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The Cafeteria / Re: Post your favorite liquor/spirit
« on: April 10, 2009, 08:44:45 PM »
White Russians all the way. :biggrin:

I also had some Belgian beer once. Wow.

Anyone here made their own alcohol?  I heard its the best tasting of all.

Spirituality / Walter Russell
« on: April 09, 2009, 10:02:10 PM »
This here is the introduction to the Home Study Course by Walter and Lao Russell.  :P

I could not find the intro in text form but here is the intro for the new one. It's worth looking at.
To bring blessings upon yourself, bless your neighbor.
To enrich yourself, enrich your neighbor.
Honor your neighbor and the world will honor you.
To sorely hurt yourself, hurt your neighbor.
He who seeks love will find it by giving it.
The measure of a man's wealth is the measure of wealth he has given.
To enrich yourself with many friends, enrich your friends with yourself.
That which you take away from any man, the world will take away from you.
When you take the first step to give yourself to that which you want, it will also take its first step to give itself to you.
Peace and happiness do not come to you from your horizon; they spread from you out to infinity beyond your horizon.
The whole universe is a mirror which reflects back to you that which you reflect into it.
Love is like unto the ascent of a mountain. It comes ever nearer to you as you go ever nearer to it.

Lao Russell

God's universe is based upon the love which He gives to His universal body as Life--and the love that His universal body regives to Him as Death for eternal reborning as Life.

is based upon the balanced perfection and normalcy of the love principle of Nature which never takes, but gives for the purpose of equally regiving that which has been given.

is the great gift of love which our Father-Mother has given to all Creation -- and

is the great gift of love which all Creation regives to our Father-Mother for eternally resurrecting all Creation into equally balanced and divided two-way life sequences for ever and ever.

You can read more of Russell at and this course is available and well worth the investment into yourself.
__________________________________________________ _________

The purpose of life is to reach the topmost pinnacle of human unfoldment. That topmost pinnacle -- beyond which no man can go -- is the illumination into Cosmic Consciousness and Christ Consciousness. During all history, there have been not more than forty humans who have acquired Cosmic Consciousness, and only one who has attained Christ Consciousness. The purpose of these lessons is to help every seeker by illumining the path to that supreme goal, so that he can gradually become aware of his own immortal divine SELF.

The divine spark of that Light lies dormant in every human being. As long as that Light does lie dormant, one is aware only of one's mortal body which lives and dies and has physical desires one is forever satisfying. That awareness of physical existence lasts for many centuries after primitive man emerges from the jungle and before the dawn of his Consciousness begins to awaken a slight awareness of the Light of his divine power.

During that period, he is dominated by his body desires to such an extent that he thinks and believes that his body is his Self. Out of millions of sensually-dominated humans, however, one of them awakens that unquenchable divine spark which all inherit from God, and becomes an extraordinary human being with extraordinary knowledge and power. We call such extraordinary men "geniuses."

Genius is the first step away from the purely physical human toward the spiritual-Mind goal. Every genius has begun to develop God-awareness in him and knows that he is MIND and not body.

All body-dominated human beings think outwardly through their senses. They can hear sounds with the ears of their bodies. They can see objects with physical eyes and record the memories of such sensations upon their brains.

Every genius thinks INWARDLY toward his Mind instead of outwardly toward his senses. The genius can hear sounds coming out of the silence with his inner ears. He can vision non-existent forms with his inner eyes and he can feel the rhythms of God's thinking and His knowing -- which are a blank slate to the man who believes that HE is his body. When a human rises to the exalted state of genius, he becomes a co-Creator with God. The beginning of creative expression in man is the first evidence of the unfolding Light of his genius, for no man who is purely sense-controlled can create. He can remember and repeat the records which he has imprinted upon his physical brain, but his brain has no knowledge. Therefore, he cannot create. Man can create only with his Mind -- and the brain is not the Mind. The brain is merely the seat of sensation and the electric recorder of sensation.

Humans must think outwardly through the senses in order to live and function in a sense-objective universe, but the genius -- who thinks inwardly toward the Light of his Self -- can vision or imagine that which spiritually exists and can then think outwardly through his senses and cause his mentally-visioned image to exist physically. That is what Creation is -- and what the geniuscreator does.

Our first step with you is to teach you how to transform your thinking so that the genius in you will gradually appear and intensify to that high state which transforms you into the next stage of spiritual unfolding.

A few great geniuses have given the world its culture in all of the arts, and the great immortals among them are the few whose works will endure as long as history endures. There have been, however, many geniuses whose works have raised the standard of world culture even though they do not stand out as being supreme in the Light of their own immortality.

The journey of life is long -- and one must know many reincarnations to arrive at his destination in the Light of all-knowing. Each life, however, is another step toward that goal, and each day of each life can be a greater step than the last one. When we arise from each period of sleep with a wholly regenerated body, the seed of all that has transpired in all our lives unfolds withi the new cycle of life to bring us still closer to the door of the immortal Light.

