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Spirituality / Polyamory and soul mates
« on: August 02, 2016, 04:07:11 AM »
I am new in this and have been pondering on it. Polyamory is the practice of intimate relationships where individuals have more partners.
Since I had spiritual experiences, and have been awakened a bit, I have been feeling enormous amount of love, I want to share with people and want to connect. But it led me to a confusion.
If I thrive to accept others as I do myself, I see sex as a way of becoming one with everything, as I feel energies or souls merging. So it is only natural to want it with and for everybody, right? In theory.

In practice, I am disappointed in myself on how much I judge people for their personality, for their looks etc. To the point I feel disconnected again. Why do I still make choices about who do I share myself with? I feel their love but it is one sided and I do not feel the need to connect with them spiritually nor physically.  That leaves me with guilt. Although I am not guilty for them being that way.
If you believe in soul mates, is it not such a selfish and narcissistic concept where you connect only with people on the similar level of consciousness? Is making such choices leading to freedom?

If you did not experience this, I would still love to hear your thoughts about it. You can even answer the same questions only regarding friendships without sex.

Magick / Re: Trying To Make Sense Of Things
« on: July 19, 2016, 05:20:05 PM »
From your description, the "purely psychological" explanation would require a fuck ton of experience on the part of the other person and upon him having somewhat intimate knowledge of yourself, llillith. So it's unlikely that he did that purely through psychological efforts.

I would say that yes, there was likely some magic involved. It was also nice that he backed off to give your mind time to come to grips with it, rather than abusing you until it destroying your perceptions.

Have you been trying to raise your consciousness and change your perceptions?


Thank you Steve. It is really nice to see a positive outlook on this, since most of people I have talked with about this dislike him.
Well he has very intimate knowledge of myself because I told him basically everything, but even then, yeah there was likely some magic involved.

To answer your question, I try on my own and explore things. I think I have helped many people to raise their consciousness. I am living my life and I feel things a bit differently than before. I read lots of books and forums like this practising baby steps hoping for something, but I have not at all significantly raised my consciousness and changed perceptions. I am impatient and I must do better. Any tips or links about what should I do or in what way, for me in this case, would be great if you can please?

Magick / Trying To Make Sense Of Things
« on: July 19, 2016, 04:34:20 AM »
 Hi. This is my first post and hopefully I am writing at the right place. I want to share my experience and I am looking forward to any input. Let me say I am a complete beginner in this! Most of this I do not know how to explain.

I have met a guy and we connected instantly. I have broken up my long term relationship and was easily manipulated by him. I think he hypnotised me and not only I was in a trance state with him feeling orgasmic just by looking at him, but weird thing started happening. I do not know how to call him, magician, shaman or whatever, but he looked like a demon for a moment and then both of us started acting crazy feeling amazing dark sexual energies. After that we felt like we are weightless.

Later on, I was in a trance again and he evoked visions in me. Also I have been seeing symbols and dreaming weird dreams.

I hate that I can not do anything like this without him. I have been reading books and things like that but I do not feel it. He has been stroking my ego how rare this is. But everyone can learn how to do this.

He showed me mind-blowing things and pretty much disappeared saying how I need to listen to myself and take some time so my consciousness rises and my perception changes or else I will fall apart if we continue doing things together like that.

All this experiences obviously worry me but are pleasurable and fun. I could get away from him if I wanted to, I think. But he changed my life for better and I am thankful for it.

All thoughts are welcome please. Is there a psychological explanation or is it magic?

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