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Psionics / I've just posted some new articles
« on: March 30, 2011, 10:49:10 AM »
I've just posted some new articles in the Psi and Mental Abilities section. I wanted to note that these articles are the product of the Dynamic Psi study group that I was a part of some months ago. I'd just like to say to the members of the group again that I appreciate the hard work that they put in and hope that Veritas will future projects like this.

All the best

Psi and Mental Abilities / Consider the soul first
« on: March 30, 2011, 10:37:08 AM »
Consider the soul first


When we do anything in regards to psionics it is often that we first consider the nature of the physical domain and not of the soul, this is however a backwards way of looking at things if we wish to achieve the greatest understanding and success with psionics. This article is written as an introduction to the nature of the soul and how we can utilize that understanding to allow us ease in achieving any psionic skill.

The soul

When attempting to accomplish any task it is wisest to first ask ourselves, "Am I capable of this?", or, "How can this be accomplished?". It is most important to emphasize the 'I' in this statement as you are the deciding factor in whether or not what you want will be accomplished. For some reason though when it comes to psionic endeavors the novice psion tends to spend their time considering the physical domain and what it can do and attempts to work around that. The psion should instead be considering what the soul is capable of as most often the actions of the soul are in complete disregard of the 'rules' of the physical domain.

We cannot necessarily say exactly what the soul 'is', because the concept of 'what something is' has a physical connotation and we know that the soul is neither matter or energy. What we do have are observable and repeatable effects of a non-physical consciousness interacting with a physical world, and by careful observation of these things the following conclusions can be made about the nature of the soul:

The soul is neither matter or energy.
To the soul all the physical world is simply information.
Information is available to the soul should we choose to observe it.
A soul can alter and change the physical world.
The soul is root of all psionic ability and action.

In reading the above the very first thing you should think about is, "How could the physical world possibly be any hindrance to work around for such a consciousness?", and indeed it is not.


Considering the soul first and considering it in everything we do seems like a simple concept but it is a very important step to better achieving psionic skill as well as an understanding of the soul. To understand the soul is to understand what we are fully capable of, and until we know what we are fully capable of we cannot possibly understand how we should go about performing any psionic skill.

A psion that understands what they are as a soul will always know the answer as to how to achieve anything with psionics. Like an artist who can work in any medium, when the soul is understood the psion freely invents his psionic method as needed to any given situation knowing that all interactions between the soul and the physical domain are at most minor differentiations of the same thing.

When we are to do anything related to psionics we first consider the nature of the soul, what it is capable of, and based on that we can choose how we wish to alter the physical domain or ourselves to fit our needs.

To put this as simply as possible; There is not one thing that the soul does that is anything more than either observation or alteration of the physical domain and you are doing these things all the time as you are always a soul that is observing and altering the physical domain. The only difference between the average person and the psion is that the psion is actually aware of their interaction with the physical and is actively in control of it.


Several standard psionic skills will now be referenced and explained under the above understanding of the soul as examples of how this understanding can be properly utilized.

Consider a non-physical, non energy consciousness. This is a consciousness capable of observing the physical domain with accuracy as evidenced by the fact that you are reading this right now. Consider too that this non-physical, non-energy consciousness has no physical connection to your body whatsoever and still manages to observe, with great detail, the physical world. How is perception then anything more than a soul's specific choice to be aware of something in particular? How then is scanning any different from what you're doing right now?

If the soul is neither matter or energy and has no physical connection to the body how is it then you are capable of moving the limbs of the body? How is the change created in the human form that is required to move, walk, or talk any different from the kinesis that can be controlled by the soul outside the body?

If the soul views all the physical world as information why would viewing something at a different period of time, nothing more than different information, be any more complicated or different than what it is always doing?

Future Selection
If the soul is all of these things then the future we wish to bring about is nothing more than a different location for our kinesis to take place.


Psionics as a whole is an endeavor to better understand the workings of oneself. Though it is easy to become distracted in material concerns it will always be a greater understanding of the soul that allow us to bring about beneficial futures for ourselves and those we care about.

The importance of breathing technique and control


As psions when considering the physical domain we are always looking to interact with it in such a way that it does not distract the focus of the soul. Meditation is our most valuable skill as psions and to operate understanding this idea we want to be able to bring our body into a meditative state such that our body does not distract us. There are many ways to train our bodies in this way such as considering our diet, exercise, and behaviour in daily life, but the biggest obstacle in meditation is often the use of proper meditative breathing technique. In the following article we will cover the respiratory mechanism and the proper use of breathing.

The Respiratory Mechanism

Breathing is one of the first things you do when born and it is the last action you take before death. Between these two points the ability to breath properly is of vital importance and affects the total health of the body. A deficiency in the ability to properly acquire oxygen for use in the body greatly affects the physical status as well as the mental. In keeping with the original idea of this article it is necessary to keep the body and the brain sufficiently healthy so that it does not become a distraction.

The lungs are a both voluntarily and involuntarily controlled, in that you can control the speed and depth of your breathing if you want but will continue to breathe should you lose focus of it. The main muscle of respiration, the respiratory diaphragm, is like any other muscle, when trained properly it is able to preform with greater ability. Aside from simply providing the mechanical action to bring air into the lungs the respiratory diaphragm has a number of other vital functions.

Anatomically the respiratory diaphragm is connected to the pleura (connective tissue surrounding lungs), the pericardium (connective tissue surrounding the heart), and below it to the abdominal viscera. Of equal importance a number of nervous and vascular structures pass through the respiratory diaphragm, to name a few; The descending aorta, the vena cava, the vagus nerve, and the thoracic duct. Together the previously named structures are responsible for properly supplying almost all vital structures/functions of the trunk and lower limbs,  and all of these have direct attachment to the respiratory diaphragm.

The respiratory diaphragm is in constant motion and all the time it's action massages the viscera, conditions the heart and lungs, and allows for proper passage of the nervous and vascular (blood supplying/draining) structures that pass through it. If the respiratory diaphragm is not working properly, if it is not or cannot move as it is supposed to, than neither can anything attached to it (the heart, lungs, and upper abdominal viscera). This is part of the reason those who practice meditation and physical exercise that promotes deep, slow breathing (yoga, qigong, etc) are able to achieve and sustain a much greater level of health.

As stated previously the respiratory diaphragm is both a voluntary and involuntary mechanism. In mediation this voluntary/involuntary relationship can be easily utilized for beneficial results. Motor learning and the Facilitation concept are highly developed concepts that are very important to understanding proper methods of breathing however they are not specifically necessary to the practicing psion to have knowledge of. What these two concepts would say on the subject of breathing though is that the way we practice breathing voluntarily will be carried over and developed as reflex when we involuntarily breath and that this is more likely occur the more it is done. Simply; The more you breath well the more you will breath well.

Proper Breathing Technique

There are many, many different ways of performing breathing in meditation. Many breathing techniques often claim the foundations of the technique on internal energetic mechanisms or combative training. The Dynamic Psi paradigm does not subscribe to the belief in internal energetic mechanisms like other styles and though not against martial training does not use it as a basis for breathing technique. For this reason when breathing and meditating in the Dynamic Psi paradigm we will use whatever works best for the individual practitioner.

Like any practice though there will be certain principles that can be followed for anyone to get the best out of their practice. The following simple concepts are what the author feels are most important to proper breathing technique for anyone;

Breath slow.
Breath deep.
Then forget about it and continue with the mediation.

These are simple enough concepts for anyone to follow and be mindful of during meditation but one practice that greatly helps with breathing slowly and deeply is a practice known as 'stomach breathing'. Stomach breathing is widely practiced by a number of different disciplines and is often known as 'embryonic breathing' in qigong. Regardless of the relation to other styles we know for a fact that this practice allows for a greater amount of air to be inhaled, more of the lung to be properly used, and conditions the respiratory diaphragm in a better way than normal 'chest breathing'.

