my cows too  :cow:

Questions & Suggestions / Suggestion regarding voting forum
« on: January 30, 2007, 04:58:25 AM »
Um, just a suggestion but i think it'd be a good idea for a sticky in the voting forum detailing the forums rules and how the voting works and junk like that, since that way new members can check that for information regarding voting and stuff instead of having to trawl through the information presented i n the veritas constitution.

just a suggestion though
*pulls out his 'suggestive' cushion launcher (tm) to help 'persuade' those who may not agree with him*

The Cafeteria / Bead Games?
« on: January 30, 2007, 04:53:03 AM »
hey guys, anyone have the links to the bead game boards?
the oldie members should know what i'm talking about. I want to bring up bead games again, since they were a great way to pass the time and taught a bit too (if you're like me and tried to win by posting something really dificult)

anyway i can probably remake the images for each of the boards i guess, it'll just take some time. That and i need to remember the rules.

The Cafeteria / Spam?
« on: January 15, 2007, 03:10:30 AM »
 :HA!: :cow:

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Telepathic Suggestion Article
« on: December 18, 2006, 04:02:11 PM »
Telepathic Suggestion and Empathic Projection

Hey all. As some of you may know, TPS is one of my areas of study and I figured (after looking at the lack of articles on this subject) that I should perhaps write my own article and share some of the experience Iíve acquired over the last few years.
Anyway I suck with introductions so with no further ado, the article:

Telepathic suggestion (TPS). Oh the uses. From getting people to look the other way while you sneak past them to get the last donut, to getting the landlord to leave without even asking for the overdue rent, one canít deny the endless practical uses of this skill.

Probably the most important thing needed this skill is knowing how to connect to your target and project the thoughts/emotions to them. Thatís a skill that youíll probably learn by taking up telepathy or empathy. Iím not going to waste time and space in this article explaining the mechanics of telepathy/empathy since thereís plenty of articles out there dedicated to those skills.   

There are of course the moral implications of using such skills. Some may find influencing the actions of other people to morally wrong since in a way it affects their free will, yada yada yada. Iím not going to touch the moral implications since youíll either not care about them (like me) and choose to learn this skill, or youíll care about them and choose not to learn. As with most psionic skills, the choice is up to you on what to learn.  I say most skills since some skills we inadvertently pick up whilst learning other skills.

And that was how I learned EP (Empathic Projection, a phrase I made to describe a particular aspect of TPS) and TPS. It was one of those skills that I inadvertently picked up after taking up empathy. I found that as well as feeling what those around me felt, I could project feelings at others and influence theirs (and later through practising this, I picked up TPS). What Iíd advise for somebody who wants to develop these skills is do as I did. Develop something like telepathy and/or empathy and go from there.

Now Iíd better explain EP, since Iím sure upon hearing the phrase EP youíre probably wondering what the hell Iím talking about. Empathic Projection is exactly what it says. Projecting emotions and feelings at the intended target to influence and/or override their current emotions/feelings for as long as you continue to project those emotions/feelings at them. I find this can be subtler than TPS and can be used to help reinforce a particular suggestion. 

TPS on the other hand deals more with thoughts, either hammering the target with what you wish them to do or subtly nudging their thoughts into avenues them wish them to follow. I find the main difference between TPS and EP is that for TPS affecting their feelings are not necessary and likewise, in EP affecting their thoughts is not necessary. Using the two together however, and thus affecting both thoughts and feelings, is recommended. Sure sometimes it doesnít always work, but still. Even a chance to affect somebodyís behaviour is better than nothing when itís important (like avoiding the gang of suspicious characters loitering near that dark alley).

Another major difference between TPS and EP (aside from the thoughts vs emotions aspect) is that with TPS you attempt to make the target to undertake a specific course of action. EP on the other hand is focused on altering/influencing their current emotional state and thus because of the altered feelings the target may Ďchooseí a different course of action.

