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Title: Veritas Wiki Subdomain
Post by: Violet on May 05, 2012, 04:57:25 AM does not appear to be configured correctly. When I type, I get a nice little 'Server not found' message, but given an internal server error (500). A small misconfiguration, perhaps?

On a related note, does anyone still search/edit the wiki? I tend to jump to the forums directly myself (or type in my address bar). I think it has some potential and would be happy to work on it, but there's not much point if no one's using/going to use it.

EDIT: Gaah, so I was supposed to put that on the Technical Support board, but I can't delete my own thread.
Title: Re: Veritas Wiki Subdomain
Post by: Violet on May 05, 2012, 03:25:20 PM
It appears to have been fix'd. :)
Title: Re: Veritas Wiki Subdomain
Post by: kobok on May 05, 2012, 04:32:59 PM
Something apparently changed in the way the .htaccess was being processed for the redirect over the last year, even though the file was unchanged.  I updated it.

As for the wiki, it has not been edited very actively in a long time.  But after excluding bots, it appears to be actively used by somewhere around a couple hundred people each month who use it primarily for the organized article listing pages, the library / ebook pages, tutorial pages, and various subject pages.  The most popular parts seem to be the pages which do a good job of organizing information (like article lists, tutorials, and ebook listings), as these probably show up well in search terms, get lots of incoming links, and so forth.  So there are clearly opportunities for generating more valuable content simply by creating more organized pages like that.  (And wikis are very good tools for collaborative organizing of things.)

The subject pages that bring in lots of search traffic may not always be the ones you expect.  For example, simple pages, like the one on pentagrams, draw in a lot of visitors.  Thus, there are opportunities for adding value and bringing in new visitors or members simply by adding good descriptions of basic terms that non-experts would encounter, or that people new to the arts would search for.