Each step upward toward that Light is a glorious one, for it becomes ever nearer and is worth the effort of its attainment -- while each step the other way toward the dark is ignominious and fraught with cosmic frustration which may take many lives to overcome. Hence it is that you MUST go forward to attain that glory, and these lessons are for the purpose of giving you the knowledge which will make it possible for you to go forward toward the Light to any extent that you desire without limitation -- for man's limitations are set by himself.

Cosmic knowledge can be given to others who desire to attain it only by those who have attained it. God has given that rarest of all gifts to both of us for the purpose of regenerating this decadent age by bringing the Cosmic Age into existence through those higher beings of earth who are ready for such knowledge. Of these, there are an increasing number who are reaching toward the Light to become the seed for world regeneration -- as the masses of mankind sink lower and lower toward the dark which they are making for themselves.

To one of us, God gave all knowledge of His ways, processes and laws governing the construction of matter and electric motion so that other men may, likewise, know how God builds His universe and destroys it in eternally repeated life-death cycles -- and also knowledge of how the Creator divides His light-waves of thinking into balanced male-female pairs of sexed opposites to continue the building of His sexed-electric universe.

To the other one, God gave all knowledge of the way of life which controls man's unfolding toward the Light of his immortality in order that the coming Cosmic Age could have a balanced living philosophy which conforms with God's ways, processes and laws. With this new knowledge, mankind will be able to live together as a unified WHOLE and at long last know the peace, happiness and prosperity which conformity with God's Law of Love can alone bring to warring fear-ridden man who unknowingly defies God's law.

All of our lives, we have been prepared for Just this one purpose and have known of it from the ages of seven and three, respectively. The details of these illuminations you will know later inasmuch as this knowledge will be helpful to you. It is because of our being prepared for this service to the human-race that we were brought together to fulfill the destiny prepared for us. God works in mysterious ways to unfold His plan, and He gives as meticulous care to the working out of your individual destiny as He does to a whole solar system or the lowliest spore of His Creation.

The one thing which man has not yet realized in the building of his individual or collective destiny is that God will work WITH him in the unfolding of his destiny, but He will not work FOR him. You must KNOWINGLY create yourself and your destiny WITH Him and in accordance with His law of balanced interchange in all transactions. To work WITH God KNOWINGLY, you must KNOW God and His ways. You can know God only by knowing yourself as MIND instead of thinking of yourself as sensed body.

The transition from sensed-body awareness to God-Mind awareness comes to the human race very slowly. It is the sole purpose of these lessons to KNOW God as the ONE reality and His universe as a simulation of reality. Man can think only what he knows in his Mind, or senses through his body. Likewise, the same principle applies to nations. Men and nations become what they think. Their standards are determined by their thinking. High standards are attained through Mind-determined controlled thinking, and low standards are attained through sensed thinking.

The standards of individual and national thinking have been steadily, and dangerously, lowering since world wars began to destroy world culture by using the wealth of the nation for destroying itself and man -- instead of conserving it for the building of man.

The PHYSICAL world of man could disappear into another period of dark centuries -- for half the world is already there -- but man's SPIRITUAL world CANNOT disappear. The divine Light in man cannot be quenched.

Civilization will survive and grow toward the Light only in the measure in which mankind KNOWS the Light .

Our service to you and to the human race is to increase the measure of your KNOWING in order that you may become CONSCIOUSLY aware of your Cosmic Source to such an extent that you can knowingly say, "I and my Father are ONE," and have full comprehension of its profound meaning.

Walter and Lao Russell

This is up for discussion. If any of you have take the entire course I'd be interested in your opinion of it. If you haven't taken the home study course, I hope this intro above from the 4th edition helped to understand Dr. Russell and Loa Russell.

Here is a portion of the first chapter of the HSC:
Walter and Lao Russell
University of Science and Philosophy
Swannanoa, Waynesboro,Virginia


Meditation is the most important of all the functions of human life which advance human progress. So little is known of it even by the greatest of the world's geniuses who constantly practice it knowingly -- but cannot explain it -- that it now seems necessary to define and explain that divine function. With sufficient explanation, everyone can knowingly practice meditation and thus knowingly command his achievements to be masterly. He can, likewise, command his body to be perfect, or his life to be full to overflowing, for through meditation every man can become whatever he wishes to become.
Meditation is communing with God for the purpose of working knowingly with God.

Meditation means to think inwardly toward the Mind-Soul rather than outwardly through the senses.

You will recall that Jesus told man to seek the "kingdom of heaven" within himself, not outside of himself. By that He meant that God dwelt within man, and that God-awareness will come to any man who communes with God through inner thinking.

There are but two kinds of thinkers in the world -- those who think outwardly through the brain and those who think inwardly toward the Soul. Outward thinking develops the physical qualities and desires of men, while inward thinking unfolds the spiritual qualities which await unfoldment for long ages of man's slow journey to the Light of his own divinity.

