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Title: Daoist 8 Immortals Question
Post by: Mind_Bender on April 21, 2016, 05:11:36 PM
I was wondering if any of you know of any good books (and YouTube videos, but mainly documents I can hold in my hands) on the Daoist 8 Immortals, especially the Drunken aspect. I know of Sifu Neil Ripski's channel and books, I read Eva Wong's translation of 'Seven Taoist Immortals' and of course Jackie Chan is great but he doesn't have a book except for the one in the original movie (I would love to get my hands on that)! I have seen vast amounts of forms, and their training videos on YouTube, I am more interested in the theory, history, and mystical relations.

If I am correct, each Immortal relates to a Trigram and most of the information will probably be given forth by studying the Trigrams in detail and continued practice of my Gua's, but I am a huge fan of Drunken Boxing and want to  understand it on a deeper level. There are no instructors in my area that I have come across in person or online that teach this path... I know it is an advanced path and many animal styles have drunken sets, I guess I am just seeking a document to hold in my hands that is not just techniques written in Chinese characters.

Thank you.  :cool:

Your own ideas and education on the Eight Drunken Immortals is also appreciated!
Title: Re: Daoist 8 Immortals Question
Post by: Shinichi on April 26, 2016, 03:26:01 PM
Only one of the Immortals is the Drunkard and Drunken Fist Master, though I can't for the life of me remember which one off the top of my head. The other Immortals have completely different styles. And their relationship to the Trigams is common knowledge. It should even be on wikipedia, and as I take a moment to look. . . here you go: Symbolism ( I would of course recommend digging for a few other sources and cross referencing, but that looks about right as far as I can tell going off memory and first glance.

If you want to apply the Eight Immortal Symbolism to your martial arts then I would highly recommend giving some time to the study of Ba Ying Quan. It is a martial art that was specifically designed off the symbolism of the Eight Immortals, and works to achieve basic proficiency in (rather than complete mastery of) eight martial arts (including Bagua and Drunken Fist) which represent the eight energies of the eight trigram's and eight immortals. And eight directions and a bunch of other eight-ish things, if you get really philosophical with it.  :P

Were I to begin studying martial arts from the eight immortal's perspective, I would definitely begin with studying the Trigram's and Ba Ying Quan, then develop a more unified system from there. Since Ba Ying Quan is really just eight martial arts thrown into one, and an arguably more "complete" style would be a more unified approach to exercising the essence of The Eight Immortal's in a martial way. A lot like Bagua invokes the Eight Trigram's a lot, but the invoking the Trigram's and invoking the Immortal's will ultimately lead to two very different experiences and styles. Because even though the Immortal's correspond to the Trigram's, they are ultimately "living" beings and not raw natural forces like the Trigram's are.

Title: Re: Daoist 8 Immortals Question
Post by: Mind_Bender on April 27, 2016, 01:03:04 PM
Thank you. I just read up on Ba Ying Quan and have actually seen quite a few of Ripski's vlogs on YouTube. Mainly his Zui Quan and Baguazhang. When it comes to utilizing the Eight Trigrams, I usually don't invoke the Trigrams or Immortals but the Animals from the first Bagua System I learned (for some reason my current bagua style repeats snake - one gua is linear while the other circular).

Lucky enough, I have the (very basics) of Chen and Xingyi, and obsessed over Wing Chun on my own for a few years (chain punching is more effective than most people give it credit for).