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Magick / Book of law, explanation; What are the three triads?
« on: July 24, 2018, 10:44:52 AM »
I have been lurking into Crowley's work recently. I also heard some people experienced in this saying that they are not aware of any other western system in which you could quickly gain abilities than with this one. However, I'm having a hard time understanding Crowley's Nuit, Hadit and Ra Hoor Khuit.

Psionics / Re: About my work with psionics, a little help required
« on: July 19, 2016, 02:57:14 PM »
Aaah, so that's where Rayn is getting his ideologies from. Kant.

Mh, that's possible. But from what I've read from him so far, I think he wasn't really a Kant fan or at least he's not fully agreeing with him; (looking at the objectivism replies by him, it more reminded me of Ayn Rand (maybe Rayn is a word play or somehow referring to Ayn Rand? I have no idea), which you could describe as the exact opposite of Kant philosophies)

The biggest problem I see is that you're describing theory, but you're not describing an actual practice that you do. As a parallel in martial arts, the theory would talk about impulse/momentum and forces and energy and directions and whatnot, but the practice would be "stand straight up, spread your legs apart as so, twist your hips like so, puts your arms up like so, then move the left like so while moving the right arm like so, and then move them like this to reset your position. Now repeat the motions."

I know what you mean; So far I have been a theoretician, as you could read. My main problem is that I have doubts that (should I invest my time into this) all future (upcoming) practical work to this could be a waste of time; like if I invest now 5 months training for this or even a year, just to discover later that all of this doesn't work.

I would strongly suggest reading Kobok's articles because they have practices to perform, and his ideas still seem very much similar enough to Kant's ideas, so it should be easy to follow (Kobok may use somewhat different jargon, however).,4867.0.html Focal meditation. One of the most basic practices for you to perform.,4868.0.html Introduction to Kinetics. Has a practice for attempting to do what you asked, but more directly than "information based".

There are more articles available, but start with those practices first. In my opinion, practice will always be worth more than theory, though theory still has value.

Thank you, I will look into and hopefully motivate myself to do the practice.


Psionics / About my work with psionics, a little help required
« on: July 19, 2016, 11:22:50 AM »
Hello, fellow members!
I have been a silent reader for a quite amount of time and read through all topics and had many theoretical thoughts about psionics. A main problem for me so far was to actually "invest" practical time (which is the A and O) into this kind of stuff, for one, because I have had many doubts that this actually works and had the fear of wasting my time and because I wasn't quite sure how to start.

Since a while I have been studying a lot of philosophical ideas, ranging from plato 'till many philosophies from the age of Enlightenment. This is where I learned about the philosopher "Kant" and started studying his works; Later I read a few magic theories based on Kants theory, which made a lot of sense and don't just build up on speculation. Because my English is horrible, it's nearly impossible to me to describe any ideas of Kant and how it goes well with the ideas of magick and psionics. I'm from Germany and so I literally have no idea how to translate Kant words in proper English without destroying the meaning. Anyone who ever read Kant, knows that he's not that kind of literature you see every day. It took me a long time to fully understand his words and I needed to have 2-3 books + explanations to several things to what Kant have said.

My problem however isn't Kant. The theoretical concept is clear to me, since a while. The problem is the practical part with psionics

From what I understand of Psi so far:
- Psi is something that alters information to alter where (physical) energy will be to do psychokinesis. Where (physical) energy will be is statistical, in the sense of it being in a certain time, space and state. -- There is probability tacked on it. So, if I want to do "telekinesis", I would manipulate the probable location of physical energy. At least that's what I think how it works.

Now, from what I know, Psi is not something that can be physically measured (except for the physical effects caused by this unknown force), so consequently it has to be something that it is outside of space and time respectively is beyond these both pure forms of intuition. (Kant calls them like that)

In practice, I would, if I were to use psi in telekinesis, do the following:
1. I gather information from the target object to "reconstruct" it in my mind, including the action (moving forward).
2. I kind of funnel all of that information and try to hold it
3. This funneled information kinda acts as an intentional aspect. So, a part of me, that is not my brain, holds that funneled information.
4. Then I wait for feedback of result and associate an internal experience with feedback so that when you consciously want to do it, you just reach for those states of experience.

So, if I were to answer the question how one would manipulate the probable location of the physical energy in order to move an object without using any physical vehicle (hands, feet, etc.), my answer would be: Having the intention which teleologically describes the state. And this is done by matching internal experience with clear feedback of result. If I'm wrong on this, please correct.

Ok, so how exactly would this look like in practice? From so what I understand I would make a kind of copy of the action I want to reach in my "soul" (or whatever name for it), so my soul itself represents those state of affairs, like that a part of me, in essence, becomes that state, right?

I know, it's hard describing intuitive forms of knowledge (like how it actually "feels" when moving an object by telekinesis), but it would be nice if some could find a way to explain it.


Hello children Veritas old and new.
I am missed you all dearly.

I have been called Trandofir, though that name is so old it's nearly like a summoning oath in and of itself.

We're all here for a reason, at different levels of our journey. Different points, different revelations, completely unique slivers of our full consciousness 
Let's talk, my lovelies.


Been not here that long, but welcome back.

Magick / Re: Child abuse in IOT?
« on: May 27, 2016, 04:16:21 PM »
What on earth is "Ice Magick"?

As far as I know it was a combination of chi kung, psionics and harsh martial arts training. There actually was a famous argument around it in IOT known as ice magick wars.

Wasn't that Ice Magick thing by some guy called Frater V.D.? (Eismagie) I've read on some german forum long ago that Ice Magick was originally invented by "Helmut Bartels" who is/was teaching Neijia. Frater later claimed it as his own thing. Not sure about that though.

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