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Main Hall / Setting the Record Straight
« on: August 10, 2018, 08:27:38 AM »
Be advised this post is hosted on my site, so removal of it here or moderation gets it off of here but it will be circulating in the public domain. Also, excerpts from this forum fall under Fair Use so good luck with a DMCA.

This post is in response to a fraudulent metaphysics community. Iíll fill in more in details later. Due to the fact that their community routinely deletes responses for no apparent reason, I decided to remove my post/content from their forum and instead put it here and leave references there. Here is the excerpt I am going to be addressing on the recording that was made by kobok to me on his on Veritas.

When you were corrected with information showing your misunderstanding, you should have let go of your attachment to ego and taken the opportunity to learn. Had you done so you would have walked away happier and more informed. Instead you retreated into a bubble of defiant and angry ignorance. You are blaming us, but your current frustration is actually because you are in conflict with basic facts, and you cannot bring yourself to admit it. I suggest reflecting deeply on what you are afraid of. There is a self-image of Rayn that you are holding to so tightly that it does not even allow you to make a mistake without deep conflicting anger. You feel like itís a source of strength, but that attachment is holding you back far more than you realize. But itís possible to let go of that deep attachment to your self-image, and if you learn to do so you will end up a much happier and wiser person. 

Response to Veritas(Kobok)

Change of venue, too. I have decided to not read or respond to things on this forum, so if you want to discuss it, conversations will be shifted to the comments section of that blog post. Respond there if you address me. Good day good sirs!

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