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Magick / Re: Glamor magick.
« on: June 11, 2012, 12:28:39 AM »
@ Steve

I see, I agree with you, physical interaction and direct communication approach is often the easiest way to cause the change in this case, unfortunately, due to several conditions, I can't use that approach too directly on my daily activities here.

But thanks for the advice Steve, seems like I'm going in the right direction after all.  :)

Magick / Re: Problems with visualization.
« on: June 10, 2012, 06:39:07 PM »
If you want to start from the very basic, I would suggest to practice on visualizing colors first, even though it may sound trivial and simple, its helpful when you wish to connect to a more complex concept later on. Choose a color, might be useful if you choose the colors of the 4 classical element if you're going for the LBRP, hold the image of the color inside your mind for several minutes, then change it into another color of your choice. After that, try visualizing on straight lines, connect them to create some shapes, might be helpful if you visualize symbols that is often used in the area of magick, pentagrams, hexagrams, cross, circle. As before, hold those images in your mind with the line color of your choice for several minutes, and then change the image.

When you managed to easily visualize the image of a color and a 2d line shape, try to start feeling the quality of each color, what does the color red/orange feels like, what quality is that color emitting to you? is it cold? warm? calm? active? what does the color blue, and green, and yellow feels like? Each color have their frequency/quality, this quality might relate/resonate with more complex form built upon similar elements. Also, human (assuming there is no visual problems) usually can easily relate with the qualities that colors represent even before being given explanations of what each color supposed to represent.

After you manage to visualize 2d and color easily, try to visualize 3d objects in your mind, a white sphere of light, a blue, green, yellow, red sphere of light. If you're more of a realist, try to visualize everyday things, a pencil, a basketball, a chair, a staff, a cup, a coin, a dagger. Try to imagine these objects on a space of their own, visualize and examine whatever activity they seem to be doing in your mind, moving, flowing, rotating, expanding, try to analyze and remember how all that feels, and try to alter their movement and form on your own.

When you are capable to vividly visualize each object in a space of their own, try to now visualize yourself and your surroundings. What does yourself, your image, feels like, how do your surroundings feels like? Try to visualize a 3d object of your choice, but this time visualize it existing on your surroundings, maintain that visualization for as long as you could, try to animate and manipulate them according to what you want them to do.

However, remember that visualization is a tool, it's used to help lever and trigger the quality that you wish to generate. It's rather empty on its own unless it resonates with the quality that you know within you. If it might help, read the description of each archangel and examine how they feel, what color does they represent, what symbols do they use, what does those symbols mean to you. A sword might means focus, or maybe strength or justice in one age, just like how a coin might mean greed, gold, or fortune depending on the culture where that symbolism is used. Understand the meaning of each symbolism, learn how they feel, it'll be easier to visualize the archangels or the quality that they are supposed to represent when you are capable of sensing and understanding the building blocks/elements of their existence, and therefore, capable of generating them on your own.

I aware that week 1 is over, but I just feel like sharing another experience.

I was really tired due to work, haven't had any normal sleep these last 2 days, dizzy, couldn't breathe normally, feel like I'm about to faint just now,
I took some time off and went to take some rest, during the break, my inner self sort of told me to try the 3 forms.

Starting with a reversed Lifting the Sky, I feel my burden released and my mind being elevated to a state of lightness. After several sets, I follow the session with the usual Lifting the Sky (Gathering Clouds), during this session I feel tingling and heat/cold sensation on the base of my feet, hands (palms and forearms), and shoulder, the upward movement felt more denser than usual, felt some magnetic attraction/repulsion when my fingers are close to touching each other at the peak of the movement. I also felt some vibrations on my lower and middle abdomen during the upward and downward movement, I checked, it wasn't my muscles, it felt like gentle electrical impulses on the surface of my skin. At the end of Lifting the Sky, I am feeling cleared and energized, no problem in breathing, no dizziness.

Afterwards, I'm being guided by myself to spread my leg and start with the Pushing Water, this time it feels really good. My feeling was firm and study, I feel even more rooted than my experience in the first day. Vibrations are felt on both palms of my hands as well as the base of my foot, some tingling sensations still appear occasionally on my abdomen, but not as vivid as it was during Lifting the Sky.

Also did the Shaolin Archer afterwards, got into the rhythm rather easily, felt like I'm guiding some flow in the front of my chest using the movement of my palms, flowing it around myself and then into the center of my heart/chest. Did it a couple of times, no strong sensation felt on the zen finger, but this time it's more of a balanced feeling all over the horisontal area, spreading from my arms, shoulder and chest.

I conclude the session with a deep breath and another lifting the sky, feeling energized and went to work again afterward.

