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Mentoring Board / Telepathy mentoring and teaching
« on: May 28, 2012, 11:12:30 AM »
I may be new here but dont underestimate me.
I was voted as mytelekinesis's official telepathy mentor for 2012. In this year alone i have had over 50 students and still getting more to take through the course.

'Horsyqueen has used telepathy on me. I swear she has. She really can do it. She is amazing at it. Believe us. Infact she has taught me a lot about how to do telepathy. I don't think someone who couldn't do telepathy could teach me so well.' quote by pyromaster
' proven results by her students achieve, she is a friendly, kind, caring and understnading person that i know and believe will help people out with anything from general things to specific telepathy. she's also a great friend' quote by shadowwing010
'Horsyqueen - You have helped me so much with telepathy. I was never really able to find any good techniques for telepathy that worked for me, but as soon as I came to you, I learned really fast. Thanks to you, I can now go into peoples minds, get information about them, and see their dreams, and I can almost send them telepathic messages.' quote by pyromaster
'ur a great Telepath' quote by Agressiveskillz
'horsy is the best ask her help' houssi1996     
'a great teacher, and friend to everyone on here, you are very skilled, and wise' By DarkenedAngel
'you are a very powerful and skilled telepath' Matthew
I have many more quotes.
Any questions or request just PM me or reply.
Thank you for listening.

Mind over matter

Psionics / Telepathy guide
« on: May 28, 2012, 10:51:42 AM »
I thought as i am getting loads fo requests for tech's for telepathy i will make a guide for it.


 Telepathy- The ability to work with thoughts  and the mind is the best way i can describe it. When this word comes up you should know your dealing with inside the mind and mainly thoughts.

This is a very wide ability with my ruite's to travel along. Its very open with many levels to take and roads to travel apon. Do not fear this abiltiy even the dangers are rare and can be avoided. Telepaths are powerful and all around us. These are in the forms of animals. If you learn this abilitiy you can learn a way to gain knowledge.



This ability is used in many ways but mostly about thoughts but there are emotions sometimes in there even if that is empathy. Telepathy gives you the ability to control others around you too. Reading thoughts and talking using the mind is what telepathy is probibly most famious for.

This is probibly also the most well known ESP and i can understand why. you can use this for some many things and even communicateing with animals


This ability is a very useful one for many people, It can be fun too with a range of things to do. You can gain information easily and not many people have shields. Inside the mind its amazing and so much to find out. Telepathy has such a wide range of things that you can never stop learning from it and theres always something new to do. It was my first ability i ever did. It was the only one that originally worked for me. Telepathy is also very close to me and its one of the reasons I am still on the website.

Experiences with telepathy can range a great deal. many can be dangerous yet many are interesting ones. Follow your heart and it shall lead you to the place you most want to be.




 Telepathy connections with animals

Very easly done. All you need is to create a connection many methods will do and insted of with humans do it with animals. This is great fun as you can find out many things about them. Doing this will most likely create a bond between you and the animal. Animals are already are known to use telepathy between themselves so that should help.

Animals are not dumb and dont try saying mean stuff about them using telepathy with them because that wont go down well.

You can do many things with animals just like with a person. They will help you and guide you all the way




Probibly the most effective control that can be done with words. This effects your subcontious and mind createinga surgestion. Resisting it can be easier then you think many peole are immune because they resist it naturally. Its a amazing thing to study and be able to do. All done by the words you use and the tone of voice. Even the govement, spies and the CIA use it.  This can be part of telepathy if done in a certain way.




There are few here with the abiltiy and skill to do much but still you can learn off many. Each telepath uses a slightly unque style to use their ability. Telepaths are famious worldwide in the media in the form of the hero's charictors and xmen, in real telepaths are much diffrent. In fact many of them seem to be adults as this ability does need maturity.

Many telepaths specialise in just this making them more trained in telepathy then many other abilites. They take time and work hard on it. There is a range in the genders and sexes of telepaths but not in the ages as there are more adults.



Horsy's tradional basic tech's

Vortex/tunnel tech

The First thing when starting is to be calm and relaxed but not to relaxed. Meditation is not necassary with many of the telepathy techs i teach.

