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Psionics / Re: What does it mean when..?
« on: June 13, 2016, 07:34:36 PM »
I spend a lot of time in meditation. Usually a solid session of 30 minutes to an hour each day, and also shorter sessions hourly throughout the day (not for any magic purpose, just for general mental health). And part of the longer session is just "listening", though in fact I never hear anything except the usual things you would expect to hear if you listen. But I listen with the express intent of hearing more.

Psionics / Re: What does it mean when..?
« on: June 12, 2016, 08:09:32 PM »
I should have been clearer: last year it felt like something was trying to get my attention, but not this year.

Psionics / Re: What does it mean when..?
« on: June 12, 2016, 07:41:32 PM »
No, I don't think ther is something trying to get my attention. St least, it doesn't feel that way. It feels like I am trying to get something's attention, and failing. It feels like there is a big barrier to communication, that has been hounding me at almost every level of my life, that has somehow now got so powerful that nothing I try can pierce it. I feel like I'm being suffocated sometimes.

It don't know what the bent crystal meant. Last year there was also the book, and a plant that would jump wildly (now dead), and once a napkin holder moved itself across the table on to the floor, and a guitar strummed itself, right where I could see, with nothing visibly touching it.

Psionics / Re: What does it mean when..?
« on: June 12, 2016, 12:34:50 PM »
Hey, thanks for responding Mind_Bender :)

So, if someone or something is trying to get my attention, how do I open the doors to easier communication?

I am listening to "Absolute Beginners" by David Bowie - have actually been listening to it over and over... There is something about the chord progression that is really speaking to me...

Who I am in person? I am really nice :) and kind of an areshole. All wrapped up together. Probably like most people :)

most people say that I am one of the kindest most generous people they have ever known (I have both overheard people saying this, and had people say it to me directly) - sometimes I can actually see that (ha ha :) ) - but other times I think I am intensely selfish and childish and have messed everything up. Again, probably like a lot of people.

Until last week I was a non-drinker. But then I started thinking that not drinking was keeping me apart from people, because everyone else I know drinks, so decided to start drinking again.

Any of that help?

Psionics / What does it mean when..?
« on: June 12, 2016, 08:55:23 AM »
Sorry, not sure if this is the right section, but here goes:

Some time ago, I asked about the possibility of "hexes" here on this forum. It was at a time when everything suddenly changed from being excellent to terrible, fir no good reason.

I let my superstitious side go wild back then, and bought a little amulet-type thing (a quartz crystal sort of pyramid-cross) that is supposed to ward off negative energy.

Then my superstitious side died down again, and I left the little crystal in a corner of my room on a dresser, where I more or less forgot about it (at least, as an item with any power - it's still pretty to look at).

Today I had some bad news, which semi-stimulated my superstitious side again. I consulted an online iching, and ironically, upon posing the question (by thought, not actually typing it in), "How do I re-discover magic", a "tip" came up which said, "this is not magic. This is a powerful psychological tool if you use it correctly". I asked the oracle a few other questions, and that tip did not come up again (ie, it's not a tip that's always there regardless, and seems to have come up specifically in response to my thought - pretty ironic really)

Anyway, back to the crystal thing: after a meditation session, trying to get some answers, I noticed the crystal thing - and one of the four legs of the cross was bent down at about 60 degrees (the cross elements are connected to the pyramid elements with a metal casing, which allows for some bending if you applied force)

There is no particular reason for this item to have got bent. It has just been sitting on my dresser for the last few months - I only really notice it when I dust. It's not in a precarious position, or anywhere where it is likely to be knocked.

I have had other unexplained movements in the house - on that very dresser as it happens. Last year I used to keep books on the dresser, between two bookends. One day a single book was pulled away from the rest and was standing unsupported on its end (it was a book that was intended to be a sort of grimoire, but I never felt comfortable writing things down, so it just stayed nestled in amongst various novels, unused).

Any significance in minor poltergeist-like activities?

Other / Thoughtforms?
« on: May 02, 2016, 01:22:23 AM »
Anyone with experience / knowledge of creating thoughtforms?

