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Magick / Attempting to identify a talisman
« on: December 23, 2014, 11:42:33 AM »
I'm attempting to figure out what sort of talisman this is:

It being obviously Kabbalistic in nature, I would figure this to be a good place to ask. Any ideas?

Poetry / Winter is stupid.
« on: December 25, 2010, 01:02:17 PM »
To sleep, I am renewed
Following the rocks
the ground obscured
leaves and mud

wilting, molting
the fire brings life
cold winds, bristling snow

Around and around
the embers fade
the light dims
as before, so again

no matter the harth
the room, the walls
the air is unchanged
what posion suits you?

Apathy is the chill
the will is the fire
when the flames are no brighter
what is it we're building?

leaves and mud
the ground obscured
following the rocks
to sleep, I am renewed.

Main Hall / Happy birthday Kobok!
« on: April 01, 2010, 01:56:50 PM »
On this day, 30 years ago, a young girl by the name of Karin Dahmen was born in northern Illinois. Without her, Veritas would not be what it is today. And so I'd like to give thanks to Kobok's parent's, her mom in particular, for this gift.

Happy birthday Kobok!

Time-Look Scanning:
(note: this article is an edited log of a chat based lecture.)

We'll be reviewing what time-look scanning is, how it's done, how it operates (ie. the means by which it works), and it's various uses and applications.

Time-look scanning is the observation of the flow of time via the use of scanning, simply.
This includes both the past and the future. In essence, this feat is performed quite along the same lines as any basic scan. It should be noted that this is anything but the only way to perform this feat.

To start, our scan must first have a focal point. What are we trying to achieve? As common to any scan. In this circumstance however, our focus is going to be to an event that has occurred or will occur. The key operating principal here is that psi is not limited by the temporal boundaries that other things may be. We can extend our reach forward or backward by direction of will. We will focus on our past event as is related to a person, object, or idea. Unlike a common scan instead of following a current energy signature we are tracing the path of energies that are or could be.
For a sake of reference, we'll say we are scanning something in the past. Directing our focus to this event, we follow said energy pathways as they were created. In essence, we are viewing the energies as they once existed. It will depend on your end goal as to how broad you must be with your focus.

If I was, for example, attempting to determine who a person was married to before he had died. I will focus myself his energy as it was, and the idea of him. I will then trace those pathways back to a point where I might lock on to who he was married to. Tracing these energies need not be as complicated as the idea might sound. We do not have to follow the paths as we would a trail through the woods. Instead, we are looking for specific keys along the way. By first locking on to him, we are now closer to those directions that his energy has taken. Changing our focus then to more specific as we go along, to a time when he was with his wife or using the direction of his affection thereby finding the pathway to his wife. At which point, we can glean the required information.

In a similar respect we can view the interactions he had with his wife at specific points in time, by utilizing these points as our directions for our intent. "Psiwolf" asked me a good question, relevant to this, when I had first brought up the seminar to him. He asked how we can find these specific points in time when time is an arbitrary unit of measure by which we measure our existence. This is because when scanning, we operate from a matter of perspective.

By utilizing certain intents that we unconsciously understand to mean a specific thing, we can properly direct what our end goal is. As with PK, if I am to manipulate a random number generator, I do not need to know how every pathway of energy within the mechanical device operates, to cause a resulting effect on said device. By implying my intent to manipulate it, psi will follow the 'path of least resistance' to generate the desired effect (depending of course on ones ability...but that's hardly the point). It is in saying this that I mean by directing our intent, we do not need to select each specific detail to generate the end result.

As a disclaimer, I am not able to describe why this is possible. It's not something I have come to understand yet through my dealings with psi. But in either case, that is more specific that perhaps we need to be.

Taking us back to time-look scanning. By this principal, our perspective implies a certain measure of time. We understand time to be measured in the way of dates occurrence. And by the principal we can thereby follow these dates or occurrences with our focus, and thus latch on and observe them as they were.

Now, the next can of worms. Scanning forwards in time.

Looking forward in time requires that we establish specific constant variables, in order to determine the outcome of a changing variable, much like with an equation. For example sake we will say, I want to find out what might occur if I accept a job I was offered in a different country. My constant variables will be "Will I enjoy my job and be successful" and "I am moving to said country". These are our intents.

Our intents are directed at the possible outcomes. We are following the potential pathways of these occurrences assuming that they both occur. We can now direct our focus more specificity to aspects we desire to see with these assumed variables. Things like "who will I make friends with", "will my house be nice".

The ability to focus on these specifics is dependent on the capabilities of the scanner I would advise keeping a more specific focus so as not to overwhelm yourself with data. Making these pathways easier to follow and focus on.

A disclaimer, once again. The following is based upon my own observation of this skill and the methods by which time operates. I by no means have a complete understanding of how time operates, and am still coming to learn these things.