Magick / Re: Glamor magick.
« on: June 09, 2012, 04:26:24 PM »
@ Steve

This sound interesting, I'm really looking forward for the article Steve.
I don't know if I'm getting it wrong, but I found your explanation similar to what I'm often working on. However, I'm rather curious about this part.

From my own experiences, I can walk in to that room, force my own energy patterns over the ones that have naturally built up, and strongly influence the people in the room to feel whatever I want them to feel, such as anxiety, relaxation, restfulness, restlessness, etc. It does not always affect the people in the room, as sometimes their internal emotions are strong enough to overpower the external energy's potential influences over them (for instance, if they're pissed off after having to deal with a stupid person/situation, or if they're extremely anxious because they don't know how to handle something, or if they've decided to just remain completely relaxed and not let anything ruin their day, etc).

Any advice on how to consistently "force" your own energy patterns throughout the room? My personal experiences so far, altering a room's energy pattern (either vibe or physical) that consists of more than 1 sentience inside, in which some might be capable of controlling their "existence" better than others (even if they didn't realize that they're doing it), is like playing a tug of war. How is it that you consistently project your concept and alter the pattern of that room if there is "resistance" given by the other sentience? Sheer mental force of the mind? A more detailed description of the pattern you wanted to project that does not conflict nor creates resistance from the other sentience?

Sorry if what I'm talking doesn't make sense, I just thought it might be similar to what I'm working, I still haven't found a concrete answer for this one, wondering if you have the solution.

Here, watch this video, it might help you. This is a friend of mine from a long time ago doing Shaolin Archer, he might make it look a little easier than my motion.

It says private video, told me to log in to an account. I'll try it again later when I'm logged in, thanks for the link though.

Qigong Study Group (2012) / Re: A message from mystic
« on: June 08, 2012, 03:32:15 PM »
I don't expect anything from performing these practices. Do they aid other practices? Sure. Do I practice them exclusively? No.

I'm never let down by the practice, as I usually get more than I hope for.

It's a process of letting go, not being attached to the practice, and not defining them rigidly.

Food for my contemplation, thanks Kouji. :)

Qigong Study Group (2012) / Re: A message from mystic
« on: June 08, 2012, 04:09:20 AM »
That's a part of it. There's more to it than that, though. It's also about acceptance, love, and learning to let go. That is, in Wuwei meditation (no mind- this is next week's exercise that will be posted tomorrow), don't get frustrated or angry with yourself for being unable to quiet the mind. Rather, be accepting of your thoughts, learn to love them, and learn to let go of them. Let go of yourself and give yourself up to the universe. This is also relevant to ones' personal actions and all things in life.
Sorry, got the urge to oversimplify the points when I posted them before, but you're right, it's deeper than that.

This is as good a thread as any. I'd like to keep the forums uncluttered. If you want to share your reasons, and answer some of mystic's questions, I will share mine.
I guess sharing things might open some new insights.

what do you expect from performing these practices?
To understand more of the parts of my existence that I haven't touched before in my previous approaches.
To hone my senses and control over myself and my world, both physical and non physical.
To have fun and learn a new experience.

Do you expect them to aid other practices?
Yes, got the feeling that this path might help in completing my comprehension of myself and my connection to the world, not sure how, but my path told me to follow this path here for the time being.

There are also the Three Treasures of Daoism (compassion, frugality, and meekness) which are detailed here: wikipedia
Thanks, I'll look into it.

I''m not sure why, but I'm starting to play preference while doing the forms for some reason.

I did Lifting the Sky very often, the feeling makes me feel energized and balanced, each set just makes me want to do it again. However, I'm starting to get uncomfortable doing Pushing Water, not because of the physical sensations, but somehow I feel a little silly doing the move, I don't know why, I just got the urge to want to finish each sets as quickly as possible. On Shaolin Archer, it felt a lot more complicated now than when I did it at the first few days of training, I kind of wished I did it before I did Pushing Water, the urgency to want to finish things quickly from the Water practice felt like it disturbs my form on the Archer practice.

LIfting the sky, the air around me felt somewhat denser as I did the exercise, the tingling sensations and heat circulation are felt around my palm and forearms, also felt it on my shoulders but not as strong as the ones on my arms, I feel myself somewhat solidified as I inhale and do the upward movement, and expands as I exhale and do the downward movement.

Pushing Water, the knee doesn't hurt this time, both of my feet felt strong and firm, the sensations on my arms from doing Lifting the Sky is still there, so I also felt them as I move my arms upwards and downwards on Pushing Water.

Shaolin Archer, I'm a little confused during the exercise, I kept getting the wrong movement, somehow things felt complicated. I decided to slow things down a little, manage to find a rhythm, but it still felt a little awkward. I also found difficulties on the breathing rhythm, keep having the urge to inhale instead of exhale while stretching my zen finger. For the sensations, I felt some stretching feeling on both of my arms and shoulder, also some accumulated pressure on my zen finger.

