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Martial Arts / To grapple or not to grapple?
« on: February 17, 2010, 04:36:00 PM »
I have heard a lot of praise for styles like muai thai because of their extensive grappling techniques.  Now clearly for competitions that allow grappling and maybe for police who subdue without injury I can see this as incredible useful.

But if you learn a style for fun, and if you only application in a fight is a real one, is grappling really needed?  My first thought is that grappling isn't that effective against eye gauging, testicle ripping etc.  So why do you need to learn grappling and why is a style lacking for not including it?  In a non grappling style you can still practice groundwork, just rather than aiming to get them into a hold you practice getting to a point from which they would've been seriously injured.

So, to grapple or not to grapple?  :confused:

Main Hall / Google to pull out of China?
« on: January 13, 2010, 04:22:23 AM »
The google blog

"have led us to conclude that we should review the feasibility of our business operations in China. We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on"

It appears China had been hacking major US companies and Google has caught them red handed.

So do you think Google will actually pull out of China? it would be incredibly expensive for them since they're estimated to have revenues in China of $600m this coming year.

The Cafeteria / Mafia Game
« on: February 21, 2009, 12:43:49 PM »
I came across the Wikipedia article for the game Mafia and thought that it could be a fun game for us to play here.  I'm sure some of you already know the game or have played it before, but if not this explains the game pretty well

I thought we could start the game on Wednesday if enough people are interested, please reply with interested in bold if you'd like to play.  If someone is willing to help me moderate that would be great too.  I thought we'd start with a fast game using the simplest rules, so we just have Townies, Mafia, and a cop and a doctor.  Then we can play a second longer game with more roles, making it more complex   :).

The Cafeteria / No wireless on Ubuntu
« on: October 31, 2008, 07:28:02 AM »
Ok so I just installed Ubuntu but unfortunately my wireless device doesn't seem to be working.  I've been trying to install the windows driver but the help tells me to install something that isn't there, here's the screeny.

Poetry / Questions & beauty
« on: October 19, 2008, 07:04:58 AM »
Why do the flags flutter so afar?
Why do the towers lie amid the ruin?
Does Goliath give distant David wings?
Does the Blackbird's song bring dawn?


That poem was a bit sad so here is a nicer one.  :pumpkin:

The suns rays roll like honey across the far flung heavens, Its firey gaze reflected thus by icey prism.
Does this perfect moment, this drop of beauty, beat distantly, or near?

Magick / The Star of David
« on: September 27, 2008, 04:16:25 PM »
Does "The Star of David" represent "Olam Briah", "Olam Yetsirah" & "Olam Assiah"?

My reasoning is that the first triad "Ain Soph" is divided from the others by the abyss, so the star which shows two triads joined cannot show "Ain soph".  I would then guess that the triangle pointing upwards is "Olam Briah" with each corner symbolising one of the Sephirah; Chesed, Gevurah & Tipharas.  The downward triangle would be "Olam Yetsirah"; Netsach, Hod & Yesod, and the centre of the star would be "Olam Assiah", Malkus.

I've completely assumed that so am just wondering if my reasoning is correct, or if "The Star of David" symbolises something else entirely.

Voting Forum / Vote: Remove LadyKalee from the Veritas Council
« on: August 29, 2008, 12:36:26 PM »
I would like to propose that LadyKalee be removed from the council, but retain her position as teacher.

While I feel that Kalee has done a great deal for Veritas over the years, I also feel that due to the fact she has been inactive for approximately a year and a half she should no longer be in a position to make decisions about this sites future.  I trust her ability to make decisions based on facts, but feel that because she is no longer active she cannot have the facts upon which to make decisions.

I also think that removing Kalee will enable another member to fill her place, 3 council members seeming to be the number of preference, and I feel an active member is preferable to an inactive one.  If and when Kalee returns she can be re-established by vote, but until then things should keep moving.

