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Questions & Suggestions / V-Library help
« on: December 14, 2017, 10:44:22 PM »
Hello, my name is Michael. I've been a member of Veritas for around a decade. Recently I've needed to rely on our valuable library and found that numerous links are not in service. Since I've relied on this library for so long, as a teacher, and during my college years (I'm a student of ancient history and theology,) I have come to rely on our website as a means for affordable knowledge. In other words, years after the websites creation you have someone that views the site as a personal reference. As an academic goal, I would personally like to attempt to revamp the library. I don't know who to talk to, but am able. If someone could message me or respond it would be wonderful.

Thank you,


Main Hall / Refurbishing the V-Library
« on: December 02, 2017, 03:49:59 AM »
I've spent years relying on the V-Library as a means of reference as well as interest. Tonight I went to read Dion Fortune's The Mystical Qabalah when I noticed that the link was dead. In fact, I found that a great many of the links were down.

I'm willing to make it a personal project and responsibility to upgrade it. I'm the least social piece of Veritas Furniture that exists here but do regular the site on a monthly to weekly basis as "guest" and have for almost a decade. I've watched the place go from competing with other forums and filled with mischief and mentors, weekend retreats and scandal, to being just about as dead as it is now.

As a fellow community member, I would like to put my hand in refurbishing the site. An Veritas "revival" of sorts, perhaps by way of academia and I believe this begins in the library. I believe that with a strong library we will rebuild our position as a goto destination for students, teachers, professors, practitioners, and the mere curious. A strong library also encourages the use of the forums, which remains our primary apparatus of communication.

Who do I speak to about contributing my time to rebuilding the library?

Magick / Magical Garters
« on: December 26, 2010, 02:19:06 PM »
I remember years ago posting a question about anyone having performed the Creation of the Magical Garters ritual in the Greater Key.

A lot of people had given their opinion, but no one really said.. anything, leading me to realize that they probably had not.

So I ask again, in the past few years, has anyone managed to have created the Magical Garters?

Magick / Spirit question
« on: August 22, 2009, 12:09:04 PM »
Is anyone familiar with a spirit that may commonly appear as having the head/face of a human but the body of a cat or a dog?

I know that spirits can come in any form, however, I was wondering if there was any specific spirit that has been noted to appear with these features, whether it be through historic record, or anything else.

Magick / The Arthashastra
« on: October 29, 2008, 10:12:20 PM »
Has anyone here ever read these fragments before?

Alot of it is military strategy... however, it goes into great detail about creating boots that can increase ones speed to ridiculous amounts, clothing that is fire resistant, and clothing that enables one to be like a chameleon, and other clothing that allows one to become invisible....

It is very interesting, and speaks of these things as being magic.

Apparently, the man who wrote this book (only pieces of it remain), moved an entire civilization under ground.

Other / totally wrong experience.. any ideas?
« on: October 04, 2008, 09:55:50 PM »
Woke up completely frozen in the middle of a dream.......but my conciousness was following an invisible being entering my room......through the door..
my conciousness entered my body again , and a green hovering ball of "glowing" light began to move around, and cause my conciousness to vibrate and my vision started to swirl.

I was paralyzed and could not move, and would not let me move.......and I had to fight something in my "mind," to make myself not feel complacent with the paralyzation.. like i "wanted" to feel this way, and did not want to give it up....had to use a sincere will power to shake it off.. and move my self... from paralyzation.

I heard the entire time while the glowing orb started to move, an increased noise of thousands of locusts....

any ideas???

Main Hall / Revolution March, July 12th
« on: July 14, 2008, 02:36:35 PM »
I was wondering if anyone here got the opprotunity to go to the Ron Paul Revolution march this past Saturday? It ended up being really good, we had about 8, to 10,000 people show up from around the country..

Also, Americans in Germany had a march on the same day to show support for the Revolution.

Ron is throwing a rally/ GOP convention of his own down the street from the actual GOP convention in St. Paul, Min.. Sept 1st and 2nd (same first two days of the actual convention..)

The objective? Get as many delegates from the GOP out there, which is most likely going to happen. If anyone doesnt know, they banned Ron Paul from the GOP convention, because he wouldnt endorse McCain. This goes against convention policy.

A quick cool fact, is that now, since Dr. Paul has dropped out of the campaign, he has gained even more support, as people are starting to learn about him for the first time. Some people are saying that the same thing that happened to Lincoln, might happen to Ron Paul..... as Lincoln was the long-shot under-dog who was the "loser.." and ended up winning.

envision this: 8-10,000 people standing in front of the capitol building. It was great.

Anyway, the actual GOP Rally in St. Paul is estimated to be between 15,000 and 20,000 people as of now... and the amount keeps growing, so they have to keep increasing space. This is gonna go down in history as the days America woke up. It has also been mentioned that the majority of the republican delegates will be there. This will be a culture shift for the republican party, and a wake up call for the dems.

