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Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Frozen on December 18, 2003, 09:41:48 AM
Okay, I thought this would be an interesting idea for a thread. Please post your stupidest moments. For people like me, SereneChaos, Lightlink, and well you know, please limit it to five moments lol I'm just kidding you guys.

My stupidest moment was the time I er... the time I... The time I accidentally lit my hand on fire as a child. My second stupidest moment was the time I fell through the roof. The third was when I accidentally shot Tristan in the throat with a paintball gun. The fourth was when I shot a ten-gage in a perch and flew out of it. The fifth was when I got handcuffed to a flagpole during a game of manhunt.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: SereneChaos on December 18, 2003, 11:18:19 AM
when i "accidentally" stomped on a senior's leg (he was being a douche, like, a level of douche no one has reached before) and got me ass kicked...ouchers.
when i ran in front of a car...yeah, that was bad.*screeeeeech*

driving my mom's buick, that was a stupid thing to do, that thing handels like a ocean liner, you don't drive it, it drives you...

When i pissed of Tsu a little too much (not hard to do, mind you :p), yeah, that was dumb, he won't even talk to me anymore.
i'll list some more later. b/c i KNOW all of you wanna hear them...:p
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Smiffy on December 18, 2003, 12:51:13 PM
lol, nice choice in a topic.
anyway, praticlay everything i do is stupid, such as attempting to set my arm on fire to see what it feels like(and i found out it is a bad idea, as well as my arm hair needs to grow back). My friends also don't trust me with a lighter, all because it set my one friend's shoes on fire(he wasn't to pleased either).

though one of my best moments went as follows:
my friend invited me and our other friend over to his house to play some D&D. Now, after 4 hours of serious D&Ding we decided to have a break. We made ourselves some soup, since that was the only thing available that wouldn't set on fire when you start to cook it. After it was done i started to dish it up. The following is the conversation that took place while i was doing that.
Smiffy: "If more people were like me then the world would be a much more interesting place"
Chris: "If more people were like you then there would be a lot more loony bins"
Kyle: *laughing* "Ouch, that has to have hurt your ego"
i glared at chris, but didn't have an apropriate comeback, though i did spot the chili sauce.
Smiffy: "there dinner is served, if you can call it dinner"
i then put the bowls on the table. chris took his and had a nice big spoonfull.
He then dashed to the sink, started running the water and put his mouth there to cool it down.
After about 5 minutes, in which cooled his mouth down and me and kyle laughed till we cried, he then turned, saw the half empty chili sauce bottle and said these famouse words:
i then stared to whistle innocently, while kyle laughed till his side hurt and tears were streaming down his face.

Moral of the story is: Don't insult a smiff when he be cooking your dinner

ahhh, those were the days.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Tsumaru on December 18, 2003, 01:49:12 PM
I'd just like to say.....

Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Kiirar on December 18, 2003, 01:51:19 PM
my stupid moments?  hmmm

--Convincing my friend to do a science experiment with one of those kiddy lab kits, and mix all the chemicals together.  We had a rather large container of acid, so we dumped it all in, put a lid on the glass, shook it, and it exploded.
--Going 'ice skating' on a frozen and flooded horse field that (we learned) was not very frozen.
--Attempting to reunite a baby bat that had fallen out of the hayloft with it's mother, and getting attacked.  quote, IT'S THE MOM!  RUN!
--Invoking the fury of pit bulls.
--Trying to learn to fish and getting the pole stuck 25 feet up in a tree.
--Trying to teach my friend to ride a horse, and making her fall off and snap her arm.  
--Putting 6 wicks in an oil candle I was making, and they all joined together to make a very, very large flame.  In an attempt to put it out, I dumped water on it and the flame was so large it burned my ceiling.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Smiffy on December 18, 2003, 01:59:56 PM
Quote from: Tsumaru
I'd just like to say.....


lol, they be my clobberdudes now tsu
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Darkduck on December 18, 2003, 02:09:22 PM
Stupid moments! :D a brief selection from my life:

