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It's been a long time since I came here.  If Kyo says I should go, how could I say no?  hahaha.

As it gets closer to the time, hopefully I can work something out.  Preferably a weekend or during a national holiday would be best for me.

Body Energy Arts / Ninjitsu/Kuji-in **(information needed)**
« on: February 14, 2005, 05:57:16 PM »
If you feel that our martial art is suspicious, feel free to look up our lineage. Our grandmaster, Kevin Huang, was taught by Sifu Fu Chan Yang, who believes himself to be the only surviving lineage holder of the original Sang Men style. This traces all the way back to master Fang Zhong Gong. A prime source can be found in the book called The Bubishi. The school website, while young, is in kyo and myself's signature, so feel free to visit it. Also, our master is always open for questions as his phone number is on the website in addition to the address of the school. Feel free to purchase an international phone card and call him for information. Also, on April 9th, kyo and I's first teacher (not master) is entering the Rage in the Cage fighting tournament in Arizona signifying that we are willing to show that our style works. While you may jab at us and say "I thought your style was about a way of life," then I would say that combat is most certainly part of life.

In regards to the claim about Iron Body being mastered, that is false. You will find it impossible to find a quote by either of us saying that we have mastered Iron Body. However we have, through diligent practice over a long period of time, aquired it to some degree. While we do not claim to stop bullets or blades, we are more resistant to impact as our muscles and skin are stronger, again after a long period of time.

In conclusion, please don't flame kyo, myself, or our school if you do not know sufficient information and haven't made the attempt to find out.

Martial Arts / Circles always overcome tensions
« on: February 09, 2005, 09:13:06 AM »
*shrug* what can i say?  skilled at ninjutsu?  probably not.  skilled at martial arts, very much.

but thanks silver, you reminded me of how immature i was being just now, thank you.  so i'll refrain from further derailing the topic as it is futile without proof.  but, i'll have to say that while we do train in more than just combat, and combat is not the way of the martial artist, combat is definitely part of it.

Main Hall / Newbies That Come Because of Anime
« on: February 09, 2005, 12:34:04 AM »
actually i get some of my prime inspiration from watching anime.  the determination of some of those characters is a real spectacle.  ideas for new implementations of energy or movements also can result from anime or manga.  still great inspiration for me.

Martial Arts / Circles always overcome tensions
« on: February 09, 2005, 12:30:36 AM »
come summer i'll be sure to post some pics of my visit to japan, worry not.  it is however depressing that hatsumi would reject our friend as an internationally recognized ninja after hatsumi got a beat down.  if you want proof that our guy was actually a ninja of hatsumi, we can get a picture of the seal drawn by hatsumi and i can post it.  hell, if im in arizona at the time, i'll be holding it and smiling with my grandmaster and my teacher.

so kyo will not stoop to your level and pick.

Martial Arts / Circles always overcome tensions
« on: February 08, 2005, 03:17:37 PM »
downrodeo, simply because you can go way way back and trace the beginning of all martial arts to the very beginning does not mean that our arts are similar.  btw, i never said your style was watered down ;)  but i'll save that judgement for when kyo comes to visit you.  i'll also save that judgement for when i visit hatsumi this summer.  but, from what one of our students have said (who used to be a student of hatsumi's) im a tad skeptical.  and thats great that the british sas uses some ninjutsu, but that speaks nothing to me.

but if your combat system is as complete is ours is, then it isn't.  we do martial arts, not combat.  true combat is very much a part of life, however we teach martial arts in the simple and traditional way, without the use of technique after technique.  instead we use principles of movement that allow you to come up with millions of applications on the fly instead of having to sift through a library of techniques in order to find the correct one to use.

if what you do is related to hatsumi, i have reason to believe that this is so since i have talked to those of the quest martial arts chain who is a ninjutsu style that broke off from hatsumi.  they said that they do principles which is not what hatsumi teaches.  so as for complete...well i hope you have a lot of techniques to memorize.

but if you do indeed teach principles instead of techniques, not stress kattas or belts, teach and employ healing techniques that work, spar without sparring gear, do not force someone to conform to how the style is done but instead have an open style that conforms to how the person works, teach how to use your martial arts moves in real life instead of force feeding people morals (even though they are good, they don't work the mind), take questions freely since nothing should be done unless its understood, learn about mindsets, teach a variety of styles of movement (martial arts styles), travel to other schools to see if you are missing anything, and teach how to fight other styles as well as yourself then your ART is rather complete (i may have missed a couple things).  combat is something else entirely.  after all, martial arts is a way of life but so many people only stress on combat...but thats how it happens.

also, my experience is not relative.  my teacher, kyo, and myself have and still go to other schools, sampling what they have to offer first hand and talking with the masters there.  unfortunately they get rather angry at us when i describe what we do or when i ask so many questions, but....since our ARTS could be the similar than hopefully that isn't the case with you.

again, as for effectiveness...i'll leave that up to the student's word that i mentioned above, as well as when i meet hatsumi in person this summer.  in addition, there are no books or videos about our style since we are still working on making our style more complete and simple for everyone to learn.  we are however trying to get in movies.  as for our style, kyo can show some stuff to you when he sees you.

point being, any chinese influence that you think you have isn't there or is very small simply because of all of the "passing down through the generations" that has gone on.  any recent styles that have been picked up, were watered down.  thats how history wrote it.  not to say that your style is watered down, because i don't know if it is, i haven't studied japanese martial arts history too much.

sorry for the long reply, i enjoy talking about martial arts to people.