If you have never been introduced to stomach breathing, or have never done it, simply take as deep a breath in as you can without letting your shoulders move. When you do this you body is forced to allow you abdominal muscles to move outwards so that the respiratory diaphragm can contract down further which makes the lungs bigger and bring in more air. Stomach breathing does take some practice to get used to but, as stated previously, the more you do it the more well you will be able to do it.

Going over these principles is one of the best ways to set up continuous proper breathing for a lengthy mediation. As well when we begin our meditation it is useful to think about and put these principles into practice as it sets a proper mental state that is valuable during the mediation.


Regular practice and expectation of success, as always, is most important in developing any skill.

Psi and Mental Abilities / A Guided Meditation on Psionic Principles
« on: February 15, 2010, 07:49:37 AM »
A Guided Meditation on Psionic Principles


A principle is a truth, law, or a state by which something is governed. Any well developed practice or art form will have rules or principles which guide the use and practice of it and Psionics is no different. The following meditation is based on some of the simple principles that can be derived from the Dynamic Psi paradigm.


The definition of the word 'meditation' is often varying and flexible, meaning many different things to different people. In this particular case the definition of meditation will be, "Prolonged contemplation about a specific subject", as this is a meditation where thinking is encouraged and guided. In this mediation we will guide our thought processes by thinking about previously selected subjects and ideas and use them as a basis on which to interpret our thoughts. The selected subjects in this meditation will be principles of psionics.

Because a principle is a truth we select very broad and very encompassing principles to consider and compare our thoughts to. This meditation, like any other meditation, is for the purpose of greater understanding of our world and ourselves. This analysis of how our life relates to the most fundamental principles of psionics will also give us a much deeper understanding of the functions and applications of psionics.

Stray thoughts

Normally, in any other mediation, we prefer not to have thoughts 'pop' into our head as this is a distraction. In this particular meditation we instead will be using these thoughts as ideas for analysis, provided of course that they are worthwhile subjects for analysis. In doing this we also learn to gain some control over these thoughts as well so that when we practice other meditations, void or focal for instance, we are better able to control and quiet our thoughts.

In doing this meditation we first consider a principle of psionics and then we consider the meaning, importance, and applications of it. We then allow our thoughts to go where they may but always keep a focus on the original principle and how it applies to what we are currently thinking about. We allow thoughts to come to us and 'pop' into our head as they normally do.

We allow stray thought to come to us because it is often (but not always) the thoughts and ideas that are most important to us that come to us first. When an important thought comes to us we consider the idea and then how the principle can be applied to the situation beneficially, basing our thoughts on a truth so that we can think about and deal with the situation using reason.

The level of skill of the practitioner, and the depth of the meditation they are currently in, will usually determine exactly how many of these stray thoughts are of any real value, as often times the thoughts that 'pop' into our heads are quite random and useless. A beginning practitioner or someone who's just participated in a stimulating activity (such as seeing a movie) is likely to find that the thoughts that come to them first are of little value for the purpose of analysis under the selected principle. When irrelevant thoughts come to us we do as we normally would in any other meditation, we simply let it pass from our consciousness and continue with the meditation.

To assist in the process of this meditation it is helpful to quiet the mind first with some void or focal meditation as we are at a deeper level of personal understanding when we do this and that is a much better starting point.

Principles of psionics

The following principles are truths about the soul and the world that the author felt were most wide ranging and applicable to varying situations and thoughts;

A soul is neither matter or energy.
Information is available to the soul should we choose to observe it.
A soul can alter and change the physical world.

These are examples (and quite good ones :) ) that essentially all psionic practices should consider and make use of in some way. These are not the only principles that can be derived about the soul or the world and all practitioners are encouraged to deduce and use their own.

An example

As an example of how this meditation might play out let's consider the first principle, 'A soul is neither matter or energy'. As always it is important to achieve relaxation and a clear mental state before practicing a meditation so some standard void or focal mediation is beneficial to do prior to attempting this meditation.

We consider this principle for a time until we fully understand it just as it is. When we feel comfortable with this be begin to probe and question further, asking questions such as, "How can or does this apply to the physical world?", or "How does this directly affect me?", or "How can I use this in my daily life?". We try to answer these questions based on the chosen principle and we allow thoughts on the subject come to us. As new thoughts come we continue to consider and work through these new thoughts based on the chosen principle.

It can be very helpful (prior to attempting the mediation) to create the expectation that the process will go well, be beneficial, and that relevant knowledge will be taken from the experience.


A meditation such as this is a good way of keeping important psionic concepts on one's mind. It's easy to become distracted with personal issues and problems that arise in our life and when we practice meditations like this it can help us return to a state of focus and clarity.

This is a seemly simple meditation but the understanding about the world and one's life that can be achieved with this meditation should not be overlooked. To deduce the truth in anything you must always start with something you already know to be true.

Iron Shirt and Golden Bell Qi Gong from a Psionics Perspective; 'Intended Constant Bodily Functioning in a Dynamic State'


Practitioners of the Qigong styles Iron Shirt and Golden Bell are highly skilled in metaphysical methods of bodily protection and increasing bodily attributes in a beneficial way. These styles of qigong were developed over the many, many years and have reached a complex and fully developed level. As proponents of the Dyamic Psi paradigm we understand the nature of the soul, the universe, and the energy in a different manner and believe that these qigong practices can be understood differently and improved upon under the dynamic psi paradigm. In this article the concepts and practices behind Iron Shirt and Golden Bell Qigong will be discussed after which the Dynamic Psi interpretation will be considered as to how we can understand and improve upon this system.

Suggested Reading

For a great history and an in depth explanation of the forms of Qigong described in this article please read 'Muscle/tendon changing and marrow/brain washing chi kung' by Yang, Jwing-Ming.

The Development of Iron Shirt and Golden Bell

Humans, being both prone to injury and entirely mortal, often require protection from physical stresses as completely succumbing to these stresses results in death. It can be said that much of our life is an attempt to distract ourselves from this truth, but this is of course only one perspective. When we directly confront our mortality we may be able to address the situation with both a level head as well as a rational thought process, this is one of many concepts well known to Bhuddism and likely one idea the Bhodhidharma had in mind when he created the muscle tendon changing and marrow/brain washing Qigong practices.

The historical accounts are conflicting on the Bodhidharma and the creation of Iron Shirt and Golden Bell however the current wiki entry on the subject seems sufficient at the time for some background;

Regardless of disagreements or possible errors in historical documentation we have a system of qigong created for self protection and ultimately self enlightenment that can be learned and utilized by those who put forth the effort.

Indeed both Iron Shirt and Golden Bell are attempts to protect the practitioner from harm and grant them with great health and strength, however what they provide is a method of practice to gain spiritual insight about one's soul. The aim is not to create a stronger person but to create a person better capable of expressing the will of the soul, just as all metaphysical endeavors should be. It is by time and a great deal of focused effort that we can make positive changes in our lives, and when doing this the practice of Qigong becomes a model for self improvement that we can use in all other areas of our life, this is the true strength of any style of Qigong.


Iron Shirt and Golden Bell Qigong are considered to be two different practices and more specifically Iron Shirt is the initial training one goes through to progress to Golden Bell.  Iron Shirt training is a hard qigong that provides protection to the muscular, tendonous, and ligamentous tissues whereas Golden Bell is a soft qigong that provides protection to all tissues within the body including the soft tissues (such as the eyes) and can be extended outside of the body preventing contact entirely. These definitions are suitable for a simple explanation however it is how they are done that that truly defines the qigong.

