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Magick / Re: Anti-occult literature
« on: August 11, 2006, 09:28:22 AM »
Just go to talk to a random preacher.  You'll here plenty, and by the end of the conversation you'll have memorized the entier book of Leviticus.



@ Prophecy how are you? I trust you are well.

"love is the law love under will"

Magick / Re: Why people suck at magick
« on: August 11, 2006, 09:21:19 AM »
Yeah. I agree with Zake. People suck because they are lazy.


I agree with that statement, how can you make your will stronger when you don't have much of a will to begin with "Sigh"

At the end of the day it's up to you. Liber E is the way to go.

"Love is the Law love under will"

Magick / Re: Experiences with deliberate summonings
« on: August 11, 2006, 09:14:26 AM »

Ive been summoning for many years now.

I started when i was a kid by just calling random spirits lol-"Yea it wasn't such a clever thing, but hey i was young"

I moved onto the Necronomicon, there after I went no holds bard and started using spirits from the Goetia, but summ0oning thm in my own way, it worked so what the hell. I love the the daemons that I have summoned like friends so i don't do the whole, 20 inch concrete wall 52 locks and a rifle by my side just in case protection thing lol.

No really no triangler and no separate circles, just an LBRP and Lady Babalon and Horus to watch over me. Ok sometimes a Greater Hexagram ritual.

I've also summoned Aleister Crowley,Horus and Lady Babalon. My fave was Lady Bablon.

O and I've created Servitars.

"Love is the law love under will"

Magick / Re: Favorite occult book?
« on: August 11, 2006, 09:01:45 AM »

Wow I havent been here in a while.

:Liber Al Vel Legis -This book is more than a book of law, there is more to it than you would think, Soooo much more  :elephant:

:Magick in Theory and Practice
:The Equniox volume 1
:Eliphas Levi-Dogma Et Ritual
:Essay Berashith

"Love is the law love under will"

Magick / Re: jack parson's letters to marjorie cameron
« on: June 27, 2006, 07:47:28 AM »
Thx Ill read this when I get time.  :elephant:

Psionics / Re: Signs of having energy drawned successfully
« on: June 16, 2006, 11:48:44 AM »
Learn grounding techniques, opening chakras ect it's better than drawing from people.

The best way to know if it worked is to see if there was any change in your sister, but don't do it again it's your sister damit.

Magick / Re: Black arts
« on: June 16, 2006, 11:39:26 AM »
I know because i only concetrate on the dark arts but what stuns me is that the youth believe that it is something that will make them feared. what most people dont realize are the sideeffects of this path and they end in  they lose thier phsycal/mental health. one more reason why hollywood and other assholes should leave magick to those who use it.

I agree with allot that you have said, as for holywood leave them be.

I think the reason for it is because some of us either need that dark side to balance us, some of us prefer it, because we can relate to it more, or some of us crave it because we have never had it.

I use allot of things that would be considered dark arts but I don't think of them that way. Good and evill are relative there are only results and consequences, yes I don't go sacrifice babies because I don't want to kill anything for no reason, but I do summon daemons without binding them and I treat them well.  :elephant:

Magick / Re: demonic/angelic petitioning question
« on: June 16, 2006, 11:22:59 AM »
I summon things in my own name most of the time, I find it works best.Some occasions it is better to use there superior. Just make sure you are supported by the superior spirit and you will be fine. :elephant:

Magick / Re: Dhyana doesn't relate to magic!
« on: June 16, 2006, 10:56:25 AM »
MMMMM Ill ahve to think about this, one you could possibly be right. I would say it is possible that Dhyana is the Conversation with your Holy Gaurdian Angel but not Samadhi-Samadhi is beyond it, myabe a way to look at it is Dhyana could possibly be Samadhi dealing with the Microcosm as apposed to Samadhi which deals with the Macrocosm. Or maybe I'm wrong I will really ahve to think about this more.

My opinion is that Dhyana is a result and a method.

An interesting thought I must say. :elephant:

@ Faijer He is young so let him"I can feel he is young"

Magick / Re: A predominant demon
« on: June 16, 2006, 10:40:43 AM »
I havent been chating on Veritas for a while, instead just observing. The reason for this is that there have been no interesting convesations tht I have seen hile Ive been on.

