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Spirituality / Reincarnation
« on: January 04, 2004, 01:26:04 PM »
I definitely believe in reincarnation, but i think that you don't go to your next live as soon as you are done here, but that you have to think about the things you have done and learn from it first. If you are done with that you start thinking about what you want to learn in your next live, and in what kind of family you need to be born to get there. Finaly you go back to earth (or any other place that is suitable to learn what needs to be learned) and you go around to look for the family you think is best. If you found the right people, and they want a baby to, then the woman gets pregnant. If, somehow, the situation changes and the soul desides that his/her choice was wrong, the baby dies before birth. (Not to say that it is the parents foult, but it just wasn't the right time yet, just like my older sister once was pregnant, and later on it died. Ofcource that isn't a nice experience, but she also wasn't really ready for it, and now she is already with someone else, so the child would never have known his/her father.)
okay, i'm done :D
or i think i am...

Body Energy Arts / Lentation?
« on: December 22, 2003, 02:46:52 PM »
I think it could be useful to learn from that 'article-that-noone-has-anymore. Not doing exactly what was in it, but i am interested in in. Maybe it could help me a lot. I am one of those weird people that hate to have adrenaline in my body since i can't control myself when i do, and i would like to learn that. Not to use the adrenaline whenever i want, but to be able to control myself when i do get it. 'couse now, when i get really frightened, i first become almost unable to move, but i see everything happen very slowely, then i try to get away from the situation and if i cant i totaly freak out. In PE the other day i managed to keep myself under control enough to keep defensive, but someone stopped that @$$hole just intime. I know that i am a girl, and that a boy is often thought of to be stonger, but i know that my brother is one of the strongest of his class, and he is about two and a half years older than i am, but whenever he really pisses me of i can hurt him pretty badly, and i don't want to get in trouble becouse of that. Usualy i don't have that strength, but that #*$^ adrnaline makes me lose control every time!  If i could only be alone at those times... Just be alone, feel the adrenaline and slowely getting myself under control... I feel so stupid with this. I mean, i can control my body temperature (cool trick when you want to fake being sick, give yourself a fiever,look really pale, and as soon as you are alone you are feeling great again and you can do whatever you want.) and i am learning to get out of my body..although each time i finally get one bodypart out i get to exited or i fall asleep.
*looks up*
why did i write such a long piece about something you don't care about?
*scratches the back of her head*
oh well, since i have written it anyway, i might just as well post this thing...
Just imagen how long my autobiography must be...

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