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Magick / Magic is For Everybody
« on: October 30, 2016, 02:17:15 AM »
Hello all!  :D

These are a few personal discoveries I have come to understand about the theory and working of magic.

Magic People:
We are equals only that we are individuals with unique and interesting perspective.
Our perspectives help us understand the complexities of magical currents which speak on many levels of sense and perception.

For the Non-Believers and Skeptics:
Magic is a concept.
Magic is not disproved by science if it lacks evidence for conclusion.
Pervasive theory and experimentation, or philosophy and practicum, will lead to a personal conclusion.
Outside resources are only important to educate and challenge the mind.
Reconstructions of ancient ritual are only practiced for experience and understanding to learn the roots of magical practice.

For the Magical:
The psychic mind is the intuitive body; when the five senses are in harmony with the internal feelings the magic forms into our intention.
The intention is clear in our spiritual heart but the fluid nature of mind must be formed into an abstract concept for the magic to be known and understood on the material plane.
This abstract concept is traditionally called a 'sigil', but for modern times 'meme' works just as well.
This meme, from the depths of our emotions and raw humanness, is directed out into the great unknown where it can mingle and transmute itself into tangible manifestation.
The first manifestation effects us with change in behavior which others are repulsed or attracted; these 'others' are everything from whispers in the wind to animals and people.
The second manifestation is the effect our meme has on others.
The third manifestation are the unlikely coincidences that seem to appear out of nowhere but they are exactly what we asked for.
The fourth manifestation is disbelieving, fearing, or accepting the outcome.
Magic is everywhere because you can manipulate the fabric of anything.

Gods and Their Teaching:
The realm of the gods is magic; giving reverence or love to a deity is not intended for zealotry but respecting the powers that came before and will be here long after.

The Sigil and the Servitor (A Love Story):
A sigil is a symbol like a cross or pentagram.
The sigil is traditionally combined with a sacred sound, or Name, to call upon the significance of the sigil.
This sigil and Name are given properties that relate to the natural world or personal desire.
The associations can then further be given an anthropomorphic, or human like, essence.
A god or tutelary spirit, also known as a servitor, is born. (Although the servitor does not have to be human at all).

Body Energy Arts / Re: Chakra removal
« on: July 01, 2016, 10:59:13 PM »
I am not a Hindu nor do I practice Yoga so my knowledge and experience with chakras is minute, but what I do know is that I can always feel a difference when I work with them. As far as I have studied and experienced cultures from around the world all have some chakra like system from the Daoists, Qabalists, Bard's, et cetera.

I agree that people should study and experiment with whatever they find of interest or are called to do, but before they try and remove something that is considered a vital force of their (and every living creatures) very existence, I would suggest deeper study and praxis into, as this example, chakras, otherwise just leave it alone. Leave it all alone - psi, magic, yoga, qigong, metaphysics. The practice of magic and mysticism is not a game because it can cause very real damage within your visceral and psychological self and the world around you if proper care is not taken.

Removing chakras, to me, is like removing a vital organ. You don't want your Muladhara? Well, it was nice to know you genitals!

Body Energy Arts / Re: Chakra removal
« on: June 30, 2016, 02:31:50 PM »
I agree with Neeros.

On another note, because they are a Hindu concept of vital and spiritual 'prana', or breath like energy, you cannot remove them because you would die at worst or go completely insane at best. In the sense of certain modern occult beliefs, you may also become a psychic vampire having to sustain off of other people's vital, psychic, and spiritual force, thus becoming a leech and parasite. Do you really want that?

It is better to just ignore the chakra system and find something else that resonates with you.

Try a path that seems interesting for 2-4 weeks at a time and see how you feel. If it calls you to do more work, continue, if you are loathing every second, stop.

It also depends on if you are more of an ecstatic worker or a inhibitory worker (to use Peter Carroll's terminology). In other words, do you enjoy fitness, martial arts, sex, the thrill of life? Or are you more of a calm person who enjoys meditative experiences, sky gazing, or long walks in nature?

Magic is diverse and you can easily find, or adapt, a path that fits your personality. I enjoy moving more these days, so I enjoy more ecstatic forms of trance like dance, singing, playing music, and being wild over sitting in meditation and staring at a candle. If you can find what brings you joy it may be easier to find a path that fits you.

Just to be clear, I am not part of any one path, I choose to dance through paradigms, but I also have a strong back round in meditation and martial arts, so I do have a grounding in inhibitory and exhilarating trance work, which you may or my not have.

For the sake of simplicity, I suggest trying Focal Meditation as outlined in the Psi Section, and after a few weeks try swaying into dance with music or your own rhythm and see what helps you get into trance better and feels better for you.

The Cafeteria / Re: Occult Musick
« on: June 22, 2016, 11:02:46 PM »
Lapis Niger

They are of a darker path, but they definitely get you into the meditative zone.