You all know that is the way we both work and, because of it, we have been able to do ten times the amount of work we otherwise would have done, and all of it in a masterly manner. When we KNOW that God's Mind and ours are one, and we are consciously aware of His presence every working moment, our work could not be other than masterly. To work knowingly with God constantly, never ceasing, is to be inspired constantly with the ecstasy of His nature. We have both felt that way since we were children. God was our teacher. We needed no other. He was always with us, as Soul, and lifted us to great heights even in our early days.

All during our lives, we have walked and talked and worked knowingly with God. We had always dimly known the years ahead for us, and we were both so clearly conscious of each other's presence that we consciously searched for each other, each knowing that neither could serve mankind without the other.
Knowing that we must demonstrate by our own lives that which we must teach to other men, our one desire through life has been to live life worthily to manifest the power which God gives to every man for the asking, and to immunize ourselves from all that is unlovely in order that we could forever create with Him that beauty of balanced rhythmic thinking which is His universe. That is the reason why we both must now write down our teachings in this manner, so that they will always be with all who seek the zero of stillness in near places and far beyond where we could, ourselves, ever go.

Main Hall / Re: Scientists Discover Their Sixth Sense
« on: March 27, 2009, 06:22:50 PM »
Your wording is what made me think we were on different sides, because it suggested that you defined rationality that way, and then subsequently made an attack on rational thinking based on that definition.  Consider wording your posts a bit more carefully to avoid misleading readers.  :)

I think I understand what your saying, but ultimately I knew where I was comming from.  If people make assumptions with talking about what was posted like you did then they have chosen to let go of critical think.  Words strung together has nothing to do with what your talking about.  But also i would like to make the statement that differnet sides does not mean different intentions.  People need to stop that filthy habit of drawing lines in the sand.

Main Hall / Re: Scientists Discover Their Sixth Sense
« on: March 27, 2009, 08:20:58 AM »

That's not rationality, that's stubbornness at best and self-delusion at worst.

I agree, but from their point of view its called being rational.  If you cant understand where they are comming from then you fall prey to their line of thinking and thus the idea that we're on different sides. This is what causes non-solutions.

Main Hall / Re: Scientists Discover Their Sixth Sense
« on: March 26, 2009, 10:17:00 PM »
the biggest hinderence of most scientists and philosophers and so on, is that the hold rationality and probability above anything else.  The big problem with doing that is it makes you hold on to beliefs that no longer sustain any meret when discussing new evidence.  People always need something to hold onto or else they become afraid they are going crazy.    :headwall:

Main Hall / Re: Death of Jim Morrison
« on: March 26, 2009, 09:38:25 PM »

Main Hall / Death of Jim Morrison
« on: March 26, 2009, 09:37:23 PM »
So much has been written and speculated upon surrounding Jim Morrison's life, death and after-death that it is no longer enough to address just the facts. One must now also address the self-perpetuating mythos that has developed and enveloped the facts.

In the late nineteen sixties, Doors' singer Jim Morrison founded a publishing company named Zeppelin Publishing Company with the help of the legal department of Warner Brothers Pictures and Atlantic Records. According to promotions for Zeppelin, "Jim wanted to get his hands on the trademark 'Zeppelin' before Led Zeppelin did. He did this while everyone in America knew who the Doors were, but before the other rock group was well known..." Zeppelin Publishing Company was chartered and put into hibernation for later resurrection.

On July 3, 1971, rock and roll wunderkind James Douglas Morrison was supposedly, reportedly, found dead in a Paris, France apartment he had sub-leased as a writer's studio. His 'wife', Pamela Courson, was the first to discover the body in the bathroom. Jim lay in the bathtub, naked and half-submerged. At first she thought that "Jim was pretending", noticing that he had "recently shaved".

What immediately followed was a series of bizarre and convoluted events, probable conspiracies, strange coincidences and surreal news reports surrounding the death of James Douglas Morrison. Following the death there was a three day news blackout. This was reported on and questioned widely in the media, including articles in The Berkeley Barb, Esquire, the LA Free Press, Sounds, The Baltimore Morning Sun, and many others. Robert Hillburn writing at that time in The LA Times, called his obituary of Morrison "Why Morrison Death News Delay??" igniting a spark that has yet to smolder.

The blackout prevented Morrison's close friends from getting at the principals and witnesses -- and the corpse -- for close inspection. Even Jim's parents and his in-laws were prevented from seeing the corpse.

Pamela had called a local French medical examiner -- Dr. Max Vasille -- to take charge upon finding her husband's body. Dr. Vasille listed the cause of death as "heart failure". Several people viewed the sealed coffin, including Doors manager Bill Siddons, who apparently chose not to view the corpse. Siddons official statement to the press was that "Jim Morrison died of natural causes" and that "the death was peaceful".

Although Jim's death was listed officially as "heart failure", his personal physician, Dr. Derwin, stated to the press that "Jim Morrison was in excellent health before travelling to Paris".

