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Parapsych research generally shows that meditators perform psi more reliably and to greater effect. So if you must choose one,  I would choose meditation.

How,  then,  can you practice psi?

I don't know how skilled you are at meditation,  but when you begin reaching states of long,  uninterrupted concentration or even absorption into the object of meditation,  you will then be able to gain psychic insight into / influence over the object of your meditation. As long as you maintain your meditative focus,  go ahead and meditate on the unknown day ahead, or on the solution to a problem,  or on a loved one that needs healing,  or on the relationship between consciousness and matter, etc.

I know that most people in this board are used to the focal / void meditations that encourage very simple objects of concentration,  but don't forget that other traditions use extremely complex foci such as long,  intricate mantras or visualizations of complicated deities. A dot is a simpler focus than the day ahead or a deity,  but all will sharpen your meditation as long as you practice effectively.

I also recommend trying to become more aware of the everyday psi that most take completely for granted and don't notice. Delve into the theory of how psi might actually work and take steps to eliminate any obstacles to its conscious functioning. Even if you have no time to actively practice, a bit of effort towards eliminating unhelpful beliefs and attitudes and changing a habit of two can be a game-changer. For this,  I highly recommend the book First Sight,  which is a detailed theoretical description of how psi informs and affects every aspect of our lives.

But to reiterate,  meditation is key in my mind. It can enrich your entire life, and also just so happens to strengthen whatever it is which facilitates the expression of psi,  and psychic abilities have been spontaneously arising in advanced meditators for millennia. In my opinion,  it's a no-brainer. Let that be your core practice.

Magick / Re: Removing spells
« on: October 29, 2017, 06:28:40 AM »
I'm a little skeptical of your tool,  honestly,  but maybe I just need more information.

Can you use dowsing to reliably obtain information in other contexts?

Why do the different measurements from your tool mean what you are saying they mean? Are you following instructions or using a method formed from your own experiences?

Do you know of any magically-inclined people who would want to harm you,  or are these alleged spells coming to you more or less at random?

Edit: It is difficult to give useful advice when you say that your story is too long to tell. It's like you go to a doctor saying "bite! No time to explain! " and the doctor doesn't know whether you were bitten by a snake,  spider, rodent,  dog,  person, or whether you're likely to be poisoned or diseased or just very distressed.

Main Hall / Re: My oh my we are a sad little place
« on: September 17, 2017, 04:40:31 PM »
Magical and spiritual practices DO bring benefits, just look at the research on meditation: increased attention and empathy, decreased anxiety and less reactivity to stressors including pain,  an altered EEG phenotype suggesting the above,  as well as a smaller amygdala with greater connectivity to the frontal lobe,  suggesting greater control over the
more "negative" emotions... Positive changes in gene expression,  longer telomeres suggesting less cellular aging... The list goes on and on. The mind affects the body.

While you seem to be comfortable throwing around the term "placebo," you seem to miss its implications. Placebos work. They work better than if nothing had been done to treat an illness, for example. How do you think placebos work? A mental state of expectation influences the brain,  somehow. Of course,  according to hardline materialism like you seem to believe in,  a mental state is either not a real thing and therefore can't affect matter, or is a state of the brain, in which case the brain effectively decides to hurt or heal itself or the body. The placebo effect even persists when the subject knows that they are receiving a placebo. Hypnosis may suggest an entire field of manipulating the placebo effect in the self and others.

If the placebo effect can, in this way, be used arbitrarily to create physiological and psychological changes in people, merely by creating a mental / brain state of expectation of that effect, then right there you have validation for a whole host of the mystical magical practices that you have had such a falling out with.

The value in the mysticism and magic, from that perspective,  is that they are frameworks in which people can believe, in order to elicit useful placebo effects systematically and at will.

What exactly is your issue,  then,  with someone practicing magic because it is psychologically compelling, when it elicits real placebo effects?

As for "spooky action at a distance," Google Scholar > Anomalous Cognition / Perturbation or even one of the older terms for psi like ESP or PK like I did for you in the other thread. There is plenty of evidence in favor, and if anything the field of parapsychology is gaining in acceptance.