Main Hall / Los Angeles/Orange County, basically LA area socal meet
« on: February 08, 2005, 09:09:17 AM »
it is quite far from late.  we have no set date to meet, we just go and train now.  jayalin trains with me a couple times during the week now.  feel free to send me an IM at moussekun1 (aim) and we'll work out where you are.

Martial Arts / Circles always overcome tensions
« on: February 07, 2005, 05:33:45 PM »
while it is admirable that the last grand master of ninpo toured china and took in the styles, i would have to say that what we do is beyond any shadow of a doubt not similar to what you do.
to my knowledge, during the qing dynasty, martial arts were outlawed.  as a result, grandmasters of various arts were saught after and killed with only a few survivors.  because of the times, (usually) only close relatives would be able to learn the surviving style while everyone else would learn horribly watered down kung fu, which was, and is, ineffective and has lost practically all trace of anything that makes it a martial art.

during the dynasty, masters fled to places like hong kong, taiwan, and new york.  our style is a turn back to the traditional and simple (effective) ways of martial arts.  so if your grandmaster did tour china, it'd have had to be before the qing dynasty at least if he were to get any traditional martial arts in there.  our main styles are of the ones included by kyo above.  also we teach how to use martial arts in everyday life (as it is a way of life), how to combat the best (cause not everyone is stupid), as well as basic energy work, instruction in healing yourself and others, applications, sparring without gear on (and several leverls of sparring in fact), in addition to principles of movement that make it truely an art instead of a library of techniques that have, at best, a few applications, as well as, yes, iron body.  we also train the mind to think like a martial artist and not just force feed people morals (however good they are).

in this respect, i highly doubt that your style is in any way remotely like ours.

kyo, if i missed anything, feel free to add it here as im short on time.

Body Energy Arts / Bagua And Karate
« on: February 07, 2005, 04:20:35 PM »
Quote from: Trillis
I can't just choose, it's like the love of an art for another, and choosing family over family..

if it really is for the love of the art.  ask the teacher what makes the karate art and what makes the ba gua art.  is it a way of life?  do they teach you how to live martial art instead of just kick ass?  is there thought about what you are being taught or do they scoot around questions?  you have to ask yourself and the teacher these questions to find out which you should take.

and find out about the lineage, it'll shine a little light on whether or not he really does know what hes talking about.

Body Energy Arts / Bagua And Karate
« on: February 06, 2005, 07:47:06 PM »
just do the bagua. at least that has a chance of being legitimate and not hurting your body as well as teaching you tons of techniques that you'll never use or be able to use effectively.

ask him how many kattas (forms he has) and also see what lineage he takes after. there are two main bagua lineages. i'll find the names for you later. try and see if he'll tell you which one his style is.

edit:  the founder was dong hai chuan who taught 4 students.  2 of which are the main lineages of ba gua today.  one is chen ting hua (the name of the master).

Body Energy Arts / The way of the warrior?
« on: February 03, 2005, 12:17:44 AM »
if you just want general information, check out this book:

hehe kind of straight forward, but i have read it and you may get a taste for how it was back then.

Body Energy Arts / The way of the warrior?
« on: January 29, 2005, 10:26:40 AM »
if we use the root words literally, we could say that the warrior makes war on himself. as cliche as it sounds, the self is the only true opponent anyone ever faces. a warrior strives to make war on himself and defeat himself. in this way, many people can be warriors without physically killing others.

and just for tsumaru, i will provide "the way of the warrior" in anything but japanese:
the way of the warrior is
-дорога ратника in russian
-manier van de strijder in dutch
-maneira do guerreiro in portugese
-indlela izinkomo zenkosi ibutho in zulu
-pihAw qoN qRYlok juJwr in what im told is a language called punjabi

the way of the warrior, around the world.
(yay for japanophiles)

Main Hall / Members By Country
« on: January 19, 2005, 09:44:54 PM »
USA.  hehe i just live here.

Main Hall / Los Angeles/Orange County, basically LA area socal meet
« on: January 18, 2005, 10:09:57 AM »
btw, for all those those are kind of shy about this whole thing, jayalin found that we actually go to the same college and are meeting to train when school resumes!  small world.  anyway, point is, you might live someone close to someone from here than you'd expect!

Main Hall / Article Against Articles
« on: January 16, 2005, 06:10:58 PM »
the timing of the release of this article, the situations under which it was divulged, and the whole anonymous thing creates enough suspicion for the koujiryuu to be the author.

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