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« on: December 20, 2003, 10:38:24 PM »
AS the tables of time combine in a portable of time that sees all and knows what is there for they know what is real and we see them as an image beyond our time, they see us the same way. The experience of time is one that no man has a power to mess with and the sense of present of energy is there whether u like to believe it or not. Now answer this if u may, a present can be seen by the eyes of those intune with the energy as the mind can translate a foreign talk to be understood without lips that move to reply. And an flow of understanding and acknowledge of peace with harnomy can be there and know what a person is doing with on energy harness of friendship and know what is all being said, ask my friends that know this very well and don't know the happen and how this can be. An experience that is pure can see and feel all energy in the world that is harness and passive to the bone of whcih once was in me that i passed to my next person who conencts to the energy as i did. 2 together harness and catch the energy with one complete pure outlook with every century there.

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