- getting hit by the SAME car on the SAME intersection twice.
- smashing face-first into an automatic sliding door that did not slide fast enough
- tripping on the way to the centre of the mat, when giving a demonstration for an audience >_<
- hitting my training partner in his face accidentaly, breaking his nose and two of my fingers in the process
- practicing a kokyu-nage throw with that same training partner, and after a freak twist of fate ending up with his knee between my legs. In quite a fast a violent manner as well. I couldn't get up for like, 30 minutes or so.
- toying around with my girlfriend, trying to tickle her, then accidentaly get hit in the groin...again -_-'
- trying to olly a flight of stairs. Hmm, my skateboard appears to be going faster than me. This is going to hurt.
- having a microwave blow up in my face because I accidentaly put a fairly large can of soup in it and set the setting to 'nuke'
- frying two monitors, a cd-rom player and a hard drive while working as a network technician for a school-organised lan-party. Within 10 minutes.
- thinking that, because of my recent training, I could beat my old sensei in Aikido practice. I was very wrong.
- having my legs involuntarily waxed with duc-tape. My friends are NOT gentle if they get the chance to hurt me  :(

And I could go on like this forever  :cow:
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: quitewarrior on December 18, 2003, 02:20:53 PM
well there was that one time were i got my pinky in the car door and my mom started driving away.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: BlacK on December 18, 2003, 02:34:10 PM
Uh, lessee here...

Taking a blowtorch to a home made pipebomb I was *holding*. (Thanks to my shoddy pipebomb making skills, dispite exploding in my hand and engulfing my arm in flames, I suffered no burns from this...)

Breaking two of my friend's ribs with a 270 degree turning punch (he was on my left side, I span round right...)(Sorry Tom!)

Running into a pitfall trap *I made* and doing a running speed face plant on a concrete path, grazing most of my forehead off. (the trap only caught my foot)

Ripping a metre square hole in the wall of a classroom at school (and getting a two day suspension for it, too)

Yup... I r not clevar...
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: GID on December 18, 2003, 02:44:36 PM
well, lets see
1. walking into a car.
2. walkng into a PARKED car.
3. Biking into a car. yes, it was parked.
4. Playing with matches, and I quote:
Me: 'humm, this one didn't seem to light" as smoke is slowly comming from the tip "i'll just chuck it into this hay stack, no-one will ever find it"
guess what happened next?
5. Deciding that I, for some reason unbeknownste to be, was capible of running long a slanted (wet) ledge about 3 inches wide and about 15 feet off the ground... I almost made it.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Tsumaru on December 18, 2003, 03:05:52 PM
BlacK, I did a similar thing with the pit trap. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle from it instead. This is just a lesson to pay more attention to where you set your traps =P
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: TakeV on December 18, 2003, 03:09:42 PM
poisioning myself with veryois pool chemicals when i was four.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: panabelle on December 18, 2003, 03:24:02 PM
My most infamous stupid thing at my household:

My friend, little brother and I had just come to my house after sledding. I decided to take some of those Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies and warm them up a little in the microwave so the chocolate would get all gooey. Well, it was a fairly new microwave that I wasn't really used to. I set it for a minute on high power (nuke  ;) ). Hehe...I didn't exactly catch on from the smoke that they were burning, so when I took them out most of them was literally a molten pile of cookie goo. Dough, chocolate and all. Then, to compound my stupidity, I broke a plate when I tried to take them out because they were so hot.  :D

Second most famous:

At a sleepover with a friend years ago, she had some Bavarian chocolate pie/cake/thing in the fridge that she knew was reeeaaallly good, but it was late and we thought we'd get in trouble if we were caught getting any. So we snuck all the way downstairs, sweating bullets, wolfed down a piece each, cleared away all the evidence, and were congratulating ourselves on our spy-like stealth when we practically ran over her mother coming down the stairs. Eyeing the plate in her hand, my friend asked, "What are you eating?" She said, "Pie. Want some?"
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Somedude on December 18, 2003, 04:31:37 PM
-at 4-5 i thought i was big enough to go into the deep end of the swimming pool.  err, guess what happened
-at 2-3 thinking I should make myself pretty because we were going out to eat, i sprayed purfume right into my eyes
-pissing in my closet to see what it was like
-tearing up my moms yard with her jeep
-stabbing a kid with a pencil in spanish class to see what he would do.  he screamed.  :-p
-breaking my arm rollerblading, and then the next day smashing my finger in a car door
-taking the cotton and stuff in my cast out because it itched-it hurt when they cut the cast off  lol  

thats about it, but theres tons more
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Kiirar on December 18, 2003, 06:57:27 PM
Just for the helluvit, here are my stupid moments:

