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The Cafeteria / Can psychokinesis set off alarms?
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:53:46 PM »
Yesterday my three emergency alarms were set off. Police, fire, and emergency. Then it was just the cops. The ADT guys are here fixing the alarm by now. So it occurred to me if it wasn't the fairies, or maybe it was the fairies, it could have been a spirit or just random psychokinesis. My debit card misreads or demagnetizes when I'm ungrounded. So I have to blow on it or rub it on clothing to get it to work. It doesn't matter how many new debit cards I get, I still have this happen. So getting a new card is pointless and time consuming. It takes a week to show up anyway. Psychokiensis is a possibility I hadn't thought of. Maybe a spirit used it to set off my alarms. Thoughts?

Psionics / Psychic Attack
« on: August 02, 2016, 04:48:51 PM »
My mother is someone capable of using psi. She does it to manipulate people mostly. She also does it to brainwash people. Aside from that I have seen unethical uses of psi most of my life from both parents. I wanted to hear about psychic attack and combat. They feed and try to dump MI symptoms since they both have concurrent mental illness symptoms. I will have to learn some better combat skills if I'm going to keep their energy away. I have three servitors and one complains steadily. They continually cut the cords of attachment. Fortunately both parents are leaving the country. My dad is merely going where the money goes. Mom wants to return to her family of origin. I can't say where for my safety. But you guys have some idea. Europe. Spanish. That's too strong of a hint. At least I have a screen name for my safety. Not that she knows where to look. Nobody say the country for goodness sake. I see two mentally ill people who are about to crash and burn. My tarot readings say they will get caught. The heat is frying my brain right now. I got the Death card. Change. Something massive will come. A bad psychotic break perhaps that will cure them of shared delusion. I might wind up having to call 911. Fortunately, we have buttons for that. It will be merely pressing a button. I have turned into a most ethical psionic user since starting my meds. I love my meds very much. Okay, so if anybody can teach me more about psychic combat, I'm ready.

Magick / Re: Lost all faith
« on: July 29, 2016, 04:28:04 PM »
Hellblazer, I wish I could give you my faith. My faith in magick is unshakeable. You could almost say it's like having my faith in myself. Going to my Toastmasters meetings really does help me figure out what my true self is. I've been a Toastmaster since 2013. It's a bit further away now but I like going on a good day. You need to find your faith in magick again. Find your faith in magick.  It's more than okay to believe. Forget what skeptics tell you. I'm pretty good at the intrinsic magick/manifestation stuff. I'm fantastic at it. My brain manifests awesome parking spots. I have at least 8 or 9 business plans written. I have to write them all because I have a list of 72 ideas. All are written down. I think you need to have faith in yourself, because my family tried to destroy that too but I have surpassed all of it. Hellblazer, take a day off from driving yourself nuts, and believe. Magick is somewhat about faith. The stronger your will, the more your spell is driven by it. I will think happy thoughts about you and hope you find faith again. Unfortunately, it seems it is all about faith. Your loss of faith worries me.

Magick / Re: Lost all faith
« on: July 28, 2016, 06:00:30 AM »
Yet our experience of reality is based on our perspective of it. Our mental standpoint. Does drawing upon the white light of the divine goddess actually mean that you've drawn in some cosmic energy? Are is it the effect of the intention and visualization coupled with expectation that allow you to invoke the dopamine spirit?
Similar to the 'astral senses' they are self generated audiotory, visual, tactle, and olfactory hallucination.

The problem with the occult arts is confirmation bias.

More and more I think on it, if you need faith and belief to make it work, it doesn't work.

Have you ever read Christopher Penczak? In the Inner Temple of Witchcraft, the man says he was a skeptic. It works without faith. Magick really does work. I mean, he didn't have much faith in it at first. Think about it that way before you slip into the loss of faith some more.

There's nothing about schizophrenia that conflicts with psi in a truly fundamental sense, since schizophrenia is fundamentally a disease of the brain and psi is fundamentally an ability of the soul.  However there is a very severe problem that active schizophrenia makes it almost impossible to practice psi. 

I didn't get adequate knowledge or training from the ages of 12-15. I should have been on pediatric bipolar meds at 12. I didn't get those either. My illness was not treated properly until 2012. I have been mostly stable these four years. I have an abundance of psychic ability. There is a list. You might say I have physical mediumship if you take my telekinesis/psychokinesis into account.

