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Hello and Goodbye / Re: New to iih - too much sleep needed
« on: November 18, 2018, 06:30:09 PM »
I looked more about the parasites, i Found them in yoga, too. And I mean specially about physical parasites. With their corespondence in other planes too. They say we are infested with a lot of parasites, in back times practices like fasting were meant to get rid of them, but nowadays nobody cares. And. like with everything I came in contact, it is said that this is the reason for all diseases. If anybody is interested, read about Hunda Clark.
And it is said that we are in their control through thoughts and emotions generated by them, because they infest our nervous system also. Soooo, first step is a very good countermeasure to them, I think. Because you are no more identified with thoughts and emotions, and you are aware.

You shouldn't worry too much about the "parasites". If you just calm your mind / use simple meditation once a day you'll be in control of yourself.
Bardon's shower helps a lot too, as it "activate" vital energy which "cleansed" you.
There are also powerful Taoism practices to help you re-equilibrate your mind & emotions, and clean your body from toxines (and they really puts the emphasis on purity)

I have to truly be aware of myself and my spirit to be absolutely in present moment.
Yes being is the present moment is a requirement and a key to success first step iih.
For that, having physical exercice helps. More dopamine, less stress, less toxines in your body.

Also, when i am imprinting ideas in water, food, air, I am 'sending' it from my body through my hands. Is this the right method, or am I wasting my body energy? Should I create the idea from the akashic field of what I am trying to impregnate?
When you imprint ideas (=thoughts) in whatever you want, you don't have to send them specifically through your hand. Hermeticism  teaches that everything is mental.
If you focus on your specific idea and only on your ideas before/while drinking water with this same idea constantly in your mind, you'll notice that it worked immediatly (even physically if you're sensible to electromagnetic fluids). Especially with water.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: New to iih - too much sleep needed
« on: November 17, 2018, 08:18:15 PM »
Hello :)

I too used to require a lot of sleep in order to feel good. 
As الظلام said thought control will definitely helps you! I also totally agree on his/her advices.

But I think you should also be sure to have "good quality sleep".
My technique to get quickly asleep, with a good quality sleep or just in a "resting state", is, once you layed down on your bed, be on your back.
Relax, breathe gently, slowly, focus on your breath if you want. After "looking inside your mind" (thought observation), find the "mental void/emptiness" exercice as described from step 1 IIH.

It will help you have a clear mind during the night and when you wake up. You will probably feel more in good shape and in control of yourself next day  :biggrin:

Hello and Goodbye / Re: Hello Veritas
« on: July 09, 2018, 03:21:42 PM »
Welcome here :). As there is a tradition, here is your welcoming cow :cow:

Haha, thanks! Pleasure to meet you, welcoming cow :cow:

Hello and Goodbye / Re: Hello Veritas
« on: July 09, 2018, 03:19:59 PM »
Hello there :P

I haven't heard of this kunlun system before, but I'm familiar with hermetics and the IIH.

Even if you do not complete the whole book, the IIH will get your farther than any book I've ever seen, in terms of meaningful development.
Even just mastering the first 3 steps will put you past most modern magicians.
But, it's certainly a challenging and laborious endeavor, especially if you go about it recklessly.
Take it carefully, do not skip steps, read thoroughly, and perhaps you'll go far ;)

I will. Thanks :)

Hello and Goodbye / Hello Veritas
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:54:17 PM »
Hi everyone,

I totally forgot to introduce myself.  :rolleyes:

I'm male, 23yo, my timezone is UTC+2.

I don't like talking about me but I think it might be good :

How come did I got interested in Magic(k)? I first started by meditating, and learned auto-hypnosis. I had really good results with that so I wondered why it's not more popular. I tried to meditate as much as I could as a student, and had all the sensation of what they call "kundalini".  I wanted to learn more, I tried Kunlun System by Max Christensen which totally changed me. But now it's maybe a bit "too powerful".
Then I discovered Bardon's IIH and it was another "revelation" to me. Everything is so perfect and beautiful in this book ! But hard. It's totally worth the work in my opinion :)

Also, I might be searching for a suitable school for my magical studies. I heard good things about TDS. And their members seems legit. But they don't seem to accept everyone? I sent an application but had no answer.

See you !

Magick / Re: IIH steps 1-7
« on: July 06, 2018, 04:59:00 PM »
Is mastering IIH steps 1-7  the fastest way to clairvoyance and clauradience? How long roughly will it take to master all of these?

It depends on the individual, it can range from months up to years.

I totally agree. If you can do the exercices easily on the first time, then you're really really gifted. Even Step 1 is going to change yourself, and it requires some "devotion" to progress properly. It's a very balanced, beautiful system. But also hard. SPOILER: If you're someone who likes challenges, to always go further, then it'll be more easier for you to progress fast on this path. If you're not, you'll have to "change yourself" with Bardon's soul mirror system in order to get enough "willpower" to progress further. Or... You can also practise a completely other system, which you may prefer. Everything is possible ! :P

If you'd like to continue on the IIH, I encourage you to take a look at "A Bardon Companion"
His books are online and free. He explains more precisely Bardon's books. It helped me.

Your description of those born gifted is nail on the head for me. My great grandma ( was 82 when i was born and she died when i was 10) always told me I was gifted with second sight like her and I wouldnít understand the things that she told me about my gift until I was older and to never be afraid of my gift. Iíve actually experienced some very strange things lately and Iíd love your opinion on them if you donít mind?

