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Psionics / Psychokinetically Manipulating Communities
« on: June 10, 2018, 12:40:20 PM »
I am working on a little project. The project is manipulation of the cultural ideas of a community through manipulation of the frequency of concepts as represented by words via psychokinesis. Since the culture of a community is an abstraction of the people who make up the community and the individual concepts that the people in the community hold, that implies thoughts and behaviors of people are manipulated. I am going to put this into practice, but I am also going to attach data to it.

The first thing I am going to do is pick a community. Once a community has been selected, I am going to log data every 24 hour period for seven days. I am really looking for the frequency of general concepts. After the data has been cleaned, I will convert it to some sort of frequency chart. The idea will be to take the word/concept that occurs the most and shift its frequency to below the median. In other words, the goal is to shift the concept that is mentioned most of the time in a community thereby shifting the what the community focuses on most of the time.

I expect this project to lasts 14 days starting today. For the first seven days, I will make a post on my blog collecting and cleaning the data. After seven days, I will make another seven posts where I try to manipulate the frequency. At the end, I will analyze the data and have some data. If it works, I will try and increase the effect. If it doesnít, well, Iíll try again.

Psychokinetically Manipulating Communities

Psionics / Psychic Matrix
« on: June 06, 2018, 02:24:15 PM »
Something I wrote on amplifying psychic power:
Psychic Matrix

Library Board / Undergraduate Level Science and Math Textbooks
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:54:48 AM »
Here are some science and math textbooks:

OpenStax Science Textbooks
OpenStax Math Textbooks

Psionics / Disorder Sphere
« on: June 03, 2018, 09:39:45 AM »
This is a blog post I made about something interesting I did with psychokinesis:

Disorder Sphere

Main Hall / Re: My oh my we are a sad little place
« on: January 25, 2018, 08:47:11 AM »
For something you don't care about, and don't care to debate about, you seem to invest a fair bit of energy into thinking, talking and debating about it :p

Yes, I have thought about it, but not for the reasons you might think. I have the ability to interact with the world in ways to get information and manipulate the world outside of means that are abstracted as physical in various ways and various applications. Abstractly, that is referred to as psi, but I disagree with a lot of how it is currently studied. To say it a different way, when studying say whether or not someone can sense information from a location or whether or not someone can sense information about a thought or whether or not someone is sensing the future, you empirically get a redundancy which makes it ambiguous to determine where the information came from. That sort of points to the same thing doing it where the application is different. When someone says they are doing geokinesis, atmokinesis, hydrokinesis, so on and so forth, they typically get yelled at and are told it is all psychokinesis. Psychokinesis is thus an abstraction for all those other things. You can discuss it abstractly in such a way that a lot of those redundancies are eliminated, for there is nothing wrong with saying geokinesis other than it is redundant. The point is that with telepathy, psychokinesis, precognition, so on and so forth, you see similar redundancies, so I disagree with how these things are conventionally discussed. With that being said, I think the whole "system" needs a re haul. 

With getting that out of the way, I have a large amount of ability that is innate and seems to mature. While I do have roughly 21 years of experience and practice with this stuff, it seems as if my abilities grow on their own. I have not plateaued in other words. So, I had a large amount of raw ability without being taught. And, as I get older, that ability increases even when I am not learning anything or practicing anything. I just recently discovered that I, apparently, can now sense information off of computers in similar ways I sense information from people's minds. If I take an abstract view of psi, then it makes sense in that when I sense a person's memories, I am looking at the information physically in their brain on an abstract level so as I perceive thoughts and not say neural pathways so the same would hold true for say computers.

I have no evidence for it being directly genetic, though I believe they play a role in how things are implemented. For example, I am a highly intuitive person which plays a role in how I implement my abilities where that was inherited from my mother. I do have evidence for it being heredity, though, not all "inherited" things need be genetic. An abstract example is race. Race is not genetic, but it is an abstraction that says it is inherited; therefore, people inherit their race. If I view it abstractly, I can ignore the mode for right now. So, I am taking an anthropological look at things where I am looking for stories about people who have done extraordinary things where people think of them as magical. To be frank, I think the systems are shit, but I am just attempting to do a broad mapping, maybe.

As a person, I am very impulsive and whimsical. I have a bad temper. I use my abilities to get money, get the jobs I want, make everyone else stuck in traffic while I am not. When I meet you, I am likely reading your thoughts and judging you based on every single one. I am currently practicing on manipulating electronic systems to try and figure out how to change the amount of money in my bank account where I don't care that it is unethical(the issue of course is getting the money out of the account). I am an asshole. The only reason why I have not messed up people's stuff online is because I can't justify the amount of effort it would take to impact someone who is irrelevant to my life. With that being said, I don't think my abilities are linked to my "spiritual" and "moral" development, they grow on their own, and I can't make a general statement that any system I have used actually works. I can say it works for me but that is only one particular case and not most people who would try methods that I use.   

