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Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Panpsychism
« on: September 10, 2014, 12:33:08 PM »
What do y'all think about panpsychism? You can read about it here:

Spirituality / Most Accurate Tao Te Ching
« on: August 07, 2014, 10:30:28 AM »
I am interested in studying more in depth Taoist philosophy through the Tao Te Ching. If anyone has information on the most accurate translation as of yet, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it.

Also, I've come across the book The Complete Works of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh ching and Hua hu ching by Hua-Ching Ni who is a Taoist Priest. I am highly interested in this because the Hua Hu Ching seems like a very interesting read, even if the elusive " Lao Tzu" is questioned as the actual author. So, does anyone have any information regarding the validity of this book in particular, because as of right now it seems to be the one I will begin with.

All practices have encompassing frameworks in which one progresses and measures progress. The thing with psi is that there is no universal framework due to the very nature of psi - it is not really an objective process one can study, rather, only the outcome can be objectively identified. This brings about many potential questions, primarily being: Is there a universal system of mechanics? If so, how can one identify it?

These questions can pose as training obstacles for some, such as myself, because it becomes a question of how to train. The way I personally train in any field is to first understand an overview of the process and why the process works. Psi is still such a mystery and for that reason it is difficult to establish a completely valid system of progress.

In other words, if the system and explanation is not sound and seemingly valid, then I feel that I cannot progress because I have no paradigm under which I may practice, leading to the question: How shall I practice? What is the most effective and efficient way? And possibly most importantly: If there is no valid paradigm that sheds light on the mechanics of psi, then how shall I motivate myself to train, for it all may be in vain, in the end.

I suppose my fear is wasting my time on an ineffective system as well as not understanding the nature of that which we are using, which seems equally, if not more important, than the usage itself, because without an understanding of the mechanics of psi it will be much more difficult to use it effectively since we do not clearly understand the principles that it follows.

Psionics / James Randi Million Dollar Challenge - Take It!
« on: July 28, 2014, 08:03:54 AM »
Some people here have made claims that, if true, should be sufficient in taking home $1,000,000 after passing the tests provided by the James Randi Educational Foundation. Why has nobody taken it or passed? I know that if I had the skill that some here have, I would take it immediately in order to provide some fool-proof evidence that has survived scientifically rigorous processes, to the public. Maybe in a year or two this will indeed become a reality, but if not, why o' why have some of you psionic veterans not been put through testing?? :headwall:

Psionics / Who here has experienced verifiable PK? (Poll)
« on: July 22, 2014, 06:38:18 AM »
I'm looking for users who have performed PK to the extent that there is no doubt that the phenomena is possible. I look forward to seeing the results! :)

Projection / What is the best book for beginnners?
« on: July 19, 2014, 05:15:49 AM »
I'm looking to get started in OOBE's or Astral Projection ( I'm slightly confused on what the difference is as well) so does anyone have any good, well-rounded, practical instructional books for beginners. I'm looking to shy away from books that contain a lot of hocus-pocus and theories on how it works - hoping for something more manual-like and practical.

" There is but one truly philosophical problem, and that is suicide." - Albert Camus

 No matter what we fill our lives with, the question is: is it even worth it?

I've argued this question before, and my answer was always " well, regardless, you and I are both alive, and so whether it is meaningful or not, we are here. Why kill ourselves?"

I am now wondering, if there is no meaning, then the choice to continue living would be just as big a a decision as choosing to simply die. However, existence with all its mysteries, seems to be impossible without meaning, for the mere act of existing, it seems, gives meaning to itself.

In other words regardless of the "cause" or the "point," existence itself is inherently meaningful for no other reason that it simply is. If you exist then you exist. That seems to be a meaningful truth in and of itself, regardless of what point there is to it.

The question, though, becomes why DO anything? Why not just sit here? It also becomes a question of ethics, for if there is no other meaning to existence except the natural fact of existence itself, then what is right and what is wrong? Why are we imbued with a need to find meaning in the first place? In a natural world where evolution seems to center around the ability to survive, why, in the light of evolution, did humans become capable of existential thoughts?

Furthermore... Do the answers to these questions even matter?...


So this is an anecdote on one of my favorite dreaming experiences, during which fun activities in the lucid world turned into a spiritual experience full of symbolism.

I’ve had plenty of lucid dreams; ask any of my friends and they’ll say I’ve ranted to them about it plenty. However, just last night, it had been taken to the very next level.

