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Title: Time?
Post by: adv3n7_cl0ud on December 20, 2004, 02:38:02 PM
I read a book called, The Vanishing People(too lazy to find authors name) and it stated that in the other astral planes that time seems either slowed down or speed up while you are there, which leads me to wonder if time is only in our reality and density, and that is why we can't comprehend the beggining of the 'universe'. Does anyone else think this way?
Title: Time?
Post by: AngryLeprachaun on December 21, 2004, 07:52:08 AM
Yes, I agree with you for two reasons:

1. The universe was built trillions and trillions years before then dinosaurs and us.
2. We can't get to half the planets to research them.

These two reasons deal with the meaning "time".

I hope you can take these two reasons into consideration, but yes I totally agree with you.
Title: Time?
Post by: XIII on December 21, 2004, 10:19:43 AM
No, but yes. No, because the time shift thingie in the Astral Planes isn't because of the planes themselves, it's because of the people. Time is weird because your own human conciousness experiences time differently in the Astral Planes. Yes, because it's still very possible in other dimensions of reality.
Title: Time?
Post by: kakkarot on December 21, 2004, 10:56:09 AM
I disagree with the original statement because I can comprehend infinity, with neither beginning nor end.

Time is experienced, but due to it's non-physical nature it is much easier for time to seem distorted even when in the "right frame of mind", let alone while in a state of mind/spirit/whatever that occurs while projecting (which is an unfamiliar state of existance to most people). How many times have you gone out to play with your friends and the hours just pass by like they were minutes?

Title: Time?
Post by: Faijer on December 22, 2004, 07:41:37 AM
kakkarot: Perhaps one should consider an equal comparison. True, time is relative to one's frame of mind, but if you were to do something that required no real particular state of mind, like counting to fifteen, would the person in our realm get there before or after the person in the astral realm? (assuming of course you had a way to compare).
Title: Time?
Post by: jesus_hiphop on December 22, 2004, 08:31:16 PM
time is created by speed through the space time continuum as stated in einsteins theory of relativity.  they have taken aircraft up with clocks and gone very fast and when they came back down they have lost time             hence time travel is possible
Title: Time?
Post by: CarpeNoctern on December 23, 2004, 01:47:38 AM
Time travel is not possible , you cannot actually make a ripple in the realm and not have any consequesences thats why they have the akashic record my theroy migt be some messed  but here it goes. i have couple of resons why time travel is not possible, first we CAN slow down time because time was a creation by someone it does not really exsist hence forth we cant travel back unless we find a way to collide the astral or rip into it and go to the time which is bad and second I tried it once and failed.
Title: Time?
Post by: Vecna on December 23, 2004, 04:43:20 AM
Wrong, time travel is possible. At least on the fundemental particle level.
 Scientists have observed that electrons are quite happy to be travling along and then jump backwards or forwards in time.
 (Once more I have no references for you, but I'm sure a Google or a Wiki search will turn up something.)
 In fact here is the Wiki entry on Time Travel to save you the trouble of typing in the search term :)
Title: Time?
Post by: Nikodeimos on December 23, 2004, 07:23:29 AM
Time is obviously a frame of mind. It seems to speed up and slow down all the time. :)

On the astral plane the vibrations are much quicker, obviously our time perception will also speed up when we visit there.  The netherworlds are the opposite. A good chat with a rock can take a while.

We can see in our world that our vibration is increasing. The speed of life has gone up dramatically and we're coping in one day what would be a week just a few ages ago. Information input has gone up dramatically. Our time is speeding up.

Technically quantum particles dont move forward and backward in time. They flow through a potential that is considered to be spacetime, they can quantum jump through "impenetrable barriers" by never actually being between the source and destination. And they faster than light communicate over distances that seem to indicate that the spacetime between them is just a matter of our perception.  Me thinks this makes space and time a psychological phenomenon.