Magick / Re: Questions! (You guys tired of me yet?)
« on: August 29, 2017, 10:47:13 AM »
Excellent rebuttal!

Other / Re: Remote viewing
« on: August 24, 2017, 05:13:27 AM »
I do not currently practice any formal remote viewing techniques but have been interested in learning for awhile - specifically the coordinate remote viewing technique popularized by the US military's stint in psychic espionage, but I am open to anything as I value practice over all.

May I ask where you are learning about RV from so that we can share our current sources? I have picked up Limitless Mind by Russell Targ (probably better for beginners) as well as the more technical Remote Viewing by David Morehouse.


Hello and Goodbye / Re: Hello
« on: August 24, 2017, 04:49:19 AM »
Welcome to Veritas,  M3rlin! I hope that you find many answers here and look forward to seeing you around the forum!

Magick / Re: Questions! (You guys tired of me yet?)
« on: August 20, 2017, 07:58:59 AM »
Stop blatantly misleading people,  Hellblazer.

Evidence & Debate:

Psi (now often referred to as anomalous cognition for ESP and anomalous perturbation for PK) has plenty of lab evidence. There is a lot of debate surrounding it,  but having watched the community for several years,  if anything the mainstream is warming up to the idea and suspending their toxic,  anti-scientific bias against inquiry into subjects they don't understand.

Magick / Re: Questions! (You guys tired of me yet?)
« on: August 15, 2017, 07:48:33 AM »
The mind can affect matter and it is as simple as that. Psychokinesis (PK)  is responsible for anything people call by whatever arbitrary name ending in -kinesis.

No accumulation of energies is necessary for PK. All that is required is focused intention. With a clear,  calm mind and the ability to focus on your goal,  whether that means seeing across space and time, healing, sending a message,   or bending a spoon, you have all that you need.

The question then becomes,  what does Iatros mean by this,  exactly,  so that I can be sure I am doing it right? I advise you to let go of this question forever. Just know what you intend,  and practice focusing your mind on your intended result as if it were present or certain to occur. Practice this so that no other thought enters your mind, until you are relaxed as you do so. Do not worry about the mechanism. You are the mechanism,  and the more complex you make the process,  generally speaking,  the worse a mechanism you are, because you are wasting focus.

A better question is,  what should I not do?  Do not allow your mind to wander from your intention. Do not confuse focus with effort - stay physically relaxed and mentally calm. Learn to control your desires as craving results can stop them from occuring, causing a release of effort effect where psi / sorcery occurs after you stop trying. This effect can be good for confirming success in the beginning, but obviously can cause much frustration during your practice session, and cause weird delayed phenomena, so break the habit of straining early on.

As described in this forum,  focal meditation will improve your intention,  and void meditation will decrease distracting factors, and I personally think everybody should practice both daily if they are serious about results.

Regarding energies,  it is not like Prophecy teaches one kind of vital force,  Bardon another,  and qigong practitioners a third. They are roughly the same, but use slightly different methods to put the mind in contact with mostly undifferentiated, pure energy which is favorable to life. So do not get bogged down wondering whose description of how to work with which energy is best. Rather,  choose someone who seems legitimate and learn to work with the energy as they describe until you have some success - congratulations,  you can move energy. Then try others' methods and see how they slightly alter the quality of the energy. I recommend starting with pure,  balanced energies like the vital force / qi so that it will purify and balance you as you work,  and leave you more resistant to imbalances should you begin work with more specialized energies.

But always remember,  if an energy is like a fool,  your mind is like the hand which uses the tool. Using tools with numb,  weak,  unskilled hands is inefficient at best and can be dangerous.

In summary,

1. There is no "mental force," but rather energy is always structured by mind.

2. There is no difference between moving air with your mind and moving paper with your mind, or anything else.

3. There is little point to attempt controlling energy with your mind if you aren't yet adept at controlling your mind.

4. There is little point to worrying about which energy is which after you have learned to use your mind skilfully enough to perceive those energies directly.

Main Hall / Re: Feeling nostalgic
« on: July 18, 2017, 05:04:26 AM »
Maybe it is other forms of social media detracting from forums - and the better integration of sites like Reddit with smart devices.