This has recently been complicated by "Queen Mu" writing in the avant garde magazine Mondo 2000 (Summer, 1991). Apparently Mondo 2000 surfaced a rare medical file regarding Jim Morrison's various sexual diseases, and the treatments he was undergoing for them. There was mention of "cancer of the penis...". Queen Mu reports:

"... Hey! No one wants to be expunged from the Book of Life. How many medical workers at UCLA knew that Jim Morrison was being treated for gonorrhea in the Fall of 1970? Knew of the biopsy that confirmed adenoma of the penile urethra -- often consequence to repeated gonorrhea? This is a particularly swift form of cancer whose only alternative may have been radical castration..." -- Queen Mu, pp. 131

No autopsy was performed on Jim Morrison's corpse, as is the usual custom in unusual or suspect deaths in France. Had friends been able to at least see the corpse this might have been done.

According to several reports, a Morrison confidant Alan Ronay alos helped maintain the blackout surrounding the death. Jim Morrison's body was quickly whisked away to be buried at Pere Lachaise. Pere Lachaise is a national French monument and notables like Balzac, Edith Piaf, Moliere, Oscar Wilde and other French countrymen are buried there. Regarding Pere Lachaise: Jim had handpicked the gravesite on several occasions for his impending 'burial'. He had visited the site as late as three days before his 'death'. This is reported in Break On Through and other Morrison biographies.

The media at once showed suspicion regarding Morrison's grave due to the fact that foreigners are rarely buried in a national French monument. Reports like those in the Baltimore Morning Sun questioned how he might have cajoled his way into the cemetary to be buried.

Upon viewing the Pere Lachaise grave site, Doors drummer John Densmore stated: "... the grave is too short!" Doors manager Bill Siddons, when asked about Pere Lachaise, stated: "... how it happened is still not clear to me". He was quoted in Bam!, a rock magazine back in 1981 regarding the controversy. At any rate, Morrison's grave at Pere Lachaise remained unmarked for several months, adding and maintaining a further cloak around the corpse and the evidence.

Only two people saw Jim Morrison's dead body -- his wife Pamela and Dr. Vasille. Dr. Vasille has repeatedly denied interviews and will not answer questions, and Pamela is dead.

The Occult Connection

Besides the "facts" as laid out in countless books, films, interviews and press reports, there exists also a wild and surreal assortment of rumors regarding "what really took place". Many of these rumors center in on the occult, black and white magick, Voudoo, magical Christianity and assorted mystical strangenesses.

In J. Prochniky's biography of Morrison, Break On Through, there is this description of Morrison-based occult rumors:

"... even more incredible were theories that Morrison had somehow been "murdered" through "supernatural means". While Jim was fascinated with the occult, it is quite an assumption that a jealous rival or jilted lover could cause his death in a Paris bathtub by stabbing a Voodoo doll or melting down a Doors album while chanting a curse."

"... Another supernatural-based theory is that Morrison's body had been driven to great extremes by the spirit of the shaman he believed had entered his body as a child on that New Mexico highway. When this spirit or a demon its talents to influence the world, it abandoned Jim and left him a physically wasted and mentally exhausted man who felt betrayed with no desire to go on..." -- Riordan and Prochniky, pp. 466

Another occult theory exists in No One Hear Gets Out Alive by Sugarman and Hopkins. Regarding Jim's death they state:

"... Other theories abounded in Jim's close circle of friends. One had him killed when someone plucked out his eyes with a knife ("to free his soul", as the story had it). Another had a spurned mistress killing him long distance from New York by Witchcraft..." -- Sugarman and Hopkins, pp. 372

Anthropologist Allison Bailey Kennedy even went so far as to tie Morrison in with Orphic mystery cults and the initiatory uses of various spider venoms, which release the "deuende in Gypsy tradition -- the dark soul that burn incandescently like a cicada, immolating itself in fiery passion."

Jim Morrison many times claimed connections to the occult and specifically Voodoo or Voudun philosophy and magick. It was a part of his "path". The moniker "Mr. Mojo Risin'" was an anagram -- a rearrangement of the letters in Jim Morrison. Mojo is a religious term describing shamanic "power icon" or affiliation. The African root Mo refers to the dark or darkness. Mojo is a specific African/Voodoun/Obeah traditional term.

"I think that there are whole regions of images and feelings that are rarely given outlet in daily life... when they do come out, they can take perverse forms" said Morrison circa 1968. He goes on to say that "the shaman is the healer, like the Witch-doctor." Morrison reiterates elsewhere that "we must not forget that the snake or the lizard is identified with the unconscious and the forces of evil..." So says the legendary "Lizard King". "The Lizard King" was one of Jim Morrison's occult code names. He was also called "The Exterminating Angel" in occult circles, according to film critic Gene Youngblood and others.

In No One Here Gets Out Alive authors Hopkins and Sugarman recount Morrison drinking blood with Witch-initiate Ingrid Thompson. In certain occult traditions, the use of blood combined with certain sexual acts is reginmen, part of a hidden technology for spell casting. This is especially so in the Tantric Vama Marg (left-handed) rites. It is also a part of Western ritual magic, used in groups like La Couleuvre Noir, the Ordo Templi Orientis, Les Ophitis and others, although it is more uncommon than common in occult work. This sort of sorcery is also used in Voodoo/Voudun Petro rites to summon different Loas (gods and goddesses).