--Playing scientist with my friend in her basement when we were, maybe 8.  We had one of those little kiddy science kits, but it contained alot of chemicals.  I talked her into mixing them all together, and then we dumped the whole thing of acid in there.  We put a lid on the glass, shook it, and it exploded.  I don't play with science kits anymore.
--Biking into moving cars, parked cars, and telephone poles.
--While attempting to learn to fish, I somehow managed to get the pole stuck 25 feet up in a tree.
--Invoking the fury of pit bulls.  You cannot run from those things.
--Invoking the fury of wild geese.  You cannot run from those things either.  
--Invoking the fury of wild bats, while attempting to return a baby that had fallen out of the hayloft.  "e, IT'S THE MOM!  RUN!
--Convincing my friend to take her domestic pigeon out in a canoe with us.  It got away and we had to hunt it down in the woods and capture it with a fishnet.  
--Going 'ice skating' on a flooded and frozen turnout field that wasn't really frozen.
--Accidentally locking myself in a trailer with two very pissed off horses.
--Attempting to distract two gang members from robbing my friend's house.  Bad, bad idea.  
--Trying to teach my friend to ride a horse, and accidentally snapping her arm.
--Putting five wicks in an oil candle I was making, and then lit them all.  To my surprise(.), they all fell in together to make one very large flame.  I dumped water on it to try and put it out and the flame exploded until it was large enough to burn my ceiling.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Frozen on December 19, 2003, 01:15:08 PM
Okay, wait. I have more idiotic moments!

1. Trying to grind a handrail in the dark.
2. Tried to beat my old trainer in a knife fight and failing miserably with the scars to prove it.
3. Attempted to take a bone away from a dog.
4. Walking into a door.
5. Getting slammed by a door.
6. Breaking off a car door.
7. Breaking a car door in motion.
8. Trying to play football with a vortex.
9. Inline skating on ice.
10. Covering my hand in lighter gas and lighting my hand on fire.
11. Lighting the house on fire.
12. Putting a metal spoon in the microwave.
13. Putting popcorn on for 2 hours instead of 2 minutes.
14. Getting homemade napalm stuck on my hand while it was lit. (painful memories)
15. Trying to gallop in mud.

Edit : Kiirar, you live around horses? You're shitting me right? God, what are you my freaking twin?
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Kiirar on December 19, 2003, 01:37:57 PM
Quote from: Frozen

15. Trying to gallop in mud.

Argh I HATE riding in mud.  Even worse then galloping in it is doing the jumpers in it.  Shudder.  

Edit : Kiirar, you live around horses? You're shitting me right? God, what are you my freaking twin?

Another horse person!  Not shitting you, Frozen, Jersey is the horse state of horse states.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Frozen on December 20, 2003, 04:51:33 PM
The only thing worse than jumping in mud, is doing 1. barrels in mud, or if you ride english doing dressage in mud. Ugh... I hate mud...

Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: SilverDragonsBlood on December 20, 2003, 10:04:47 PM
My stupid moments.

1. drinking an ENTIRE bottle of hydrogenperoxide.

2. riding a bike into a parked car.

3. standing behind a mad horse. DON'T DO THAT.

4. looking backwards while riding a horse.

5. played baseball inside. broke 4 windows

6. put penutbutter in a CD player of my sisters.

7. joining a knife fight after getting sliced down the side.

8. Trying to climb in the dryer on the day my mom was doing laundry. *ouchers*

9. trying to ride bareback in the rain on a sweaty horse. HARD

10. Kissing the head cheerleaders boyfriend in front of her. I had permission from him.
Title: re
Post by: Switcher on December 20, 2003, 10:33:46 PM
well, i suppose that never backing down from fights is mildly stupid.  :cow:

I cant really think of anything really stupid i've done, except i will say this: Sanity is overrated  :elephant:
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Smiffy on December 21, 2003, 11:43:34 AM
Quote from: Switcher
Sanity is overrated  :elephant:

Amen to that
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Frozen on December 22, 2003, 01:43:42 PM
You think it's stupid to join a knife fight after having your side sliced open? How did you get your side sliced open if you weren't in the fight? And anyway when we fight, two people are in the Ring of Blood with the referee I guess. We call the referee the Master of Ceremonies.