We consider different styles of Qigong hard or soft style based on the training methods they employ. For example, Tai Chi can be considered a soft style, Tiger style Kung Fu a hard style, and White Crane is often referred to as a Hard/Soft style (as it employs elements of both). Hard qigong focuses on difficult, often highly strenuous, physical training, whereas soft qigong will uses soft fluid movements and forms of mental training such as meditation. Both of these training methods are said to allow the qigong practitioner to develop the strength of and control over their qi.

Iron Shirt uses direct physical hitting of the body wherein, starting from the solar plexus and slowly extending to the rest of the body, the body is given light taps and builds up tolerance to the point where the practitioner can receive harder and harder forces. When a practitioner has successfully completed the Iron shirt training they can then begin the Golden Bell qigong practice. Golden bell often uses meditation wherein the practitioner, along with breathing exercises, practices bringing their qi to all areas of the body and then outside to protect themselves. These methods of practice are outlined in this article not because it is believed to be a necessity but to show the depth and difficulty of the training.

Iron Shirt and Golden Bell are practices that the proponent will often spend a lifetime perfecting. The important point to take from this is that by belief in these methods of qigong and the expectation of qi developing in abundance from the practices we have the all the necessary elements to create change in the physical world through metaphysical means.

How it works under Dynamic Psi Principles

As stated previously we have all the necessary elements for the activation of a psionic occurrence, those being intent, energy, and actualization.

The qigong practitioner has intent to direct energy and protect himself, he gathers energy through regular Qigong practice (and the expectation that it will happen due to this practice), and he actualizes throughout the entire practice. Because of this, every time the the qigong practitioner is engaged in Iron Shirt or Golden bell, every single tap, strike, or breath, the practitioner continuously goes through the process of forming intent, gathering energy, and actualization, over and over again. The frequency of training is also very high and done over a very long period of time so repetition is a factor as well.

Within the initial and some of the later training phases of these qigong practices there is often a lack of understanding as to the specific mechanisms of energy and the nature of the soul, though this is not necessarily a hindrance. It is believed in most forms of qigong that qi is the 'supreme ultimate', that the power and ability comes from the energy itself and that this energy is directed by physical movements. In psionics we understand it to be the that soul gives the energy purpose and that the energy is easily directed by expectation of the soul (and the physical has no real effect upon the energy). Though these previous facts are not understood by qigong practitioners it is by the strength of expectation that they are able to achieve such physical abilities and transcendental states of mind, and this is done by spending a great deal of time creating small changes to achieve the intended end result.

This information leads us to the conclusion that though the practices of iron shirt and golden bell do work there is no full understanding of the energy or the expectation that guides it and that with a greater understanding of the mechanisms of the energy and the soul a more effective method of training can be devised.

A Psioinics method

To create a practice that models the Iron Shirt and Golden Bell we first have to determine what we want out of a practice such as this. What we want is what the original iron shirt and golden bell provided with a method of achieving these things that is simple to conceptualize, easy to practice, and makes full use of the actual qualities of the energy.

What iron shirt and golden bell provided was firstly a method of constant bodily protection, a great improvement or supplement to physical attributes, and an increase in health and well being. These are very good qualities but now we must encapsulate all these things in a conceptually simplified manner.

Because we are dealing with a physical structure (the body) we must as always deal within the realm of what is possible within the physical domain. Understand that though it may not be possible to create a future a moment from now in which we have all the benefits of iron shirt and golden bell qigong we may be able to gradually create that future through consistent practice, good decisions, and various future selections, like any qigong practitioner will.

The conceptualization that the author has determined to be the best fit for the above criteria is, 'Continual intended bodily functioning in a dynamic state'. Doubtlessly the reader asks, "What does this mean?", to which the author replies, "Many things".

This conceptualization is intended to be a daily practice that actualizes a specific intent that creates a superior state of body. Let us break this intent down; 'Continual', meaning 'constant' or 'always'. 'Inteded bodily functioning', means that your body will function just as you expect it to when you expect it to. The 'Dynamic state' is a reference to the fact that the body, as all physical things are, is in a constant state of movement and change and only static when dead (and even then there's still the process of decomposition). So the conceptualization in full means that; Your body will always do whatever you want it to when you want it to regardless of what changes are going on around it.

The implications of the above conceptualization are quite a few. We all have a fairly general and consistent intention to do our bodies well and provide good health and if your body is highly reactive to this intention (which practice of the above will make it so) then your body will make it's way towards this intended goal of good health. The same is true if it is our intention that we are physically strong or intelligent.

There is as well the subject of protection. What the conceptualization also creates is a state of body where it cannot deviate too far from a functioning state, quite simply it can't moved or changed in such a way that would be harmful to it. As a specific example; The impact of a hook punch to the jaw can be seen as a negative change to the body's structure however the proper practice of the above conceptualization will prevent this change from occurring.

This is a conceptualization that, if properly used, will grow with time time and practice, slowly making the small and necessary changes to achieve the practitioner's set goals, much like the qigong styles it takes from. As well, this is a conceptualization that will help achieve the same objectives as the original Iron Shirt and Golden Bell but without training that is only based on assumptions about the energy and soul.

The conceptualization outlined above is brought into effect by the same process as any other psionic practice, through forming intent, gathering energy, and actualization. How you choose to actualize is up to you. Hopefully you utilize related physical practices as well to help re-enforce the intended outcomes just as the original qigong practices do.

It is worth considering to conceptualize this practice by way of a symbol that you can associate it with. The conceptualization is specifically worded but somewhat long so it may be beneficial to use a symbol that you feel represents the same thing to make the process easier.

It is of the utmost importance in the use of this psionic practice to have a regular and complementary physical training schedule. We are attempting to positively affect the physical body and a regular physical practice that complements and emphasizes this, such as a strict and traditional martial art, will reinforce and provide another stimulus to create our desired changes.

It is impossible to fully explain the type of training necessary in any written work as there are always physical movements and applications thereof that just cannot be properly written. No one single martial art can be said to be "the best" for this practice, or for any reason at all, and it is more often the case that it is the people involved in the training and teaching of the martial art that will determine its value to you.

If you are able to find a physical practice or martial art that challenges you, is a positive experience in your life, and provides you with skills and experiences to achieve your goals then you've likely found a good place and some good people to train with. Further to this point, the art is only limited by the practitioner, with clear thinking, reasoning, and hard work any art can be developed further and better utilized to the practitioners own goals, though 'hard work' must be emphasized here.


The use of a carefully selected psionics intent combined with physical practices provides a useful ability to control specific details of physical conditioning and a method of achieving greater understanding of psi and the soul.

The level to which a practitioner of Qigong holds him/herself and aspires to is paralleled by very few other art forms. It is in the author's opinion that the practice of Qigong is due all the respect one can give it. Though practitioners of Qigong and psionics view the origins of metaphysics differently the effects of good qigong practice are so great that their value cannot be contested.

Hello and Goodbye / Vacation for two weeks
« on: August 17, 2009, 06:11:04 AM »
I'm on vacation for two weeks.

See you all later.


Psi and Mental Abilities / Shielding; The Dynamic Psi perspective
« on: August 13, 2009, 12:42:35 AM »
Shielding; The Dynamic Psi perspective


The concept of shielding is a widely known and popular practice within the online metaphysics community. In this article the problems with what is considered 'standard' shielding practice will be presented along with the Dynamic Psi perspective on the subject.

Shielding and the 'Eggshell'; Initial Limitations

Shielding in the past has generally been the idea of energy conceptualized as a solid structure, usually a shell-like structure, surrounding the user of the shield for the purpose of protection. When the creator of the shield is surrounded by this 'shell' of energy he or she believes they are guarded from an inevitable psychic attack, this attack can be a specifically directed intent from a person or even stray thoughts from other people. With this type of shield there are some very large assumptions and misconceptions about how psi can be used to protect someone, assumptions and misconceptions so large that when they are realized the Eggshell shield is not only shown to be unrealistic but completely ineffective.