Main Hall / Argue don't flame
« on: July 31, 2008, 06:17:10 PM »
I have noticed a worrying trend lately, where people feel they no longer need to prove their arguement by logical reasoning but assume people will take their word above others without a need to give examples to back their case.

If someone is wrong then you must prove to them, and to the people who don't know your omniscient, by giving examples or showing why some of their points are wrong.

The general technique used at the moment seems to be "X is wrong becuase X is, and I'm always right."  If X has used examples then i'm generally more likely to come along and accept X regardless of how wrong they are, indeed i'm likely to ignore the other poster in other threads.  Perhaps you have given examples in the past and  X just keeps claiming that they're right, regardless you should always try and take the higher ground, who knows maybe they'll start to see why they're wrong.

I know people often want to just post something quick, but stop and think for a moment, it really doesn't take long to get an example using google or the v-library.  Posting X is wrong makes Veritas look bad and you look bad, posting examples teaches everyone including yourself.

I like Veritas becuase people accept other viewpoints and argue logically, it's why we're all still around, you learn something new everyday.  :bunny:

ps: I seem to remember reading a good post on how an arguement should be set out, I couldn't find it but perhaps someone perhaps link it.

Magick / Adam and love
« on: July 11, 2008, 07:32:47 PM »
If Adam is the perfect man and Adam has Eve as his wife, does this mean that even if one achieves union with God one is still capable of loving a woman as a wife?  I know that this doesn't necessarily entail sex since in "Autobiography of a Yogi" it's suggested that Adam can propagate by immaculate conception, but the story still implies a love between man and woman rather, than a love of friendship.

The Cafeteria / Video and chat skips in firefox 3
« on: May 19, 2008, 03:08:32 PM »
Here's the add-on page

The Cafeteria / Youtube broken
« on: April 09, 2008, 02:00:47 PM »
Any idea why you tube looks like this?  I normally use Firefox but it's even worse.

Spirituality / Interesting article
« on: February 17, 2008, 08:30:03 AM »
I came across this copy of a lecture while browsing the web and thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I hope you enjoy it too.

Psionics / Is psionics Magic?
« on: April 21, 2007, 04:07:32 PM »
So is psionics magic?

The answer for me is a definite yes.

Crowley defined magic as "causing change to occur in conformity with Will." and under this definition psionics is definitely magic, since Psionics is the manifestation of your intent through control of your soul.

The magician in what we commonly call magic uses symbolism etc that make his soul manifest the intent while the Psion uses his will to make the soul manifest the intent, as such psi is no different from any other magical system, it is merely another technique.

The main difference between the path of the psion and the path of a magician, is that while a magician will use other wills which already exist to aid him in his aim, a psion will try to use his will alone, there is however nothing stopping a psion using these wills.

A psion and a magician are the same, they are just different magical paths, just as a Golden dawn practitioner and a Necromancer travel different magical paths.  In the end however, it is all just magic.

Magick / Discussion on ritual
« on: June 08, 2006, 05:08:23 AM »
I find it intriguing that people ask about how to do rituals, when it doesn't really matter if the ritual is correct.

As I understand it magic is the same as psionics, but merely uses ritual to focus the mind and manifest the will rather than psionics, inner focusing and actualization, which is why I prefer to call psionics direct magic.

There is of course the added aspect of incorporating external forces and not solely using the internal, but this is not bound by the ritual but by the intent and will that the ritual invokes, i.e. you could still do exactly the same effect without performing the ritual.

I’m sure that it is therefore not the ritual that is important but the rituals affect on you, and thus doing a ritual blindly without thinking of the meaning but concentrating solely on getting it right is a waste of time.  I think you should think about what you would like to accomplish and use ritual which you feel symbolizes this aim.

I’m not saying ritual isn’t important, the wills of those who perform it add an extra strength which can aid you.  I just think it’s far more important is to concentrate on the symbolism, not about what you’re meant to be doing next, as this will far better focus your will and manifest your intent.