Iíll explain my process of using EP first. Say for example I want to calm some people down (Because lets face it. People being angry at, and arguing with eachother are annoying).
First I focus on making myself feel the feelings I wish to project (which is where prior knowledge and experience of empathy comes in handy, since though that youíll have encountered prettymuch the whole spectrum of human emotion, which can be daunting).
Next focus on your target(s) and Ďpushí the feelings of calmness and serenity into him/her/them as well as drawing the feelings youíre trying to replace out of them and into yourself.
This takes a bit of practice to get right. In essence youíre taking in their emotions and feelings and giving them your own. I find itís effective, but the drawback is you receive the emotions your replacing. I often counter this a simple breathing exercise whereby at exhalation I visualise the emotion Iím attempting to get rid of flowing out of me as I breathe out (and diffusing harmlessly into the environment, etcÖ), with inhalations focused on me returning to my emotional state before beforehand.

Eventually however youíll be able to bypass the need of drawing their emotions out, instead either replacing their emotions with your own or superimposing your emotions on them so that they subconscious choose between them emotions present (usually choosing the most stable emotions with which it is presented).

Eventually I began to experiment with using a combination of images and feelings to cause specific courses of action to be undertaken by the target.
For example lets say Iím playing video games and my sister is in my room giving a rather unflattering running commentary on how well Iím doing. Iíll send images of her (sitting there and giving the running commentary) along with feelings and emotions such as unease and boredom. Then Iíll alternate and contrast that image-feeling combination with images of her downstairs annoying my other sister along with feelings of joy, entertainment and other ĎI feel goodí type feelings.
After a while she declares that Iím boring and that sheís going downstairs to see what Rizz is doing.

I consider the previous example to be a rudimentary form of TPS, utilising a combination of telepathy-esque work (the images) and empathy (the feelings). Eventually youíll be able to able to drop the use of emotions and feelings using just TPS to influence the target.

Originally I used to repeatedly pulse the target with the thoughts I was trying to slip them into the targetís consciousness (such as constantly streaming ďyouíre hungry, get something to eatĒ at them. After a while theyíll suddenly think ďIím hungry, Iíll get something to eatĒ). It does work on its own, but I find supplementing it with EP helps Like throwing the feeling of satisfaction of munching on a burger at him. Mmm, burgers). Now however I usually opt for a different approach. I slam into them with my mind and try to impose a thought directly into their mind. Kinda tricky to describe but Iíll give it my best shot.

For example. I hear my landlord coming up the stairs. Iím a few weeks behind on rent and canít be bothered to pay just yet. I gather myself, feel him out and slam into his mind, tell him to go back downstairs. The next part is tricky to described (curse the English language and its lack of metaphysical explanation-type terms). You know how you can push against a fence, applying a steady pressure and eventually it gives way and falls over. Itís a similar sort of thing, applying Ďpressureí on his mind to follow the course of action I want and like the fence he eventually Ďgives wayí. Iíll push at him implying to him that that he doesnít want to be there and that he should go away.
Okay, itís an inadequate explanation, but then our language lacks the necessary words to describe it properly (and I spent a week trying to come up with a better metaphor but to avail). I hope some of you will know what I mean.

Hedging Shields
Originally I was going to write this up in a separate article, but I feel this skill is tied up so closely to TPS and EP that it should be included within this article.

Essentially the goal of hedging to be Ďinvisibleí, though invisible isnít the right word. The target can still see you and they just donít pay attention to your presence, their mind registering you as unimportant. Think about it this way, who really pays any attention a random chair in a busy restaurant? They see the chair, but it isnít important. The goal of hedging is to be like the chair, seen but ignored.

I guess there could be a few different ways to do this, but Iím going to list mine. Letís say Iím going to go meet my friend in a park, but I want to surprise him. I focus on the grass around me, trying to get the feel of how unimportant it is and cloak myself in that unimportance (I tend to visualise a nice dark, hooded cloak around me hiding me and emitting a feeling of extreme grassy-ness at those who look at me). Then Iíll project that grassy feel at my friend so when he sees me, his mind registers me as if I was the grass. Then I stop projecting once Iím next to him and watch him jump as he suddenly realises Iím there. Okay sometimes it doesnít always work, depending on how much attention heís paying to his surroundings, but its still fun as heck.