It should be known that it is NEVER the shape or structure of the construct and it is ALWAYS the focused intent and expectation of the user that makes it work. Because we wish to have something to protect us we think of a shield which is a physical thing with a structure that provides protection. Psi however is a not physical thing and not limited to the rules of the physical, because of this it can perform in different ways than physical objects.

Psi can operate without concern for distance, time, or space, and this means that it can be anywhere and everywhere doing whatever you expect it to. If we apply the physical characteristics of a shield to psi we now have an energy that is limited to one place and one time only. These limitations are fine but only if your attackers apply the same limited physical characteristics to their attacks. Psi is not limited to straight lines of travel and it doesn't necessarily have to even travel space to go somewhere, it can instantaneously be in one place and then another. A shield of the sort mentioned above can be bypassed entirely by any person who knows this very basic piece of information about psi. Essentially if a person knew this piece of information they could place a psi based attack inside the range of the shield, bypassing it entirely, potentially they could even attack you in the future as psi is not limited by time.

Regardless of the above, if you really do believe that such a shield will protect you, and you've created it well with good intent and expectation, it will work to some degree and provide some limited form of protection. Unfortunately, because of the way this type of shield is created, and the way psi works to fulfill your intent, you actually end up bringing attacks upon yourself by using this method of shield construction, which more than somewhat negates the purpose of it.
Misguided Expectations of the Shield

The way the 'shell' shield is made most often re-enforces the problem. When we use psi to create changes in the world whatever we expect to happen as a result of our intention with psi makes the psi work to create this in the future even if these expectations are not the main focus of our intent. For example, when we intend to heal using psi we focus on the body being in a better state of health and expect the energy we interact with to make this occur in the present and/or future. If however we were to focus on the body in it's current state of dysfunction and 'see' it getting better we are unintentionally re-enforcing the current state of poor health in the body, the psi will in part work to make that part of our intentions (the state of a dysfunctional body) true in the world, and we may even cause a prolonged healing time.

Every time you create a shield and expect it to work to prevent attacks you also expect those attacks to happen in the future, therefore the energy used to create the shield will then also go into creating possible attacks in the future. Because of this poorly formed intent the standard 'shell' shield fails at its basic function, protection. The truth is you probably wouldn't need a shield if you didn't have one.

The above argument, if understood properly, is enough to dispel the idea of what is considered the 'normal' shield, however the argument that the shield is useful in protecting from the stray thoughts and intentions of people, particularly in crowds, still stands. This argument falls apart though when we come to the realization that 'avoiding the thoughts of others' isn't even an issue to do with shielding, it's to do with the skill level of the practitioner.

Again, if we create a shield to block out the thoughts and intentions of others that we believe try to force their way into our mind the shield we create reinforces and works to make this 'thought invasion' to be a real thing in the future.

Telepathy and empathy are skills, not gifts. Whether we know it or not we choose to experience telepathy and empathy, we choose to do them, and they are never unnecessarily brought upon us because it is always our conscious or unconscious action. If we experience the thoughts or emotions of others when we do not want to it is only because we are capable of the skill but we do not understand it and therefore do not control it. If instead of attempting to wall yourself off from the thoughts and emotions of others you were to accept that you are in control of yourself and expect that telepathy and empathy will only occur when you actively perform these practices you will find yourself not needing a shield, and probably a lot calmer in social settings.

The Dynamic Psi Perspective on the Shield

The term 'shield' is a physical term and concept and it is a good way of explaining a certain function that we may need in the physical world but the associations we make with that term tend to impede the best possible use for such a construct. The best shield is one that prevents a bad occurrence from happening before it happens and does this not by reinforcing the expectation that bad things will happen but by creating positive outcomes in the future for the user. A true shield should work to make your life full of good things, because if good things constantly happen there's no time to fit the bad ones in. Really, the best shield is not a shield at all.

Before we get into the specifics of making a construct capable of producing the results mentioned above it should be known that simply having a positive attitude that expects good things to come out of every situation in life is the best protection a psion can have. To a skilled psion this continuous attitude that focuses on and expects good things in their life is the most effective tool in bringing about positive changes, and when only a small amount of psi is used to manifest these expectations the effects of our intentions are greatly increased.

The Construct

A system should be based on the operations of its most basic elements, everything we do is only an expression of the use of those elements within a given system. Though the order and way in which we employ elements may change they still comprise much of anything we do in psionics. In psionics forming intent, gathering energy, and actualization are our most important elements and all constructs and practices are only expressions of these things. The construct proposed in this article is no exception to these three elements and will therefore be presented in this way.

For our intent we, as always, want a very simple conceptualization of the construct that we expect will achieve what we desire. It is encouraged that each person should form their own conceptualization of the construct based on the information already addressed in this article for their best personal results. However, "The construct will create as many positive situations as possible in the future at all times", is not a bad example of a way of conceptualizing this construct. In this example we can see that when the construct is functioning all that it will do is to create the best possible situation for you at any time, present or future, and at no point does it unintentionally create future situations in which you may be attacked unnecessarily.

For this type of construct we will need very little energy to 'get it started' but because it will be working continuously over a long period of time it will need a constant and regular supply of psi to perform it's function, fortunately there is a very simple and easy way of doing this. If it is expected at the point of actualizing the construct that throughout the constructs lifespan it will always have the necessary energy it needs it always will. In expecting this condition we've essentially made a 'generator' as it's so often called, but the generator is simplistically defined, incredibly easy to create, and effortless to use, and these are (in the author's opinion) the marks of a good construct. This example of a generator can be applied in the same way to any construct that would need a constant supply of energy.

Actualization of this construct is like the actualization of any other, however it may be helpful to know that the author has found that this construct is best defined without any real shape or structure. The construct is best without a defined shape or structure because it should be seen only as a desired future condition (or many future conditions) becoming true. Really this construct, all constructs and even all psychokinesis, are only future selection or a great number of future selections carried in a single actualization.


Conceptualizations based on the physical world can at times be helpful as in most cases we are attempting to affect or change the physical. It is however very important to understand these conceptualizations based on the physical can be limiting or even counterproductive to what we are trying to do.

Psi and Mental Abilities / The Reading Comprehension Construct
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The Reading Comprehension Construct


Reading and learning are two things that can be greatly assisted by the proper application of psionic practice. The purpose of the construct detailed in this article is to assist and improve upon the process of information gathering when we read. This construct has a very specific and limited use however the concepts it requires to operate can be applied very widely.

Reading and Psionics

As good practitioners of psionics we wish to acquire skills related to our study that we can also apply somewhere else in our lives. As psions, we know we are not limited to only a physical solution to a problem and for this reason (as well as the sake of an easier life) we look to apply what we've learned in psionics to our daily lives. In the case of the construct in this article improving the process of learning and acquiring knowledge is what we will apply our psionic skills and knowledge to.

Books and schools are effective methods of learning, there's no question of that. You can learn by first hand experience and personal testing but if you have the ability to acquire knowledge on a subject from someone or something who has already learned it before you it is a great advantage to your learning. To the psion information is limitless, fluid, and free, and though it is the author's hope that at one point we can eventually move beyond physical means of information gathering the act of making an improvement on an existing learning device through the use of psionics is certainly a step in the right direction.


We know that the book is a relatively fast and effective way of providing information about any particular subject, but what does a book lack in teaching ability? And what can psionics do to improve upon that lacking?

