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Title: A Guide of Studies
Post by: Mentors on May 05, 2005, 04:10:31 PM
A Guide of Studies
  Where am I:
Hello and welcome to The Veritas Academy. Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to learn. Itís not an easy mission, and I canít guarantee that you will accomplish this goal entirely. That is left to you. But you arenít left to this job on you own. There are tools and people that can help you along you way but you need to step up to the plate to find them.

Your goals are the first step on your path to success in whatever you may chose. You may already have come set in what you want to accomplish, but a little review never hurt anyone. The goals you set are of the highest importance, they are your drive to keep going and way points for your progress. The best way to set your goals is on a scale that is relatively accomplishable, saying I want to be the most íleet psioní who can rule the world may be a little overzealous. With setting reasonable goals and moving one at a time you can assure yourself progress without to much stress to accompany it. Review that which you are presented, set your path, and start walking.

Just as when you are starting at a new group or a new skill you should try to eliminate any high set views of yourself. In other words, try to avoid starting a new technique or skill with the thought in your head that "This will probably be so easy cause I probably know this stuff" or "Why am I starting at the beginning, I should be starting at the top because this stuff is just simple and unnecessary". Simply put, things have order for a reason. Itís best to start at the bottom and work your way up. If you feel the need to, assess yourself to see where you should go from there. Starting at the beginning helps build a good foundation for harder skills, and the majority of the time those beginner skills are needed to perform harder techniques.

The moral of the story is the easy way isnít always, and rarely is, the best way to do things. Working toward your goals and finding things for yourself will ultimately improve your understanding of what you find and your ability to create.

Conduct with yourself and others:

Conduct may seem like a small issue but itís what builds respect. From how you act is how others assess your integrity. Thatís why itís crucial to be truthful to others and to yourself. The importance of your integrity in othersí eyes may not concern you as much, but if you cannot trust yourself then where are you to go.

Itís easy to get to the point where you convince yourself that youíre doing a technique right, or you have the ability to see certain things when the simple fact is you just arenít willing to try. Perhaps itís for the use of impressing others or to feel as though itís necessary to dwell within a group of people. I think that you can really see the negative aspects of it but sometimes itís hard not to do it. Learning humility is sufficiently important, in order to accept the fact that you arenít able to do something and need to work harder to get it, or if itís simply about being yourself, you can respect your own thoughts as being logical and lead yourself in the right direction.

Once you are able to respect yourself you should consider that others deserve that same respect. Opinions are the basis of discussion on the majority of the forum along with fact about certain techniques or paths. That is why it is expected that you can respect that the views of others are exactly that, not right or wrong, but simply opinions on certain things that you can build off of. And at no point in time should one mock another for his or her opinion for it is simply a though process on the way to making beliefs.

With this also comes the respect of teachers and mentors. They are knowledgeable in the areas they are involved in and are there to help you. They hold their positions for the sake of furthering their knowledge and yours. Just respect should be shown as that they are where they are for a reason. Iím not saying that you must take all that they are to say as fact but that they give you there time and you should be thankful to them for that. They have a high level of integrity in the views of the rest of our members, given time this will become evident to you as well.


The specific Ďpathsí, as you could say, presented at veritas generally are between the magician/sorcerer, Chi user, and psion. I use the term paths loosely. As Iím sure you will find or have found that the presented material on all of these subjects has very close relation, and I would recommend noting that if something doesnít work for you in one system there is usually another way to go about it in one of the other.

You are free to choose any area or areas you want to work in. The three categories are very broad and you can look into each to find what you would prefer. You can reference the beginner articles on the different types to get a good idea and thatís probably the best way. If you wish you can pick a section, for example weíll say psionics, and look into that for a while, feel it out. But donít bind yourself to any specific system, they all have their advantages.

The topics available are better explained in the beginner energy articles but Iíll briefly state what there about. Chi manipulation and cultivation is the use of life force energy also known as Chi. It has a high use in many types of martial arts for health reasons as well as a variety of others. Psionics is in reference to the use and manipulation of psi energy. This covers such things as construct creation, shielding, empathy, psychokinesis, Remote viewing, telepathy and other related skills. Sorcery is in relation to the many types of Ritual, Direct, Summoning, Elemental and many other types of magick. Spirituality ties it all together, feel free to open yourself up and have a look. For further explanation see the article 'An Introduction To Occult Studies'.

As a recommendation to furthering your knowledge there are a variety of site link compilations Ďstickiedí in their respective forum areas. Books may be difficult to find for some areas of magick, and psionics. The best way to find books on your desired topics is to be more specific with your search. Try to specify further your topics, such as maybe channeling energy as apposed to energy manipulation. Simple idea, significant results.


A key point to remember when trying any of this is not to be impatient. The time it will take to learn the littlest things to the most difficult skills is all dependant upon the person. Just because something doesnít work right away or takes time to do, doesnít mean that youíre incapable of doing it. Some people have more trouble than others but everyone is capable of any of the given techniques. If you plan to accomplish anything then you should accept that fact that it will take time and effort to do.

Help is always available to anyone who may need it, so donít be afraid to ask, but you are expected to have put forth effort to try and help yourself. We arenít here to give you the answers but we can certainly point you in the right direction.

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Hey this is firs time i visit here and happy to see such a informative information here,the way you define all study guides here with great description sounds very well.Will back soon for more updates.
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Very informative indeed, I shall start to study! I want to learn as much as possible!