Speaking of the Tantra Vama Marg and the Voodoo Petro, there is this description of death mythology pertinent to Jim Morrison's occult beliefs and possibly his practices. At the very least he would have known of these ideas:

"...but the human form is no means just an empty vessal for the Gods... Rather it is a critical locus where a number of sacred forces may converge. The players are the basic components of man: the z'etiole, the gros bon ange and the ti bon ange, as well as the n'ame of the corpse cadaver. The latter is the body itself, the flesh and the blood. The n'ame is the gift from God and the spirit of the flesh that allows each cell in the body to function. It is the residual presence of the n'ame for example, that gives form to the corpse long after the clinical "death" of the body. The n'ame, upon the "death" of the body begins to pass slowly into the organisms of the soil... A process that takes 18 months to complete..." -- Davis, pp. 99

Remember, Jim Morrison's grave at Pere Lachait remained unmarked for several months so that no one might disturb the corpse and the surrounding site. The whole event from day one was part of a blackout, remember.

According to Tibetan tradtion, something similar is believed to exist so far as naming the componants of the soul and the body. The Vama Marg and especially the Bardo Thodol (the Tibetan Book of the Dead) relate specific death myths concerning what occurs right after someone dies. Writing in Psychedelic Monographs and Essays {out of print 11-06-99}, psychiatrist Dr. Rick Strassman shows that: "... Another model of birth and death, and transformation in which the 49 day interval appears is in the Bardo Thodol... This is the time when the life forces of the deceased -- the energetic tendencies accumulated during "life", "decide on" or gravitate towards or coalesce around the next incarnate form..." -- Strassman, pp. 182

Rock writer Greg Shaw, writing in Bam! and Mojo Navigator interpreted Morrison's song The End along these lines also, stating that each line in the song is a direct quote from the Bardo Thodol. It all "makes perfect sense, if one is familiar with the mystical background," said Shaw.

What are the implications for these ideas in light of the supposed "death" of Jim Morrison? At clinical death, according to the above, the person actually splits up into his or her true parts, formerly connected into a whole being.

According to occult lore, it is possible to ensnare or trap parts of the personality or spirit during this transition. Wade Davis, author of The Serpent and the Rainbow and Passage of Darkness: The Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombie, has this to say:

"During initiation, for example the ti bon ange may be extracted from the body and housed in a clay jar called a canari. A canari is a clay jar that has been placed at the inner sanctuary of the hounfour (ritual house)."

"... During the stages directly following the physical death and the first stages of after-death the ti bon ange is extremely vulnerable... Only when it is liberated from the flesh... is it relatively safe..." -- Davis, pp. 102

Is it Jim Morrison's ti bon ange that is at the root of all these occult rumors? Was it his ti bon ange that was bought, sold and then collected on that fateful day in Paris when he "died"...?

That canari has a name. It is called Zeppelin Publishing Company. And the bokor, or Voodoo high priest who cajoled Morrison's ti bon ange into the canari? He runs a company called the B of A Company (or B of A Communications), formerly of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and now of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He owns an active passport and IDs under the name of James Douglas Morrison and claims to actually be the no-so-dead rock star!

Apparitions and Appearances After the "Death"

In the first two years after Jim Morrison's "death" in Paris, many sightings of the rock star were reported. These sightings range from the totally spurious and ridiculous to the reliable and very hard to shake.

The LA Free Press and several wire service reports described someone in 1973 appearing on several occasions in San Francisco. There Morrison was involved with business and banking transactions with the Bank of America of San Francisco. The employee that handled the transactions, Walt Fleischer, confirmed that someone resembling Morrison and using that name was indeed doing business at the Bank of America. He did add that he "was far from sure that this was the 'dead' artist" as Morrison showed no identification. Could this be because a photo ID was already on file at the bank, with the name James Douglas Morrison? Yes, it is still on file.

According to authors Riordan and Prochniky, Morrison was also seen on several occasions hanging out in "unpleasant places" in Los Angeles and wearing Morrison's leather garb, all in black. This was over a period of two years right after the Paris "death". I researched this a bit further and found out that the "unpleasant places" meant notorious gay leather bars, and the underground gay community in Los Angeles.

There were also many rumors that Morrison was also appearing regularly in Louisiana and had made several radio interviews. Again, Prochniky and Riordan reveal that:

"... At an obscure radio station in the Midwest Jim supposedly showed up in the dead of night and did a lengthy interview that explained it all... After the interview he vanished into the darkness again. As you might buess, no recordings of the interview exist and no reliable source remembers hearing the broadcast..."

An LP record called Phantom's Divine Comedy was released also in 1974. This was rumored to be Jim Morrison singing with an anonymous band with the names of "drummer X, bassist Y, and keyboardist Z". The music reportedly resembled Jim Morrison's sound quite well. All this again added and sparked the rumor mills, and stirred public fascination.