Main Hall / Ron Paul 2008
« on: February 06, 2008, 07:56:47 AM »
Guys, seriously....

i think we should all band together and get Ron Paul in office. He is going to do away with the social security that we have to pay, and never get anything out of... and still cover the older generation and people with disabilities because he is going to pull troops from all over the world home... saving us billions.

also, he is going to stop borrowing money from the Chinese..

And Destroy the federal reserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re-institute the gold standard!!!!!

The media has been censoring him, trying to keep him from getting any notice. The states that he has won second in, arent even mentioned on websites. Its really time to take the country back.

Magick / Aset-Ka
« on: January 18, 2008, 04:17:24 PM »

My theory is the slow release of "secrets" as a money scheme... however, i doubt anything would be listed within that is beyond what any of us have heard. I find this "Louis" gentlemen to be a bit of a narcissist (spel?)

however, excellent form of marketing.

This is an example of what an Anthropologist could do, to all those familiar with the "Careers" thread. However, only if you were interested in starting a cult, and basing it off of older religious aspects of forgotten rites and newly founded ritual.

Magick / Mandigore
« on: January 17, 2008, 07:49:56 AM »
One of the problem with many magical practices... that stem away from the New Agey aspect, and are more scientific in nature.. and in Nature, is the lack of discussion, and practice.

Albertus Magnus was supposedly able to discover, much like Pythagoras, many different methods for toying with the Elements... not in a meditative state (or always perhaps), yet in a scientific sense, and was able to come up with all kinds of crazy outcomes...

Take for example his studies with the human being, and the alchemists study for the creation of life. It was said that he (Albertus), after experimenting with the toying of elements in nature, was able to create an android. Apparently the thing spoke so much St. Thomas Aquinas had to break it by beating it with a stick, because the damn thing would not shut up.

Or what about the Mandigore??? A chicken with a human face? Agrippa mentions that he has seen a Homonculous with his own eyes, and gives instruction on the creation of one.

So lets say we were to create a Mandigore. Accordingly, you would have to go to a cemetary, where the remains of a body that was traumatically murdered lie burried. Take a good egg, wrap a string or rope around it til secured, and tie the other half to a dog. You would then begin to beat the dog to death. After the death of the animal, you would take the egg, and purch it back underneath of its mother, a mother, or an incubator.

However, would this be regarded as cruelty to animals? or saccrifice for the sake of science? (i for one do not thing i would be able to kill a dog.)

Main Hall / Woman
« on: January 04, 2008, 07:15:22 PM »
I had known this girl for quite some time, her family and my family are good friends.

We started talking to eachother, and i am a very much go with the flow type person. Feelings started to emerge, however both of us discussed about how neither of us were ready for a relationship. Aside from that discussion, everything kept getting stronger and stronger, and we kept getting closer and closer. As time went on, her annoying best friend started to get jealous. I was in a passionate discussion with the girl (the one i was talking to) one evening, when her best friend came up to us, and just stood there annoyingly, not minding her business, and i told her "go away." Next thing you know, the girl i was talking to, and her best friend are attacking me a few nights later about all sorts of personal things....regarding which i got mad... things were never the same, and it does not make sense to me, because me and the girl get along good, and never had any problems...

I than recieved this myspace message from her friend.....which seems a bit manipulative...

yes, we did want to be friends. we really did. it had nothing to do with you and meghan getting together...nothing at all actually. thats why we started being shitty...we saw you pushing for the relationship, and meghan didnt want that..i know we did everything possible to keep the friendship going and not lead you on about you and her..but, it seemed like the more we came around the more you wanted to be with her. i think distance is a good thing for now..all 3 of us are doing different things with our lives, and trying to get ourselves together. future? i think we can hang out like we did before...actually i would like that, just without all the pressure/awkward bullshit between you and meghan..i really would like that.

In the beginning of this message i used alot of "we"s...i dont want you to think me and meg are a team ganging up on you lol. thats not how it is at all...we are two very different people, that live a very similar life. we make up for eachothers when it comes to situations the this, we are somewhat a team...just because one of our downfalls, is the other ones know? i just dont want you to think im butting into your guys' business...because im not trying to at all...but like i explained above..thats just how it is.

this same girl once told me "I will never let you take Meg away from me."

what in the hell happened here? Any woman advice???      Note also, that this was the youngest girl i think i have ever talked to... i am 23, and she is 18.

i asked her for her forgiveness for getting angry at her for them attacking me........but thats what us guys do......apologize for things that we didnt necessarily even do wrong....she never forgave me....and than i havent spoke to her again...................however none of this makes any sense, cause everything was really good?

