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Hello and Goodbye / Back w00t
« on: September 21, 2004, 05:18:31 PM »
Hey, I'm back after along while. Hav'nt been on the forums for a couple Months, school/life has been crazy but now I have some more time on my hands, and should be around more often now. Just thought I'd drop in, and welcome myself back. ;) Later.


Psionics / Success + New technique?
« on: June 23, 2004, 01:30:48 PM »
Hey, I finally got some real success. Started the psionic training maybe about 2-3 days ago... And alot of it was well spent reading. But today I actually had some success. I had meditated for about 5-7 mins before hand. And came back and read somemore. Then I got bored and got out my psiwheel and headed for the kitchen.

I put it out and maybe about 3 mins into practice I got it to budge a bit. And after time, I managed to make it spin almost a full 360 degrees. But wont go any more than that.

I decided to experiment, I steped back about 8 feet and held my hand out and tried to move it. And surprisingly it did. Then I started playing around with diff techs when I think I made up my own.

I stared at it from the 8 feet distance after awhile my eyes became more sensative, that's when you see the fuzzy stuff before you go to bed or stare at light to long etc... I knew everything was made up of energy, and I know this is not energy it is just my eyes adjusting.. But my made my mind think that it was. I saw little droplets hitting the psiwheel and from there I visuallized the drops spinning around the wheel and sure enough... It started to spin a bit.

I think I found my best technique and I am trying to improve it while I am still testing out others. But this is cool that I finally got it to move. Laterz.

And for all the newbies out there KEEP TRYING! You'll get it eventually.

Hello and Goodbye / Anger Issues? (How to calm ones self..)
« on: June 21, 2004, 07:00:03 PM »
Has anyone ever experienced extreme anger issues? This has been happening alot lately... Even over the stupidist stuff sometimes.. I'm aware this is not safe as ignorance can blind you in a battle. (Probably why most of the time I look like an idiot when I'm pissed.)

But it happens often.. I get angry at my mom.. Almost anyone I come in contact with. I have already ruined some relationships with friends because of this.

Does anyone know any techniques to calm myself when I get angry? Or to stop anger all together?

I don't think it is severe enough to consult a doctor.. But it has been destroying my life for some time now. Any advice or help is appreciated.. Thanks.

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