I have similar cases in my family, but no one is talking about it much.

I'd love to read about your experiences :)

Magick / Re: Is the Kunlun system compatible with Magick ?
« on: July 04, 2018, 03:50:09 PM »
What you are doing sounds fine for the most part, and I also understand your concern. You've already described the problem well from a hermetic perspective - you are working with vital energy which is a little bit to the Fiery end of the elements. You accumulate it and then suddenly expel it all at once, a rather strenuous act.

I do not know how advanced your IIH practice is from what you've said, so forgive me if I'm underestimating your development. But in the early stages of working with "energy,"  it is easy to overwork yourself. Your "nerves" are not accustomed to conducting much more energy than is required for life. There are subtle irregularities,  impurities and injuries that must be worked out, which should happen slowly over time when working with "vital energies" as well as balanced hermetic practices.

The clarity of mind experienced after your Kunlun practice probably results from purification,  in the same way that filling a dirty bottle (your bodies)
 with pressurized hot water (vital energy) will result in a cleaner bottle. It is not mental emptiness, but you perceive mental silence because you are accustomed to unwanted mental noise. This is the obvious advantage of all purification practice.

However,  it is good to be wary, and you have pointed out the fiery side effects of this particular practice (anxiety,  tiredness,  hyperactivity). It could be that your visualization is more fiery than necessary,  in which case, reconsider how you visualize and feel the energy to make sure it is pure, electromagnetic vitality,  and not contaminated with thoughts of an unnecessarily fiery nature.

It is also possible that your practice is a little too intense for now,  and hermetically the problem is caused by a depletion of your water element due to overuse of your fiery capacities.

It is also worth considering that your techniques might be fine but that your internal elemental state is biased towards fire or against water. If this is the case (and few people are elementally balanced early on), it may be more useful to practice something specifically to balance YOUR unique elemental state. Vital energies are more general than specific in this regard.

In short, to correct these fiery symptoms, try:

- Consider whether the vital energy in your practice is truly balanced / electromagnetic, or whether you are imagining unnecessary fiery qualities.

- Reduce the intensity of your practice and proceed a little more slowly. Pay attention to the way your bodies feel during the practice and learn when it is best to stop. Take up a nourishing restorative,  watery practice. Maybe adjust your diet a bit towards the watery end and see if this helps. Try eating oatmeal for breakfast for a week. See if chamomile or lemon balm (my personal favorite) teas help. Drink enough water and get enough sleep.

- Work on your soul mirrors of an equivalent practice, with a focus on cultivating calming,  nourishing qualities such as patience, and ensuring that qualities such as ambition are not subjugating other aspects of your personality.

In conclusion,  hermetic magic and vital energy practices are compatible. They will only slow each other down if your practices are not in harmony with each other, as Akenu said. Thankfully, Hermetic philosophy is a philosophy of harmony.

Thank you very much for you very complete answer, I love it :)

On his first book, Christensen talked about level 3 of kunlun as a mental visualisation involving feeling cold water from a distant waterfall in a quiet place... It might be a good way to "cool down the pressurized hot water". Moreover, visualisations capacities are astonishing just after practice.

- First, I think you're totally right about the imagination of unnecessary fiery qualities when I practise.
I also noticed that it works better for me to practise Kunlun in the morning/early morning rather than the evening/night. It might be a temporary "easy way" to reduce the problem.

- I already tried reducing intensity of my practices. It works, but I don't progress as far as I'd like. I'll try to ajust my diet and follow your advices :)

- I might need to work more on my soul mirrors... Even if I made good progress, nobody is perfect and ambition is definitely something I need to work on. You reassure me on many points. Thanks a lot !

Magick / Is the Kunlun system compatible with Magick ?
« on: July 03, 2018, 04:42:36 PM »

First of all, I've been practicing Bardon's IIH for a couple of years, and I enjoy it.

I know Kunlun methods are a very popular subject and has been discussed many times in many forums, I don't want this thread to feel like "yet another kunlun thread..." and I'm sorry if it looks like that.

Fact is : I love Max Christensen's books, especially the "Kunlun system". This method/meditation has been a "revelation" for me, with more positives than negatives effects. Even 2 minutes meditation has effects on the next day.

From a Bardon's point of view it feels like accumulating a lot of "vital energy" (but without doing anything except holding the position described by M. Christensen), and finally releasing it all at once. Resulting in a big "mental emptiness".
Then, next day, I seem to have "too much fire" : I'm nervous, hyperactive and it's tiring. I also tend to naturally be naturally in the "thougtless meditation" state, which is quite pleasant, when I don't have to do anything.
I'm really interested if somebody can describe what this practice does in a hermetic way of speaking.

Most of the "effects" seems to last like 24 hours after practice.
I have to say, it's "hard" to keep doing it everyday. Even if I have more energy, it's hard for my nerves. I can become a lot more nervous and things in everyday life may seem "too slow". In fact, that's probably because times goes slower when "I'm on Kunlun". I have a lot more time to think and I also have a lot more "physical energy" : doing sport seems easier, for instance I have more stamina when I run.
So my question is : in your opinion, will it help practising hermetic magic, or is this just going to slow me down ?

And finally, sorry if my english is not the best :)

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