And without practice, psi is generally of very little utility or impact.  This severe difficulty in practice happens because the inability to correctly assess what is real disrupts the essential feedback process in psi practice.  You have to actually know when you are successful to make forward progress.  This appears to be such a severe problem that at present I do not recommend anyone with active schizophrenia attempt to practice psi.  It is likely to just cause more confusion.

I can now control my psi because of consistent medication taking. My brain was previously disorderly but right now I'm getting A papers in every Greyschol class I'm taking. I have not failed a single paper. This means I'm writing coherently and getting decent grades.

If with medication (or future medications not yet developed) one is able to get schizophrenia completely or mostly under control, then practice of psi might be a reasonable and interesting pursuit.  But I would advise against it while symptoms are still active.

My schizophrenia, bipolar, and OCD are all in total control with my meds. I'm pretty much well-treated. It is up to me to make money and get my Free Soul self-paced classes going. I need to blow $29.95 apparently. If I make money, I can so do that. Thanks!


I'm looking for a knowledgeable person who might understand psychic ability as it pertains to also being genuinely on the schizophrenia spectrum. I'm schizoaffective bipolar 1 OCD and I'm a tele-empath. How confusing is that? Very. I love my medication for giving me a buffer. I'm also psycokinetic and can bend spoons, forks and keys. I will have to figure out how to post pictures of my spoons from my phone. Here's at least one. Everywhere I go, I bend silverware. I'm scared to go to the silverware section of any department store by myself. My psi might go off. I spend my life hoping nobody notices but on the other end I wish I could get the randi prize already. He's just a chronic debunker who will never believe. It might never happen. Thanks guys.

Main Hall / Re: My mom's future psi attacks
« on: June 24, 2016, 12:51:54 PM »
Sekhmet, shouldn't this be in Cafeteria?

My mistake. I haven't been around in too long. 

Main Hall / My mom's future psi attacks
« on: June 24, 2016, 08:38:52 AM »
I know that when my parents leave, my mother is going to throw psi attacks. So I will shield my condo quite carefully with a bunch of citrine around my bedroom. Also, I have my angels and black tourmaline. My parents are officially retiring in Spain. I have no leave date and no move-in date. I want to start a non-hierarchical occult study group in my condo. I want to have a ritual room and my boyfriend is not moving in any time soon. So for any Veritas folks in the SF Bay Area, feel free to PM me.

I'm trying to figure out how mom's psychic attack will work. I am thinking it will be energy bursts. I made three servitors to cut the cords automatically. I also use mirror shields daily. I avoid her inside the house. I will simply not be home a lot when we move to the condo. There is a whole mall to explore in the neighborhood. I'll be okay.


I have to inform you that they got back together. I think I might be able to take care of what he does to her energy body. For some reason, she's happy despite his temper. She let a bully back into her friends list and the thing is, that's because the bully is an untreated bipolar/borderline who doesn't know anything about boundaries.

Scary? I said this bully could be violent but thankfully her ex agrees and she told me he said something similar. In which case, I already predicted the bully would bring up mental illness out of place at a party. Guess what? She did exactly what I predicted she would do. How right am I most days? I have found peace with my psychic talents by now. I have decided not to deny it and to try to accept the fact that I have kinesis with objects as well as metals. I'm a real tele-empath and I put up with the clairs in different formats. Oberon Zell-Ravenheart of helped me come to terms with the fact that my psychic ability is real. I will keep you updated.

Let's see how right I will be. My friend is very stable. Her dad messes with her meds but she learned to keep them on her person at all times. He was switching fresh meds with bad meds. Bad meds can make one paranoid. Good meds keep all symptoms under control. I am thrilled with my meds because I have a lot of respect for chemicals that keep me asleep during loud mariachi music. For those of you who do not know, mariachi music is of Mexican origin and very loud and repetitive. I slept through a whole night of it once at my boyfriend's. Anyway, Steve, thanks for mentioning the cords. I made myself three servitors for my own problems with cords that come from my mother that attach to me. I have to be constantly vigilant. Thanks,


Magick / Re: Inner Magick Vs External Magick
« on: May 21, 2016, 04:17:08 PM »
There's a VAST world out there that you can continually throw magic at and never perfect, mostly because the next generation of people will just come along and fuck it all up again ;) And then there's You, the being that you'll be spending the rest of your life with. If you can't change your own life for the better, how can you hope that all the magic you're throwing at 7 billion people is truly helping them out?

Of course, I could be biased as I started with internal, and only sought external proof for a couple of reasons (first, to give stronger potential validity to the stories in the bible, since they treated magic as a real thing, and secondly to verify that I wasn't insane when I started seeing real magical results).