It still seems to me that places like this are better at forming open communities that welcome free,  complex debate. Maybe some work could be done to modernize Veritas (and other forums of which you are fond) to draw more participation?

Main Hall / Re: Feeling nostalgic
« on: July 15, 2017, 03:49:41 AM »
Apparently not much! It makes me want to set goals for posting every day or something.

I've been good - reviewing research into psi and thinking of writing some articles about what is and isn't known / being thought about currently in parapsychology. A friend and I also acquired a space in which to practice energy arts / alchemy with some freedom and privacy...  So that's cool.

How are you doing?

Psionics / Re: Physical Teleportation Discussion
« on: July 12, 2017, 08:49:16 AM »
1. I'll define teleportation as the transference of an object from one location to another. This definition excludes scenarios in which the object is destroyed and recreated - strictly speaking,  destroying / creating an object at different locations has nothing to do with teleportation - it only creates the illusion of teleportation.

2. I believe it is possible,  based on various accounts throughout history and the existence of other mind-matter interactions, plus a few studies I've come across claiming that subjects skilled at psychokinesis were able to teleport small objects in lab conditions. I have not personally experienced of witnesses teleportation,  however. The closest thing in my experience is that once when I offered wine to a spiritual being,  I later found that wine had actually disappeared from the offering bowl.

3. For your enjoyment,  here is a 2004 article from the US Air Force discussing possible methods of teleportation. Included is an admission of the validity of psi research and due consideration of psychic approaches to teleportation. In particular,  a Chinese study is summarized in which people were trained to teleport small objects at will. This begins @ page 55.

4. I do not have specific personal beliefs on the subject, but if I may,  I'd like to touch on a few things that have been said already.

"To me, I believe you need to at least be able to move the object or person in all directions permanently. Which includes up and down. So telekinesis and levitation would be a minimum requirement. As well as accurate remote viewing, if you don't want to end up with a "Jumper" situation where you can only go places you've seen before by either being there or through existing pictures."

Keep in mind that there is little agreement about how psi works yet. The process responsible for moving a table might be completely different from the process responsible for bending a spoon. It SEEMS like the two should be related,  but we don't know for sure,  and psi is often surprising. For example, get a psychic healer to heal half of a group of 100 randomly selected patients and not the other,  and if they are successful it actually won't matter if the group to be healed already exists, or if the group actually represents hospital records from last century,  or the next 100 patients to be admitted to a hospital in the future.

Furthermore,  with remote viewing,  it is fine to only have a set of coordinates or any other symbolic representation of a place. In fact,  all that is required is the intention to RV the intended place at the intended time. If no information is required to successfully arrive at a location for one psychic application (remote viewing),  why should information be needed to successfully arrive at a location with psychic teleportation? And why should one need to learn remote viewing in order to teleport,  as if one needed to learn guitar in order to play violin?

Thoughts exist,  and all things which exist necessarily have the power to affect other existent things.

However, you are not the creator of your obsessions. Rather,  possibilities exist independently of you, and only then do these possibilities enter your awareness. At this point your brain's method of information processing highlights these negative possibilities strongly so that they can be addressed, and then struggles to let go of them when rationally it should.

These obsessions cause strong negative reactions in you, or you would not be terrified of accidentally helping to manifest them. Fortunately,  this negative reaction created a strong intention that these thoughts do not become real. If anything,  when you are gripped by these fears, you are likely unconsciously working to stop them.

So you are not the creator of these possibilities,  and your perception of these possibilities does not facilitate their manifestation, especially since you actively desire them not to happen.

As a magical practitioner with intrusive thoughts,  however,  it will be especially important for you to cultivate mental control and clarity.  Any thoughts which draw emotional energy from you will do so at the expense of whatever you actually want to be using that energy for. Plus, training visualization to high degrees can make it easier to effect unintentional change magically,  so it is always a wise decision to become mentally controlled beforehand. I suggest daily meditation.

In particular,  you will reach a point in meditation where a thought will intrude, but it will not overcome you,  and instead will just be there,  existing apart from you. It will appear to your mental awareness,  but not partake in your astral energies unless you decide to contribute them. When this becomes normal for you,  I believe that whatever difference OCD makes to your practice will have been brought under your control.