We fight with a knife selected by the MoC, and the bout goes to third blood. Meaning the person who bleeds three times loses. And if you want to give up after you have one cut, the opposing competer gets to cut you two more times to make the forfeit official. That's just how we knife fight around my neighborhood.

Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: SilverDragonsBlood on December 22, 2003, 06:35:27 PM
We do it different in Idaho. and it was the second of 3 knife finghts. I..I will survive.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Frozen on December 24, 2003, 06:33:23 PM
Woah... three knife fights. I'm worn out after one. Course we normally fight for like two hours... What kind of knives do you use?
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: beehe on December 24, 2003, 06:48:03 PM
umm my dummist thing i ever done was get zaped by a car battry it hurt i was in the hospital for a days to make shure i wouldn't die from shock to my system...
ZAP *#$^*%@#&^$@#$(%$&*%@$*($^@&*@$%&)@^@*($^@$*&@$^&*()^@$)
*paramedic sirens. getting forced into a abulance and laying in the hospital for days*
it stunk but hay it realy hurt......
try to top that i get cut wail im cooking it hurts but being zaped by a car battry hurts even more..
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: LightLink on December 24, 2003, 07:20:00 PM
I used to touch the iron/coffe maker a lot, getting burned. I would never figure out that it was hot. Then one I pulled the water on the coffe maker down on my head. It hurt, THEN I figured not to touch it anymore...
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: SilverDragonsBlood on December 25, 2003, 08:01:59 PM
Most around my area can't afford much but swichblades. I got pissed off cause my boyfriend got his head cut open so i remembered i had my brothers swichblade in my pocket still so I just joined in. and yes i was a little tired, but Owell i've done worse. I got to my boyfriend and defended him. He still hates me for that but i wouldn't let him get killed in it no matter what! After i got out there i got a blade through my arm and had to fight one handed, but technically you have to fight with one hand but I had no use of my left arm. which is my dominant arm. :confused:  BRING IT ON I DON'T NEED TO LIVE!!! :fightmonk
*the reason they were so vicious is, we were on there teritory :D they were walking me home cause it was the 4th of July and they didn't trust the area very well. So technically it was my fault so i had a reason to step in.*
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: volrath on December 25, 2003, 08:45:09 PM
i find everything i ever do that is really dumb i never get hurt bad and i do not know why any more? i have done some really dumb things to... i will not go into them cuz this is my 1st post and i dont want any ideas forming about me ;)
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: MightyFalcon on December 26, 2003, 12:09:20 PM
ok... this is an exerpt of my life... im a born klutz

(as requested i will limit it to the last 5 months up to now...yes..this happened in 5 months)

-Getting a football thrown at groin, then tipping over, while someone elses football hits me in the groin 2 minutes later...still on the ground.
-Walking out of bathroom, girl tackles on the door as practicall joke = large bruise on forehead.
-Drivers Ed with grandmother's Buick (which i....suped up "mmm turbo") and needing the emergency brake to keep the speed limit while idle.
-Walking past a construction zone....or rather...into a large ditch
-Biking into a 6 foot gas main hole
-Attacked by 3 Chihauhuas that squeezed through my fence
-Evil train conductor slams side doors on me while screaming "Get Out!"
-Headphones cause elevator panel to short out
-Sparring with friend using Iron Shirt -->loses temper--->Headbutt--->=ouch
-At concert, tries pick-up line, gets kicked in groin (x4)
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Big Boss on December 26, 2003, 08:11:07 PM
Kevin says: hey look, my pants go down this far before they are really (special emphasis) down.
Sheldon says: oh yeah? look how far mine go down. (pulls them to the level of his shirt bottom.
Chris(me) says: Check this out! (whoosh and down they go around my ankles, underwear and all, in front of innocent jennifer, who was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.

I went off a jump with my bike without bolting my tire down.

volunteered for the gong show. I was gonged off in about... 3 seconds.

told my girlfriend she laughed too much, (only joking) then made it worse telling her I was shallow and wouldn't be going out with her if I wasn't attracted to her.