Looks like I'll be writing a whole book on intrinsic magick because that's what Amber K calls it. I realize I'm an old pro at intrinsic because I recently bound somebody with words only. I heard the person backed off consistently which is odd for a  borderline/bipolar who keeps going long after the fact.

Hey Sekhmet, welcome back. You seem to be dealing really well with a lot of things. Congrats on that :)

Regarding the topic at hand, did you have a specific question in mind, or just want as much information as possible regarding stopping the guy's influence on your friend?

I'm looking for ways of stopping his influence. My advice to her was 1) get angry at him, don't fall for his fake apology because he will just lose his temper again. 2) Cut the cords of attachment because he is messing with her energetically as well. 3) He's a telepath like I am, a bit more than just an empath. He is messing with her fundamental energy structure. I heard from a mutual friend that on New Year's she was acting like a junkie who needed her fix so this mutual friend let her ditch to go hang out with the douche bag.

My basic advice would be distraction. Get her involved in something else, which is hopefully healthy for her, to the point where she can ignore the boyfriend, or at least put him off for a while. So long as she can put him out of her mind for a while, she will eventually be able to break the associations with him. The second piece of advice would be to make sure she's aware of her infatuation with his smell; she might like it, but so long as she's consciously aware that it's manipulating her mind and feelings, then she should be able to fight the feelings it generates within her.

I'm writing a book on Bullies and Manipulators. I'm also writing my business plans. My fiction needs an editor real bad. So I suggested she edit my fiction. I have her as co-author for my non-fiction. I wrote up a contract. I'm way ahead of schedule actually, which is good. I love my medication very much for keeping me productive and stable.

As for the douche bag's energy field, she plans on distracting herself with friends. She did mention this older guy is losing his looks. Attractive men, I should note, go through misery. They get a lot of attention. I heard he flirted with waitresses who ignored him which is what qualifies as sexual harassment. I think I have told her what I can in phone messages about how to cope with the feelings. She gets sugar cravings on top of the douche bag cravings. I have managed to tell her to have cheese for the sugar cravings and to not take the douche bag cravings seriously. I heard he threw a knife at some point. I can't say for sure if that information is valid or not. She decided to break up with him two nights ago now. He was screaming at her in the car, calling her a moron and an idiot. I think she's definitely looking into another guy who will be more rational, and mellow. Her douche bag has bipolar but he's not on meds. He takes an herbal. He's also a functional alcoholic who got her into drinking. I think I can cut her cords of attachment and hooks. I have some skill in that although I'm still fairly ignorant about things. I don't know everything. I have no certifications as of this time.

Lastly, if you're okay with it, put up a psychic barrier around her and pull his hooks out of her. Protect her from his psychic influence for a while. It won't get him the help he needs, but it will help your friend.


I asked my Deities to protect my friend from him. She is not interested in cursing him but me and our mutual friend are pagan so we feel the need to bind the douche bag at least.

Oh yeah, Steve, these days, I have a strict computer curfew. It shuts off at 5 or 6. 5 is also TV time. If I feel too wound up, I don't watch TV. Fictional tension makes me manic sometimes. I'm totally in control of my health though. Everything is treated and I'm waiting to hear back from Safeway about potential jobs. I did fracture a bone in my knee and dislocated my knee cap in yoga. I'm keeping busy though without my gym as a distraction. My parents are supposedly leaving the country eventually. For now it feels like all talk. I look forward to being on my own. I have plans to turn a second bedroom into a ritual room where I can take my practice seriously. I have many interests in witchcraft as well as the mundane.

I haven't been around in a long time. I have a complex situation though. A friend of mine is dating a guy who she has to break up with constantly because of his temper. He is undiagnosed bipolar. Or at least he knows but doesn't take his meds. He is controlling, mean, and abusive. She likes him. She likes his energy. At first she put a positive spin on his temper tantrums by saying she enjoys it because it meant she's free from passive-aggressive idiocy. Of course, passive-aggressive people who don't tell me they are mad at me really bothers me. I stay away from people like that. They get the boot really fast.