At any rate, the idea is to surround yourself with and project a field of energy associated with the general boringness of whatever youíre hiding as/by. Okay it isnít a shield per se, since Iím not exactly doing any programming of energy or making constructs. In fact Ďhedging fieldí would probably be a better word, but it is possible to make a construct to hold the effects up, and I use constructs when I need to hold the field up for long periods of time. Usually however you donít need to hold the shield up for long, since if your hiding from somebody it makes sense to move away from their vicinity before they shake off the effects of your shield. Sometimes however it is impossible to get away (like the time I needed to hedge from my english teacher while in class to avoid punishment. Me sneaking out of the class would have set off Ďalarm bellsí in his head, regardless of how unimportant I made him think I was).

As with TPS there are limitations. If theyíre actively looking for you they do stand a chance of registering you as important, instead of unimportant. Another thing Iíve noticed is that the better they know you the easier it seems for them to Ďseeí you. Iím not sure if its because they instinctively recognise your energy signature or if their minds are less likely to recognise you as unimportant.

Tips and Exercises:
Practice makes perfect and all that jazz. The more you use it, the better you get. Anyway here are some suggestions on how improve.

1) Be reasonable. The key part of the phrase telepathic suggestion is Ďsuggestioní. Youíre trying to nudge their mind into picking a course of action you want them to take, but they subconsciously fight suggestions contrary to their nature or state of being at that moment. Somebody who is angry has a greater chance of being impressed into hitting something than somebody who is currently calm and sedate (which is why I view EP as important since you can alter, to a degree, their current state).

2) Focus on shifting quickly between emotional states. EP is all about projecting feelings and emotions. How can you make your target angry if you canít make yourself angry? Practice shifting between your emotions. Feel that emotion strongly. Be that emotion.

3) Start Simple. Make somebody happy. Make them feel good. If your friend is feeling down then give them joy. Make them happy and eventually his thoughts with focus on happy things. Likewise, if your friends are arguing then calm them down. Eventually youíll learn how to combine a number of simple suggestions together, allowing for larger changes.   

4) Experiment. Certain methods sometimes work better at achieving certain goals, or are easier to do to achieve a specific goal than different methods.

5) Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Sneak up on people using hedging shields then scare the crap out of them as they suddenly realise youíve been standing right next to them.

6) Little children are fun to practice on. I guess this is a modification of a hedging shield, where instead of making myself appear uninteresting I make myself appear dangerous, hostile and frightening and I aim it at the children. Then Iíll project calm and reassuring feelings at the runts, then swap back to hostile. It freaks them out.

The rest I leave up to you. These are fun skills to use (for the less morally inclined anyway). I hope everyone who takes the time to read this article gains some wisdom from it and I hope it helps aid you if you wish to learn these skills. Iíve been practising this crap for about two years and I can honestly say I find it worth having.
Anyway being able to give something back to the community thatís helped me so much feels, interesting. Iíve got that warm, fuzzy feeling inside (though it could be those out of date chicken wings I ate last night). Anyway if you have any questions feel free to ask. Iíll try help as best I can.

- Smiffy
:cow:  May the cow be with you.

Magick / Enchanting
« on: November 28, 2006, 05:18:41 AM »
Hey guys. I can't remember if there's any info about this stuff lying further back in the site and i've got a lecture in about two minutes so i can't check for myself

anyway getting to the point. Any advice/info on enchanting general items (such as necklace, bracelets, etc...) with energy to grant it certain properties (ie protection, luck, etc...)

anyway gotta rush. Thanks for any help. *Thorws out Helpfulness cows*

Hello and Goodbye / Return of the Smiff
« on: November 27, 2006, 05:04:45 AM »
Yup, i'm back. needed some time to figure out things and grow, etc...
overall i think it helped.  :cow:

anyway i've noticed a few things wrong with veritas. Namely the lack of cows.

and more importantly. What the F*** is up with this dog cult cutting in on cow turf.
Cows are the official creature given as gifts around here (and then only by smiffy approved individuals, or those related to Smiffy), with elephants being a degenerate unoficial animal for use by thos not worthy to give cows.
But those mangy dogs? I have surely been gone to long if those curs have a foothold.  :teethy:

At least Mr Teethy is still loyal  :teethy:

*Lifts up a mug of bleaer and drowns his sorrows (and himself) in it*
*Cows to all*

Hello and Goodbye / and he promptly vanished in a puff of logic
« on: March 20, 2006, 01:17:32 AM »
some things have come up so i'm gonna be away for a while. not sure when i'll pop back.
anyway good luck with all your studies peeps. Amun ra has care of the cows till my return.
*throws out some seeya-later cows*
*promptly vanishes ina puff of logic*
(yeah, i stole it from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, i love that line.)

