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Body Energy Arts / Re: Empty Force - Kong Jing
« on: July 02, 2018, 12:55:17 PM »

If the average person walked into Min's class and demanded a sample of empty force, he would be refused - not because empty force is a secret, but because without training and chi development that person could be seriously injured. If Min only used enough of her own chi for him to feel the effects, he might have a headache, become dizzy, turn pale, or lose consciousness. Any less and her chi would merely pass through his body unfelt. Yet in a fight, the result could be tremendous. For these reasons, only students who have developed their own chi strength can experience the empty force.


I found this quite interesting as it described what my teacher had also said when I once asked him about it.
In his words he said " If I don't use enough they won't feel it. If I use to much they will be injured before they feel it.
So normally unless I know the person I dont use it directly"

We would feel sick, like throwing up frequently after demos used in his teaching process ,,,something I asked him about he said he could stop the qi or cause it to run back wards...most didn't want to be demoed on for that reason.  A little surprised to read about it with a little more in depth perspective of it.

My Chinese language skills were not too good,  even so his method of instruction was by doing and feeling.  In his early 80s at the time I would met him. I would become his student visiting him and his group in Beijing for over the next 10yrs in training...

Body Energy Arts / Re: Empty Force - Kong Jing
« on: July 02, 2018, 02:38:00 AM »
Just wanted to thank the posters for an interesting read on a topic
that I've experienced while in China. 

The theories put forth were quite interesting backing
up many of the things  we did there, but not explained as deeply.

The focus was on the practice itself,
kong jin, part of the over all practice not the main point of the practice.

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