I'm hopeing this will start a discussion, like we were discussing in Sleepybutaway

Psionics / Psionics (basic ideas)
« on: February 18, 2006, 10:03:31 AM »
I was going to post this before I went on holiday but here it is anyway

Direct magic/Psionics

The self
Positive thinking
Finishing off


All that I say in this article is my opinion on the art of Direct magic (psionics), and people may disagree with me, take from it what you will, comment and disagree as you wish, I’m writing this to share my opinions not force them onto you.

Magic for me is the art of manifesting ones intent through self mastery gained from practice and dedication, leading to control over our ‘higher self’.

I use the term higher self, because I don’t want to use terms like soul that have definitions that may confuse people, the higher self may be within the physical world, a part of our brain, or it may be a part of us which exists in domains other than the physical one we experience.  I could not say which is true, but for me it is a part of us which exists on the conceptual and energetic domain.

To gain control of our higher self we must walk the path of the Psion/Magician, a path which is very difficult to walk, but before I give a practical guide etc I must first explain the processes involved so that the exercises will make sense and be in context.


There are three domains which everything inhabits, and the ‘lowest’ domain is the physical domain which we see from our birth.  Here things are experienced as objects seen through our eyes and felt by touch; this is the domain we aim to manipulate through the practice of psionics.

Above the physical domain is the energetic domain, in this domain the objects we feel in the physical domain exist as energy.  Now we shouldn’t think of each domain being separate, an object on the physical domain is also manifested in the energetic domain, it exists on the energetic domain as an energetic form, i.e. it is the same object just the energetic part of it.

Above all the domains is the conceptual domain, in this domain the conceptual part of the object exists, i.e. here objects as ideas.  When we scan we are seeing this domain and ‘seeing’ the idea of the object, and when we practice psionics we are manipulating ideas or creating new ones.

Think of it as every object having three sides, every side makes up the object; the physical part of the object is like one side, the energetic and conceptual the other two sides.  By changing one of the sides of the object we change and affect the other sides.  So when you change the idea of something you change the physical shape the idea represents, and the energy of that object, and when you change something in the physical domain like bend a piece of wire, the idea of the wire changes, i.e. it becomes the idea that the wire is bent.

The self:

I explained briefly a bit about the higher self earlier but I want to go into more depth before moving on.

So what are we?  Well to me we aren’t just the physical object you see before you, that is only one aspect of ourselves.  We also exist on the conceptual and energetic domains and you are all of those parts.

Your higher self exists on the conceptual domain; this is the idea of what you are, the idea of the physical and energetic parts, but also ideas that only exist on the conceptual domain, ideas about your conceptual self.

Then we have your energetic part, it is the energy of what you are, this is quite difficult to understand, you can think of it as the energy every atom has but also ideas have energy themselves, this is the strength of things, i.e. how strong and real the ideas are, the more energy something has the more real it is.

The physical part of you, is the you, you see everyday.

All these things aren’t separate, they all make up what you are, they just show different aspects of you, they affect each other and are each other.  In psionics we explore every aspect of you and affect things on every domain through different aspects of you.


Meditation is an important tool in gaining control of yourself, your higher and energetic aspects as well as your physical aspects.  It is control of these aspects of yourself which allows you to make changes of the domains on which these aspects exist.  It is like kicking a ball on this domain changes the ball, so does ‘kicking’ aspects of the ball on other domains change the ball, but more on this later.

There are two types of meditation which I use in my practices, focal and void meditation.  Each plays an important role; focal meditation is used to focus the higher self then allowing us to manipulate the concept of the physical object that exists on the conceptual level.  Void meditation is used to release yourself from outside stimuli and find your higher self, which is why I would normally begin with void meditation.

First get yourself into a comfortable position you can sit in for an extended period of time.  Personally I sit in the half lotus (I can’t sit in full lotus) or just sit down, and I put my hands on my lap the palms facing upwards.  Put your left fingers above your right fingers and gently touch your thumbs above.  I find that this position, helps me easily access psi, it may be all in the mind, but many ancient cultures believed in energy flow being moved in certain ways depending on your position.