The written word, when used well and with good explanation, is a very effective in providing information. However, due to space constraints and the expectation of previous knowledge not all concepts will be completely explained in any written work. For example this quote was taken from the book Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by A.C. Phillips (2003);

“The sideways momentum of the observed particle has a similar uncertainty, because momentum is conserved when the photon scatters.”

The problem in reading this quote is that the majority of people who read it will not actually know the what the quote is talking about and even if the entire book was included there is just so much precursory knowledge that goes into understanding this type of information that still many people would be not understand it. To actually understand what the written word is trying to convey in this quote we would normally have to consult many other sources of information, which can be very time consuming. This is where psionics can lend a hand.

'What we say' and 'what we mean' can often be two different things and this is the biggest disadvantage of physical communication, psionic practice on the other hand is not physical in nature. What someone means to say or means to write is to the soul a single piece of conceptual information. The complete understanding of what someone is trying to convey through words is just easy to acquire information to the soul because of the fact that all information is stored in the conceptual information, as well, and this is very beneficial, it is the writer's direct intent to have the reader understand their words, thus we already have intention and expectation working for us without having done anything at all ourselves.

The 'complete understanding of a subject' is a significantly larger piece of information than one would normally obtain from a single sentence or paragraph, however to the soul this is still a nearly insignificant piece of information and quite simple for it to handle. To the learning process the soul's ability to manage this information is quite beneficial because instead of just attempting to understand what the author has written on the page you will understand it exactly as the author would, precursory knowledge and all.

Making the construct

A construct of this nature should be very simple to create. Structure is almost completely unimportant because the construct has really only to do one specific thing, which is; 'When the user is reading the construct will transfer the exact understanding of what is intended to be explained directly to the soul.'

As always the conceptualization of the construct is up to the creator, and if a better conceptualization can be thought up they are encouraged to use it.

Using the conceptualization above if this construct functions properly not only will it allow for a detailed understanding of any written work it will also drastically increase the comprehension speed of the user as the larger portion of the content will be transferred to the soul by the construct.

The way in which the information/understanding will be transferred (what form it takes, visual/auditory/etc.) is entirely up to the creator of the construct, however, it is more likely to be beneficial to keep the conceptualization of the transfer very general. If we only conceptualize 'understanding' and expect that the construct will be successful the construct will then use whatever method is most appropriate for the conveying of the information, thus we will always come to understand the information in the best way possible.


It is possible with enough development on similar lines as this construct that at some point in the future we will need only be aware of the written work's existence and the intended understanding will be transferred to us in a completely understood form and not have to bother with all this eyeball usage.

A similar construct using similar guidelines could be created for the purpose of understanding the meaning behind a person’s speech, which would be great for when attending lectures or having conversations. This is essentially the same construct however the intended information to be gathered would be what the person is intending to mean by their speech instead of the written word.

The construct explained in this article is not limited by the understood languages of the reader. Think about it.

The Current Telepathic Nature of Humanity


As practitioners of metaphysics we all strive to achieve telepathy, mental communication, reading the mind, or whatever you may choose call it. For all our efforts we often fail to notice the preexisting telepathic system in place created by the simple expectations of person-to-person interaction. In the following article we will discuss the definition of telepathy, telepathy as it exists in our world now, how we can help enhance or change telepathy in the world, and future considerations for telepathic communication.

Telepathy, In Definition

Let's take the definition of telepathy found on; "communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception", which is fine, and compare it to the definition given by Kobok in the article "Glossary of Psi Terms"; "Telepathy (TP) - The direct exchange of ideas and information between two or more minds", again a suitable definition.

Both definitions are good in explaining the act of telepathy and both point out that the normal methods of communication (such as speech or body language) are not used in telepathy, meaning that in some way information is transferred between two minds but not by senses. Let it be known that transfer of information by psi is not considered a normal method of communication or in any way related to sensory perception. Let it also be known that the transfer of information by psi occurs all the time in our day-to-day lives.

The Mechanisms of Telepathy

As psions we are lucky enough to know of the energy psi, which can very easily act as a mechanism for information transfer between people without any sensory perception involved. In some cases knowing the very fact that psi is capable of information transfer is how we are able to intentionally perform telepathy. Because we have information on psi, psionics, and the soul we can determine the mechanism of telepathy and how it is used to create telepathic experiences within our world on a day to day basis and why also unintentional telepathy can and does occur frequently in person to person interaction.

The Creation of Unintentional Telepathy

It is as if we are immersed in a fluid that carries in the form of information all our thoughts and intentions. The fluid is of course psi which reacts to follow all our expectations. We as conscious souls are capable of creating intent and controlling psi such that we can bring about changes in the physical world even if we do not know how we do it. It does not require an understanding of psi to have it affect the physical domain. It does not require an understanding of forming intent to have information stored in psi. It does not require a person to be consciously aware of the existence of constructs to create one. We at all times are interacting and using psi unconsciously because it is what makes interaction with our bodies possible (as the soul has no physical connection to our bodies), as such it is impossible that this would not carry our thoughts and expectation into our other interactions with our world and with each other. Thus information transfer by no sensory perception can occur by the the interaction of the soul with psi.

All of this together would mean that over the course of human history and by the act of interacting with the physical world through the use of psi we as souls have unconsciously created many constructs, and in a sense one very large network of constructs, that facilitate our interaction on a non-sensory level. Why do you think we need to ground and filter so often?

The exact method of how we create these constructs is hard to define, at the least this will be unique to each person and trying to observe another’s construct comes with very confusing overlay. It is safe to say that because the soul is constantly using psi to transfer information, create changes in the physical world, and observing information stored in psi, that there would be overlap when two souls interacting with the physical world observe the same general areas of space.

The soul, having no physical part and therefore no physical connection is often aware of and interacting with the physical world at more than a single point of focus and because of this the possibility of the unintentional spread of information charged psi is increased. This possibility is further increased by the fact that at times we will all, regardless of our lack of knowledge of psi, broadcast our thoughts and emotions very intentionally with the expectation of understanding from those around us. Though it's hard to say exactly why this occurs and continues to occur it is likely because it has worked in the past and does now too.

Why unintentional telepathy can occur is an important subject however what we do with it is more important.

Applications and Practices

These are some ways in which we can apply the above information which you may find useful to both yourself and others.

Connecting with a Willing Person/Forming a Bond
This is a great exercise to develop with a partner if you are so fortunate to have someone to do this with. The idea is that the two of you (or more even) actively decide to share information as souls. This is not like a normal telepathy practice where you are actually trying to transfer specific information, this is more the case of the parties involved setting time aside regularly to generate the expectation that telepathy will occur between them. If you already practice telepathy exercises this is a great way to supplement them, and for the best success it is necessary for to practice telepathy exercises regularly.

Group Settings
We are often in the situation that we work as a group on a shared task (school, work, social life, etc.). Within a group setting there will always be telepathy occurring on some level, though success depends on openness of the individuals as well as noise. If you are lucky enough to have a group of like-minded individuals who are comfortable with the idea of telepathic communication and they are all willing to actively expect that it will occur within the shared experience/task the success of telepathic interaction will greatly increase. Even if you do not have a group of people to actively attempt telepathic interaction while attempting to achieve a common task you yourself can generate the expectation, energy, and actualization necessary to improve the exchange of information already occuring. Keep in mind that whether attempting this practice alone or in a group it is best to keep one's intent and expectation very general and without major definitions as this will complicate a simple thing and create a great deal of overlay (especially in a group).

The Overall Telepathic Construct
We may not be able to fully understand all the manifestations of telepathy from day to day but if our intent is simply to improve it and make it work better for everyone, that very simple and general intent is enough to make it possible. See the next section to understand why this is important.