One could postulate that the events that will occur in the future are constantly changing based on our choices, and the choices of those around us. This is true. However, each choice will lead to specific repercussions. I.e. Every action has a reaction. Hence the idea of karma, etc.

By assuming to specific actions, we extrapolate this effect to however far our intent is to look ahead. Again, psi follows the path of least resistance, expounding the effect of these choices on the other energies in play. The other energies in play being those other choices we may be making at the time, and the choices/effects of those around us.

Again, how this 'path of least resistance' is achieved is not something I'm currently savvy to. And also again, knowing how each specific change occurs up to the point in time we are scanning to, is not a necessary factor.

These scans are limited, as with any aspect of psionics, to the perspective again. We can hinder our capabilities of being successful by assuming how likely it is we are to be successful, or assuming specific boundaries on things like time.

This is not always avoidable, but I encourage you to constantly analyze your methods so as to be certain you are reducing the amount you limit yourself. This goes for any psionic feat/skill you may attempt to perform.

Finally, the uses for Time-Look Scanning.

Obviously, since this skill is one of 'observation' our uses are limitless depending on our need. I've already provided a few.

Looking backwards in time, we can determine how an event played out, where put down our keys, past issues resulting in today's problem. By looking forward, we can effectively determine the outcome of an action or a specific set of actions. This sort of feat is performed by any effective psychic, tarot reader, and so on (though not always by the same means).
By knowing the way which events will unfold, we can there by change them. Changing them now, but effecting their cause, or by the use of other psionic skills to effect the outcome of these events to our desired ends (ie. future selection).

How we can effect the flow of time is another matter entirely, which I wont be covering today. That concludes a basic overview of time-look scanning or whatever you may like to call it. I'll open the floor now to questions or comments. Have at!


[18:46] <Sandtrooper> wouldn't scanning back words be called retroprecog?
[18:46] <Forg> Sandtrooper: you can call it whatever you like
[18:46] <Sandtrooper> I'm just  saying, not trying to put you on BLAST.
[18:47] <Forg> time-look scanning was just a phrase that was used years ago when I originally heard of it.
[18:47] <Sandtrooper> ahhh...Thanks. I haven't seen a tech like that around the community in regards of why we all should learn and experiment on our own.
[18:48] <Sandtrooper> its a good word to group precog and retroprecog because that is when I understand what you were talking about. It was an enjoyable read, nothing to difficult.

[18:49] <Sandtrooper> So, basically when we scan a persons time line per ce, we would get different variations of information?
[18:49] <Forg> the technique itself is really not complicated. It's the principals behind it that tend to be.
[18:50] <Forg> yes
[18:50] <Forg> just outright scanning what will happen to someone in the future, will predict their current course and the choices they will make.

[18:51] <Sandtrooper> Do you think this would work if one wanted to know there past lives? if it was set to be goal orientated?
[18:52] <Forg> I can not confirm or deny the existence of past lives without treading on ground I have not adequately verified, but theoretically yes
[18:52] <Forg> I can see no reason you could not explore that pathway as it is related to them
[18:52] <lutasi> do you think this is evidence for a deterministic reality?
[18:53] * sephy|phone has quit IRC (Ping timeout#)
[18:53] <Forg> lutasi: Somewhat. It is contrary to the theory of a deterministic reality in the sense that we can change what occurs.
[18:54] <Forg> observing multiple outcomes of potential choices before making a choice
[18:54] <Forg> or, as noted, via the use of other psionic skills

[18:57] <Forg> I'll be posting a log of this lecture at Anyone else who wishes to post it elsewhere (without contextual alteration) is welcome to.


Psionics / Sexy striptease
« on: March 28, 2009, 02:34:43 PM »
You wish.

Anyway, here's a video I just made of me spinning a psi wheel on top of my pen. I hadn't done this in a long while, so I decided to stretch my muscles a bit. I'll just make it clear now, this video is not made for evidence purposes. If you think the video is bullshit, wonderful, I don't care.


The Cafeteria / Tsumaru
« on: March 20, 2009, 08:24:44 AM »
I made you lunch. I hope you're open minded about sharing.

The Cafeteria / Because we're awesome
« on: March 13, 2009, 04:58:08 PM »
I went to Kansas. It's better than where you are.

1) Chez in the kitchen
2) MT in the kitchen
3) Forg, Chez, MT. In that order from right to left.
4) Boobies.

The Cafeteria / Kettle for Tea
« on: February 19, 2009, 01:07:39 PM »
What say you?

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Leaders and education
« on: December 17, 2008, 07:04:59 AM »
Recently I have noticed a trend among magic and spiritual groups in such that the head more often that not has a low level of education, often times lacking anything higher than a high school degree.

