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Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: sword_user on May 22, 2004, 08:35:36 PM
Hi There!

For the past few years, I've been getting reoccuring dreams of the end of the world. Everytime I wake up, I always feel somewhat relieved because they are so realistic. Most of the times I am really good at controling my dreams, but those dreams are completely out of my control. The two most recent dreams are those of beings completely out of this world who are manipulating machines to kill every single human being. The word that sticks to mind is "East". I saw these grey beings even kill my dad! It was so traumatizing!! I don't understand why I get those dreams. Ever since I was a child though, my third eye has been open and maybe this is a message. Anyone out there have an idea?
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: minnatrix on May 22, 2004, 09:45:43 PM
I wouldn't think aliens would kill us if they wanted to already.  In fact I beleive I read about an article about UFOs breaking up a large meteor about to hit Earth.
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: sword_user on May 23, 2004, 09:29:27 PM
Well, I'm not saying they are aliens, just saying beings. I don't know what their origin is, the only thing I know is that they are pretty brutal. I've had this dream twice thus far. And the more I dream about it, the more clear things get. I've had other dreams where the only way out of the great battle of the end is another dimension. Which can only be opened by those who have their third eye open. But even the other dimension is of uncertain origin. All I felt was fear.
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: Faijer on May 24, 2004, 05:24:55 AM
Your third eye is always open, regardless of what people might say elsewhere. How efficient it is, depends on how much you exercise your brow chakra. Thus any theories about having your third eye open would allow anyone to go through. I'm not sure of the reasons you may be having these dreams, but I don't think it is so uncommon for people to have these kinds of dreams, I too have had an end of the world dream (except in mine there was no way to stop it or escape from it). My theory is probably some depression in your life, low self-esteem or something. It sounds, from your description that because you yourself describe yourself (I'm running with your text rather than my knowledge here) as having your third eye open, and this 'new dimension' is only open to those that do, that you want some more excitement in your life. Perhaps fiction has influenced you to the point where you desire a life like those in the stories, and this dream was created to allow you to do that. You would probably be surprised to know that a lot of people get this. That's just my theory though.
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: sword_user on May 24, 2004, 06:52:31 AM
Hi Talyn

I don't watch sci fi movies or even Tv, lol. I don't own a tv. I train everyday and I'm always looking forward for coming tournaments. It's true I do seek more excitement, but I've been having these dreams for a long time. Even when I was having the greatest time. I do feel something is coming soon though. I use my third eye daily and my ability to feel ppls auras in order to find out their motives daily as well. I've never been wrong about anyone so far. But I'd like to know what kinda dreams you've been having. It'd be interesting to know.
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: Faijer on May 24, 2004, 07:09:37 AM
My end of the world dreams were also when I was happy and, not-so-happy. The first one I experienced was the only one I experienced, not to say it was the only time I experienced it (I have had it many times), and I first remember it at the age of 4. I will post it at the end of this post.

Regardless of whether you're having a good or a bad time, you may still be seeking more excitement. This is because even though you're having a good time, you still have memories of the bad times, and know that your happiness will no doubt fluctuate. If you were to be on the run from aliens, in a new dimension or on some other adventure, then the excitement might be there all the time, it's the wonder of the unknown. This wonder can be attained with no television, I mean, even though various stories these days borrow things from Shakespeare and he borrowed it from someone else, and they borrowed it from someone else, they had to come from somewhere, so someone had to have the ability to create something original, even if only in their own mind. And because that person was more than likely human, you will also possess that ability, to create your own adventures and dreams.

You've probably heard stories from friends, and even over-heard things you didn't even know you heard if you were in a public place (your brain picks them up, but you don't consciously hear them). You may have even picked them up from a form of subconscious telepathy, something you didn't know was happening, but you were obtaining stories and whatnot from other people when you were in close proximity (or long). This might have been brought on from your mind's craving for stories, something that all people enjoy. It's human nature to be curious about the possibilities that are out there. I can guarantee that everyone that has heard about the theories from Jolonar (run a search if you're curious, I can't be bothered with them right not), didn't stop to think, if only for a second or two, "What if he's right though?"

