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Title: Should I Study Psi, Magick, or Chi?
Post by: kobok on November 09, 2004, 11:13:12 AM
Should I Study Psi, Magick, or Chi?

All energy systems share common fundamental trends, and so progress in one is usually beneficial to later progress in another art.  So a choice of which energy art to focus on is by no means an exclusive choice, but it is often a choice we must make so that we can dedicate sufficient time to understanding a specific paradigm.

The choice of which energy art to focus on is also a very personal choice, as it depends heavily on your own personality traits and aspirations.  The three paradigms, or systems, presented here each have their own virtues and their own accompanying worldviews.

We have worked together to bring you this article containing separate perspectives on each of these three systems, so that we might share with you our own personal views and reasons for valuing each art.

May your journey be a prosperous one wherever it takes you.

Why Should I Study Psi?
(by kobok)

Psi is the art of causing change and sensing things by direct exertion of mental focus.  There is also a great philosophical and spiritual depth to psi, which shapes the pursuit of psi into a lifelong path of self-betterment.  Psi includes all abilities that have been encapsulated under psychic abilities, including terms such as telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, and remote viewing.

Modern approaches to psi typically center around awareness and manipulation of energy for the purposes of sensing or causing change.  The abilities granted by this include moving objects, mental communication, personality scanning, seeing remote locations, sensing the future, healing oneself and others, choosing a future and causing it to occur, the creation of complex constructs using psi energy, and many others.  The steady pursuit of psi also grants an unmatched depth of mental focus and discipline, accompanied by a deep understanding and awareness of ones own spiritual nature.  This awareness has a profound impact on the psion's life and on the psion's interaction with others.

Psi attempts to take the most direct and fundamental approach to the energy arts, with an emphasis on gaining focused and intentional control over the details of ones abilities.  The psion then uses this careful control to construct an array of more complicated and advanced abilities, while still maintaining that same level of focused control.

Why Should I Study Magic?
(by Prophecy)

Magic is, in respect to religion, a melting pot of creeds and approaches.  No matter if you are Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Shaman, Jewish, Christian or essentially any other religious denomination, there is likely to be a system of magic already worked out to compliment and advance your spiritual path within the framework of your existing dogma.  Should you step outside the veils of religion, there is much in the way of spiritual advancement to be had even still, as spirituality is the essential foundation upon which most of the ideologies of magic are based.

Magic provides for the enduring aspirant a definitive and methodic means of taking life, and therein your destiny, "by the horns."  Through self mastery, spiritual advancement and a harmonious knowledge of how to bend the laws of this universe, the adept can alter things in his life to create the destiny he sees befitting in his path.  There is nothing out of the reach of a magician, and spiritual progress in both wisdom and power is promised to those who dedicate to it the time that is required in any true path of the metaphysical arts.  The path of magic rewards not only practice, but hard study, to he who seeks the higher truths of the world he lives in.

Finally, magic encompasses all those things deemed mystical and metaphysical.  The laws of magic are the laws of the universe, and all things find themselves represented by the respective magic theory.  The powers of the soul, the mind and the body are all thoroughly covered and cultivated should the initiate choose to dedicate the proper time to his chosen path.  If the aspiring magician has studied any eastern mysticism(such as yoga) or western metaphysics(such as Psionics), he has taken one step further in the path of magic and can now see how all he has learned thus far can be applied to conquer his own part of the world, deciding for himself how large that part is.

Why Should I Study Chi?
(by kobok)

Chi is the name given to the "life force energy" in many asian cultures, under a variety of spellings such as chi, ki, and qi.  In Hindu culture, the term "prana" is used for this energy, and Yoga is the name given to the associated Hindu art.  According to legend, ideas of Yoga were instrumental in the forming of Qigong, the Chinese system of chi cultivation.

Most martial arts include some instruction in chi, although the degree of focus on chi varies greatly.  Some martial arts only cover chi as a manifestation of the properties of physics and the structure of the body, but many other martial arts include the spiritual energy aspect of chi.  Spiritual chi energy can be an important aspect of awareness, speed, strength, balance, and stability in the martial arts, and can have real physical effects.  Chi meditation is an important aspect of many of these martial arts, and at the upper levels most chi-related arts also include study of healing with chi.

There are also body energy arts which focus more completely on healing, such as Reiki, a contemporary Japanese healing art in which practitioners channel their energy with healing intent.

In summary, the Chi arts synergistically bring together the body, mind, and spirit toward achieving ones goal.
Title: Re: Should I Study Psi, Magick, or Chi?
Post by: TurtleVoice on February 21, 2012, 04:46:16 AM
This was really eye-opening, and definitely helped me to clarify where I want to go with this stuff. Thanks for a great article!
Title: Re: Should I Study Psi, Magick, or Chi?
Post by: on January 08, 2014, 12:30:44 AM
My direction in life is predetermined by forces unknown too modern man and as such i will focus on enriching my soul with all three topics presented because all 3 make up the one entity.
Thankyou for an insight in what I'm destined to do
Title: Re: Should I Study Psi, Magick, or Chi?
Post by: ivy on February 22, 2014, 03:52:18 PM
All three of these subjects call out to me, for different reasons. It seems to me that they all ultimately benefit each other and are linked.

I study the art of witchcraft, but what I am mostly interested in is cultivating, studying and feeling 'energy.  I also enjoy Reiki and the healing arts. 

Meditation seems the most logical and beneficial place to start, so I will focus on the PSI area - all the while enjoying the other areas that enrich my life.

I am new to this site and am currently fascinated with the extent of coverage.  I certainly appreciate having access to these articles.  'Thanks.