Future Considerations

It is the author's opinion that mental communication, communication from one conscious mind to another without physical intervention, is the next and most important step in the development of human interaction and society. Many (if not all) conflicts from person to person or country to country are caused by misunderstanding of intention or a pure lack of empathy. With a linked consciousness that spans the globe we may finally have an understanding of one another and be able to put down the weapons that we use destroy each other for so little reason.

Psi and Mental Abilities / A Formless Construct
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A Formless Construct


As psions we have at our complete disposal an energy that follows our intent whatever it may be, this energy is psi. By our intent and actualization we give psi structure, form, and charge it such that it will carry out actions, and we call this a construct. We often believe this form and structure to be essential to the function of the construct however it will often only work against the inherent advantages of the energy. This article seeks to propose the advantages of a construct that requires no physically defined form.

Suggested Practice/Skill set

This article is intended for a skilled practitioner of psionics, if any sections are found to be lacking in explanation it is up to the practitioner to acquire the information themselves (this may also be a sign that you are not yet sufficiently skilled enough to use this information). All complexities of construct creation and the nature of psi must be understood with clarity before the practitioner should attempt to use the information within this article.

In review

Before any new information within this article is brought up it is important to go over the basic information that verifies it.

Psi, the energy, is something that we as conscious souls can control. Psi can affect the physical domain but the physical domain has no effect on psi. Psi is not something we can necessarily 'touch' but it can generate physical force. Psi interacts with the physical though is not bound by physical barriers such as distance or time, thus it can be anywhere and everywhere at any time. Through intent and actualization we as conscious souls can use psi to facilitate change in the physical domain, furthermore through the same process we can make it so that the energy will operate in accordance with our intent at later times or whenever we need it to, and this is a construct in it most basic form.

This last statement is of importance because it shows that a construct is, in the simplest terms, intent carried out by psi over time. At no point in time has it ever been stated that the physical definitions of a construct are essential to the constructs functioning, and in fact the opposite is the truth. Psi, charged with intent and proper expectation, will carry out intent as psi alone, unshaped and undefined.

The Conceptual Domain
The conceptual domain holds all information, everything, and this cannot be overstated. More specifically, and more related to this article, the conceptual domain holds all information regarding every possible construct a person (any person) could create (please see also).

Understanding the Construct

If the above section is true it can be said that in many cases of construct formation it is as if we are trying to pass water through a tube and our logic is to freeze it into chunks first, removing the water of it's true advantage. We have control of an energy not restricted by time or space and we choose to remove these great advantages when we give a construct physical form. This is fairly understandable though, for many years of our lives previous to understanding psionics we have only ever interpreted our world in terms of physicality, but to truly excel in psionics and as souls we must come to understand our world in terms of the conceptual and by the perspective of the soul.

To make a worthwhile construct we have to first define what it is we want of the construct, fortunately this is very easily and simply defined. The main function of the construct that we want is for the construct to follow the user's intent and become whatever it needs to become to achieve that intent. As much as this seems like a complicated thing if we understand the nature of psi, the soul, and the conceptual domain it is actually a very easy thing.

We've become used to creating constructs for very specific purposes because we think that it's much easier to manage and maintain such a construct or maybe because we've never known another way. If instead of making individual constructs for individual purposes you could make a construct that was intuitive, highly adaptable, self-modifying, and self-sufficient (such that it requires no help or maintenance) you could use that construct for almost any situation or purpose because it would always change itself to fit your needs.

If we understand the nature of psi, we understand that the construct explained above can be created because we have an energy that carries out our most basic and complex intent regardless of time and requires no shape. Furthermore, we also know all possible constructs that can or would be used for any specific situation exist as easy to acquire information within the conceptual domain (again, see above referenced article) and can be used and created at any time.

Creating a Formless Construct

Like creating any construct the process of forming the intent, gathering the energy, and actualization are necessary in forming this construct, after that point if done properly you should basically never have to alter the construct or willingly change it at any point, the construct will do that on its own.

Hopefully to some people the above section is enough to allow them to understand what is needed to create a functioning formless construct. On the other hand this is not so often the case and in the author's experience it can be easier when creating this type of construct to charge the construct with a more step-by-step intent. The construct not having parts or pieces will instead have simple directions to follow in all situations. The directions are:

1) Understand user's intent

2) Consult conceptual information in reference to what is necessary to best achieve the users intent

3) Become what is necessary to best achieve the user's intent and function to do so

4) Repeat from step 1

The instructions above are of course entirely up to the definition of the user, and if they can find a better way they are encouraged to use it.

As with any other construct you want to form the intent (a construct that does what is stated above), gather the necessary energy, and actualize your intent fully expecting the construct will carry out your intent perfectly at any time you use it.

If made properly we have a construct with no physical definition that cyclically carries out its instructions such that it is always working to assist the user in whatever they intend to do. Knowing too that the psi that comprises the construct is not limited by shape, time, or space it is also clear that the construct is very much capable of becoming whatever is necessary to assist the user in their intent as it references all possible methods of assistance within the conceptual domain. If the construct is capable of referencing the conceptual domain to acquire information this means that at an instant it can become any possible construct that you could possibly need. Whether it be a generator, amplifier, or information processing construct, the construct can become any one of these things, or even something that does all these things at once, near instantaneously, and it will always be with you and changing accordingly every step of the way.

When you are using this construct keep in your mind that you are in fact 'using the construct', as this will create the expectation that the construct is working with you and this will assist in it's functioning. Pay no mind to fact that the construct is changing and modifying itself as you use it, because as much as the construct can change itself into something to help you it can at the same time change into something that seamlessly supplies information on the necessary actions to properly use the construct at the time of its use.

As always, practice and the expectation of success are the best way to achieve the greatest possible outcome.

Considerations for Use

This construct is helpful in almost any situation. When you need a generator the construct can become a generator, if you need a construct to amplify you intent it can become one. Based on the constructs programming what the construct won't do is consistently work on a single goal or intent because the construct is always changing to fit your own intent. When you need a construct that will continually do a specific action (processing information for example) it is best to use a single well defined construct for that. If you wish to preform psionic action where you have no time to properly form a construct or perhaps you are about to preform an exercise where you will need a series of constructs one after the other the construct written about in this article is much more advantageous to use as it can quickly become whatever is needed at the time.


As much as psionics is about overcoming limits we do not control it is also about identifying self-imposed limits and removing them from our practice and our minds.

Mentoring Board / I have taken on a student
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After some inquiry and discussion I have officially taken on Sekhmet as a student. I will be instructing her on the subject of psionics as I have been taught and come to understand it.

I am sure she will teach me as much or maybe even more than I will teach her :)


Psi and Mental Abilities / The Health and Wellness Construct
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The Health and Wellness Construct
This article details a construct that was originally conceived for the purpose of creating health and prosperity in the human body. This also happens to be a construct that was acquired from the conceptual domain, the subject of the article here, and as such it serves as a good example of that subject.