Also, I tried doing the forms while closing my eyes just for the sake of curiousity, the sensations felt a little "stronger" than when I opened my eyes. Since Shaolin Archer requires me to look at my zen fingers, I imagine looking at my fingers while closing the eyes, the sensations felt similar, just more clear.

Qigong Study Group (2012) / Re: A message from mystic
« on: June 07, 2012, 03:48:06 PM »
It seems like the message is to find a reason for why you train, and do not obsess yourself on right and wrong during practice, just feel?
Maybe we need to create a thread to share the reason of following this study group Kouji? Just an idea, maybe if the foundation is analyzed and strengthened, each member might produce a more fruitful experience from their practice.

BTW, what is "Shen"?

Magick / Re: Whats a good enity for my first evocation?
« on: June 06, 2012, 11:52:06 PM »
To the starter of this thread,
I noticed you have another thread in which you've stated you are new and just beginning the path of magic, so my advice would be to start at the beginning. Summoning is a great tool, but it requires the use of several, more fundamental skills. Summoning requires a pretty lofty skill set to work in a meaningful and beneficial manner. Its only logical to first work on acquiring the tools necessary to not only achieve success in summoning, but also to be able to accurately and objectively apply it towards an appropriate end.  Start at the beginning, not in the middle my friend.  This is not only to avoid failure, but to avoid any risk of unforeseen obstacles or danger that you'll be unlikely to know how to deal with.

My advice would be to learn how to control your mind through various mental exercises such as meditation and thought observation, sharpen and hone your visualization skills. Observe your behaviors and habits under a keen eye. This will develop mental awareness and observation skills. Once you've identified personality traits, habits, tendencies, etc develop your will power by bringing your mind and actions under conscious control. Learn to sit still, learn to focus, etc. These things will build a strong foundation in your magical endeavors

I agree.

Its better to learn to juggle before attempting with kitchen knives. At best they'll just fall on the floor and at worst you'll cut yourself.

It is indeed better to, lets say, juggle first with a harmless training balls, before one attempts to juggle with kitchen knives. However, if the TS purpose is to juggle kitchen knives, it might be easier to start with a wooden replica of a kitchen knife than if he/she starts with a training ball. Since the weight distribution of the wooden replica might be closer to the real kitchen knife than a training ball would be.

I think Micky-P's point is that, there are people who strictly "forbid" inexperienced ones from doing evocation due to its risks, which is wise, but often this "forbidding" act is overdone with fear, to the point where it is "wrong" to do evocation if you're inexperienced.

It is unwise to juggle butcher knives if one is inexperienced, one should learn the basics of juggling first, but if the purpose is to be able to juggle knives for whatever reasons the TS might have, it might be more productive to give the TS wooden knives to practice than it is to ban him from ever touching the knives, sealed them in a holy drawer somewhere, and then give him/her a ball to practice with. That's just depressing in a way, and the depressed obsession of being given a ball when he/she wanted to do knives might lead him to a state somewhat less wiser.

Magick / Re: Whats a good enity for my first evocation?
« on: June 06, 2012, 10:03:04 PM »
I hate that attitude, its exactly that mindset that has people spending years and years putting off any magical work of any complexity or serious scope out of fear that they "aren't ready yet" and next thing they know they're 50 years old and have spent the last 30 years rehashing basic training exercises that most practitioners move on from after only a year or two, they then look back and wonder what the hell happened to their life? The answer being they forgot the third quality of the sphinx is to DARE, Will and Knowledge can only form a foundation, a foot hold, if you are unwilling to DARE you will never get anywhere. 

Its better to try and fail than never try at all.

I agree with all you said.

Though, I wouldn't "dare" to state it that obviously to others, since when the ground is molded too rigidly, people forgot that there is a sky above. Those who speak of the sky are usually chained and forced to stay on the ground because they don't follow the way of the stone.

But yes, simply "do".
If failed, learn from the experience, heal, bring yourself up, and do again.
If succeed, contemplate and embrace the experience, and then "do" it again or "do" something new.

To "do not" leads to a stability and comfort in the ground, but there is no continuation, life and progress stays at that ground, until the time one wishes to "do" once more.

Everyone experiences these exercises differently.

It isn't whether it's supposed to happen or not; these are all valid confirmatory experiences from doing Qigong properly.

Personally, with Lifting the Sky, I usually feel Qi rising up my back and outer arm to my forearms, palms and head when my hands are over my head. On the way down, I feel the Qi go back to my lower Dantien, and sometimes into the legs.

How does Qi feels actually? I'm somewhat familiar with the concept (I think), here where I lived its viewed to be somewhat close to the western world view of aether, all pervading, all existing, a pure life force that fills the world around. But I'm not really sure of how it actually feels like. The feelings I get so far are pressures from within my palms, heat circulation within my arms, gentle outer pressures and some "misty" densities around my movements.