The Cafeteria / Re: Word Association
« on: June 21, 2016, 09:56:40 PM »

Magick / Re: Inner Magick Vs External Magick
« on: June 19, 2016, 09:53:56 PM »
I understand it as inner magic is transmuting your emotions into internal energy for health, vitality, and spiritual evolution (Daoist Internal Alchemy for example, or Kundalini Yoga), and external magic as influence of the external world through ritual or your favorite form of magic. The was in which the magics are performed are the same, but the direction of the intention is what differs (internal alchemy or manifestation of desires).

Psionics / Re: What does it mean when..?
« on: June 13, 2016, 05:34:16 PM »
Do you spend time in mediation or any kind of ritual? That is the best way that I have come in contact when I have been lost. Sometimes a book, article, or conversation will spark in me a sort of meditation or ritual to perform and upon performing it I find myself more connected to the whatever-I-was-seeking or it opens up other avenues of discovery.

 I can't really speak of the poltergeist / objects mysteriously moving because I do not have any direct experience in that.

Psionics / Re: What does it mean when..?
« on: June 12, 2016, 05:03:15 PM »
Any type of receptive practice works to open up to the spirit realm or your own subconscious. For example, if you prefer simplicity, burning a white or black candle and sandalwood, cedar, myrrh, or frankincense (even wormwood if it is available, but it is intense) during meditation is a great way to receive messages. Have a notepad ready. You don't need to 'banish' or call the quarters, just get comfortable and take a few deep, relaxing breaths and just let your mind go and ask to make to contact in whatever way feels right to you.

The reason you don't want banish or call the quarters is because you just might push away the spirit you want to contact. I find calling quarters unnecessary unless you are doing an intense ceremonial working to drop into the right mental and physical state. Banishing is fine as long as it is just to clear your mind of psychic and the rest of the days clutter.

I also enjoy using Tarot or Runes, but you can use the I Ching, pendulum, or any other form of divination that calls to you, such as automatic writing or throwing shells. Divination is very personal.

Most of us do our best to be nice, but even the kindest can be jerks. It's the way of the social interactions.

It really comes down to this: Do you feel there may be something trying to get your attention? Is there something about your self you are not acknowledging? My previous post is just conjecture, it's really what rings true for you. Trust your intuition.


Psionics / Re: What does it mean when..?
« on: June 12, 2016, 11:49:37 AM »
Someone or something may be trying to get your attention.

Maybe it's not a superstitious aspect of yourself that drove you to buy the stone but a spirit or ghost trying to help you see something you may not be recognizing. Spirits and the human mind work in funny ways sometimes.

Sometimes when life is really good and then it all falls apart can a draconian (or destructive) initiatory current flowing through your life. A flow is usually seen as a smooth ride of harmony or balance like a Taijiquan master may explain it, but sometimes the flow can be more like the rise and fall of a wave that crashes upon a beach shore and takes any sign of life with it back into the tide.

I have no idea who you are in person or what kind of magic you are or are not doing, but that has been my experience with similar activities. Although I have never really had poltergeist activity, I would see apparitions and have intense vivid dreams that usually lead to a new path in life for me, good or trying, but always an evolution of myself and situations.

Magick / Re: Questions.
« on: June 10, 2016, 11:28:54 PM »
Yo are very welcome, I am glad you found my musings useful!

Q7: By 'devoid of attachment' do you mean like not caring about the spell's results itself. Performing the spell robotically, mechanically, with no doubt nor belief, a sort of state of trance that makes complex actions like breathing and walking automatic? Thats what I think when i think Gnosis.

Yes, not caring about the results helps you focus on mundane aspects of life like daily chores, work, school, or whatever is important - sometimes even being a 'space case' can lead you to your desire. When your mind is stuck on achieving results you often miss the opportunities because you are stuck in your head with obsession for achieving a goal that may be right in front of you. If you can cast your spell then return to the mundane routines you make yourself open to 'run into' your manifestation. Such as taking the wrong turn, running into an attractive person and becoming really great friends. If you were obsessing over your magic of finding friendship you would have been so stuck in your head that you would most likely have automatically went the same route home as usual. On the other hand, if you were too exhausted after work to care about anything but food in your stomach you were open to the current of magic that was the wrong turn; no thought of magic just the aching gut of starvation! Magic is funny like that. It's like a jester playing a trick on you sometimes.

Sometimes results can come about by mechanically doing a ritual, but usually being mechanical means you are bored and that is the consciousness you are sending out - "this ritual is boring, my life is boring" is usually all the magical consciousness links to and your results will be lackluster or not at all. In the energy paradigm, you are simply not raising enough energy for manifestation to happen. In the spirit model, you are not giving enough respect nor diligence in your ritual, and why would they bless you if you do not seem to care about what you want? Care like the universe depends on it during your ritual so you don't have to obsess over it at work or with friends.

Q8: By the answers you gave me, isn't emotion just another way to reach that state of gnosis? (Single pointed focus). So would emotionally charged magick, controlling the emotions carefully, be able to be as effective as directly entering gnosis?

I think so, yes. Gnosis is just a fancy word to describe a state of magical consciousness which can be achieved in countless ways from reverent prayer, martial arts practice to bloodletting. It all works, it just depends on what works for you.

