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Hello and Goodbye / Hello Everyone!
« on: October 25, 2012, 03:21:48 AM »
Hello Veritas! My name is James, I am known by a few names across the web but I would prefer to be known by only one of them, which is Kyuuketsuki (this is Japanese for vampire). You may call me Kyuuketsuki, Kyuu or James. I have dark brown hair and dark green eyes. I am male. And I am 5"4..

I am 19 next April and at the moment I am studying Computer Science at University. I am English/British also, so it is likely the times I will be available to be on here in my free time could be different than other members of course!

I came here seeking further instruction, help and understanding in the field of Psionics, mostly Kinesis which are an interest to me. I already have a years experience with energy manipulation, but I will start with the introduction articles to beginner and so on none the less. For reasons of fire hazards I cannot use a flame here so is it possible to try and move objects like a pencil instead or influence water? One aim from all this of mine is to move water, or objects with ease.

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