While the level of education among people that practice magic, energy work, etc. seems to vary somewhat, the people that start and "lead" magic-based groups in the pagan community I have interacted with to the extent that have never went to college. (Or if they did, quit after a year or two.)

For you specifically and in a more general sense, do you think there is some correlation between the two? What about level of education and practice of magic or energy work at all?

Martial Arts / Forg's dunk tank. Tell your friends.
« on: October 24, 2008, 04:53:26 PM »
Alright folks, I'm going to follow along with kendamu's good idea and post a couple of my own vids.

These first couple of matches are our first legit sparring matches of this semester. I'm not really too impressed with them and intend to focus myself  a bit more in videos to come to provide you with the best I have. I welcome all constructive criticism, regular criticism and just plain bashing that you may consider while watching these vids.

May your previous views of my epicness be crushed and burned.

Spirituality / Fate: Homemade recipies
« on: September 23, 2008, 08:08:38 PM »
This is an explanation given to me by kyo with a mixing of my own interpretations and thought processes on the subject of fate and karma as a whole. Firstly I'll discuss my own purposes for coming to these conclusions and then the aforementioned explanation of fate.

First I have been trying to find a way in my mind to rationalize an idea of karma that fits with the way I have experienced the world. Having studied multiple views on the subject I've been a bit mucked up on how I feel. For those who do not know, I am a buddhist, and due to this, I do not have a finely laid out belief in God as a whole or multiple gods for that matter. As far as I am concerned, if there is some being that exists as a god, there effect on what occurs to me in this life or the after life is no different than my interaction with any man walking down the street. Cutting that long train of thought short, this leads me to want to believe in karma in the sense that it is not a tool for divine judgment. That is to say, for my karma to be good or bad is not a reflection of my actions being inherently good or bad. My ideal view of karma would be karma is merely reaction due to an action with no inherent 'good' or 'bad' result.

There are many issues I have come across with my 'ideal view of karma'. Namely, that as I understood it, we are tools of fate. That no matter how we might try, we are set to encounter or experience specific things. This conflicted because I was unsure of what decided what we should experience or encounter. If not some divine judgment, then what? That is when this wonderful idea was thrown at me.

Fate is like a watch. It is an mesh of many gears leading toward the same result (ie. time). Each of these gears represents the karma of a god, action of a man, occurrence, or intent that come to meet each other at some point.

Ex. You talk to a man reading a newspaper on the street, as a result, he does not read something in the paper he would have otherwise. You have made an imprint on his 'fate'.

So essentially this makes fate basically a grander version of karma, or simply a convergence of karma.

This all works in my head, but it is all but a solution. It certainly is the easy explanation. I'm interested in anyone's thoughts on any bit of this.

Main Hall / Pics from zombie V-Con. Because not even YOU can kill it.
« on: August 09, 2008, 01:26:59 PM »
Oh yes, it happened. The following are pictures from V-Con/omgwtfbbq, first edition.

Descriptions of the photos:

1. S and M Moving. S and M anywhere you need it. Featuring Orthas, Vinncent, and Gypsy.

2. S and M moving. All male verson. Featuring Orthas, Forg, and Vinncent.

3. Vinncent doing his duty for the country, and rocking out.

4. Forg following suit.

Main Hall / Re-V-Con
« on: August 04, 2008, 06:11:39 AM »
Due to the lack of turn out and the generosity of Prophecy, I'm happy to announce the opportunity for V-Con, the second coming. Prophecy has offered to host at his place in florida for any of those interested. V-Con as usual shall be a gathering of minds for spiritual discussion/lesson, martial arts related activity, and any other fun you might be interested in. There will be room for camping or staying in house for those interested, and I'm sure there are hotels in the area. Since Prophecy will be hosting and due to the general location of the event there will be at least an attendance of 11 or 12 people without any extra attendance from those of you interested, so expect no disappointment from amount of attendees.

The date remains tentative, but generally we are looking at having the event next year or December of this year. Availability depends on you, so if you are legitimately interested in coming this time around, give us an idea of when you can and we'll work out the dates from there. See you there (hopefully)!

Poetry / Hornbeam
« on: July 30, 2008, 05:34:42 PM »
As even the most beautiful moments pass,
so do they fade into the twists of the branches
never to be known in the same glory
but forging that which is to come

This is my short cometary on the wonderful things that I've experienced. As they say, a picture says 1000 words, but it can never express the full truth in the moment. The same is with memories, no matter how sweet, horrible, or vivid. So even though what we find may be profound, the moment in itself doesn't matter, but the change that occurs. In the end, all of it is lost except the resulting man and then even he is lost.

Martial Arts / MOVED: Veritas Convention
« on: June 15, 2008, 03:03:09 PM »

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