My thought (no pun intended :) ) is this: if one has inadvertently created a thoughtform they'd rather not have, could you "turn" it? Ie, use the energy in it for a benevolent rather than negative purpose? Sort of like, turning a foreign spy into an ally kind of thing :)

If so, how? Details of personal experiences would be great.

Body Energy Arts / Re: Fundamental High Level Energy Work
« on: April 17, 2016, 06:07:03 AM »
Thanks for this post. I like this.

I've often struggled with earth, air, fire and water as symbols. I'm not sure why, but for whatever reason they've never seemed "real" to me. I keep reminding myself that they're just symbols, but even so, something jars about them (and should I be worried, that symbols that have probably been used for thousands of years jar with me? Like maybe I've been excluded from some part of the collective unconscious?). They jar less if I think of them as "like earth", "like water" and so on, but even then, they just feel... not right.

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Re: Consciousness and thoughts
« on: March 08, 2016, 01:57:12 AM »
No, no - I'm happy for you and Rayn to keep debating :)

I only pipped in to ask why the obsession with mathematical arguments, as if they are the only valid means of discussing metaphysical concepts.

Then I thought this would provoke a backlash along the lines of "well, if you understood maths, you would see why it's the only way" - so I included a bit of background to say that I used to be obsessed with maths too, also did a very mathematically rigorous undergraduate and PhD (I think maybe even in the same area as Rayn, judging by the hints he/she has dropped), and used to teach mathematics to undergraduates at a fairly prestigious university - so the issue is not at all that I don't like or understand maths.

But essentially - the primary value of mathematics is that it is a very narrow language. The rules are concise, so it is easy to identify correct or incorrect statements using mathematical language. But I think it is too narrow a language for these discussions. Personally, I am interested in what works. And when you start bringing in all sorts of dependent variables and unmeasurable and confounding factors, maths becomes increasingly less reliable as a tool for showing anything other than that you don't know what you don't know.

So, I bipped in to ask why maths is repeatedly brought in, as if it's the only way of discussing this. Then I decided that I didn't want to get into the argument, and deleted it.

I'm happy for you and Rayn to carry on though :)

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Re: Consciousness and thoughts
« on: March 05, 2016, 04:31:36 AM »
Edit: changed my mind and decided not to get into it :)

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Re: Consciousness and thoughts
« on: February 23, 2016, 12:55:53 PM »
Well, here's another bit of totally unsubstantiated, unscientific information to throw into the mix- but it's this sort of thing that makes me think that thoughts might exist outside of the brain:

I have hives. I hate going to the doctor, if I can avoid it. I was going to google on "natural antihistamines", but then something came up and I forgot about it. I did not Google at all. A few hours later, I was looking for something totally unrelated on Amazon (lipstick in fact, so genuinely not related in any way). And it kept recommending quercetin to me. Every damn page was flashing quercetin. I'd never even heard of quercetin before, and the product page gave no clues as to why anyone would want it. So I googled it, and ... quercetin is a natural antihistamine.

I know, I know, could be coincidence. But this kind of thing happens so often, it sort of suggests that the thought, "must find natural antihistamine" was existing somewhere outside of my brain. And if it had been a human that suddenly felt compelled to tell me about quercetin rather than an Amazon bot, would the idea have come from my brain or theirs?

Other / Re: Why did all the New Thought authors get old and die?
« on: February 20, 2016, 12:38:21 AM »
Well, Neville wrote so many things -

Perhaps I am mistaken about him - I was sure that he said that there is no need for the physical body to age or become ill... But I'm not going to trawl through 100-odd essays to try to find it :)

He did certainly say that anything you can imagine (including life situations, not just material things) will be yours - and he gave lots of examples from people who visualised whatever, unfailingly, and then got it. I don't know why health and youth should be an exception to this rule (and if it was an exception, he should have said so explicitly, and explained why it wasn't possible). Not meaning to have a posthumous go at him - I love his stuff. And it always impressed me that he just gave it all away for free, did all those lectures and didn't charge or accept donations. I saw a YouTube video from some guy who went to a Neville lecture, and he said Neville told them not to listen to anyone who took payment or accepted donations - because if you understand this stuff, you don't have to charge other people to get whatever you desire, and if your heart is pure, you should want everyone to have access to the same knowledge.

