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Psionics / Re: Random Question 1 - Pre-Emptive Construct Usage
« on: May 16, 2011, 05:18:31 PM »
I will answer the initial question with a firm "yes", in that this is essentially all that I do now when forming constructs, and I will explain why.

Time and linearity are a misconception made by the physical mind in its limitations. Neither time or linearity are real and therefore the soul  can completely disregard these concepts (and they are only that) which gives us, the psion, the ability to do what we do. The reality is that it only seems that we are doing something outside normal limits with precognition and future selection if we look at the universe from a limited physical perspective. Following the concept of time and linearity are in fact the odd method, there is no 'time travel' and there can be no paradox.

The conceptual domain is all information and possibility of all physical and energetic forms (constructs). These forms exist and have always existed regardless of your awareness or conception of them. It is irrelevant to ask whether or not it will work if you don't create it in the future because there is no future and you never really do create the information that is the construct, it has and always will exist.

To me then it seems much easier to simply decide the effect I wish to create and simply seek the appropriate form to carry out the action, the perfect version of which exists, and has always existed, in the conceptual domain.


Psi and Mental Abilities / Re: Consider the soul first
« on: April 04, 2011, 01:14:42 PM »
"the arcane formulas or mental alchemy" is THE book to read if interested in a traditional and hardcore book on dynamic psi. It's supposedly a book on attaining godhead but in actuality it's dynamic psi before psi was even a concept.

You'd really have to ask Kobok on that one to be sure, but I don't recall it as required reading in the Dynamic Psi courses.

I can't say I read the whole book but I took a read through the first couple chapters and it seemed to be more about overcoming mental considerations and not understanding a non-physical consciousness which is of pinnacle importance in the Dynamic Psi system. There's various other philosophical systems that also share similar ideas but that does not necessarily make them Dynamic Psi.


Psi and Mental Abilities / Re: Consider the soul first
« on: April 03, 2011, 10:42:22 AM »
yes indeed the soul is our explanation of how we are able to perform psi, but its hard to even gain an awareness of that part of yourself in the first place, or as some call it "actualisation". if we could just "feel" the soul right away then we wouldnt be here trying to figure this out

As I know it 'actualization' is the utilization of energy to create our formed intent as a real thing, not so much the awareness of the soul. This is under the Dynamic Psi paradigm though and others might define it differently.

The notion of being able to "feel" the soul is again a common misconception/stumbling block when attempting to understand the soul. The word "feel" itself implies a physical state to the soul, something that can be touched, when in reality the soul can be neither matter or energy. The key to getting over this is to understand that the soul is the real you and if you only shift the focus away from the physical, or reduce your awareness of it, whatever is left over is the soul.


Psionics / Re: I've just posted some new articles
« on: March 31, 2011, 11:30:35 AM »
Well, I'd like to return that and thank you for putting out these immense masses of articles in our period of laziness. You're making the rest of us look bad. ;)

Don't worry, in real life I'm quite hideous  :biggrin:


Psi and Mental Abilities / Re: Consider the soul first
« on: March 31, 2011, 11:29:27 AM »
Ah yes, what XIII said  :)

I can see where the confusion is though Robin. With what I wrote I'm trying to show that separation of psionic endeavors into individual techniques and named practices is useless to anyone who understands the fundamentals of the soul's interaction with specifically the physical domain, in that we are only ever observing or changing. There are of course other domains some of which are beyond anything more than our observation but in this article I wanted to talk specifically about the physical domain as that tends to be most relevant to our day to day lives.

At the end of the article I'm hoping it's clear to the reader that (to make another example) the only difference between me writing these words and future selecting a moment a year in the future is the subject matter.

- k

Psionics / I've just posted some new articles
« on: March 30, 2011, 10:49:10 AM »
I've just posted some new articles in the Psi and Mental Abilities section. I wanted to note that these articles are the product of the Dynamic Psi study group that I was a part of some months ago. I'd just like to say to the members of the group again that I appreciate the hard work that they put in and hope that Veritas will future projects like this.

All the best

Psi and Mental Abilities / Consider the soul first
« on: March 30, 2011, 10:37:08 AM »
Consider the soul first


When we do anything in regards to psionics it is often that we first consider the nature of the physical domain and not of the soul, this is however a backwards way of looking at things if we wish to achieve the greatest understanding and success with psionics. This article is written as an introduction to the nature of the soul and how we can utilize that understanding to allow us ease in achieving any psionic skill.

