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Title: interpretation needed!
Post by: Searcher on July 18, 2012, 03:00:11 AM
If you would be so kind as to help me interpret this dream, I know it as a meaning!

I am about 17 (again) and in my grans house. (Some 35 years ago and nothing as happened recently to remind me of it, I was last there about 30 years ago). My wife was there or future wife I am not sure, my sons ex-wife was also there with 2 boys (not my son’s?).

I was persuaded to take the one lad of about 10 outside to play football. We where in the street and so was a lot of other children (all making a noise). We started playing and the ball went into the opposite front garden. The lad went and fetched the ball but while there he saw some packages and looked inside, they where full of cabury’s chocolate bars? – I told the lad to come away and leave well alone especially as he was being watched.

I now received a summons to appear before a magistrate for trespass across 5 properties. Knowing I had not, I went and stood outside the houses and waved as they peered around the curtain, trying to film me. An elderly lady opened the curtains and I saluted her with one finger.

This woman now came out of the house but she was younger but pasty white (like the Japanese white makeup). I started ridiculing her and embarrassing her saying that her actions were silly and unjust and that she was mental! She shrank back and away from me.

I am now in front of the magistrate and I am given the option to be tried there or at crown court in front of a jury. I opted for trial by jury and the magistrate asked why. I said that I was innocent and that I was the 400th person that these have done for trespass and that they had received on average £400 pounds damages on each occasion. At this the prosecution pipe up and I told them that they where in on it to get money i.e. costs.

The prosecution now produced a film of me trespassing – I knew it wasn’t me although the person trespassing had my face. I demonstrated to the court that my face was implanted in to the scene because the programme used puts dots around the implant (not readily seen) to prevent this type of travesty and that this proves that the prosecution was in on it because they have this technology. I put in a claim for damages of £100K. This is where it ended.

The feeling I get is one of eventually winning over adversity, I take the pasty women to be a mischievous spirit (or person) which I put back in there place. I do not know of such a program and the con aspect could be my view of how the world as become? The rest I have no fixed ideas so your thoughts are welcome

Title: Re: interpretation needed!
Post by: Akenu on July 18, 2012, 03:15:02 AM
Regarding video editing: (
I think the dream shows you some fear. Maybe fear from authority or fear from failure of justice