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Title: Question about IIH steps
Post by: Torahn on June 11, 2018, 03:46:58 PM
Greetings, all.

I am about to embark on my journey through the IIH system.  I plan to do as instructed very diligently by taking my time and becoming proficient in each step before proceeding to the next.  However, this brings me to a question.  I'm sure it's a simple question, I just hope it's not a stupid question.

Each step is separated into the soul, the spirit, and the body.  Am I to complete the soul part before proceeding to the spirit part and, then, to the body part?  Or are all three parts to be worked through simultaneously?  Basically, when Bardon says that each exercise must be completed before moving on, is he referring to the steps as whole before moving on to the next step or is he saying that each part must be completed before moving on to the next part within the same step? 

Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Question about IIH steps
Post by: الظلام on June 11, 2018, 06:14:30 PM
Ah, just the question for me, as I had once asked the very same question to a wise fellow when I was still trying to figure out the IIH.

Each "Step" Is to be taken as a whole.
A common theme which you will find in the IIH is -balance-, and its necessity in development:
These divisions you find - "spirit", "soul", "body" - are merely ways of organizing the practices to be undertaken in each step.
It is meant to be a balanced approach to development, by considering the different levels of existence we live in simultaneously, and developing each one all together, so that no level is neglected.

If you were to take each division singularly instead of as a whole, than you would waste much time and may even hinder your development in some places.

So, definitely take it as whole :P
Title: Re: Question about IIH steps
Post by: الظلام on June 11, 2018, 06:19:36 PM
I would like to point out, however, that sometimes there are multiple exercises in a single division. In these situations, you are to complete the first, before the next, and so on(unless said otherwise).
For example you will see three exercises in the first division of the first step: thought control, thought discipline, and thought mastery. These are to be practiced progressively - first thought control, then thought discipline, then thought mastery.
Title: Re: Question about IIH steps
Post by: Torahn on June 11, 2018, 06:28:35 PM
Thank you so much!  That is the procedure I figured that was Bardon's design but I wanted to be sure so that I practiced the correct way.  I will have no choice but to follow the commentaries on IIH and ask questions here because it would be nearly impossible for me to find a teacher in person, in my part of the world, unless I can create a wish and the universe puts one in my path.
Title: Re: Question about IIH steps
Post by: الظلام on June 11, 2018, 07:11:44 PM
I find that the IIH can, as long as one does not over-think it, can be undertaken without a teacher - in fact that was partially Bardon's point of creating the IIH.
Of course teachers and commentaries can help you over bumps on the road,  or de-mystify some of the exercises, but whatever you do, trust Bardon's word, and follow his instructions to the letter.
I had a -very- bumpy road with the IIH, and part of it was caused by getting misguided ideas from commentaries and discussions.
In the end, all my problems were solved by forgetting most of what I had gotten from others, and following his instructions exactly as they are written(though  I also had my own problem of over thinking and complicating things, which I got over eventually).

But don't get the wrong idea, it's ok to ask others questions and read commentaries, but be careful who you get it from, and above all, never disregard his instructions.

For example, Rawn's commentary from his "bardon companion" I find to be quite trustworthy and has definitely helped me in some areas. And I've also gotten some useful advice from others who are experienced with the system.
So, seeking outside help is certainly not always a bad thing.

Indeed there are many trustworthy sources on this site itself.
Just be careful is all I'm saying, so as not to end up wasting valuable time like I once did :P

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