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Title: Sigil and Dream Divination Exercise
Post by: DrifterO on May 13, 2012, 06:22:15 PM
I always had the ability to perform divination using dreams. The issue has been a matter of developing it, controlling it and only recently made progress in this area.

How I did this is with this exercise, which I am trying to perfect and looking for volunteers to participate.

The exercise requires a person to create a sigil (made with the intent of sending information) and a receiver.  The receiver's job is to perform (through dreams) divination to gather information regarding the purpose of the sigil, and report what was received to the sender. The sender's job is to confirm or deny the receiver's results. The purpose is to create a systematic means for the receiver to develop and test their oneiric abilities and the sender their sigil making skills.

The first step is for the sender to go through a various steps of diagnostic to see what is most effective. Create sigils that test the dreamer what area is their strongest. Is it smell, touch, energy, emotion, sight, sound?

For each sense, the sigil should have one with intent to send to the receiver and one simply charge with no intent to send. This is done to see how sensitive the receiver is and what area need improvement in.

When the results of which sense the dreamer receives information strongest in, it the path the sender develops information of further and further complexity. Then the information sender helps the receiver develop basic skills needed for oneiric based magic.

The sigil maker can test various methods to help the receiver develop further, provided the receiver puts their best efforts to do so unassisted and less then satisfactory outcomes are the result.

While simple in concept, the main issue concerning on how to perfect the exercise is of controlling variables that may create interference or invalid conclusions.

While the exercise as is works, the question of what natural and magical influences could interfere with the process and how can they be controlled, if at all?

The only thing I think could prevent interference is to ask those I do not know to participate (such as members of these forums). This prevents the unconscious influence that comes with familiarity of knowing someone that can contaminate results.

Those who interested in participating, please reply and say if you wish to be a sender or a receiver. I myself will be volunteering as a receiver.

For those who have ideas and suggestions on how to improve the exercise to make it more precise, please post your suggestions in this thread.