Suggested Practice/Skillset
This construct is not complicated, and really no well-made construct ever should be. You should however understand the basics of construct creation and be skilled with clear and focused thinking (but this is a statement relevent to life in general). It is suggested that you read the article 'Acquiring Constructs and Technology from the Conceptual Domain' (see link above) as it could provide some assistance with the process of creating the construct.
Understanding the Consrtuct
The way to achieve success at any given practice or skill is to apply good effort over a long period of time. What if we apply the same philosophy to a construct? The construct would then be at all times working slowly and constlantly towards a singular goal, never having to rest and never losing focus.
A physical body's health is based entirely on it's physical organization, and that physical organization of course includes everything of the body within the physical domain (bones, muscle, skin, organs, cells, chemical balances, etc.). The Health and Wellness construct was created for the purpose of generating the best health and wellness possible in the human body (no reason it couldn't work on our furry friends as well though) by slowly and gradually manipulating every part of your body with the intent and expectation that it will move into the best possible organization for the greatest possible health. Every particle that makes up your body is a potential movement towards the conceptual structure of health or illness, and as psions we can control this potential.
This construct will not make you immortal, nor will allow you to treat your body poorly, and neither will it allow you to recover from all wounds, remember that you can only achieve that which is possible with kinesis. This construct will however speed up recovery time, prevent some injuries (especially those caused by stress), and increase the overall health and wellness of the user.
Creating and Applying the Construct
Because this construct deals specifically with the body of the user the physical organization of the construct does have some bearing on the effectiveness of it. The initial version of this construct was contained within a ring, which did provide positive results. The construct was however eventually concieved (after consultation of different conceptual version of the construct) in  a much different way. That way being, if the construct directly affects the body why not directly integrate the construct into the body? For this construct the skeletal structure of the body will be used as the physical connection for the 'housing' of the construct because the construct functions best when spread throughout the entire body.
Know that the example provided in this article is just that, an example, and if the reader can decide for themselves a better organization they are encourgaged to use it. Whatever you believe willl work best for will do just that.
The construct is organized as such; The entirety of the energetic space of the skeletal system is created to be a generator. This generator will, at all times, create and exude energy, energy which will spread outward into the body in all directions towards the skin. This energy will then be instilled with the expecation that it will help to greatly increase the potential of health and wellness in the body. There is a very simple way to instill the desired intent of health and wellness into the energy generated by the generator, but once again this is just an example and it is up to the user to do decide the way that works best for them.
To instill the proper intent to create health and wellness in the body it is easiest if it is done at the same time as creating the generator. So instead of forming the intent for the generator as, 'A construct that creates and exudes energy', you would form the intent as something such as, 'A construct that creates and exudes an energy that influences the movement of every particle in the body towards a better state of health'. Thus when the construct is created the energy created by it will inherently have the desired intent instilled in it. With this organization the construct will be constantly creating and sending out an energy that will help to heal and re-vitalize the body.
Exercise & Diet
Exercise and a good diet is highly recommended for best results with this construct (and life in general). Both exercise and a good diet increase the potential for health and wellness in the body and the greater the potential there is the greater the effect the construct can acheive.


Conceptually Acquired Constructs and Technology


The expression "Everything's already been done" is true in a number of ways, one way in particular is quite valuable to the psion. If you take anything from the expression it should be the idea that you needn't worry or work too hard and that you should take a steady and calm pace to life acheiving what you've decided is important. To the psion however the expression can mean something different, that being a reference to the conceptual domain and the information that it is. The following article will cover one way in particular that the information of the conceptual domain can be greatly used to our advantage.

Suggested Practice/Skill set

This article is intended for skilled practitioners of psionics. Good experience with scanning, future selection, and construct formation and applications are necessary to understand the information and practices within this article. If the information within the article is found to be confusing or lacking in explanation of certain concepts it is up to the reader to acquire the necessary information before attempting the practices.

Understanding this Practice

The conceptual domain is all information in existence. Your world, your life, your thoughts, your past, and your future, is contained within the conceptual domain and then some. As we know the physical domain is a subset of the conceptual and the same goes for the energetic domain. As such the physical world we see with our eyes and touch with our hands is only our soul interpreting and interacting with information within the conceptual. This is not to say that the physical domain is unimportant, it is a good opportunity to further the progress of the soul if nothing else.

So from the above we see that, as always, our wants and needs are mainly concerned with the physical domain and yet our methods need not be bound within the limits of this realm. So we again ask ourselves the question, 'How do we use this to our advantage?'. The bulk of the answer you should already know, as at the time of writing this article many articles already exist detailing the conceptual domain and how we use it to further our psionic practice. What has yet to be clearly said about the conceptual domain at this point though is that it is not just our singular future that exists in the form of information but all possibilities of any form of matter, psi, or conceptual formation. It is because of this we can conclude that all technologies, constructs, thoughts, and ideas that have and will ever occur exist within the conceptual domain as information and we are have complete and unrestricted access to them.

Now that we understand that we have all the information we will ever need entirely at our discretion it is a matter of understanding how to properly obtain and use it.

The Importance of Mental State

It is absolutely necessary to rid yourself of any presupposition and expectation when utilizing the following concepts. Your expectations can lead your very far astray on things such as these as they can be highly detailed and complex. It will be necessary to enter a very deep state of meditation where you are not interfered with by outside influences or the obstructions of the brain. Expect nothing but success and approach the situation as if you knew nothing about it at all.

What is important to understand is that it is quite a complex thing to interpret someone else’s psionic actions or constructs because the degree of overlay is quite significant and can be very confusing, however this can be  overcome in a number of ways.  It is also important to understand that, as always, it's just scanning and basic construct creation, which is easy and any problem can be overcome by the decision to do so.

Benefits of Practice

Before going into the methodology and practice of acquiring constructs and technology from the conceptual domain it is necessary to clarify the benefits of doing so. The advantages of acquiring physical technology is quite obvious and requires little explanation or imagination, whereas constructs and practices on the other hand have a number of benefits.

The first benefit of acquiring constructs and psionic practices from the conceptual domain is that it can often overcome the problem of having to think up a construct or practice to fit a specific situation, furthermore it can even surpass our own skill level to do so, as explained below.

With the progression of skills and better understanding of psionics we come to realize many new and valuable things that allow us to better preform our skills. Often we find that we have only been thinking of some things  in a different way than we should have and once we've re-thought or re-conceptualized we have very rapidly increased in skill. This is then passed on to our other practices and, if applicalbe, applied to our constructs. Essentially if you are to observe a costruct or even a practice you or anyone will do/create in the future, or just something that could possibly exist and work, you will also acquire with it whatever new coceptualizations or information that went into creating the construct or practice. This is essentially like taking an elevator in terms of development.

In the end what you have is a construct that is functional and does exactly what you  want it to do, which is always a benefit.

Obtaining Constructs from the Conceptual

This practice, because of the high degree of overlay that can occur, is one where we have to overcome certain perceptions and expectations prior to acheiving success. Always remember though, as stated above, this practice is just scanning and basic construct creation, do not be overwhelmed by these simple things.

The really amazing thing about this practice is that because we are dealing with the conceptual domain, and thereby all possibilties of matter and energy, when your are attempting to locate a desired construct or practice, as long as you can imagine it, it already exists in it's completed form in the conceptual domain as information. You can get as specific as you want with your construct or practice and no matter how specific you are in detail it exists in some form or another.

The initial obstacle we have to overcome with this pracitice is within our own thinking, and that thinking is that this construct or practice we are attempting to observe has any tie or connection to a creator. This is not an attempt to dispute that there is a creator of the universe and all things, just a suggestion of how to observe the information with as little overlay as possible. The immeadiate action with this practice will likely be to attempt to trace the desired construct or practice to when it occurs in time and space (if it ever does at all), following the path of its creation, but this is folly. If we do what was explained in the previous sentence we will acquire a great amount of useless and often confusing information. If instead we conceptually link with the construct or practice as just what it is, without any extra information, we can interpret it in a manner we can understand by expectation that we will be able to do so.

When you are attempting to observe a desired practice in the conceptual it is as simple as it is stated just above. Clear your mind completely of expectation and pressuposition and observe the practice only as it is in it's most basic form with no attachment to physical relevance. At this point it will be entirely up to you be able to interpret and understand the practice.