Amongs my insecent rambling I hope you may have learned something you didn't previously know or understand.

The dream -

"A summers day, blue skies with the odd fluffy white cloud. With perfect grass underfoot, I stood in the middle of a sporting event of some kind, with hot-dog stands and ring-tossing stands dotted around the place. There was a red track, like the ones you get in sports arenas that they run the one hundred meter sprints on, that looped around the area I was standing in. I was actually confused, it was a lucid dream (which I didn't know at the time), I seemed to be consciously aware and in control of myself in the dream, but with no power over the dream itself. Some cyclists racing on the track in full racing gear shot past me as I tried to figure out what was happening. Then heat set in, a searing heat like nothing I can describe. Everyone around me started screaming in pain and collapsing on the floor. I ran, for some reason I wasn't being affected by it, I could feel the pain, but I was not being injured by it. The heat did not burn me. Before long, all that was left were skeletons of what  were once people, contorted in positions of absolute agony. The ground shook violently and split open, releasing a towering wall of magma, which shot up, miles high, before splitting at the top and covering the sky. It crashed down on top of me, and as it did, I awoke."

Over the years, I've tried to control this dream and look into it more, try to go past the crashing of the magma, but to no avail. I will continue trying, but I doubt I will get anywhere.
Title: I get those too
Post by: Dreams_of_Rain on June 22, 2004, 05:13:19 PM
I get dreams of the world ending also, but in my dreams Im always the one destroying it. Except, i didnt always know it was me. The dreams started when I was little and then I eventually realized that the cause of the destruction is an older me. But i am pretty sure, even though many of my dreams are prophetic, these dreams are caused by the whole excitement thing Talyn was talking about.
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: Athiril on July 17, 2004, 07:16:49 AM
I have been in a dream like that in a house with my friends where we know the end of the world is coming, everything goes black, and everything and everyone starts burning, and I can feel the burning, very unpleasant.
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: Dovienya on July 17, 2004, 09:35:51 AM
I'm pretty sure everyone has had a end of the world dream at least once. All of my dreams stem from the want to be able to change things, as in how things are going right now. I've never seen the world actually end in one of my dreams, and seeing as I'm very heavily influenced by fiction, most of my dreams lead up to the Final Battle or the Siege (Final Battle being the one last desperate chance made by humanity to save themselves, the Siege being people hiding out as rebels and using guerilla tactics against the enemy), but the dreams never exactly show how things will turn out. The enemy is almost always giant Uruk-Hai looking guys, in huge steel armor with these big curved swords, as I said, I'm very heavily influenced by fiction,  :rolleyes: .
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: VERiTAS on July 17, 2004, 09:40:03 AM
Out of interest, what to the grey beings look like in your dreams?
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: Darkstar on August 02, 2004, 11:37:22 AM
Sword_user. I know you might not believe me and I don't care, but your dreams are very accurate. The beings you are seeing are the ones who helped create us, the annunaki or "greys". They are here do destroy us again like they once tried in the Flood.
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: VERiTAS on August 02, 2004, 02:34:11 PM
Quote from: Darkstar
Sword_user. I know you might not believe me and I don't care, but your dreams are very accurate. The beings you are seeing are the ones who helped create us, the annunaki or "greys". They are here do destroy us again like they once tried in the Flood.

Great, more pessimism darkstar - anyone have anygood links to supposed pictures of annunaki? cant find anything bar old egyptian statues with birds heads. Though after reading about annunaki seems like sciencefiction gone mad :)
Title: End of the World Dreams
Post by: Vejita-san on August 12, 2004, 08:29:05 AM
Sounds like that world is finaly coming to an end. Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
Title: Re: End of the World Dreams
Post by: stariiestace on August 21, 2018, 09:39:20 PM
hmmm well from just reading this topic that doesnt sound like such a positive dream lol i read on this online dream dictionary ( ( i added it so u can see) there was an article here about the meaning of end of the world dreams idk where it is anymore but if anyone can find it let me know, just remembering what it said it was like watch out for enemies that want to attack you, wrong choices, and something else ( lol i tried hope i help! ) this topic is a little old it says here, can u tell me the outcome of the dream???????