When first doing telepathy you want to focus all you can on what your doing so its best to sit or lie down and then close your eyes. After a while this will not be necassory.
Visulise a tunnel or a vortex. It can be any colour and just about any shape.
The you should visulise a wave going from you and through the vortex.
Think of the person you are doing telepathy with.
Keep all the the things from point two in mind and dont forget them and keep visulisng and thinking about them.
Then when you feel ready let go and you should be in their mind.
Rember this tech takes alot more practice and work then others. I use this tech alot and for many of my  other techs in this like mini group of them.
First you must have mastered the connection tech above.
SO once you have had to havemade the connection like the one.
Focus and consentrate more now and dont forget to keep thinking of the person as you will need this.
Focus on realxing and clearing all thoughts from your mind too and no surgestions.
Listen to the persons mind and keep your thoughts clear out, you dont want to get confused.
If you still cant hear anything relax leave it for abit and try again.
You can also read thoughts by searching. You think of what you need to find and keep that in mind. What you want should apper slowly.
Make sure you have no surgesting thoughts.
Telepathic talking useing the mind:
Use the connection tech that i put first.
Clear your mind and leave no space for surgestions. You mind will have to be empty of any surgestions as this will not help.
Then when talking you should think of  what you want to say. Keep on thinking and pushing it forward till they hear it.
Repete this till they can hear you and it may take sometime.
Finding specific memories of someone's
First do the connection tech.
To see someones memory you need to focus on a specific period in time.
Focus on the period and details of what you want to see.
Let these guide you.
You should visulise ether a screan or some viewing plat form.
Use this to see the memories. Use the details to help.

Internet telepathy tech

The tech is best done to read people online and over long distances.

 The tech:

Focus on the screan and relax while keeping at balence with yourself.
Then visulise a white veil going over the screan.
Then a wave going from you into it then back and it keeps going.
Then focus. Hold this the whole time you want to be read peoples minds.
Think of the people you are there and who you are doing telepathy with.
This is a weak tech meaning to make it stronger focus more energy in.
Make sure you keep the focus because it can easly break.
Be warned this will not break shields easly at all.

Previous Questions and answers

By: Greenki77y Hey, I'm a newby to telepathy, been able to read my friends minds a few times (they repeatedly thought of a number and I saw it in my head) and saw an image that my bf pictured in his head over and over. -side note- probably a silly question, is empathy closely related to telepathy?                                                                                                                               Ok then first telepathy and empathy are closely realted and both being ESP's(extra sencory perspection) and they do both enclude PMD's(public mind domination) if you get good enough. Empathy deals more with thoughts but telepathy is more to do with the mind and thoughts.                                                   There are many diffrent processes to doing telepathy really and its wha suites you best is what you should go with. Everyone learns diffrently and some techs are harder for some then others. They do enclude conntions though
By: George_ -Ok as the title says(mind control),i would like to ask you..Could you give me/us the technique to control minds??                                                                                                     Now with mind control its very complicated and need the person to be good at telepathy before they even attept it. It's extremeally dangrous too. You need to clear your mind of any surgestions and make sure you dont think of anything that can harm anyone as that is the problem with many people these days.
By: Aistear - Is there a way to prevent headaches when I use telepathy? whenever I try within three minutes I get a headache!                                                                                                       Answer By: Neurosis -  there's other more reasonable reasons he could be getting headaches. Which is why I asked what does he do. If the headaches are because he's thinking to hard, that would be a simple fix. If its too much hitting his mind, then meditating won't help that either... Not directly
From: WindDash Subject: hello horsyqueen
i have read some articles telling that you have to open your 3rd eye to use telepathy. but, (yea i admit) im scared to see ghosts and others stuffs that i have never ever seen before. i dont want to see any of those, i dont know what would happen to me if they (spirits) noticed that im scared lol.
so yea, do you need your 3rd eye to use telepathy?                                                                                           NO the 3rd eye does not need to be opened to do telepathy, even if it can help alot its not really  that necassesery.

Ok so thats my telepathy guide i will be writeing more throughout the year.
Mind over Matter

Hello and Goodbye / Hey horsy here
« on: May 28, 2012, 10:32:11 AM »
Hey everyone!
Probably no one here will know me but i am from mytelekinesis where i am the official telepathy mentor and ex moderator.
I have many abilities that range from ESP's to kinesis. Most of which i teach. I am otherkin but i will not say exactly what yet.

I am happy to help with anything anyone needs, so just ask.

Mind over matter

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