I'm all about stupid stuff, but I also have a bad memory.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: intox on December 26, 2003, 09:07:09 PM
hmm... this one's a long story...

a friend, two girls, and i were in town and one of the girls had a camera... we were walking around taking pics of random people... my friend and i then had the idea to go into Virago (a shitty night club in my town)... he went in and started taking pictures of people who were drinking at the bar and dancing (i forget if the door man was there or not... and by the way.. it was really dark so the flash from the camera hurt everyone's eyes)... one of the bouncers then came up to my friend and said "what the fuck do you think your doing!?"... my friend took a picture of him and ran out... the girls and i were still waiting outside when my friend came bolting out and yelled "run!"... we all ran and i looked over my shoulder and saw the bouncer come running out.... we ran down alleyways and down to the train station (which is somewhat abadoned at night)... we lost him by hiding down there... but damn that was a crazy night lol..

another night i decided to throw my same friends shoe into Virago... it didnt cause any problems though... DAMN! lol

hmmm... this didnt happen to me but a friend... we were at a park by my house this past summer where there are these two awesome willow trees... one is fine to climb without a rope and the other has a rope since the branches are high... my friend (not the same as before) went to climb into the tree with the rope first... he made it in but then screamed... he almost fell out on his back but caught the rope... apparently a squirrel made a home in the tree (there were no squirrels the night before)... the squirrel had come about a foot from his face and paused staring at him then supposedly made a move to scratch his face or something... lol... you had to see his impression of the squirrel!... HAHA!...

hmmm... i almost broke someone's fence when running through people's backyards a few weeks ago... my two friends from before and i were running through people's backyards near my house (dressed up as super heros with snow stuff and cloth we found of course!)... we came to one house with a high fence... i was the last to go over... but i was standing on it and went to jump down... when i went to jump my foot caught on the fence and i fell foward into the garage right behind the fence (i am lucky that was there)... the fence bent really far... lol... it was made of wood and almost snapped out of the ground!... HAHAHAHAHA!

Oh this is a good one!... my friend who had the squirrel attack him, his brother, his cousin from texas, and i were in a school yard by my house at night... we were on the swings trying to see who could jump the farthest... it was my turn and i went to jump but i didnt do it at the peak of the swing but rather at the high point going foward... i went straight up... spun forward a little and the ground decided to give me a high five in my face... ouch that hurt! but it was freaking hilarious! LOL...

hmmm... the friend who had the squirrel attack him had another close encounter with a squirrel in his house not too long ago.. i happened to be there with his little sister... my friend and i were going upstairs when his sister started screaming... we turned around and she pointed to the mirror on the wall and was screaming about a squirrel in the house... A BABY SQUIRREL WAS SITTING ON THE MIRROR!... hehe... it looked like a fake thing at first but then started to climb down the wall... he ran into the kitchen and hid under the oven... we had to lure him out with peanut butter after he ran out and under the couch... we then trapped him under a laundry basket and brought it too the door where he ran it.. while he was under the laundry basket i was able to touch his fur... he was so fluffy and soft!!!... i wanted to take him and hug him... alas i could not...

there was another time my three friends and i were in town with a boom box... we were playing "fuck authority" by pennywise somewhat loud... a kid in a big fluffy jacket and orange pants came walking over and said something to one of my friends to the extent of "turn that shit off" (im not exactly sure i found out about that later)... so we started walking away and one of my friends gave him the middle finger... by the time we were around the corner the kid had caught up to us and was telling my friend who gave the middle finger how ugly he was... my friend was argeeing with him to piss him off... hehe... then one of the kids friends came running up and told him to calm down... they walked off and left us alone.. nothing happened but is funny to remember...

then there was the time i was at my friends upstate house... we were driving back from the nearby town and we had sprees... i was eating one and sneezed, coughed or laughed (i forget which) while having a spree and it went up in that little hole in the back of your mouth that leads to your nose... i didnt notice because a piece broke off and i swallowed it and thought i had eaten it... after a minute though my nose started to incredibly sting... i tried to sniff it down but it made it worse... then i noticed something stuck in my nose... i sneezed it out or blew it into a tissue (i believe the amount of pain caused me to forget which  :p ) and 3/4 of a spree came out of my nose... LOL... NOTE: this has happened on other occasions with a piece of a pretzel and other food items... hehe

then there was the time i was on a boy scout trip over the summer and i had gas really bad one day... i couldnt stop farting and burping... most everyone was complaining about it by the end of the day... i laughed every time though... turned out that i had a big brown stain in my underwear at the end of the day LOL...

ok thats enough for now :p
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: F8te on December 27, 2003, 01:27:03 AM
Short-circuiting my elementary school's electrical system the day before "open-house".  That was achieved by access to a power outlet with an improvised tool, which was, to put it bluntly, jabbed in there.  Yeah, I was a curious - and stupid - child.  Still am.  Well, without as much stupidity.  Lol wtf was I thinking back then.

