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Hello and Goodbye / Re: Hi Hi... Wish you dont mind me posting this
« on: March 29, 2006, 09:08:34 AM »
Well... is it safe to be here? x_x""""

Anyway, can anyone guide me here?? I got question to ask about the forum.. Thank you

Hello and Goodbye / Hi Hi... Wish you dont mind me posting this
« on: March 29, 2006, 08:36:32 AM »
Hello everyone. This is MoonLady. I would like to introduce myself tonight.
I living in Singapore (Near Malaysia) right now.
Now my timing is 1230am, midnight..

How I know this place?
Well, one thing can say, Not from friends :) Because I'm a loner xD Always like to do things alone... Because do things alone, the better. If people work together, very troublesome one.
Well, I know this place while i log into sorcery Server and i saw the channel @Vpractice which make me interest and Then I end up registering here as members xD lol

Anyway, I like to tell you guys more about me.

My race is chinese, but i know english language ^^

Seen time, I been study in witchcraft which people claim wicca now.
But for me, witchcraft still witchcraft... And wicca is wicca.. Got different.

Anyway, I'm a college student in Accounting. Because I love Maths?

I love read books, ice skating, exploring, surfing net, play computer games.

I hate people who are troublesome, disturber, troublemaker, think they Prof and know everything.

Blessed be

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