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Title: Dreams? Dream Interpretation? The Nature of the Topic's Relevance Here...
Post by: Unpopularprophet on November 22, 2012, 11:01:05 AM
Please forgive my ignorance and reluctance to dive into the depths of necro-posting...

But I am curious as to the relationship between the idea of psionics and the subconscious mind, here, dreaming. Does this involve dream interpretation of the ilk of Freud or Jung, or something else entirely? Premonitions of the inevitable, impossible to utilize, and actually rather annoying sort run in the family on both sides. Is that the subject matter being dealt with here?

AKA... QUESTION. MARK. ????????
Title: Re: Dreams? Dream Interpretation? The Nature of the Topic's Relevance Here...
Post by: Son of Searcher on November 22, 2012, 01:20:48 PM
So broad and so open a question for some one seeking information? Are you sure you mean necro (dead), so you are unwilling to deal with dead-posting?

Donít really make sense does it. Or are you asking the validity of dream interpretation? Premonition is not necessarily via dreams just that they can be.

I think you may do better if you explain yourself further based on what as been happening and where you think it is going. You will probably get a better response.

Love and Peace to you and yours
Title: Re: Dreams? Dream Interpretation? The Nature of the Topic's Relevance Here...
Post by: Unpopularprophet on December 13, 2012, 08:31:18 AM
By necro-posting I do mean resurrecting a long abandoned thread. The term is subjective, to my knowledge, and is not one of my creation.

I am inquiring as to the official platform psions have on the utilization of dreams, how this functions, and why. I am also curious as to whether dream interpretation is related. here I speak more of Jung's variety than Freud's... Jung was subject to premonitions during his lifetime from what I've gathered, and his uncanny insights into Freud's mind were one of the factors that may have led to the dissolution of their friendship.

I do sometimes have partial waking premonitions of small minutiae, but minutiae only, even less significant than my sleeping premonitions. Had you not brought up that sleep isn't solely connected to the matter, I would not have even bothered mentioning it.

There's no real pattern to the frequency of my sleeping premonitions, but they do seem to be of two varieties: unclear images that at some point either very soon or far in the future (no middle ground, we're talking from a couple of days at most to years later) will take place before my waking eyes; or distinct but intangible, powerful impressions of foreboding (these are either on a field of black with intermittent bolts of what seems to be multicolored lightning, or in some location I've never seen, generally misty and forested) which always portend times of chaos and distress in my life. I have no control over them. Given my proclivity towards detecting the presence of things... outside of the normal realm, such as attracting the attention of bitter and shapeless spectres, or feeling the emotional turmoil of a Civil-War era jail cell (which I subsequently was told  to be supposedly so haunted inmates in years past of that cell would wake up in the night begging for death), I think it might be likely that these are not even strictly MY visions, but messages from... no-longer-human or inhuman sources. But another opinion would be welcome.

My opinions at time may seem to blur this subject with science, but there is cause. Science, powerful as it is, philosophically has degenerated from a purely empirical discipline of enlightenment through personal experience to the most dangerous form of rationalistic thought: that which believes its own rules to be the only ones. Most scientists I have met are not quite like this, but I have met many and heard of more who are. Thus, although I have had experiences which to me are sensory, since a sufficient rationale for it has yet to be 'scientifically' developed, and the sense responsible appears to be not universal... well, try to explain light to a blind man all you will, but he'll never perceive it, and living in a land of blind people means few can teach you how to use your eyes properly.

I am NOT an empiricist, my own poor literal eyesight having taught me much of the fallibility of the senses, psychology having taught me of the flexibility of mortal memory, and my heart mind and soul screaming that there is more. The sense reveal themselves limited freely. Our clunky and thrown together over millennia system of mathematics is incomplete too, though it is harder to show ( ). Thus I must use my own mind, logic, and experience to piece together these phenomena. External help of some sort, though, would be invaluable.

Hence, my presence upon this site.