Too see what I mean try this link

Close your eyes and empty your mind, thoughts will arise, don’t fight them let them finish or distance yourself from them, make a space free from the noise of your mind, fell your mind slowing and calming emptiness enveloping you.  Once you reach calmness you may feel a floating sensation and a peace, at first this may be difficult to achieve and may only come for brief periods.  Remember the aim isn’t to hold the emptiness for huge amounts of time just for a couple of minutes, this is just a step in your meditation and isn’t the final aim.

Sometimes emptying your mind can be very difficult, try counting your breathing or reciting a mantra on a rosary, when you start to lose count or forget your mantra etc, then you’ve emptied your mind.

Keep practicing this until you feel you can empty your mind reasonably fast and with an amount of control.

Next you focus your mind, this technique isn’t always necessary but I find that it helps create a very strong focus afterwards, it as also useful for scanning as it helps block out external influences allowing you to become receptive to the ideas you are trying to sense.


The most basic focal meditation is simply to select an object and stare at that object, focusing all of your thoughts and awareness on that object.  Any object will do for this; it can be as simple as a spot on the wall or a dot drawn on paper.  The best objects to select are the ones which help to draw your attention.  One example of an object which does this for many people would be a crystal.  However, the best object for focal meditation in psi seems to be the candle flame.

Candle meditation

The following exercise will be described in terms of a candle flame.  If you at all can, you should seek out a candle and perform this with an actual candle flame, as the flame does an excellent job of drawing your attention and preparing you for later work in psi.  If you are unable to do this, substitute the flame in the following description for the focal object of your choice.

Take a candle into a dark quiet room, and place it somewhere free of clutter so you do not become easily distracted while meditating.  Light the candle, and then sit comfortably one or two meters away from the candle.

Relax your body and mind as much as you can, and watch the candle flame.  Do not strain your eyes while focusing on the candle flame, as the focusing you will be doing is in your mind, not in your eyes.  Clear all of your thoughts, and focus them only on the flame.  When thoughts come to your mind, be passive toward your thoughts, allowing them to pass over you and through you, but do not acknowledge the thoughts.  Keep the entirety of your awareness only on the candle flame.

Continue to focus on the candle flame for around 45-60 minutes consecutively.  If you find yourself distracted and losing focus, simply correct your focus and awareness back to the candle flame, and continue your practice.  With practice, focal meditation will become easier, and you will be able to reach deep meditative states much more quickly.

Deep meditation

After meditating with complete focus on the candle flame for a while, you will begin to enter deeper meditative states.  At first focal meditation will simply lead you toward a calm and quiet state, followed later by a deeper collected focus.  When your focus becomes more complete and you enter deeper meditative states, you will begin to experience tingling, buzzing, or vibrating sensations, which will also be followed by feelings of detachment.  When these sensations occur, do not be frightened by them, but instead accept these sensations and welcome them.  Allow those sensation to grow stronger as you fall into deeper and deeper meditative states.

Taken from Kobok’s article on focal meditation

After you have finished meditating slowly return back, allow your mind to become more active allow thoughts to flow back in then slowly feel your surroundings and then open your eyes, it may feel like waking up after a good nights sleep.

Meditation is important for practicing psi but it also helps you in other aspects of your life, it creates self control, and allows for clearer thought.  You will find it easier to think on one thing and also look at things objectively.


So how do you actually affect the world through your mind, well as I said earlier there is more to you than just the physical body you see every day, and just like the physical body can have physical affects, the other parts of you in the other domains can have other affects, and as I said earlier everything you see around you exists just as much in the other domains.

Now on the conceptual domain things exist as the ideas of what they are, and as we know our mind is very good at controlling ideas.  When you want to make something change you must first have control of yourself and thus a control of your higher (conceptual) self, the meditation will help achieve this and also help you see the ideas to be able to manipulate them.