My friend's friend is aware of his effect on people. One of my bizarre psychic talents is smelling pheromones. Pregnant women throw me into a tizzy. Its because they have two energy fields. Pheromones are what attracts people to people. It is all a chemical response given by the body. Scary right? Any time you think somebody is hot, that's a biochemical reaction, nothing more. Chemistry is the basis of attraction. My friend's ex-again apologizes and lures her back. Typically abusive relationship. This time she might be done for good. I cautioned her to quit taking his apologies. The thing is, he manipulates her on a psychic level too. She's hooked on his energy. I heard from a mutual friend that she was acting like a junkie on New Year's and she ditched an old friend to hang out with the douche bag. I call him that because his energy puts me off and I have barely met the guy. By now, I have some nifty mental health diagnoses. I'm on great meds. I also have better habits like a computer curfew that I implement on or before 7 p.m. PST Daylight savings and 5 p.m. during Standard time. I don't stay up late on line anymore. I hopped on here to get some advice about pheromone addiction.

I heard that her boyfriend would lift his arm pit and waft his pheromones all over the room. She would get hooked on smell alone. I think he's a calculating predator who knows what he is doing. He is a telepath like me, not just an empath. I'm an empath-telepath. I also know who douche bags are real fast. I can determine who is a jerk very quickly, male or female. I got rid of frenemies.

In other news, my parents are leaving the country. I will be living in a condo. I want to turn the condo into a ritual space. I live in the SF Bay Area. I basically want to turn the second bedroom in the condo into a ritual room. I stand up to shebeast daily and my dad needs a hearing aid/sleep apnea mask neither of which he is making an effort on getting. I have proof my dad is a sociopath. My mom is in therapy, finally, and it is somewhat improving her. I dislocated my knee cap, a ligament, and had a fracture in yoga one day. I have been out a while but the thing is, I'm finding time to finish my as well as to finish my business plans, and learn new skills. I'm looking for a job. Safeway might go for me but I'm not sure yet because of my knee. Every illness I have is under control. My diabetes management is excellent. I'm on a quest to nail perfect blood sugars. I want to reverse diabetes using insulin and cinnamon pills. I am close. I'm not always perfect though. I can get to 161 mg/dl and then I'm high. I'm trying to make friends with it instead of be adversarial. I'm doing great and I'm about to get a job with said Safeway. Thanks for teaching me a lot guys, this website is a huge resource. I do not want to participate too often as I'm on the schizophrenia, bipolar and OCD spectrums but I will definitely be occasionally logging in. I learn a lot from you guys! I like the new layout.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: Hi everybody.
« on: September 26, 2014, 02:52:35 PM »

I need a pagan psychiatrist to fully wrap my brain around how manic I get when I do energy manipulation. I have to be very careful and I want to be a grounded Reiki master, Qigong master, and theta healer. So I can't really take you up on your suggestion since that is not my practice but thank you though. My practice for meditation is mindfulness which relieves stress. At some point I had an evening routine going after I take my meds. But then again I have been somewhat slacking on my evening meditation. My morning meditation is an ingrained routine by now though. I want to learn other forms of meditation. I may go so far as to get myself a Buddhist teacher to teach me how to shut my godsdamn brain off. I'm a very neurotic person. I'm anxious and neurotic all the time. I have put myself through programs like the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program from the MidWest Center for Stress and Anxiety. That program is a godsend. Thank you to all Deities for that program. They sent Lucinda Bassett to our planet just to put up with anxiety and teach other people how to cope with theirs after hers went away. She managed to heal herself. I have learned many useful skills.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: Hi everybody.
« on: September 26, 2014, 11:23:44 AM »

I did read the article much earlier in the day. Great ideas. Shutdown is pretty simple. I program on Code and I can just busy my psychic brain with Javascript and Jquery. I have finished HTML by now. It took me two years.

I would be having an IPad. Mom actually has an extra IPad lying around that my dad hardly uses. Nook is only one model of tablet. Ahh tablets, a useful computer. I might not need a Microsoft Surface Pro if I get an Ipad. This laptop has life in it left yet.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: Hi everybody.
« on: September 26, 2014, 09:28:14 AM »
I cannot post links do to my type of tablet, but you can easily find the article in the 'Articles' section under 'Psi and Mental Abilities'.

Here it is!,4863.0.html

I found it. I might be inheriting my dad's tablet soon if mom is really being serious about giving it to me. I have nowhere to plug it in though because all my plugs are used up. My dad doesn't use his tablet at all and on our LA vacation I was told that I might get the tablet because he's not using it. Tablets are neat. They are very portable. Can you run a basic Word program on it? Just curious. Because I would take my tablet to the library were it not for its wireless network being very bad. Other libraries have much better networks. Thank you. I read the first words as shutdown. I will be reading this article carefully.

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