When pushing the hands back down, try to imagine you're trying to push a floating log down into a river- this is one common visualization used. Take note of how the Qi feels when you do this.

I already felt that kind of sensations without imagining it, it felt like some sort of density and pressure giving a very gentle and soft upward resistance when I push my palm down during the downward movement. But I don't know if that is Qi or not.

It is normal to feel heavy when doing Pushing Water. Keep at it though. Focus your attention on the Dantien as you do it, and the rest of the body. You should try and blank out, while focusing on the Dantien.

I see, I'm just a little uncomfortable with the experience today. Yesterday, it was a very comfortable heaviness, firm and sturdy, but today it's a very heavy experience, like being pushed down with more than 1G (analogically).

Remember when doing Shaolin Archer, to make the One Finger Zen hand formation as you do it and focus on the tip of the index finger as you push the leading hand out.

Yes, I've been doing it that way, on the bow hand (the one that does the One Finger Zen) the pressure is felt on the index and thumbs, as well as the wrist and forearm. The string hand felt some pressure as well, but not that intense. I also focused my vision to the zen finger, which is why I felt a lot more focus before.

If you have any other questions, ask.

I will, that's one of the things I do best, questions :P

Hopefully you understand, and hopefully I at least cleared up some of it (Lifting the Sky is sometimes called Gathering Clouds).

It's okay, no problem, Gathering Clouds does sound a lot more reflective and inline with the experience though.

Anyway, did the 3 forms again this morning,

Lifting the Sky gives the most experience today, at the beginning I sense some pressure like before in both of my palms. After several repetitions, I began to feel tingling sensations on the skin of my forearms, starting with the upward movement, but eventually felt throughout the exercise. On the palms, I felt some more pressure which after a few repetitions is followed by some circulating heat inside the palms, changing between cold and warm on the palm and the back of my palm.

During the exercise, I also felt an outer pressure around my movement, the air kind of feel denser somehow, maybe it's just because my skin is more sensitive. There are some moments when I felt the pressure "devoid" beneath my palms and kinda "lift" my arms upwards during the upward movement, but "halted" the downward movement with some pressure, it's like pushing down some gentle wind. Also moments when I'm somewhat being led by my arm of where to move instead of my mind telling what my arm is supposed to be doing, but I don't know why.

Is all that supposed to happen?

For Pushing Water, I didn't have too much of an experience, I didn't feel as sturdy or rooted as my previous experience, I felt some uncomfortable tension on my knee, and my body felt really heavy.

For Shaolin Archer, I felt some rush of blood to the head on my first attempt, but eventually stabilized on the second attempt. Felt pressures on my bow palm (the one that I would say represent holding a bow) as well as my pulling palm (the one that portrays the string pulling), I didn't felt as much focus or firmness as my previous experience though.

After a while, I realized enough time had passed, so I kind of shook my head and detached my attention, took a deep breath, stood up and stretched. As soon as I did everything went back to normal.

Thought I'd share what I've experienced, because the head shake you did kinda remind me of the rather violent and abrupt ending that sometimes happened on the end of my meditation.

I sometime had problem returning myself to my normal state after the meditation, especially if the meditation was ended abruptly due to various reasons. Whenever that happened, I would usually end up with an uncomfortable lightheaded state and dizziness, felt like the world changed into an ocean of thoughts, and I am bashed from all directions by streams of everything, sometime losing track of what I've been doing, is currently doing or what I want to do.

The best way I've found to end my meditation is to slowly close my eyes for several moments, take a really deep breath while doing some hand movements that kinda make the expression of collecting myself back to me, hold that breath for a little while while waiting, keeping my movement at a halt, then exhale the rest of the air inside of my lungs slowly but surely while performing some hand movements of the expression of lowering the tension inside me down. I would wait a while after that with my breath empty, and then slowly opened my eyes afterward and stretched a little bit when I felt that my mind has returned to its usual normal state.

I find it easier to return myself to a normal state by doing the movements, because I somehow able to sense the sensation of what I wanted to do better. It felt like there is no change happening if I did it silently without any movement, and it would usually either take a longer time to breathe myself to balance, or ends up with me having a more lightheaded state than what I would have preferred.

This is for discussing experiences, not dissecting the names of the forms and offense but the majority of what you posted isn't very relevant.

These exercises are named what they've been named for probably hundreds of years. They are all very common basic Qigong forms, taken from a variety of other larger sets of movement. Also, these forms are the ones I started with...Lifting the Sky and Pushing Water. They were the first ones I ever did, day 1. I've seen Lifting the Sky also be called Gathering Clouds. Pushing Water, I have never seen referred to as anything else.

What the forms are called in English is not important. What is important is the experience of the exercise.

I understand, I'll remove the unrelated part from my posts then.

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