Magick / Re: Spirit Attack/Theta Gamma sync
« on: December 24, 2016, 01:57:15 PM »
Koetting is dangerously unreliable and as someone with experience in electroencephalography,  take it from me that syncing your brain to this or that frequency has nothing to do with interacting with spirits.  In fact,  you are much more likely to put yourself into a confused state and become more receptive to any unwanted psychic influence, and / or underlying psychological illnesses. If you nonetheless want to ignore this advice and try anyways,  find yourself a qualified neurotherapist who might actually be able to help you entrain your brainwaves in order to help address your problems... Unlike Koetting.

Now, if you want better advice, please provide us with more specific information about your problems, why you believe a spirit to be their cause, and what you have already tried.

There is evidence from parapsychological studies that what you are saying is true: belief in paranormal phenomena is conducive to those phenomena occurring, and to practitioners of "paranormal" disciplines successfully producing those phenomena. This effect goes beyond the normal effects of biased scientists expecting one outcome over another - it actually seems that scientists psychically influence the studies that they conduct according to their beliefs. Obviously this is troubling to everyone in the scientific community because the point of science is to gain knowledge in spite of false preconceptions.

Anyways, the problem with your post is that most people actually do believe in the paranormal, either in the form of religion (Miracles? Talking to gods and angels? Intercessory prayer? Faith healing? Survival of the soul after bodily death?) and the rest are well acquainted with the feeling of being stated at and the likes, even if they haven't had other common and secular paranormal experiences like small scale telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance or precognition. Here's some evidence.

So the problem appears to not be that a consensus exists that paranormal things aren't real which inhibits the occurrence of paranormal events. This DOES happen sometimes, but can't realistically be blamed for anyone's failure to, say, light up a lightbulb by will alone.

The truth is that psionics and internal energy use and magic etc. are skills that need to be consistently practiced for success in all but very rare circumstances. This is true in the same way that a violinist who has only played for one year probably sounds horrible, and a first year medical student wouldn't be trusted to perform surgeries. Except that in the case of the arts covered by Veritas, the energies and tools are largely invisible and intangible without training, unlike violins and bodies. Furthermore, while the rise of scientific method during the Enlightenment did wonders for arts like medicine, anything smacking of religion and the supernatural was regarded with extreme skepticism in the West as a reaction against an overpowered Church, and so the advances of science were largely withheld from "paranormal" disciplines. Even today those disciplines are attacked constantly by rather unscientific pseudo-skeptics, and it is extremely difficult to make a living as a parapsychologist, much less to be taken seriously as one no matter how rigorously scientific your methods are. Here's more info on that.

In conclusion, practice intelligently and consistently and you will be successful despite the world's closed-mindedness... And maybe one day your success will open others' eyes!

Best of luck.

Mugwort is legal and can be useful for dreaming, either as a tea or smoked, or just kept in a sachet in the pillow for the smell. It may produce a waking altered state of consciousness which I would describe as calm, flowing and slightly dreamlike, but is very mild. I should also warn that mugwort contains thujone which could be bad for you if used in very high doses or for extended periods, but in general you will be fine unless you are doing something obviously unnecessary and unwise like drinking cups and cups at a time regularly or smoking far more than you'll find pleasant.

The tea is quite bitter and unpleasant in my opinion, while the smoke is extremely mild, smooth, and almost sweet tasting if the plant is of good quality. An incense would work if you're not comfortable with inhaling directly, but take proper fire precautions if you're planning to sleep with incense.

There are plenty of resources online regarding mugwort consumption and dreams.

You should also consider using essential oils just for their scent. Scents easily reach the sleeping mind so a fragrance you associate with your sleep practices can serve to anchor your mind to your intentions even as your awareness is transformed when your body falls asleep.

It should be noted that a key mechanism of projection and lucid dreaming is the mind's ability to maintain awareness through transitions into altered consciousness. Use of psychoactive substances causes such an altered state in the first place, so if you're not able to succeed naturally there is a good chance that this sort of thing won't work very well, and may actually just complicate your progress if not stop it entirely. I therefore recommend using scents etc. at first, and then consuming only small quantities. With any very psychoactive substances, seek the advice of an experienced user who seems to be healthy and trustworthy.

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