Once you have achieved a meditative state you are in more control of yourself, through this control you can create ideas within yourself (this is the intent you will manifest).  Then through your higher self you will these ideas onto the conceptual domain, letting them become a part of reality.  You must have both control and conviction, because it is the idea you are creating and if you have the idea that the idea will fail you will manifest that idea as well.

Let the idea you wish to actualise conceptually manifest in your mind.  Will the intent to manifest in the world, to become an actuality, believe that your intent will happen, turn it into an action rather than an idea.

The energy you feel is the energy of the ideas you are manifesting, your energetic self is also feeling the concepts as they imprint on all the domains, and if the idea is real and strong enough it will manifest on the physical domain enough, to be seen.

You can also change the ideas of an object rather than creating an idea from scratch, to do this concentrate on the object and allow the ideas to fill you, us focal meditation for this.  Then change the ideas within yourself and will the changes to manifest outside yourself.

You will quickly learn that to change something in the would without you must first change the world within.


So what are these constructs you read about?  Well a construct is just an extended separation of willpower from the self.  When you ‘make’ a construct you are actualizing your intent into an action, that action can be whatever you want.

When you view a construct what you are doing is ‘seeing’ an intent, or rather viewing an interpretation of the conceptual manifestation of the intent, this will be interpreted in a personal way and will thus appear different to different people, unless the creator of the construct has visualized the construct and has included the intent of the look of the construct.  However, this is a waste of psi as you could be using that intent to strengthen the aim of the construct rather than using psi to create a picture of the construct.

People will also often talk about shields; these are just constructs whose intent is to keep you safe.  In my opinion shields are a waste of time, a Psion can only affect you if their will is greater than yours, if it is, then they are going to destroy any shield you make.

Positive thinking:

Now as I have explained Kinesis (manifesting your intent onto the outside world) requires intent to manifest, so if you want to heal someone surely you should just wish the disease gone?  No, you can do it this way but it is an unnecessary difficulty, manifesting the intent that they ‘are’ better is more effective, because when you say that something is gone you are in the process, reaffirming its existence.

It is also important to say ‘is’ rather than ‘will’ this may seem a strange idea but if you say it will work it may work a long time in the future.  Saying that something is working is also backing up in your mind the idea of its working.  While saying something will work, is implying that it isn’t working at the same time.

So instead of “my car will work” think “my car works”

Now the technique I have suggested is very mental, some people prefer other methods, rather than thinking the idea you can write down the idea or repeat it out loud to create that intent.  Then rather than thinking the manifest you can perform a ritual, these things have the same effect because you believe they will work, and by believing in the method you are performing the action.


So what is scanning?  Well when you scan you are seeing a mental interpretation of the ideas your conceptual self ‘sees’.  In the conceptual domain everything and you exists as ideas, and of course an idea can move anywhere and be anywhere, so you conceptual self can see any idea that exists in the domain.  When you want to see someone’s construct, you are becoming more at one with your higher self and then ‘seeing’ the idea that is the construct, after all a construct is just a manifested idea.  The reason you see colours and images is because it is easier for you to see the idea than view the thought, the image is a visual representation of the idea, so everyone will see the construct differently.  Unless the construct includes an idea of what it looks like, but this is unnecessary and a waste of time.

Auras are basically a persons higher self, you are seeing the ideas that make them up, that’s why they can reflect emotions etc.  What someone looks like will of course be seen in the way we see things every day, but what someone is feeling will be interpreted by your mind because of course we do not see emotions everyday, so your brain shows you an image that visually expresses to you the idea (emotion in this case) that your higher self has ‘seen’ (of course it hasn’t seen it but sensed it in a different way to our senses)

Finishing off:

I hope that has helped show you some of the key ideas of magic as I see them, on the site there are a great list of exercises you can read, and many great articles too like the focal meditation article I quoted.


Please reply and discuss, if you disagree say so.

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