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Title: Dream meaning Help?
Post by: JahMonk on November 09, 2012, 12:19:29 AM
Hi everyone,

I just started recording my dreams for a few days and tonight i had a dream where i smoked a cigaret in, while i don't smoke in real life
i just was in the garden and i decided to smoke one cigaret and my mother said don't smoke. i answered only one. i smoked the cigaret and after that i blew bubbles with my mouth on someway and everytime the bubble clapped there arose a new one.

and i had a dream wich is good in my mind and i wouldnt forget maybe someone can help me with this one too, that would be great!

I was in a house, maybe my own i dont remember. and i had the feeling that somebody was watching me, i walked to the window and turned the lights on of a house wich  was on the other the other side, but i turned the lights on with my mind by focussing hardly on the house, after that they turned off again.

i hope someone can help my out with this dreams because i still have to order some books about dreaming etc. and i'm new to this so i don't have any idea of these dreams.
Thanks in advance,