However, in a 1992 press released from the Zeppelin group, it is revealed that Morrison pal Iggy Pop was actually doing all the singing and helping the "hoax" along. This added more fuel as to how many people were actually involved in maintaining his "death hoax". Up until the 1992 press release, the record company that had released Phantom had refused to divulge the names on the LP, or the singer's name -- which was indeed Iggy Pop.

Regarding all these rumors, Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek stated: "If there was one guy that would have been capable of staging his own death -- getting a phony death certificate and paying off some French doctor... And putting a hundred and fifty pound sack of sand into a coffin and splitting to some point on this planet -- Africa, who knows where -- it is Jim Morrison who would have been able to pull it off."

Jim Morrison's best friend Tom Baker, writing in High Times (June, 1981) had this to say: "I was very tempted to believe the rumors that Jim had faked his own death."

A group of fans actually went so far as to try to get Morrison's dental records, apparently to try to get permission to dig up his body and match the records to the remains. This was immediately blocked both by Morrison's parents and their attorneys -- at least for the time being.

It is known that Jim Morrison had repeatedly planted the seeds which would lead to this sort of speculation -- that he had somehow faked his own death and dropped out into a new identity. At the Fillmore in San Francisco in 1967, Jim started suggesting that he should pull a "death stunt" to bring national press attention onto the band. This was when he came up with the "Mr. Mojo Risin'" anagram which would be used after he "split to Africa" and wished to secretly contact friends.

Morrison also told Danny Sugarman and Jerry Hopkins on more than one occasion that he could see himself "radically changing careers, reappearing as a suited and neck-tied businessman." Jack Holzman's assistant Steve Harris even remembers Jim Morrison asking what might happen if he were to suddenly "die"... how might it affect business, record sales, the press, and would people believe it? With confidant Mary Francis Werebelow Jim "entertained long conversations about how the Disciples had stolen the body of Christ from the crypt, jokingly calling it the "Easter heist," etc."

In a Rolling Stone article for September 17, 1981, author Jerry Hopkins recounts many other Morrison sightings:

"The first one I remember was a beaut... He surfaced in San Francisco shortly after Morrison's death and began cashing checks in Morrison's name. He was not writing bad checks, mind you; it was his money he was spending. It was just that he was dressed as Jim would in his 'leather period', and that he told everyone that he was indeed the 'dead singer'.

"The telephone operator asked: 'will you accept a long distance collect call from Jim Morrison?' It was an interesting conversation..."

"Our conversations were unsettling. He told me to go to Paris and dig up the corpse, but that you would need permission from '12 Catholic Bishops' to do it... A visit to his home was more jarring. There at the end of one room was a Morrison 'shrine', converted with posters, flowers, religious icons -- the works!" -- Sugarman, pp. 33

Years later, I actually got the chance to visit and interview the shrine's owner, who claimed to be Jim Morrison. He told me matter-of-factly details about Hopkins, as well as that other reporters had actually burglarized the shrine in an attempt to get a scoop.

Another surreal sighting involved "Donny" of Baton Rouge, Lousiana. He described Jim Morrison at Morrison's home in 1978. Donny told his friend "Larry" about it, as Larry was trying to break in to the world of rock and roll:

"I remember Larry telling me about the whole wall of one room lined with books all across it. Every one of the books were about Satan, or had something to do with him. He also told me about a large chair that looked like a throne, on which this man sat and watched over his nude children running around... I guess that you can probably guess who that kinky old weird man was -- Jim Morrison, The Lizard King!" -- Sugarman, pp. 33

Another person named Rhea (the Greek goddess of fertility) claimed she was living with Jim Morrison in 1979 with their son "Jesse Blue James". She matter-of-factly claimed that Morrison had "evolved into a state of pure energy... And can materialize and dematerilize at will." She and Jim were also in direct telepathic communication and in "electromagnetic synch".

The Intelligence Connection and JM2

Rock icon Jim Morrison's father was an admiral in the United States Navy, privy to intelligence and counterintelligence information. His name is Steven Morrison. During the first few years surround Jim Morrison's "death" a number of interesting articles surfaced. These cited references showing various intelligence interests either in Morrison's underground activity; his "death" or that intelligence had even masterminded Morrison's death itself! One of the more explicit appeared in the Scandinavian magazine Dagblatte. This article detailed French intelligence efforts to assassinate Jim Morrison in Paris. Author Bernard Wolfe writing The Real Life Death of Jim Morrison for Esquire (June 1972) related the story of:

"Sherry, a Pasadena girl who knew Morrison well: "...I couldn't make sense out of the stories in the papers. Suppose he had a heart attack exactly as they reported, is that what he died of? My God, you might as well say that Ernest Hemingway died of "extensive brain damage". If you want to know the cause of Jim's death -- not just the physiology of it -- ask what triggered his heart to stop... And whose finger was on the trigger." -- Wolfe, pp. 106

In the first few years after Morrison's "death" the owner of B of A Communications, named James Douglas Morrison, claimed to be operating as an intelligence agent for a number of domestic and international groups including the CIA, NSA, Interpol, Swedish Inteligence and others. There are also connections between James Douglas Morrison and various occult groups with probable intelligence connections. [Author's note: from here on the B of A Morrison will be referred to as JM2].

