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I've had some kinetic experiences, but to me it is all just Chi or Energy flow.

The thing with any sort of Kinetic "ability" people are generally using a scientific belief to achieve what it is they want, this is because they were taught to believe certain things about energy or matter, and because they were taught this and think this, it becomes this for them and those around them.

This is why the above quote said it could be dangerous to change internal body functions of your body, especially if your concentrating on what you already know about the body, you might focus on changing something that could have an effect on something else...

However take what I said with a grain of salt because as I also stated above, what you are taught to believe becomes your reality, if you think something bad is going to happen it will be way more likely to happen simply because you thought it.

My best moments of using or practicing Tai Chi or any sort of "Energy" or "Ether" "coupling" if you will came about when I was focused, relaxed and truly believed in what I was doing beyond what I had been taught or remembered from the past and also had no ill intent toward anyone or anything.

The names "Telekinesis" "Telepathy" and all of those fancy fantastic scientific words are the words scientists gave to things they couldn't understand because they could not see past measuring something to show someone else to prove some theory or hypothesis.

The very problem with the scientific method is every single step after you form your hypothesis, because every part after that is there so you can prove it to someone else and show it to someone else and serves no purpose other than trying to influence the chi of another person.

TL:DR We have all been brainwashed by others both purposefully and non purposefully. Even just stating that could be considered a form of Chi manipulation simply claiming something like that, but its true. We sit in classrooms where one person tells us everything that is accepted when it was only ever accepted because more than one person agreed upon something that came from another persons Chi...

So when you read, are you getting smarter, or are you getting dumber? Or is there really no such thing as either, just Assimilation and non Assimilation.

Its a very interesting subject and it is also why Psychologists and Psychiatrists scare the shit out of me as well as behavior specialists. Sure some of them have good intentions, others are just there to learn how to manipulate people even if they don't realize they are doing it.

Side note, Meditation is the key to overcoming any obstacle because it involves freeing your mind from its current psychological understanding of the world. This is why it is used in many therapy sessions and becoming more and more popular in the psychiatric community. Once a person truly meditates the way they want you to ("clear your mind or thought stopping practices involving blanking out your mind") your left with a blank canvas which they can then instruct...

Again take what I say with a grain of salt, there are good people and there are bad people. Yin and Yang, Good usages for Chi and Bad but generally Good Chi is stronger and will work more often than not because most people are drawn to feeling good and being in a good mood, most people in a bad mood don't want to be that way even if they don't know it. You might want to destroy the entire world but deep down there is always a reason for you to want to save a part of it no matter how small it might be.

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