A series of lucids. Beginning in a school setting with me simply manipulating the environment, exploring the weird properties that allow rooms to hold entire cities and empty midnight streets to morph into classrooms. I messed around, controlled dream characters ( this is actually the first time I’ve had such a degree of control that I’ve been able to manipulate DC’s so powerfully) and enjoy the gift of telekinetic powers. I let the dream proceed naturally besides the occasional manipulation. It brought me to a party where I entered a break dancing competition around a fire at night. My newfound acrobatic skills were quite enjoyable… The next part of the dream brought me to a car ride with a few secret agents. I was in the passenger seat. I was ordered to execute one of the agents in the back seat, and so I telekinetically pointed a gun at his head. I then refused, at which point the other agent in the back seat shot him. I had more memory of this moment this morning, but it wasn’t an important part of the dream, comparatively, so I forget what happened next…

This is where the good stuff starts to happen. I am floating up into the night sky. Brilliant, beautiful lights of all colors flash and dance, disappear and reappear, all across the sky. In the dream I thought to myself ” This is incredibly beautiful. It reminds me of some of the DMT trip reports I have read about.” Then I begin to descend into some sort of greek style parthenon, but without any walls or ceiling. It is absolutely huge, buzzing with activity of different people doing different things. I descend right into the middle, where the Goddess of Dreams awaits me. She talks to me for a while, though I forget what she says. Then she brings me over to a door and reaches inside. She brings out an insignia that belonged to a pair of ancient greek heroes. My personal design, she said, was similar, however my design consisted of only the flower-part of this pair’s insignia. At this point I was thinking “well how cool. I will remember to research this in the morning. What I must do now, though, is do some field work. I need to ask her some questions.” So I asked her if the mind survived when the physical body died. She said ” You already know the answer to that.” At which point I began to give her some half-assed answer, but as I spoke information flooded my mind. It told me that the mind as we experience it is unique to physical perception, but that the mind, as a broad term meaning thoughts and awareness, does indeed exist even after the physical body dies. The only thing that changes is the way in which it organizes perception.

So then I let the dream carry on, checking out the awe-some world that I am exploring. Paying close attention to the facial features of the goddess so that I could remember what she looked like ( which is ironic because no matter HOW hard I tried, I could not keep the image of her face in my mind, only an impression. Which is doubly weird because later that night in another lucid dream I visited her again.)

I ended up in a room that propelled me into a weird state of being where I no longer felt I had a body. Instead I felt every cell buzzing as an individual unit. It felt very very very cold, like the cold was a fluid making its way around each and every cell, encasing it. I also somehow understood I was in an in-between state between this dream reality and the physical reality. Not in the way that I was partially awake, but I felt I was witnessing a cooperative process, as in I was resting in the connection between the two states. What I saw was the process of creation of physical reality. How it is constantly upheld by a propulsion of thoughts into a more intense state until finally it manifests as a part of physical reality. It looked something like this: I was my vision was completely filled with blue. I had 360 degree vision. All the sudden I saw concepts come from me and propel outward. As they got further away they became physical reality. This was coupled with an understanding of what was going on. I woke up after that, very excited. It most definitely motivated me to further explore the realm our awareness visits when our body is asleep.

Magick / Hermetics - Elements are symbolic of Fundamental Principles?
« on: July 15, 2014, 05:38:41 AM »
Just a quick question on Hermetics: I am considering studying, however one thing that immediately turns me away from most practices is the the amount of... I suppose non-credible information, for lack of a better term. By credible I don't mean historically accurate according to previous teachings, but whether the system is in fact in accordance with my personal experience of reality first and foremost. I am reading IIH, and though it seems to be that the Elements are simply symbols of certain apparent principles in the universe, I still was wondering, from the viewpoint of one more experienced in Hermetics, is Hermeticism a system that can be likened to other systems that incorporate a lot of mythology unique to the art such as Wicca with the God and Goddess or Rune Magic with the Norse or Shamanism with the tree of life? I suppose what I am asking is the hermetic paradigm rooted in myth and unverifiable "facts" or is it more of a fundamental set of principles that are self-evident regardless of the "paradigm" you adopt ( in other words, is it a system that teaches the fundamental principles of existence but is primarily based on the experience of the practitioner and aiding the practitioner in discovering their own truths?) I'm sure my questions would be answered upon further reading but I'd like to get some insight from someone more experienced. Thank You

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