Magick / Our initiation.
« on: December 12, 2007, 05:44:32 PM »
 We cannot practice humility and patience, kindness, and love... which all result in the strongest magic.....along with trying to develop the power of developing a "psi-ball." (im using a psi-ball here as an example, as where anything else could be used, such as making sigils, trying to bend things...etc)
 Why not? Because while we are trying to accumulate this "energy," you could be raking the leaves of the old woman next door, whom does not have anyway of doing so. You could be figuring out how to properly communicate with your little sister so you are not always arguing. You could be figuring out why your parents have placed restrictions on you, which you might feel are useless... when in actuality, could be wise restrictions. These practices gain you energy. These practices grant you favoring by the unseen.

When you are practicing your focus on the "air" element, and learning to "feel" it... instead, why not find the spare change in your house, that no one needs, and purchase a sandwhich for someone sitting on a street corner.

Doing these things will lead you to the greatest accumulation of the strongest force in the universe, which is love. This is what makes someone righteous, a person like this, is a person that is reveiled secrets, rather than one whom searches.

The kabbalah teaches us to be Tzadakim, which means to be a righteous man.

No one was ever promoted from entry level, unless they have excelled in their current position.... to where the responsibilities are granted, as you are deemed worthy. You arent deemed worthy by yourself, but you are deemed worthy by your superior.

Magick / veritas servitor/ egrigore
« on: December 09, 2007, 11:48:46 PM »
What happened to this project? We might as well use the character at the right corner of the page, as this has been here a while..... or is that the created entity?

Magick / The bias magic for beginners
« on: July 22, 2007, 08:48:32 PM »
I want to quickly note that up untill recently i have been completely content with the text's on magic that have been recommended. Since i have dived deeper into a study of the kaballah, i have changed this thought.

How ridiculous is it that every single book offered on magic, magick.... or however you want to spell it........actually, we will just call it magic, since magick is the practice and name given by Crowley, who is hardly one of the greats through out all history. fame and celebrity status does not equate to anything in magic.

every forum, or list that offers information on where beginners should start, always recomends the exact same books. I think Bardon is least mentioned... however is the least of my concerns when talking this subject, because i want to get down to the BIAS recommendations that are always at hand:

The Golden Dawn systems. All of the books, by the known authors, that anyone who goes to a bookstore and seeks in the Occult section, is riddled with GD philosophy. The books you are reading, only offer you information within a select philosophy, invented by people who are more along the lines of historians, than actual prophets and sages.

If you want to learn the kaballah... why is it that everyone says to read "Rigardie? Who is Israel Rigardie to know Kaballah? He was no Tzadek!

In order to be true in the Kaballah, you must learn and strive to be Tzadekim, a righteous man.

The first book of understanding the Kaballah, that should be read is called "Tanya" or Likkutei Amarim ( ליקוטי אמרים, Hebrew, "collection of statements.") It was written by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi.

ChaBaD, is the name of a hassidic denomination (I am in the process of becomming Chabad.) Its name literally means "Chochmah, Binah, Da'ad") These are 3 sefirot. Wisdom, Intelligence, and Knowledge, which are the first studies of the hasid.

To study Kaballah, you need to read as many letters and works by the Baal Shem Tov, who is regarded as a sage, and master of Kaballah. Baal : master Shem: Name, Tov: good. His name means Master of the Good Name, and was a Tzadek that started Hassidism.

You do not need to be hassidic to study Kaballah properly. Hassidism just teaches the kaballah a bit more widely than other jewish sects.

Everyone on this board, who is interested in studying Kaballah, should first read "Tanya." Read Tanya in correlation with the Torah and the rest of the Tanakh. After Tanya, read Zohar with Tanakh. If you jump into a book of Crowleys or Rigardies, or Fortune, or whoever, you are getting a dried version, that has been robbed of soul!

I will not say that their writings are all false, but they lack everything that one whom wishes to be Tzadek needs. You cannot be a kabbalist without yerning for Tzadek. You will be a sorcerer, and your soul will start to die in your own physical vessel, or you will be filled with an evil spirit, and the same will occur. You can disagree with me all that you want that fire will not burn you, but when you put your hand in the flame you will pull it out because it is hot. If you suffer your hand, you can put it in the flame and burn, but you will not feel the pain, and you will not know you are being burned... and still disagree. All the while your hand melting off.


The Cafeteria / Student Loans
« on: June 22, 2007, 08:43:04 AM »
Hey I just want to throw out that if anyone has any Student Loans for more than $10,000.00 that have not can been consolidated can speak to me about this. I do free student loan consolidations (consolidations are federally regulated and therefore have to be free.)

If anyone is interested or knows anyone who might be interested, let me know. July 1st 2007 is when the rates increase on all payments no matter what status your loans are in. Consolidating before this time prohibits the rate increase. (They will increase from 6.54 to 7.14!!!! dont let this happen.)

Also, after 36 months of the consolidation, your rates will decrease by 1.00%, and the auto-debit option immediately decreases you to .25% (thats 1.25% just for consolidating)

post any questions.

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