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Body Energy Arts / Intense, painful itching during 'energy work'
« on: June 01, 2013, 11:53:27 AM »
hey guys, frequent lurker here, a problem I've been having over the last few months has finally pushed me into registering, really hoping somewhere here can help me figure out what's going on. To the point, I've been experiencing, as the title suggests, a deep, intense and painful itching feeling during various exercises which involve energy flow or movement. The feeling is mostly concentrated in my legs, being at it's worst around my feet/shins and growing gradually weaker upwards, although I sometimes get patches of it further up the body, particularly on the top of my head.

I first noticed this sensation when I started practicing Qi Gong in January. I've since stopped practicing Qi Gong daily  (I eventually settled into a routine of IIH exercises and some basic GD style ritual work, and sadly couldn't fit Qi Gong in), but it still occurs during other exercises, being particularly intense during the Middle Pillar, and occurring or not seemingly at random during the LBRP, both of which I perform on a daily basis. I also get flashes of it during Bardon's Pore Breath, although nowhere near as intense as with the other exercises.

Just to emphasize, this isn't the usual light itch which might distract someone learning to meditate (there's been some confusion when I've asked for advice in other places), it's very strong, to the point of being painful (something like what I imagine having your legs emerged into a tank filled with giant mosquitos would feel like), and occurs exclusively during or directly after energy-centered spiritual practice, I've done everything I can to rule out other possibilities (whether it could be related to posture, or triggered by the location in which I do the exercises, etc), but there definitely appears to be a direct, causal relationship between these exercises and the painful itching symptoms.

 Which brings me to, does anyone have any idea what's going on, and how on earth do I stop it happening? Putting aside the extent to which it interferes with my practice (frequently have to cut exercises short because it becomes too painful), the fact that it's been going on for nearly 5 months and, if anything, intensified, suggests to me that maybe it's a symptom of some deeper issue (some kind of energy blockage? I don't want to speculate too much, since I'm fairly inexperienced with that kind of thing) which I'd like to uncover and hopefully deal with.

Anyway, any help is seriously appreciated :)

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