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I tried to check out "Beginning Daoist Qigong EX" but I got the following error:

The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

The other links from "my writing" section work.

Qigong Study Group (2013) / Re: Exercise 5: Pumping Qi experiences
« on: July 16, 2013, 03:39:59 PM »

Even doing this exercise after doing the tantien exercise (and while focusing on it), I didn't notice anything different than when I did it without focusing on it.

After double checking, I noticed that I forgot to post so here is my experience:

I stared at the "dot" for about 15 minutes. About the only thing that i noticed is that I lose my focus when blinking and sometimes the "dot" gets fuzzy while staring at it, but less so after the blink. The fuzziness varies depending upon the length of time between the blinks.

Qigong Study Group (2013) / Re: Rate the Study Group Survey
« on: July 16, 2013, 03:11:36 PM »
Overall I would give a 4 for all the above questions, and I have enjoyed this study group along with getting the feedback. I also want to thank all who have participated.

What version of the book of five rings is it (or who was the editor/translator) because the link isn't working. Also I too am wondering what you have.

I tried this on my finger on my right hand. Mostly I felt warmth and tingling. The pain did go away, but it didn't hurt that much to begin with. I did feel differences between my "sending" hand and my receiving finger. The "sending" hand felt warmer then the "receiving" hand.

I tried this on my left arm. The sensations that I felt were similar to what I experienced during the first set of 3 exercises and the baduanjin exercies all around my arms and hands, but it felt like it was "pulsing" during the "hitting" and for a while after.

The "pressure" on the front and back of my head that I felt/feel during the wuwei meditation (see my post there) gave way to a definite flowing of warmth across my head down my front and up my back. This flowing occurred when I started the microcosmic orbit meditation as I focused near the Baihui point. While I continued the meditation a few times I started to feel "sexual arousal" in my genitals and I stopped when this happened. Other times I have only felt the "pressure" but not the flowing. Interestingly once the flowing starts the "pressure" is "almost" gone. I still don't feel too much in my lower dantian, but this "pressure' does get quite strong, but not quite to the pain threshold.

Also, I don't feel the Baihui or the Huiyin point but I can focus near it. And the "flowing" that occurs seems to feel different on different sections of the orbit. It does not feel the same throughout. I'm wondering if anyone else has felt these differences or the "pressure" or if its just me.

Psionics / Re: Potential New Psi Study Group/Class
« on: July 03, 2013, 11:08:08 AM »
I would be interested.

I haven't had any success with this one until after doing it after doing Baduanjin excercises. I felt the "warmth" around my lower tantien area. This sensation of warmth felt different from other sensations of warmth that I have felt. The best way I could describe it is that it is similar to the warmth that is felt from drinking alcohol, but the sensation is below the stomach not in it. Once I felt this sensation, it didn't last too long maybe a minute or so. I also have tried this exercise laying down, but with no success. Also, my attention keeps getting drawn up to head while doing this exercise because I feel more sensations there then in the lower tantien. I'm starting to wonder if something is "blocked' causing me to have a harder time feeling the lower tantien but an easier time feeling the upper tantien. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?


These set of exercises have given me the strongest sensations so far. I started to feel the "wispy" sensations around my hands during the splitting the heaven and the earth exercise. But "lowering the head and hips" and "touching the feet with both hands" were much more strong. During "touching the feet with both hands" i felt "the movement of warmth" along my back, shoulders and arms. By the end of the entire set my arms and hands felt "warm and connected". This time these sensations went past my elbows to encompass my entire arms. Also, I felt the warm sensation near the tantien. I'm still working on doing the exercises without using references to the video or to my written notes.

I performed this exercise after void meditation (see my post on the results there). After putting my hands up in the given position I felt a slight tingling but with a slightly cool (or at least not a warm one) sensation. I found this slightly odd because any other time that I have ever "projected" or sent energy from my hands they felt warm, but at the interface of my hands and the the air it didn't' feel warm. Also, as I raised my arms slightly the sensation got stronger after which I lowered them and it felt even more strong, but only slightly more.

Update on Posture:

I am still using half-lotus because full lotus is too constrictive for me to meditate with at the present time, and I sit way too much in the cross legged position throughout the day to use for meditation. Also, the cross legged position placed to much pressure and discomfort on one of my feet and half lotus seems to help with that. I have also been using a pillow because that seems to help with my posture (thanks  Impervious). I have not tried this laying down yet. Also, I have my hands on my knees.

Update on Experience:

It still takes a bit of time adjusting the position and placement of the pillow (still have some tension in the neck and shoulders), but once I did some interesting things happened. While settling into position, making subtle adjustments to my posture (mostly the spine) I was trying to find the position at which it takes no voluntary effort to stay upright. As I found this a few things happened either simultaneously or near simultaneously. First, I had a physical sensation that I guess is best described as being similar to that of anticipation/excitement/nervousness; its kinda hard to explain. The best thing I can liken it to is the feeling you get when you are going out on a first date with someone and you are waiting for them to arrive or the feeling you get when your waiting to open your Christmas presents. This sensation didn't last too long and was accompanied with the sensation of "letting go". A little while later (not sure how long) my body began to "feel connected" warm and relaxed, not completely relaxed but much more so than before. Shortly after my attention was drawn to my head because I felt a pressure starting to build. The pressure was at the front of my head, from about my eyebrows over my forehead and onto the top of my head ( but only a little over my head maybee 1/4 of an inch but i'm guessing here) AND the pressure was also at the back of my head from where my last vertebrae is at the back of my head up over the "little hump" (from my last vertebrae upwards may be 1/4 of an inch but i'm guessing here). This "pressure" gave way to a definite flowing that feels similar to an electric shock but without any pain and much less intensity than an actual shock. I only felt these sensations at the front and back of the head NOT the entire head and not across the whole top and not all the way up the head.The "pressure" feeling may have been still present but it was greatly lessened as my attention was drawn to the "flowing". I could not tell which direction the "flowing" occurred only that it was present. Now as all this happened rather fast, I didn't experience these things for long. Today was the first day that I felt this and the entire time I did this exercise was about 40 min. I still didn't see any lights behind my eyes.

Any thoughts? and Koujiryuu should I do the tantien exercise now or still stay with this one?

Also, Impervious: how did you find out that your right side is stronger than your left one?

Qigong Study Group (2013) / Re: Exercise 5: Pumping Qi experiences
« on: June 19, 2013, 08:48:56 AM »
I've been doing this exercise after doing the first set of exercises and without focusing on the tantien (because i haven't done the tantien meditation yet). The sensations that I felt were similar to the ones that that felt after doing lifting the sky and pushing water, but much stronger. My hands and arms felt warm and tingly in a "wispy" kind of way but I still mostly feel it in and around my hands and arms (not much past my elbows though). Also my hands were also red with some with spots.

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