The soul

When attempting to accomplish any task it is wisest to first ask ourselves, "Am I capable of this?", or, "How can this be accomplished?". It is most important to emphasize the 'I' in this statement as you are the deciding factor in whether or not what you want will be accomplished. For some reason though when it comes to psionic endeavors the novice psion tends to spend their time considering the physical domain and what it can do and attempts to work around that. The psion should instead be considering what the soul is capable of as most often the actions of the soul are in complete disregard of the 'rules' of the physical domain.

We cannot necessarily say exactly what the soul 'is', because the concept of 'what something is' has a physical connotation and we know that the soul is neither matter or energy. What we do have are observable and repeatable effects of a non-physical consciousness interacting with a physical world, and by careful observation of these things the following conclusions can be made about the nature of the soul:

The soul is neither matter or energy.
To the soul all the physical world is simply information.
Information is available to the soul should we choose to observe it.
A soul can alter and change the physical world.
The soul is root of all psionic ability and action.

In reading the above the very first thing you should think about is, "How could the physical world possibly be any hindrance to work around for such a consciousness?", and indeed it is not.


Considering the soul first and considering it in everything we do seems like a simple concept but it is a very important step to better achieving psionic skill as well as an understanding of the soul. To understand the soul is to understand what we are fully capable of, and until we know what we are fully capable of we cannot possibly understand how we should go about performing any psionic skill.

A psion that understands what they are as a soul will always know the answer as to how to achieve anything with psionics. Like an artist who can work in any medium, when the soul is understood the psion freely invents his psionic method as needed to any given situation knowing that all interactions between the soul and the physical domain are at most minor differentiations of the same thing.

When we are to do anything related to psionics we first consider the nature of the soul, what it is capable of, and based on that we can choose how we wish to alter the physical domain or ourselves to fit our needs.

To put this as simply as possible; There is not one thing that the soul does that is anything more than either observation or alteration of the physical domain and you are doing these things all the time as you are always a soul that is observing and altering the physical domain. The only difference between the average person and the psion is that the psion is actually aware of their interaction with the physical and is actively in control of it.


Several standard psionic skills will now be referenced and explained under the above understanding of the soul as examples of how this understanding can be properly utilized.

Consider a non-physical, non energy consciousness. This is a consciousness capable of observing the physical domain with accuracy as evidenced by the fact that you are reading this right now. Consider too that this non-physical, non-energy consciousness has no physical connection to your body whatsoever and still manages to observe, with great detail, the physical world. How is perception then anything more than a soul's specific choice to be aware of something in particular? How then is scanning any different from what you're doing right now?

If the soul is neither matter or energy and has no physical connection to the body how is it then you are capable of moving the limbs of the body? How is the change created in the human form that is required to move, walk, or talk any different from the kinesis that can be controlled by the soul outside the body?

If the soul views all the physical world as information why would viewing something at a different period of time, nothing more than different information, be any more complicated or different than what it is always doing?

Future Selection
If the soul is all of these things then the future we wish to bring about is nothing more than a different location for our kinesis to take place.


Psionics as a whole is an endeavor to better understand the workings of oneself. Though it is easy to become distracted in material concerns it will always be a greater understanding of the soul that allow us to bring about beneficial futures for ourselves and those we care about.

The importance of breathing technique and control


As psions when considering the physical domain we are always looking to interact with it in such a way that it does not distract the focus of the soul. Meditation is our most valuable skill as psions and to operate understanding this idea we want to be able to bring our body into a meditative state such that our body does not distract us. There are many ways to train our bodies in this way such as considering our diet, exercise, and behaviour in daily life, but the biggest obstacle in meditation is often the use of proper meditative breathing technique. In the following article we will cover the respiratory mechanism and the proper use of breathing.

The Respiratory Mechanism

Breathing is one of the first things you do when born and it is the last action you take before death. Between these two points the ability to breath properly is of vital importance and affects the total health of the body. A deficiency in the ability to properly acquire oxygen for use in the body greatly affects the physical status as well as the mental. In keeping with the original idea of this article it is necessary to keep the body and the brain sufficiently healthy so that it does not become a distraction.

The lungs are a both voluntarily and involuntarily controlled, in that you can control the speed and depth of your breathing if you want but will continue to breathe should you lose focus of it. The main muscle of respiration, the respiratory diaphragm, is like any other muscle, when trained properly it is able to preform with greater ability. Aside from simply providing the mechanical action to bring air into the lungs the respiratory diaphragm has a number of other vital functions.

Anatomically the respiratory diaphragm is connected to the pleura (connective tissue surrounding lungs), the pericardium (connective tissue surrounding the heart), and below it to the abdominal viscera. Of equal importance a number of nervous and vascular structures pass through the respiratory diaphragm, to name a few; The descending aorta, the vena cava, the vagus nerve, and the thoracic duct. Together the previously named structures are responsible for properly supplying almost all vital structures/functions of the trunk and lower limbs,  and all of these have direct attachment to the respiratory diaphragm.

The respiratory diaphragm is in constant motion and all the time it's action massages the viscera, conditions the heart and lungs, and allows for proper passage of the nervous and vascular (blood supplying/draining) structures that pass through it. If the respiratory diaphragm is not working properly, if it is not or cannot move as it is supposed to, than neither can anything attached to it (the heart, lungs, and upper abdominal viscera). This is part of the reason those who practice meditation and physical exercise that promotes deep, slow breathing (yoga, qigong, etc) are able to achieve and sustain a much greater level of health.

As stated previously the respiratory diaphragm is both a voluntary and involuntary mechanism. In mediation this voluntary/involuntary relationship can be easily utilized for beneficial results. Motor learning and the Facilitation concept are highly developed concepts that are very important to understanding proper methods of breathing however they are not specifically necessary to the practicing psion to have knowledge of. What these two concepts would say on the subject of breathing though is that the way we practice breathing voluntarily will be carried over and developed as reflex when we involuntarily breath and that this is more likely occur the more it is done. Simply; The more you breath well the more you will breath well.

Proper Breathing Technique

There are many, many different ways of performing breathing in meditation. Many breathing techniques often claim the foundations of the technique on internal energetic mechanisms or combative training. The Dynamic Psi paradigm does not subscribe to the belief in internal energetic mechanisms like other styles and though not against martial training does not use it as a basis for breathing technique. For this reason when breathing and meditating in the Dynamic Psi paradigm we will use whatever works best for the individual practitioner.

Like any practice though there will be certain principles that can be followed for anyone to get the best out of their practice. The following simple concepts are what the author feels are most important to proper breathing technique for anyone;

Breath slow.
Breath deep.
Then forget about it and continue with the mediation.

These are simple enough concepts for anyone to follow and be mindful of during meditation but one practice that greatly helps with breathing slowly and deeply is a practice known as 'stomach breathing'. Stomach breathing is widely practiced by a number of different disciplines and is often known as 'embryonic breathing' in qigong. Regardless of the relation to other styles we know for a fact that this practice allows for a greater amount of air to be inhaled, more of the lung to be properly used, and conditions the respiratory diaphragm in a better way than normal 'chest breathing'.

If you have never been introduced to stomach breathing, or have never done it, simply take as deep a breath in as you can without letting your shoulders move. When you do this you body is forced to allow you abdominal muscles to move outwards so that the respiratory diaphragm can contract down further which makes the lungs bigger and bring in more air. Stomach breathing does take some practice to get used to but, as stated previously, the more you do it the more well you will be able to do it.

Going over these principles is one of the best ways to set up continuous proper breathing for a lengthy mediation. As well when we begin our meditation it is useful to think about and put these principles into practice as it sets a proper mental state that is valuable during the mediation.


Regular practice and expectation of success, as always, is most important in developing any skill.

First of all; Awesome

Second of all; I went to Mac U, double awesome

Psionics / Re: Public Construct Experiment - Results and Sigil
« on: October 25, 2010, 11:47:43 AM »
Hey TakeV, this is some great work. I hope that you keep going with this.


Psi and Mental Abilities / Re: The Reading Comprehension Construct
« on: September 17, 2010, 02:56:17 AM »
Thanks again for taking time to build on my understanding of psi energy and I look forward to its great assistance in your studies!