Great man, Neville. Which is all the more... Why did he die at 67? Even if he had nothing more to do on this earth, his family could surely have benefitted from him sticking around...

Other / Re: Why did all the New Thought authors get old and die?
« on: February 19, 2016, 03:52:47 AM »
Oh, loads of them did say that there was no need to ever age. Even a lot of these "Law of Attraction" (which is the new name for New Thought IMO) say that you don't need to age. Esther Hicks used to say that, but she looks kinda old now (and her husband died of cancer).

William Walker Atkinson was greatly influenced by eastern philosophies, and published a few books about yoga. He always said that the yogis lived to 90 or 100, but he died at 70.

My mother was big into "New Thought" when I was growing up. She probably pushed me into becoming a scientist, as I used to get frustrated by the illogical and baseless arguments I would hear ;) (and she also used to say that no one ever had to get sick, or age, or die. Come to think of it, I don't think she has ever had any significant illness... Except Alzheimer's, more recently... She's in her eighties though...)

Now I'm older, I'm much less sceptical than I used to be - but it's clear they didn't get everything right, and I'm just trying to learn things and fill in the gaps where I can. I want them to be right, overall :)

Other / Why did all the New Thought authors get old and die?
« on: February 18, 2016, 01:54:24 AM »
It's just... Many (most?) of them seemed sincere. Neville Goddard, for example, never accepted any payment, so he wasn't trying to scam people. And many (most?) of them seemed to profess a belief that there is no need to get old, sick, or die - that as long as you keep your thoughts focused on a healthy, vibrant image of yourself, you will stay healthy and vibrant. And yet, they all died, most at about 70.

I'm actually hoping there is a good reason other than "they were misguided" ... Whenever I read one of these books by a well-respected new thought person, I google to see what happened to them.... And I haven't come across a single one who lived to say 90 or 100 (much less forever), and they all appeared to get older just like the people who didn't share their beliefs... None seem to die of anything nasty, like cancer - but then sometimes it just doesn't say what they died of, so who knows?

Body Energy Arts / Re: Ask any question about Qigong or Yoga.
« on: February 08, 2016, 08:03:05 AM »
Look, I don't want to debate with you, because frankly I find it tedious, but a) I have access to as many research articles as you, guaranteed, b) my job is effectively analysing claims that are made on the basis of experimentation, so I look at this stuff all day long... (ie, I'm not a novice when it comes to mathematical analysis of scientific data)

My personal opinion is that a lot of this stuff is not conducive to the scientific method. You can do research, sure - you can even apply an element of rigour. But once the theory starts to include concepts such as, "your very thoughts and assumptions are affecting the output of the measurements", then objective analysis and scientific rigour go out the window. Unless you disallow anything that cannot be objectively measured, which is very limiting.

Reminds me when I was a child, and I had a question I wanted to ask, but I didn't know how to put it into words. I asked my mother and she said, "if you can't ask in words, it's not a question". Well, obviously she was wrong - it was a question, but the limits of my grasp of language were too narrow to enable me to convey the question to another person. Science is, by its very nature very narrow. That is not to say that it is not extremely valuable - it is. But it is limited when we start addressing philosophical concepts, or things that are considered to be affected by a perception that we cannot objectively measure.

Anyway, I'll bow out of this dialogue unless I see something interesting to respond to :) - happy debating all :)

Body Energy Arts / Re: Ask any question about Qigong or Yoga.
« on: February 08, 2016, 05:17:06 AM »
Anyway, it doesn't seem like sex was always considered to deplete the lifeforce:

"Another important concept of "The Joining of the Essences" was that the union of a man and a woman would result in the creation of jing, a type of sexual energy. When in the act of lovemaking, jing would form, and the man could transform some of this jing into qi, and replenish his lifeforce. By having as much sex as possible, men had the opportunity to transform more and more jing, and as a result would see many health benefits.[3]"

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