Expect the city lights of an area near you blown out on New Years. ;)
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Quagmire on December 30, 2003, 09:44:04 PM
well, here are some of my "proud" moments that have happened in my life. The sad thing is is that some of these things i did on purpose.

1. Crashed into a parked car while riding a bike (im not alone here)

2. Grabbed a hot metal pan out of the oven with my bare hands. (ouch)

3. Nearly covered my whole tounge with pepper.

4. Barreled throug a road without looking around on my bike and got hit by a van.

5. Got shot in the crotch by a paintball on more than one occasion

6. Jumped off a trampoline and did a nice belly flop onto the ground.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Here and There on December 31, 2003, 11:58:43 AM
I got my driving permit yesterday. (this is already scary) I learned a valuable lesson. It's not good to watch the speedometer in place of watching the road. To make it worse. Our minivan's steering wheel is very very sensitive while moving at 75 miles an hour...
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: kakkarot on December 31, 2003, 01:10:43 PM
-i sprayed orange-scented air freshner into my armpits (and if you don't get how this is stupid, try it yourself :D)

-i was running in the dark, and i ran across a church lawn and somebody had, for some reason, strung up a cord between two trees but since it was dark i didn't see it, so i close-lined myself. right across the throat too lol

-i was at my sister's house and we were playing card games with my family (my parents, one of my brothers, two sisters, and my brother-in-law who is the preacher at my church). after one round of cards he made a joking comment to me about my having lost and i jokingly gave him the finger (btw, my family is very christian). luckly noone seemed to notice, not even him so i got off easy ^_^

-oh yeah! my most embarrasing moment was when i was in the military. it was during basic training soon after we got our rifles and i was walking to ... somewhere i forget where (probably the bathroom or something) and i saw the leuitenant of our platoon and i remembered that i'm supposed to salute her. normal salute with a rifle is that you have the rifle in your left hand, and your right hand balls into a fist and you put the fist across your chest parallel to the ground.

I, however, decided to pass off my rifle from my left hand to my right hand, and then did a normal salute with my left hand... except that even a normal salute is supposed to be done with the right hand. i just got i all wrong... ^_^;

-and then of course, there's the first (and only, incidentally) time i played paintball (not embarrasing as much as funny :D). first game starts, i run forward ten feet, i get shot in the back of the head by my own team mate!
the bastard. nearly knocked me out too.

and that's some of the ones i remember for now ^_^ .

Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: spirit on January 05, 2004, 08:23:49 AM
wow, and i thought i was stupid........have u ever took some hairspray and blow it by a lit match or fire? its awesome.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: intox on January 05, 2004, 05:43:56 PM
i remember other moments...

i have an oil burner in my room... you put a candle underneath and the oil evaporates at a quicker rate from the heat... i wanted to make the process faster though so i decided to light the oils with a match... they went on fire and i spit into it to put it out... the flames had become so hot though that my spit flew back into my face... was surprising! lol... i ran inside and filled a cup with water... the flames were higher and i tried dumping the water on it but the water came shooting back out like the spit... the water cause the flames to go higher and my bookcase started to catch fire... i finally threw more water and spit more and it went out... i think my bookcase still has a scorch mark from it... almost burned down my house lol!

there was another time i was burning frankincense in a burner with charcoal and i had put tons of matches trying to light the charcoal and put a few pieces of charcoal in there as well... the mixture became so hot the burner started to melt in one place from the inside out... i tried to grab it but burned my finger bad... ouch!... i grabbed water in a cup again and filled it to the top... the burner still has a sploch where it started melting and then cooled...

then there was the time i was using incense on a new incense burner i had bought... it was meant for stick incense though and i was using cone incense... the cone was burning fine till it went to the bottom... when it reached the bottom it became so hot the burner started to melt and i believe bubbled a little... the burner has a bunch of weird marks on it now...

hmmm i have much trouble with fire lol...

then there was the time my friend and i were playing paintball at his upstate house... he told me to watch him do something and he shot his foot (it was in a sneaker) with his gun... he said it didnt hurt and i should try it... being easily suduced, i shot my foot with the gun... ouch it hurt!... my friend started laughing his ass off... he told me he had curled back his toes and thought i knew that... we had a good laugh on that...
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: F8te on January 05, 2004, 08:39:49 PM
Quote from: Here and There
I got my driving permit yesterday. (this is already scary) I learned a valuable lesson. It's not good to watch the speedometer in place of watching the road. To make it worse. Our minivan's steering wheel is very very sensitive while moving at 75 miles an hour...

