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Body Energy Arts / Re: Basic Guide to 'Energy'
« on: January 24, 2015, 05:53:37 AM »
all in all good and concise but im confused on this section-

Not only do we have centers of energy within our bodies we have bodies, or symbolic constructs, of energy that expand out from our inner spiritual center to the cosmos, and some believe through dimensions and time as well.

wot are these bodies or symbolic constructs you speak of? are you referencing things like the emotional body, astral body, light body etc?

Psionics / Re: Too many coincidences happening...
« on: November 19, 2014, 06:25:21 AM »
Your just noticing synchronicities, been happening to me since high school just started happening to my wife not to long ago. Ex. She'll say something about a specific scene in a movie and the next day well turn on the tv and the same movie nd scene will be on. Or shell go to work and someone will be talking about it etc etc

The point of life and existence is important or as meaningful as you want it to be. If you want to to hold no value then so be it and then you might as well just off yourself but if you want it to be full of life and purpose that choice is also up to you. Since, truly there is no point to it all.. except the one you wish to make. Thats just my opinion.

Magick / Re: Elementalism - grateful for any and all advice.
« on: February 13, 2014, 09:13:57 AM »
With such a large interest in said element its sad but i can give you what little help i can

First off, Get a Scale.

Secondly, if you dont wanna practice outside or its harder for you then it should be i would get a plant. It doesnt have to be anything special or dull! i would just recommend it be visible and not in the seedling stage when starting out.

Thirdly, A couple dumbells or improvised weights wouldnt hurt, i wouldnt label it a req. because it depends really where you wanna take your earth magick but they help when understanding Weight/Density which for me is pretty much the majority of where your force would come from.

Fourth thing, nd only warning: its easy when dealing with a single element to get unbalanced nd develop minor issues, with working with earth element you must watch out for
LETHARGY and "NESTING". I noticed when i used to be knee deep in mother Gaia that after sessions if i didnt cleanse my corpus i would become extremely tired and unmotivated to do anything but sleep at that point. Also, i found it increasingly easy to get "set" or "stuck" in sluggish routines.

Earth meditation - Meditating outdoors or with a plant or stone. Meditating on the IDEAS or truest principles you can find on heaviness, strength, sturdiness, density, rejuvenation, and patience.

Earth Energy Work-

i dont really have names for these but

-Sitting in you meditative stance you visualize becoming a statue of w.e earthy element you choose( stone, wood, sand, mud, w.e). While your forming you invoke earth energy into your body and become heavier and sturdier the more and more energy you bring in til your solid as a statue. Can use full body scale to check.

-Get a scale i would suggest the old school ones and not the new digital ones even tho it matters none if they work. Have your scale zero'd out and begin filling one end or the scale pad wit earth energy, increasing its weight with each addition. Gauge your ability on the weight read by scale or how much the scale moved.
** IF YOU CANT GET A SCALE OR DONT FEEL LIKE WAITING TIL YOU DO**-- You can always use water a bucket/bowl/cup and some type of buoyant object. :D

-Sand-aid ( you see wot i did thur?) Simple rejuvenation exercise, you can use actual sand or dirt or simply earth energy straight from the akasha. You cover wound with sand/dirt/earth energy and visualize the element absorbing the ailment(red/black w.e "negative" color you want) out of victim, streaming clean positive energy back in filling, covering the area, and then dissipating. ** I actually visualize more so that the earth energy forms into my actually body replacing all the old/bad with good/new, then the old earth dissipates into the akasha  **

-Theres the ever present "trunk step" where you gather energy NOT FROM THE EARTH and send that energy gathered through your feet into the earth and shape it into deep hooked roots. You first learn how to do it stationary then as it becomes second nature you do it while walking(Releasing and reattaching as you go). I actually still do this every now and then it helps with balance and sensitivity to the earth while passively building your ability. Only caution is ive read numerous times IS TO NOT bring the roots up to you atleast not while stationary "for Gaia likes to snatch noobs up" or something along those lines.

Thats all i can think of right now :\ more then what i had when first started but still not exstensive. If i can think of more ill post.

Psi and Mental Abilities / Re: Construct Dynamics
« on: January 16, 2014, 10:35:05 AM »
i assume the point is to let creativity take hold and become a "psi-engineer"

Psionics / Re: Psychokinetic Teleportation Into the Past
« on: January 13, 2014, 05:31:38 AM »
No idea depends on what you think time is however if you figured out how to do it one way successfully you might as well try it in the reverse if your curious

Psi and Mental Abilities / Re: Construct Dynamics
« on: January 13, 2014, 05:26:03 AM »
Dope! Love the idea presented here along with the actual Tech, first thought i had after reading halfway through was a psionic Solomon's ring. I had ideas about making a similar object but never as well thought out and described as this article. All in all i enjoyed this knowledgeable read, thank you.

Psionics / Re: Master Of Electrokinesis???
« on: October 15, 2013, 10:29:42 AM »
Yea i believe so, hes holding the forks while being plugged in i assume. He does it on some talk shows but theyre all in foreign languages that ive found.

The Cafeteria / Re: Two of my Favorite Magic Characters
« on: October 02, 2013, 06:36:59 AM »
lol the 10-16 yr old isnt sexy anymore.. ok anyway-

Ive always found Gwen to be the most enjoyable thing about that show well her abilities anyways along with the creativity put into the species.

some of my personal favorites--

Toph from avatar - Earth Magick <3

Chu from Yu Yu Hakusho - Drunken Spirit Magick ? lol

although the last three idk if you would consider mages.. depends on your viewpoint of the 3 pathways(Magick, Psi, Body Energy Arts)

all from Psyren

Ageha - Black Hole/Destructive Magick

Kyle - Earth Magick/Lentation <3

Kagetora - Lentation

This comes with ease for me and have actually been able to do this for quite sometime, it happens quite often when talking with Sid. I actually learned how to do it from not being able to focus and then developed the ability to switch back and forth with ease. Yet the opposite of this action in conjunction with solitary fixation on a single point or idea has lead to another effect common with talkin with Sid, and thats a glow that comes off of everything along with a "conscious subconscious" mind state and what feels to me what i believe gnosis to be or that state of mind in which magick/psi should be performed in.

Psionics / Master Of Electrokinesis???
« on: September 26, 2013, 10:49:35 AM »

Idk if this guys well known just found him and thought might be a good share.

Magick / Re: How do I evoke Elemental spirits
« on: September 25, 2013, 07:39:42 AM »
if your still stuck in beginning levels and cant get in touch with Prophecy hes made a couple really good articles on Elemental Magick incorporating all of which you spoke about. Just go to the magick article section i believe.

Psionics / Re: Undulating Power
« on: September 25, 2013, 07:29:13 AM »
You should try recording as many feelings and attributes you can attain to your self during both occasions, when your able to perform and when your not. Then you might have a better idea as to what exactly might make or break your ability. Just a suggestion i have no practice or experience in aero :P

Other Articles / Re: Huna: A background and overview. (-}Star{-)
« on: September 12, 2013, 06:34:25 AM »
mucho beuno! Easy to read and thought provoking.

Psionics / Re: Am I'm making progress with PK/TK ??
« on: August 22, 2013, 09:20:03 AM »
How much control do you really have over the flame? are you able to DEFINITELY move it in each direction, possibly even hold it leaning to one side for x amount of seconds/mins/hours what have you? are you able to make it grow and shorten? I dont doubt your abilities just saying you might no have as much control as you believe and as for the crumb all I can say is keep practicing but, for me personally sometimes objects "feel" to small just as they can seem to large like lifting your monitor.

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