Anywho, words like physical and non-physical are just nice little abstractions. When I say something is physical, I am pretty much encapsulating whatever dimensions I am talking about. By dimension, I am pretty much referring to categories where changes in one category does not necessarily change the other such as a person's age and weight. Age and weight are independent of one another, but you can describe a person by their age and weight. The point is pretty much, abstractly, there is nothing mystically significant about things that are "non-physical" where it pretty much is simply higher dimensional. People assume mystical things about it are true due to it seeming as if fundamental properties are phenomenological. For the record, I am not using higher-dimensions a buzzword. I am using it within the context of a table of tables, pretty much. What I do deals a lot with math and abstractions upon abstractions upon abstractions, so I have become very familiar with these concepts. Technically, a construct is nothing more than higher-dimensional technology(it is a created tool to do something/solve a problem and it exists on a higher dimension where that dimension is an abstraction of the dimensions we are used to living in). It does not need to be regarded superstitiously. In short, I piss on your superstitious, magical systems. Yes, I spend a lot of time thinking about my abilities. Yes, I research magical systems from an anthropological sense. The whole energy thing is dumb too, for energy is actually an abstract scalar quantity. Pretty much if I have something and it moves from there to there, it is displaced, and when you do things like say look at its derivative, you actually end up with things like how it changes. Well, that is abstractly energy in the sense of things changing(notice the word abstractly in that we can't exactly model it as an analog to physical energy due to dimensional/symmetry issues making it so you don't get a conserved value that represents an orientation of a system). I don't need to subscribe to some idiotic, esoteric vitalistic bullshit to understand that concept. Clever usages of Calculus are more than enough. The analog to physical energy a lot of dumb mystical systems has is missing an important component of temporal invariance, rotational invariance, and I believe translational invariance in such a way you don't get conservation which gives the proposed energy meaning as an abstract scalar. Think of it in the sense of having a budget, which is abstract, where you can spend that money. Same concept. The systems don't work in theory.

My research has not stopped. I am doing cool things like looking at how manipulation of random events generated from entropy produced by biological ecosystems(like aquariums) impact that ecosystem. I am looking at how cultural populations can be influenced with psi by using Twitter API's as a means to measure and algorithms I designed to analyze. If you guys want to contemplate your navel, have at it. I just got tired of trying to convince people of what is possible.  Poo poo on my science all you want, but I am doing some really neat things.

You also seriously overestimate the effort it takes to reply on a forum. I am a naturally wordy person, so it is not some extraordinary effort on my part. You should see my Facebook replies. They are even longer than this.

Main Hall / Re: My oh my we are a sad little place
« on: December 04, 2017, 04:31:03 AM »
If you remember, I have always said that anyone can learn Magick, we all have that gift. On the other side, Rayn's theory always was that only individuals gifted in Magick can learn it and now you are playing into his cards.

Please do not misrepresent me. I am not sure how I fit into this argument. Technically, I agree with a lot of what HellBlazer is saying, mind you. I am an atheist and I don't believe in magical cosmologies. Furthermore, I don't believe parapsychology presents a convincing objective case. I believe in psi because I am biased due to my experiences. As a result, this board holds nothing for me. I lurk out of boredom. I am responding because I don't like being misrepresented. You believe in magic and I do not. I have no desire to convince you it does not exists, because I am not invested in your personal life. This means there is no point debating things like this. I don't get why you care, to be frank. You believe in magic where it is a big part of your life. Others don't. Get over it.

Theoretically, magic is ambiguous in that it is predicated based on cultural concepts which are largely subjective. To say it differently, what magic is varies from culture to culture; therefore, one cannot establish a consistent definition, and because of this, one cannot establish a theory. This implies that magic has no theory, and because of this, one cannot make precise deductions concerning this. Instead, one has different paradigms concerning magic that are largely subjective and conventional per those cultures.

Precision is pretty much the ability to hit a value, or close to a value, consistently. This is not to be confused with accuracy. Due to the subjective nature of the definition of magic, this implies that one cannot consistently get close to a value; therefore, one cannot deduce anything precisely. This means I cannot make the deduction that only those gifted in magic can learn it, because I cannot precisely define what magic is. Nor can you.

Logically, this also implies that arguments about magic are a wastes of time, because no one can be right. The inability to objectively define what magic is sort of makes it not possible to determine who is right about it. I don't care about magic nor do I care about debates concerning it.

Here is my issue. If you have a pedagogy where the claim is that it will develop psychic abilities, then there should be statistics concerning that. When you deal with induction, particular cases are not enough; rather, you have to show that this thing is likely to work for most people, abstractly, who try this system. You could call that your population. In order to show that for your population, you would need a representative sample and statistics from that sample. You would then need to analyze this data. The issue is not whether or not psychic abilities can be learned for those hypothesis; rather, the issue is whether or not a particular system can teach said abilities. It is an issue with education more than anything, for if a person has a natural aptitude, but the pedagogy was not effective, it would not really develop their abilities regardless. A person who is good with Mathematics still needs to be educated properly, regardless.

In this thread, it seems to be assumed that practicing certain schools of thought of techniques yields results; therefore, HellBlazer has been practicing things wrong or not sticking with things, but no one in this thread really has the statistics to back that claim up. I had the same conversation with kobok about a month ago concerning Dynamic Psi, I think, where he pretty much said with online teaching you have limitations due to operational definitions, a lack of that many teachers making analysis hard, and the inability to control things how he would like where he agreed that there needed to be more testing.

Psionics / Delete
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Body Energy Arts / Delete
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