Magick / Concentration exercises?
« on: February 14, 2006, 05:30:54 AM »
just wondering but what methods does everyone use to increase concentration. Reason being is a freind of mine wants to increase his concentration type abilites and i was wondering what to suggest. my exercise is sorta to just try focus on a specific mental image for as long as possible.

Magick / Music and Magick?
« on: February 02, 2006, 08:42:13 AM »
I have a theory of sorts i'm gonna test out and i want to hear some other thoughts on the concept.

Now it all started when i was playing icewind dale 2 a couple of weeks ago and i made this rather amusing bard. Then it got me thinking, could you use music as a focus for you magic?

Now what i was thinking of was trying to use music (for example playing a certain guitar tune, since i'm learning how to play) to try put yourself into the correct state of mind, you know tha quasi-gnostic state of mind. I figure this quite probable (though i'm still gonna experiment just to make sure) but it got me thinking, since i'd just reread proph's power of words thingy. Like instead of using a specific power word or mantra or whatever it is you instead have yourself kinda assosiate a specific tune with a specific effect, thus doing away with the words part alltogether.

anyway what do you guys think. i'm still gonna test this stuff out (once i get good enough with my guitar) but i'd like to see what everyone else thinks, even if its critical. Might help fine tune it (ph34r teh pun!), so to speak.

*throws out a theory cow*

Magick / couple of questions
« on: January 16, 2006, 01:25:44 AM »
first of all, i'm picking up my practices again. go me

anyway i'm pressed for time so i can't research these things properly in ful, which is why i'm asking right now at the outset.I've quickly glanced through our article section but as i say my net time is a little short at the moment.

firstly, what exactly is a servitor and how would one go about its creation.

secondly, i was thinking of trying out sigils so i was wondering if somebody could either explain what they are or point me onto something that can.

anyway thanks in advance.

PS. to the peeps doing the history of magic, i'll try help with what i can but time unfortunately is against me for the moment.

Body Energy Arts / Help a smiff
« on: January 16, 2006, 01:19:36 AM »
*creeps out of the safe familiarity of the psi forum and into the dank, dark jungle that is the chi forum*
*senses he is being watched by rabid ki users*
*swallows his fear, and that hamburger, and gets to the point*

um, anyone have any good diagrams showing the major chakras, major energy channels and some of those meridan thingys? i'd look myself but i'm pressed for internet time at the moment which is why i'm coming to you peeps for help, since its your area of specialty.

*hides behind a bush and waits for a response*

The Cafeteria / Welcome cows
« on: November 28, 2005, 07:31:03 AM »
Yup, i'm assigning a new person to distrubute welcome cows, since crowleys is slacking in that department and i'll probably be offline during the xmas period.
anyway, my choice for the welcome-cow giver is Amun-Ra, mostly because he lives in Suid Afrika and we've got to stick together (especially to defeat the damn Ausies).
*hereby grants Amun-Ra the power to distrubute welcome cows*

The Cafeteria / Ph34r my siggy
« on: November 04, 2005, 09:10:32 AM »
i was bored so i thought i'd make a post about my sig and let you guys bask in its glory.

that and i'm thinking of making a new one some time and was wondering if you guys had some suggestions.
my current idea is keeping it sorta similar but adding that poem into the picture bit somehow.

Hello and Goodbye / Well i'm off
« on: September 16, 2005, 03:09:06 AM »
well i'm off to uni, so you guys probably won't be seeing me for a while (at least until i can get internet up and running). i'll try pop in when i can. I'm off to newquay, so i'll probably spend my time on the beaches.
anyway, seeya around peeps.
*Opens keg of Bleaer for the farewell party*

oh, and crowley's in charge of cow dispencing till i get back.

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