This one I find interesting  :elephant:

@ sleepybutawake  you seem to be quite knowlegable. Your formulas look lke they will work. I will consider doign this ritual sometime, but I don'tlike binding Daemons I prefer talking to them and being friends, yes I said friends lol

To me Chononzon is more like a part of your phyche than a Daemon-But ehy I might be wrong, Ill summon it some time and see what happens.

I agree nothing should be deleted by the mods unless it is a working that can show you how o harm others. Although in the case of a psot like this there should be some warning as to tell people that they should be experienced to do something like this.

Poetry / Re: Awaken Beast
« on: June 16, 2006, 10:03:46 AM »
I enjoyed that nice one  :elephant:

Spirituality / Re: need help. pretty badly.
« on: June 16, 2006, 10:01:03 AM »
Originally posted in my myspace page.

need help all you people who read my blogs... no one...
Current mood: crying

so today for my big ol Utah choir rehearsal, which won't be televised. downer number one. at the end they told me I had to shave or they wouldn't let me perform. apparently they want to portray the clean shaven worthy missionary look. I have a rather full beard right now and by shaving it I think I'll lose part of my individuality. simply the principle of shaving makes me think that. I realize it'll grow back but it's not the point. I'm a good person deep down. I know that. I think Jesus knows that. I think (repeat: think)  if I were to pray and get an answer about this, he'd say to shave. so if I don't... am I defying deity? am I committing like a terrible sin? Should God himself be allowed to defy my individuality? especially since he created us all differently? what should I do? shave and sing like I love to do? or should I keep the beard, risk being kicked out of the choir and possibly be depressed for a very long time? of course if I have to shave I might just be too angry to even enjoy the performance because I'll look just like every other Mormon kid out there. we'd all be the same. forget uniquity. God doesn't want that right? he wants us to all be the same. I'm so angry.

yeah, I'm Mormon and live just outside of Salt Lake City in wyoming. our standard dress code for portraying a look of decency and good grooming habits is a clean shaven look for men. I have a rather full beard and don't want to shave basically. oh, and this choir is 15,600 voices. We're meeting in the Rice Eccles stadium at the University of Utah. It's gonna be a world record, and it's pretty much a once in a lifetime experience. I want to do it, but I don't want to sacrifice my individuality basically. oh, and when they asked me to shave I started crying in front of 150 people. let's throw that in the mix.


No offense but I find it strange to find a Mormon on Veritas. You do know that about 95% of this site is based around magick, psionics ect...?

I know allot about you religion I used to go to a mormon chapel for many years when i was a teenager, but when it came time to be baptised thak heavens something happend that delayed it and eventualy I totally broke away.

Anyway your religion states you should shave,I ahve enver seen a respectable mormon not shave. It's aprt of your religion you should knwo that if you forfeit one part of the beleif you get close to forfeiting it all. My advice to you is shave if you beleiv your religion to be true and it is the religion you want to follow. Making the choice to be a mormon requires allot of sacrifice this is just one of many, if you value your beleifs do it.

Why I decided to leave that religion alne was because I was not going to give up magick and I did not believ there to be anything wrong with it, I am also a DJ and producer and I was not going to give that up either. Hey I found my belifs and I'm happy with what I have found so I feel I made the right descision.

@ Whoever said they don't understand how one can be in a religion with rules they don't like, Hey I don't like the pain some Yoga puts me through but I do it, it's not fun memorising the book of law but both things mentioned are worth wile and i do them. Do what thou wilt does not mean do what you want in other words will is not whim it's will end of story.

There is always a 50 50 chance.

Magick / Re: Ritual creation
« on: June 07, 2006, 03:38:47 PM »
Well, I havent been friends of such demons because I have never summoned a demon from the goetia. Could you tell or pm me on how you changed or made your own so I can get some ideas. :P

manafesto<----I like that word

Ill do it when I have time.

But you must be very very carefull when doing it outside of the Goetia instructions. Ill think of how I can give you a way to keep you safe, like I said they are friends to me and I tust allot of them so I'm safe, and Ie always been safe when doign this.

First question describe your feelings and ideas as to what Daemons are.

It was more along the lines that you don't know other people in your order while you are in it, to avoid different teachings getting mixed up, since your superior may say something then another person could say something else etc.


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