You really shouldn't be driving at your age.  *looks at profile*
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: intox on January 07, 2004, 06:36:43 PM
hmmm then theres the many times i have fallen down steps in school and at one of those little kid camps... hmmm... and then when my dad slammed the door on my finger and my sis did the same with the car door as my dad started to drive away...

EDIT: and now this past weekend when my friend and i crashed into a small tree when sleding together and we were both thrown off but before that i was thrown forward into him and my pelvis area rammed his rear... so i can kinda say that i have rammed one of my best friends in the ass before! lol... he had a scrap along the side of his leg from the tree also...
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: BlacK on January 22, 2004, 01:55:28 PM
Hmm, I fogot about my days as a crazed pyrotecnic...

I have, in no particular order:

- Blown up half a drum of gas oil with a fuse made from Mr Muscle Oven cleaner. (BOOM! Gah... My ears... they bleed.... augh)

-Made a flamethrower out of a supersoaker filled with petrol. (Tape a bamboo rod to the end, tape a lit lighter on the end of that and your ready to die! It goes FWOOM and melts the supersoaker barrel, as well as projecting a 10ft explosion/flame. I was wearing protective gear (Skiing gear :P) so I wasnt burned, but still... Insane...)

-The pipebomb... already mentioned that...

-Getting shot in the throat with a competition standard paintball gun from 5ft away. (Coughing up blood into your paintball mask isnt nice... Nah, it didnt bleed... much...)

-Lots of fireworks rocket launchers :)

Explosions are pretty
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Quagmire on January 22, 2004, 05:52:37 PM
Now that you mention it I too was shot in the throat with a paintball gun in a similar matter.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: GID on January 22, 2004, 07:09:29 PM
I once shot someone in the throat with a paint ball gun in a similar manner... my first time with a paintball gun too.....
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: SpiderBushi on January 23, 2004, 07:03:23 PM
Yay!  This topic is funny  :elephant:  I have:

-sled down a hill on a cardboard box with about nine other people and hit a fire hydrant
-touched an on stove to test how fast it gets hot (oochies  :( )

that's all for now will think of others later.
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Shamini on January 24, 2004, 12:14:40 AM
Quote from: Here and There
It's not good to watch the speedometer in place of watching the road. To make it worse. Our minivan's steering wheel is very very sensitive while moving at 75 miles an hour...

Quote from: F8te
You really shouldn't be driving at your age.  *looks at profile*

yeah, 4 yrs old is a bit young for driving, just a bit  
 . .     :fightmonk     . .
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Burninator on January 24, 2004, 07:52:13 PM
1) attempting to do a handstand on a chair, at the dinner table, failing and smashing the table.

2) letting friends pass you out, then cracking your skull

3) joining the crew team

4) running into a tree at full speed

5) 'poppin' a 'wheelie' on a bike too small for you, so that you flip on ur back...

6) getting shot in the pills by a paintball gun

7) falling out of a jungle gym while hanging upside down...
Title: I'm abandoning all sanity
Post by: Frozen on January 25, 2004, 12:41:42 PM
I have more stupid moments! Okay...
1.Trying to break a wild horse with only one other person.
2.Paintballing with pyschopathic friends.
3.High jacking my brother's bike and losing it in the lake.
4.Being absent and missing the mid-term make up day.
5.Forgetting to go to my house before going to my friends house.
6.Trying to open a knife and cut an annoying thread off my blanket in the dark.
7.Dropping my dad's anniversary present to my mom down the drain.
8."Accidentally" punching a teacher in the face.
9."Accidentally" using the farmer's field for a bomb testing site.
10."Accidentally" spilling black ink over my moms imported white german tablecloth.
11."Accidentally" locking my brother inside his room for six hours.
12."Accidentally" breaking off the leg of my chair.
Okay. I'm a pyscho let me be.