When you are attempting to create a construct referenced from the conceptual you will do the same as above, and then follow the normal form for creating constructs. In this case the form follows as such; Conceptually link with the desired construct, form the intent to create the construct with the intent being as simple as possible (just "the construct" will suffice actually), gather the necessary energy, actaulize your intent. You only need to become briefly aware of the construct in it's most basic terms (ie. the constructs ability to do what you want) and then you are really just using the information as a template for creating the construct. This is a simple thing we do on a day to day basis with only a slight difference, think little of it.

Obtaining Technology from the Conceptual
Obtaining technology from the conceptual domain is the same as scanning anything else, there is however one problem, that being that you actually have to be able to understand what you're scanning before it means anything to you. For example, it is unlikely that you will be able to understand advanced quantum computing technology if you failed grade 9 math.

When obtaining a construct from the conceptual the information is a singular conceptual idea and contained within that idea is everything you need to know about the construct and every concept that went into making it. Physical technology is of course physical in nature and not a concept, you may be able to understand the parts of the technology but you may not be able to understand how or why they would go together. As an example, you may understand what a hydroelectric power plant does but the actual specifics of how it works, even if you were able to look at every peice of it, would likely elude you.

To properly acquire and put into use technology that doesn't necessarily exist in the physical world you need to have the background information so that you can understand the technology. This may seem daunting however we of course are not bound by the physical world and have the limitless information of the conceptual domain at our disposal. Though it would take time and practice you could very well acquire all the necessary information to understand and create technology that does not yet exist on this planet and will possibly not exist for many years time.

Just as with scanning the conceptual for constructs and practices it is of the utmost importance to be in a clear and focused mental state free of presumptions when acquiring technology.

In the above practice it is likely that you will benefit from creating a construct specifically designed to help you acquire the information you need to understand the technology you desire. How would this be done? Consult the previous sections of this article.

An Important Note

Remember that you still have to train the basic skills and grow as a soul as a construct or practice is useless if you do not have the skill to control or make use of it. Also remember that no matter what you create it still has to be possible in the realm it relates to and you may very well find that what you want is impossible, but don't let this limit you.


Poetry / The point at which I do most of my meaningful writing
« on: December 28, 2008, 12:25:17 AM »
I was trying to exponge from my brain some meaningful content for a new article I'm writing, but it's late and I'm sleep deprived and creative and I enjoy many of the posts on the poetry board. Here's what came out instead:

It's is now three AM, and it is now for some reason that I am focused.
Late night bio chemistry of caffeine and pain killers,
Creating a seamless veil across any attempt at normal reasoning.
If I try to push through it I only discover it's greater depth.

I am relentless in my appreciation for the colour of my pants
...tope in colour as they are.

Thickened is my mind, like sucking coffee and mud,
Yet it seems to facilitate the flow of my knowledge.
Pouring it upon the page to extend it across the world.
I wish that my dreams were as good as my life.


Priming Your Practice and Life Through Future Selection


As psions we are capable of many things that those without psionic training are not. Some very important psionic skills to note are our ability to observe the future and to alter events before they happen. It is important to understand what kind of an advantage being able to observe the future is and how to properly use it, and therein is the purpose of this article.

Suggested Practice/Skillset

This article is intended for skilled practitioners of psionics. A well developed understanding of the basic skills of a psion, specifically scanning and kinesis, is absolutely necessary to the proper use of the information in this article. It is also expected that before attempting to utilize the information contained within this article that you are capable of observing and altering the future with good results, otherwise you will not be able to properly apply any practices within this article.

Understanding the Practice

As a psions trained in scanning the future we are able to predict events before they occur with accuracy (depending on skill level of course). For instance, if you were waiting for an elevator in front of a number of them you could very well predict which one of the elevators would arrive first and stand in front of that one before it comes. Furthermore, as psions, we are trained in psychokinesis which allows us to influence things without physical interaction with them, such as influencing the outcome of die rolls before their occurrence.

What is important to understand about the above examples (and most any other example one can come up with) is that though our concerns are primarily related to the physical world our actions are not bound by physical limits. So often though we do not think of this and we change only that minute bit of world that is around us, still playing within the limits of the physical world, but this need not be done. The question then arises, "How do I properly use this advantage?".

Any action that creates the future likelihood of that action occurring again is most likely to continue to occur as time progresses. The best example of this can be seen in cellular division, where a cells main function is to divide and create more of itself, as such the very existence of the cell increases the likelihood of there being more cells in the future. On a macroscopic level we could say that, "As a psion any practice I do that creates the future likelihood that I will continue to practice (and practice well) is most likely to keep me practicing (and practicing well)". Therefore, if we alter and organize the future, priming it for future psionic development, we are more likely to experience improved and fluid development.

Below a few examples of how the above information can be applied.

Primimg, Three Examples

There are of course more than 3 ways to prime your psionic practices for success and the three detailed below should only serve as examples, though they are explained in the most general way possible. The most important thing about all these examples is simply the expectation alone that they will succeed, if you do not have this you may as well not attempt anything at all, including your intended practice(s) that you wish to prime.

All the following examples will employ the psionic method of future selection and if you are not familiar with that method it is up to you to become experienced with it before applying any of the examples.

Priming your individual practice - This can be a very simple and effective thing to do right before you do anything related to psionics. We often like to leave our kinetic effects very generally defined as they need little more to be fully effective, because of this the simple act of taking a moment to think about what you are about to do and fully expect it to work and be successful can be very effective in creating better effects with your practice. This is really just a matter of taking the time to relax and achieve the proper mental state prior to practice.

One of the major concerns with every practice however is the way our body and mind can distract us during our practices, making it harder to achieve success. Because we as psions have the option of future selection we can merely take the time (providing of course that we have it) to select a future state of mind and body that is more agreeable to our intended practice. The type of effect you generally want to achieve with your future mind/body state is one of relaxation, alertness, and focus. This pre-practice is a small thing that's very easy to do that will help to achieve greater success.

Priming your day – This is just a wise thing for any psion to practice, and if you want to improve your comfort in scanning and altering the future this is the way to do it.

At the beginning of every day scan and observe the day that is about to happen, you can of course perceive it however you would like, such as sequentially or all at once. Observe all that will happen in the day and then identify the things that you can improve upon then future select the day to you intended improved state. As you go about your day take note of your effectiveness and accuracy.

On a personal note, I often like to set up events in the day that help me to develop as a psion. I don't define the events specifically I merely keep the intention that events that will help me develop as a psion will occur throughout the day whenever appropriate and I actualize this intent (as with any future selection) upon the future.

Priming your life - How can we apply future selection to improving our lives as a whole? In fact, we apply it very generally and very easily.

In the same way that we can apply kinesis in a very general and loosely defined manner we can scan for things (futures in this case) in that same general manner without having to observe every specific thing related to that future (which can become confusing at times without the full understanding of it). So if we wish to select a future in which we have consistent practice of psionics with good results from it we need only conceptualize that much and with the proper expectation we will be brought to that future at which point we can actualize it in the same way we always do.

When attempting to create a very specific future you would of course scan and actualize with very specific definitions. In the case when we are 'priming our lives' we are usually trying to apply more general concepts such as prosperity, success, and happiness for instance, which are things that do not always have specific effects. The fact is that if you you keep your intentions general in this situation you will find that your selection is applied in almost every place in your life at once, whereas as getting more specific may only create a future where the intended concept is applied at a singular event. So for instance if you actualize the future of 'Success in business' as it relates to your life, you would get only that in that one area. However if you were to simply actualize 'Success' alone as it relates to your life you would see it in many places including 'business'.

For this practice of 'priming your life' and for your progress as a psion it will be most useful to you to create a life with good, consistent, and focused training where you have many opportunities to use your psionic skills throughout it.


Understand that "priming the future" should only ever be a supplement to your training. Without normal, steady training not much can be gained from priming nothing. Most importantly you should focus on the fundamentals of psionic training and select futures that help these things more effective.

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