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Magick / Re: Demon Worship
« on: May 29, 2017, 08:20:28 AM »
Tips on evocation before you start: ......Don't.

    Many magicians have worked with demons and they have all formed the same opinion: No matter how nice, gentle or wise a demon may appear, it is still a Demon and eventually will act like one.  There is a reason why grimoires tell the magician to treat a Demon like a bastard slave with insults and curses.  From personal experience I can tell you that every demon shows its face eventually.  The very fact that you have worked with this being without the proper use of a ritual evocation shows that you lack the magickal experience to be evoking in the first place.  Why on Earth would you deal with a demon without the proper safe-guards established in ritual?  there is nothing a demon can do that an Angel or planetary spirit can't.  Chances are the creature has already started working on your mind, though you will of course be totally unaware of it until it is too late, assuming the being you have been experiencing is indeed the demon you were hoping to contact (which it probably isn't).  Demons are master decievers!  they are the best actors the universe knows.  I'm well aware that despite any warnings you receive you will still probably continue on with your plan, but know this: If you had fully developed clairvoyance, you would be able to see that creature's real form, and it would frighten you the likes of which no other thing in this physical world could do. 

   Basically, use some common sense.  A demon is a DEMON.  There is a reason it is called that.  Only after a few years of experience in evoking other beings should the infernal realms be dealt with by the magician.  If you evoke this demon and the demon actually shows (unlikely unless you have a great deal of experience.  An elemental posing as the demon will probably show) then you would have found yourself in a hole that is very hard to get out of.

OK, from my perspective, I understand that there are are certain laws at work here and that supposedly a demon must respect these laws of protection ect., but as you just stated, they can and usually do betray your trust because they are inherently evil. So, do you really think that sitting in the middle of encircled pentagram will ultimately protect you from psychic or even physical attack? I don't. They are lawbreakers by nature.

However, I do agree with your attitude towards these creatures. It's the only way to gain their respect. Otherwise they view you like a weak little school girl. That said, ultimately the rituals are to simply to open a gate for communcation. Once the gate is open it comes down to will over will. Or better stated, the Master/Slave relationship. In any case, there is still a price to be paid. They justifiably require payment of some sort for services rendered. Because just like us, their time is precious to them. They are agenda-driven and if they feel that they have wasted their time with you then there may be hell to pay.

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