You're wekcome :)


Psi and Mental Abilities / Re: The Reading Comprehension Construct
« on: September 15, 2010, 05:56:39 PM »
@AriesofGod Thank you for your response, and I appreciate you taking the time to give you analysis of it. Of course I feel it necessary to respond to a few parts;

On this construct, keep in mind that it is plugged in directly to specific parts of your brain, even if you are not aware that it does so, or what those parts of your brain are or do

The way I specifically chose to word the conceptualization of this construct we are specifically bypassing the brain and directly transferring the information gathered to the soul as the brain often adds extra interpretation and noise to the information making clarity harder. I am not sure if you are aware of the Dynamic Psi definition of the soul but it is such that the brain is a physical construct and the soul is not, two entirely different things. The soul is your consciousness, that of you that is aware, the brain is an information storage and processing organ.

Though as always I like to say that the conceptualization used is up to the creator of the construct.

consider that you are literally taking in knowledge and mental energies that are all associated with the book (author, publisher, teacher that has read part or all of the book, students around you reading and comprehending at different speeds and levels themselves), but even beyond the scientific material in the book was not discovered by the author more than likely, but all of these other books and scientists related to the material are also connected to it.  If you are truly trying to understand what the book is trying to teach... all of those matters come into play. In all honesty the author of the book might just be quoting other books and may not have much ~true understanding of the material itself, but just how to organize the information in a way that will make sense to the reader.

The conceptualization for the construct was stated in a very precise manner such that we avoid the opinions and thoughts of the publisher, teacher, and students around you, and go straight to the authors intended understanding of the information. Publishers, teachers, and students tend to add their own interpretation of the authors interpretation and this cannot only add confusion but can also be just downright wrong. We needn't absorb and "mental energies" we are simply acquiring and transferring raw understanding of a subject which we can then consider it ourselves and add to our understanding. Granted this is not always going to work perfectly, as you say the author might not fully understand it, but the method suggested cuts out as much useless and potentially inaccurate information as possible, which I've found is most likely to succeed in these situations.

And, maybe you don't believe in an intelligent design, or creator, but something put these laws into motion or at least has been aware of these laws, phenomena, etc., to have a deeper understanding of them.

I cannot say that I'm one way or the other on the subject of a creator of the universe, but if I was able to contact a creator of some sort I don't believe I'd be asking them about school :) I think a reasonable goal though would be to be able to interact with and gather information from the conceptual domain rather than the physical.

Remember also, that these constructs are adaptable and as the energy flow changes so can your construct so don't forget to adapt the creations for the most controlled, and natural, energy flow.

Personally I don't really pay attention to or consider the 'flow' of any energies within any psionic practice. I gather the necessary energy to complete the task but psi can simply go where needed with the properly formed expectation and actualization, and it doesn't need to actually traverse space in a physical sense either. Any 'flowing' of energy your experience I would imagine is your own expectations about the nature of the energy as it is highly adaptive to expectations of the psion.


Psionics / Re: Future Selection to other Psionics
« on: August 27, 2010, 09:10:51 AM »
Well right off the bat I'm going to say that you're missing a very important step, that being the utilization of psi (energy). The three steps in kinesis are to form an intent (that which you intend to future select), gather energy to accomplish your goal, and actualize that intent using the energy.

Based on your description you've done a great job forming the intent as well as actualizing. I would suggest utilizing psi first and see how that changes your effectiveness. This would be very simple to do and doesn't require much more than the expectation that the necessary energy will be utilized in the process. No need to complicate things.

Also, there's little differentiation necessary between future selection and kinesis. Essentially "when" (in time) can be seen as just another way of understanding the target's location. We tend to take for granted that we automatically add this piece of information to our selection/kinesis under the idea of 'right now'. Just be aware of that a little more in your selections/kinesis and you'll find things change a bit.

What does really change with 'kinesis now' and selecting it in future is that the more time we have the more able we are to set things in motion to achieve a greater desired result, simply because there is more that is relatively possible.


Psionics / Re: Dynamic Psi Ebook Released
« on: April 01, 2010, 07:57:00 AM »
Really great stuff Kobok, really, really great.

I think you covered a really wide range and interesting set of topics...but I'm not getting all the references to the movie 'Caddyshack'. On average I think I counted about 32 per chapter, this doesn't include the chapter entitled 'Quantum anomalies in the life of Carl Spackler' however.

Really great though.


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