Magick / Re: Questions.
« on: June 10, 2016, 11:59:49 AM »
Q4: Is Gnosis better over emotional connection to one's beliefs or is Emotional connection better. Also please clarify what is meant by emotional connection. Can I just cast a spell that has worked alot before and thus i have a emotional connection of joy (of succcess of magic) or something?

An emotional connection is simply having an emotion tied to an outcome. You can also use emotions to fuel magical energy. If you want love but are timid to approach your desire, you will most likely not get what you intend or you will attract a relationship built on fear and timidity. On the other hand, if you do a spell for vengeance and have the emotion to want to hurt the person badly enough you would actually fight with them, or worse, then your anger is strong enough to fuel the spell for a violent outcome on the one being cursed. You can also transmute anger emotion into pure energy for a spell - if you are angry, you can transmute that hot energy into a vortex into which to burn away unwanted magical or psychic influences. The possibilities are endless with emotions and magic.

Emotional connection becomes gnosis after a while. A spell that you have utilized before is not so much about the emotion but the gnosis of results attained. The universe, fate, or whatever fits your belief system, acts like a telephone - your spell is the phone number and the energy sent is the wire. All you are doing is pressing the right buttons. The other line won't always be there, but more often than not, you are getting your message across due to a connection that has been forged through time and effort.

Q5:  Is Gnosis training is simply meditating until you become devoid of thought or your mind gets to a state of excitatory devoidness (not a word, i know)?

Either / or. Gnosis is a Greek word meaning 'Knowledge,' originally meaning having knowledge of yourself and your place in the universe and direct experience of gods, spirits, or other natural and cosmic flows which can be reached through simple, calming meditation, or an highly intense erotic encounter that gets you to a point where you can cast a spell or invoke a spirit. Today it can be translated as entering into an altered state of consciousness in which you are devoid of attachment where your magic is free to do its thing.

Q6: Some people say it takes years to learn magick but some people can learn some skills in a few months or are even born with it. Which one is true?

All of the above. Whether or not you are born with a natural talent it is a good idea to train your body and mind anyway. Magic can effect your mental state, your physical state, those of others, and events in your immediate world. The more you train the more you are able to control what the magic effects and to what degree, but magic is also a timeless and extremely powerful force that cannot be controlled nor tamed completely. In a way magical training - including simple mediation, balanced diet, and physical fitness - helps you build a relationship with the consciousness that is magic. I perceive the gods and great spirits of old not so much as literal beings but forces of the consciousness of magic that our human minds can comprehend. I am not saying magic is like the Christian god who consciously created us with a purpose, but a concept that is connected to all things that can be communicated with to create purpose.

Magick / Re: Questions.
« on: June 10, 2016, 11:16:14 AM »
Q.1 Is belief and visualisation all that is neccesary for magick? Can I perform magick simply by saying some random spell (Or verbal sigil of you prefer) and have an effect.

If your concentration and belief is strong enough, sometimes just a concentrated thought is good enough. Everything else is preference. I wouldn't say random spells are effective because they should resonate with you on some level. You can get gnosis from anything from old grimoires to comic books, but you have to have an emotional connection or strong energetic current to empower the belief.

Q2. Is it neccessary to build up focus seperately or can simply casting spells help build focus.

Casting spells does build focus, but having dedicated time for meditation, energy work, and other training methods will build a stronger magical foundation - a stronger foundation in general, really.

Q3. How do you tell if it was magick or coincidence.

Magic journal. You can review your past workings and connect the dots at a later date. Sometimes coincidences happen, sometimes things happen because they were going to anyway and sometimes they happen because of your spell. Your journal will give you insight into all of these aspects of fate and spell craft.

Magick / Re: Inner Magick Vs External Magick
« on: May 16, 2016, 07:54:33 PM »
I was just thinking, externally I really do like the tools. I like using an athame, incense and candles mainly. And the Tarot. I love those little creatures! But I also have a deep respect for the nei gong.

There comes a point where there is no difference.

I would disagree, only that by working internal magic you are changing your perception/physicality/emotional state more so than the external world and working external magic you are creating a force that vibrates through the objective universe and bringing something to you, that does change you internally, maybe, but the intentions are different. They each play with both sides of the internal/external coin, but I find them to be different, even if it is minute.

Magick / Re: Inner Magick Vs External Magick
« on: May 16, 2016, 07:25:00 PM »
Inner work. Manifestation is fun and interesting to see how how results come along, but internal work is more dynamic and involved, at least to me.

I look at it like good ol' martial arts. I used to train to be a really good fighter. I'm okay. I've had my share of wins and losses, and I am happy with my external skill, but now I want to train my internal more because it leads to a greater satisfaction in life.

The internal also changes the external but it has a nicer flow. Noticing the signs of manifestation are easier because as I change and notice the world change around me, at least in my perception of it, I feel accomplished knowing all I did was work on myself. I think that is pretty darn magical!

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