The enclosed plates show several documents implicating him in intelligence circles. JM2 also claims to be the "dead" rock star and former singer for The Doors. The new JM2 dropped the old JM1 rock and roll identity to become a "James Bond" wearing the suit and tie that Morrison predicted when he was with The Doors.

This author has in fact seen what appear to be stacks of official-looking documents and letters between the CIA, various government agencies, national news groups like CNN and NBC and JM2, involving what looked like personal meetings, projects and ephemera. Of special interest is that when I viewed parts of the files, all the reports had a paper-thin metallic band affixed to them with colored UPC bar codes. There is no way for me to authenticate the claims of JM2, but everything looked extremely offical and very elaborate.

From about 1972 through 1992 JM2 has left a surreal trail of paper and appearances all over the world. These include letters to and from Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards and CIA Director William Colby, through the Washington, DC law firm of Colby, Miller and Hanes.

A courtroom transcript which I have seen implicates the FBI and CIA in several coverups regarding JM2's intelligence career. These show that there seems to be a sytematic destruction of files relating to JM2's spy activities. An enclosed plate also shows JM2's Swedish Intelligence ID card, obtained from the FBI through the Freedom of Information Act. Unfortunately the only copy I have is obscured in the facial area, but the ID numbers are intact. Also in my possession are files concerning JM2's rogue financial activities with the Bank of America, and news reports regarding lawsuits by and against JM2 for bank fraud and espionage, which he claims was done under intelligence auspices as part of financial experiments to destabilize foreign currencies and exchange rates.

There also appear to be hundreds if not thousands of miscellaneous files -- both classified and declassified -- regarding one James Douglas Morrison, dated after his "death" in 1971. These also refer to "WBC", a nom de plume of JM2. These look like real letters, documents, and court transcripts involving intelligence circles. These involve the CIA, Danish intelligence, and others. There is also an active passport and banking IDs under the name James Douglas Morrison.

Is this all for real or is this an elaborate hoax? It is not the scope of this work to determine the truth -- or lack of truth -- or the consequences of such activities. The important thing to note for the sake of this study is that someone or some group are actively pursuing and setting up a mass "urban legend" regarding James Morrison. They are painstakingly documenting it also. Whether this is a hoax or not is not as important as the fact that a lot of official-looking information is being generated surrounding the myth and legendry of Jim Morrison, his life and his supposed "death".

Just why might this be?

Multiple Morrisons

Like the "multiple Oswald" theories of Kennedy assassination buffs, there also exist rumors and urban legends describing the "multiple Morrison" theory.

The idea that Jim Morrison was in fact several different people and actors, or intelligence agents has been going on for some time. Besides the "Morrison" singing on the Phantom (now shown to be Iggy Pop) there also exist rumors that a Louisiana banker as well as Richard Tanguay -- a close friend of Mick Jagger -- perpetuated the hoax. Even High Times ran and old news story about someone claiming to be Jim Morrison (post 1971) running for governor of Louisiana! Supposedly Richard Tanguay (related to vaudeville legend Eva Tanguay) took the Morrison persona on, on several occasions, and even sang with The Doors when they toured Europe with the Rolling Stones. Is this possible?

In fact JM2 has claimed publicly that there have been numerous James Douglas Morrisons, and that they all knew one another and met from time to time to work it all out. The impersonations were part of CIA sociological experiments like Artichoke or MK-ULTRA.

It is impossible to substantiate wild stories like this. But the fact that there are people and groups out there making these claims in a big way and perpetuating "urban legends" about Jim Morrison is a curiosity in itself... And funny, in a dark sort of way.

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Originally posted to the VAMPYRES list by Javelina

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Before speculating on any specific pathogens capable of producing a condition akin to vampirism, I wish to post an old line of reasoning on how vampires manage to survive on a diet which contains so much water and so little else.

Speculation on the subject of the dietary requirements of vampires must first deal with what the blood is actually being used for. Some fiction, including Elrod's novels, seems to assume that it is for circulatory purposes. I am inclined to doubt this, in view of the general agreement that hose who walk by night need not breathe. If the lungs are not being ventilated, the purpose of blood circulation to the tissues seems questionable at best.

Assuming that blood is being digested seems much more reasonable. It raises, however, energetic issues. Blood is an awkward material to make a living from. Vampire bats do this, but they have very little safety margin. A bat that cannot feed on one night stands a strong chance of starving to death before the next night. They also consume large fluid volumes relative to their own body size.

Assuming first a digestive system operating after the pattern of living animals, breaking down complex organic molecules to carbon dioxide and water, one can do an interesting theoretical investigation of the energy balances involved.

The recommended daily minimum caloric intake for a young adult male is asserted by the relevant government agencies to be in the neighborhood of 2800 nutritionists calories (kcals to a physicist or biologist) per day. This is alleged to be sufficient for minimal maintenance, not heavy labor. Like most such figures, the adult in question is assumed to be the stereotypical 70 kilograms, North American.

