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Title: Mentorship & Beginners Lessons
Post by: mrblack on November 09, 2011, 11:51:22 AM
To whom it may concern,

I am opening myself up into taking more students at this time.

I came to this decision as a way to raise my own level and experience; they say that
you never really know what you know unless you can teach it to someone else. I currently
have 2 students; one full time & one part time.

I am a sorcerer for 12 years now and I will be able to teach my own style of Thaumaturgy,
which focuses on simplicity, efficiency, practicality and results. My own style has flavors of
witchcraft, elementalism, chaos magick, TLOK direct magick, eastern esotericism
& hoodoo recently.

Mentorship will be a mix of emails, lessons (maybe an ebook) & real time coaching as well.
Beginners, or any level for that matter, are most welcomed as long as you have an open mind.

You can PM me here in Veritas
or email me at rand0m_l0g1k at hotmail dot com.

If you'd like to check out my current work/projects, feel free to check;

Mr Black

P.S: This is no way, in shape or form, officially sponsored by Veritas.
As far as I know, their mentorship program is still down for the count.
Title: Re: Mentorship & Beginners Lessons
Post by: mrblack on November 13, 2011, 03:09:16 PM
While the response has been great, I find that I've been asked some odd questions - again & again so.....

What kind of magick do you practice?
T-H-A-U-M-A-T-U-R-G-Y. I am a sorcerer, I practice sorcery, I will teach sorcery.
I'm so sorry I'm not a GD Initiate from the Order of WhatNot.....
I am so sorry that my lineage and legacy isn't as long as the Coven of etc.....
(Mind you, I've been working hard to restore my family's sorcery legacy but that
is another story)

Is there Theurgy involved?
Any type of magickal work involves some sort of Theurgy but if you're asking in a classical
sense of initiation through the mysteries and spheres then "No". I practice a little bit of
Bardonian Inner Alchemy and Self Mastery. If you have a problems with girls, we go out
and get drunk and pick up chicks. If you have a problem with money, spend less and get
a part time job. TADA!

Prove to me your magick works?
Er....give me your name and your birthday and maybe a picture. I will give you diarrhea for
a month. j/k I wouldn't want that to happen to me.

What do I get out of this?
What do I get out of this?

Do you worship Satan, Lucifer, the Kings of Hell?
Er.....No. I don't worship any deities per se but I worked with Lucifer back in the day.
He is in my speed dial, as a rock and roll guitarist - I think that's a staple.
I worship AC/DC though.....

That is all.  :cool:
*puts on "Shook Me All Night Long" on max volume*
Title: Re: Mentorship & Beginners Lessons
Post by: mrblack on November 25, 2011, 02:51:58 PM
Thanks for the support and the response.
I have to, unfortunately, close this down before I get too bogged down with students.

Please watch for other projects. :)

P.S: If you really need a mentor, then PM me and I'll see what I can do.
Find a mentor from my order or add you to my workload.
You gotta be super though, lol. :biggrin: