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Main Hall / what have we done
« on: March 09, 2004, 10:53:36 AM »
Quote from: Sim
China (I think it's china. YAY! 2 Communist referances in 1 post :P) have the right idea for population control by limiting it to 1 child per family.

Eyah right? Limit one child per family, might as well say,
everyone can only eat one cup of food a day.. Its not as easy as you think, some are always going to be over or under, precisely why the problem has not been fixed yet, if it were as easy as pie...or, eh well buying a pie, then there wouldn't be no problems(of course Problems are essential, and as long as we all are human, they will exist)..I don't see why ya all are talkin bout it anyway, talking about problems just makes people more testy..and it doesn't solve anything
By the way! Hi to everyone that may or may not remember me

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