A mammal digesting protein obtains about 4.8 kcals from one gram (dry weight!) of protein. The constituents of blood are almost entirely proteinaceous, so it is convenient to use this value. To obtain 2800 kcals, then, necessitates the consumption of 583 grams dry protein per day.

I have been unable to obtain a lumped value for the total dry matter present in a given volume of mammalian blood, but a convenient reference tome (Altman and Dittmer; Biology Data Book) asserts that the concentration of hemoglobin in human blood is 150 dry grams per litre. Yes, litre. Because human blood cells do not accomplish much except hemoglobin packaging, it is not unreasonable to take the 150 g per litre figure as the total protein content.

The previous two paragraphs imply, then, that 583/150 =3.9 liters of blood are required to meet human-level metabolic requirements.

I have a considerable distaste, for the above calculation. At most generous estimate, a second and indubitably human adult will have a total blood volume approximating 10% of his body weight .. let us say seven kilograms. Seven litres, then. Mammals cannot survive the catastrophic loss of more than about 30-40 percent of their total blood volume, that being a maximum of 2.8 liters from the above 7 liter scenario. The loss of 20% of blood volume is almost invariably survivable, meaning that a loss of 1.4 litres would not be fatal, though the impact would be substantial and unpleasant. All this suggest that IF mammalian energetic constrain the obligately nocturnal readers of this list, they must be feeding on three people a night. (The annual number of unsolved murders in the country, high as it is, is not high enough to support the obvious possibility.)

A more reasonable (but not, I think, the most pleasing) suggestion would be that the energetic model to examine is not that of mammals, but of reptiles. The profligate habit of maintaining an elevated body temperature imposes a tremendous cost on those of us silly enough to do so. As a very rough approximation, a reptile has energy demands one tenth those of a bird or mammal of the same body size. This certainly brings the dietary requirements back to a more manageable level.

The shortcomings of this outlook are, of course, the same as the shortcomings of reptiles. Chemical reactions, including biochemical ones, proceed much more slowly at low temperatures. If the masters of the night are thus constrained, any of them trying to survive at high altitudes have a problem. They had best be exceedingly stealthy, for they couldn't outrun a toddler at 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Given the abundance of vampire legends from northern countries, this limitation seems unlikely. I do acknowledge the fondness of Ricean vampires for southerly climates, but they do not seem to suffer in extreme cold.

Both the mammalian and reptilian models suffer also from the fundamental assumptions arising from the metabolism of living cells. Neither mammals nor reptiles function in the absence of oxygen (and I need not be reminded about hibernating turtles - turtles cheat). Yet a near-universal agreement seems to hold: the undead need not breathe. We are not discussing organisms small enough to make simple diffusion a viable option, so I don't believe that any energetic system which demands oxygen as a terminal electron acceptor will suffice to explain the phenomenon.

Yet there is, perhaps, a better way. What of a much more fundamental energetic option?

Energy (in joules) = mass (in kilograms) * 2.997 exp 8 m/sYsquared ..

One gram of material, regardless of water content, yields 8.98x10-to-the-thirteenth joules of energy. This works out to about 2x10-to-the-tenth kcals. Obviously, only a minute fraction of the blood is used for this purpose, or the problem would be one of disposing of energy rather than acquiring it. If this suggestion has any validity, most of the ingested material must be used for structural maintenance and repair of the body, or excreted in some manner. I am inclined to suggest gaseous loss, primarily in the form of carbon dioxide, water, and nitrogen.

I will not propose a mechanism for this, as no living animal has yet worked out a way to pull it off at bio-compatible temperatures. Clearly, though, this out to be a matter of great interest to the cold-fusion crowd.



A human-size organism functioning like a mammal needs to feed heavily and frequently for even minimal survival on blood.
A human-sized organism functioning like a reptile would get by energetically, at the cost of putting up with typical reptilian shortcomings.
Direct conversion of matter to energy (E=mc2) would resolve these problems handily.


The point of all this is not to pretend that the hunters of the night cannot exist - blatant folly in view of the number of them reading this - but to suggest that the biology of magic is a largely unexplored field.

As with more mundane human pathogens, the first major issue in addressing this problem is the establishment of a model system suitable for investigation. Thus I have a query for the, shall we say, more senior readers of this list .. Is your condition transmissible to small rodents, and if so, what containment procedures are sufficient to manage them? Vampiric rats might present certain unusual hazards for university animal maintenance personnel.

The overall problem of approaching vampirism biologically, as this possibly-myopic entity perceives it, is that of finding an invader capable of rebuilding its human host to do one of two things. It must either produce more energy from limited materials than living organisms can manage by chemical means (the cold fusion suggestion) or it must conserve energy so dramatically -- without compromising the strength and speed associated with the condition -- that the scant energy available from blood will suffice.

These problems invite speculation that something other than a living vampiric disease/parasite is involved.

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