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Title: The Current Telepathic Nature of Humanity
Post by: Kettle on May 05, 2009, 10:36:35 AM
The Current Telepathic Nature of Humanity


As practitioners of metaphysics we all strive to achieve telepathy, mental communication, reading the mind, or whatever you may choose call it. For all our efforts we often fail to notice the preexisting telepathic system in place created by the simple expectations of person-to-person interaction. In the following article we will discuss the definition of telepathy, telepathy as it exists in our world now, how we can help enhance or change telepathy in the world, and future considerations for telepathic communication.

Telepathy, In Definition

Let's take the definition of telepathy found on; "communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception", which is fine, and compare it to the definition given by Kobok in the article "Glossary of Psi Terms"; "Telepathy (TP) - The direct exchange of ideas and information between two or more minds", again a suitable definition.

Both definitions are good in explaining the act of telepathy and both point out that the normal methods of communication (such as speech or body language) are not used in telepathy, meaning that in some way information is transferred between two minds but not by senses. Let it be known that transfer of information by psi is not considered a normal method of communication or in any way related to sensory perception. Let it also be known that the transfer of information by psi occurs all the time in our day-to-day lives.

The Mechanisms of Telepathy

As psions we are lucky enough to know of the energy psi, which can very easily act as a mechanism for information transfer between people without any sensory perception involved. In some cases knowing the very fact that psi is capable of information transfer is how we are able to intentionally perform telepathy. Because we have information on psi, psionics, and the soul we can determine the mechanism of telepathy and how it is used to create telepathic experiences within our world on a day to day basis and why also unintentional telepathy can and does occur frequently in person to person interaction.

The Creation of Unintentional Telepathy

It is as if we are immersed in a fluid that carries in the form of information all our thoughts and intentions. The fluid is of course psi which reacts to follow all our expectations. We as conscious souls are capable of creating intent and controlling psi such that we can bring about changes in the physical world even if we do not know how we do it. It does not require an understanding of psi to have it affect the physical domain. It does not require an understanding of forming intent to have information stored in psi. It does not require a person to be consciously aware of the existence of constructs to create one. We at all times are interacting and using psi unconsciously because it is what makes interaction with our bodies possible (as the soul has no physical connection to our bodies), as such it is impossible that this would not carry our thoughts and expectation into our other interactions with our world and with each other. Thus information transfer by no sensory perception can occur by the the interaction of the soul with psi.

All of this together would mean that over the course of human history and by the act of interacting with the physical world through the use of psi we as souls have unconsciously created many constructs, and in a sense one very large network of constructs, that facilitate our interaction on a non-sensory level. Why do you think we need to ground and filter so often?

The exact method of how we create these constructs is hard to define, at the least this will be unique to each person and trying to observe anotherís construct comes with very confusing overlay. It is safe to say that because the soul is constantly using psi to transfer information, create changes in the physical world, and observing information stored in psi, that there would be overlap when two souls interacting with the physical world observe the same general areas of space.

The soul, having no physical part and therefore no physical connection is often aware of and interacting with the physical world at more than a single point of focus and because of this the possibility of the unintentional spread of information charged psi is increased. This possibility is further increased by the fact that at times we will all, regardless of our lack of knowledge of psi, broadcast our thoughts and emotions very intentionally with the expectation of understanding from those around us. Though it's hard to say exactly why this occurs and continues to occur it is likely because it has worked in the past and does now too.

Why unintentional telepathy can occur is an important subject however what we do with it is more important.

Applications and Practices

These are some ways in which we can apply the above information which you may find useful to both yourself and others.

Connecting with a Willing Person/Forming a Bond
This is a great exercise to develop with a partner if you are so fortunate to have someone to do this with. The idea is that the two of you (or more even) actively decide to share information as souls. This is not like a normal telepathy practice where you are actually trying to transfer specific information, this is more the case of the parties involved setting time aside regularly to generate the expectation that telepathy will occur between them. If you already practice telepathy exercises this is a great way to supplement them, and for the best success it is necessary for to practice telepathy exercises regularly.

Group Settings
We are often in the situation that we work as a group on a shared task (school, work, social life, etc.). Within a group setting there will always be telepathy occurring on some level, though success depends on openness of the individuals as well as noise. If you are lucky enough to have a group of like-minded individuals who are comfortable with the idea of telepathic communication and they are all willing to actively expect that it will occur within the shared experience/task the success of telepathic interaction will greatly increase. Even if you do not have a group of people to actively attempt telepathic interaction while attempting to achieve a common task you yourself can generate the expectation, energy, and actualization necessary to improve the exchange of information already occuring. Keep in mind that whether attempting this practice alone or in a group it is best to keep one's intent and expectation very general and without major definitions as this will complicate a simple thing and create a great deal of overlay (especially in a group).

The Overall Telepathic Construct
We may not be able to fully understand all the manifestations of telepathy from day to day but if our intent is simply to improve it and make it work better for everyone, that very simple and general intent is enough to make it possible. See the next section to understand why this is important.

Future Considerations

It is the author's opinion that mental communication, communication from one conscious mind to another without physical intervention, is the next and most important step in the development of human interaction and society. Many (if not all) conflicts from person to person or country to country are caused by misunderstanding of intention or a pure lack of empathy. With a linked consciousness that spans the globe we may finally have an understanding of one another and be able to put down the weapons that we use destroy each other for so little reason.
Title: Re: The Current Telepathic Nature of Humanity
Post by: hagithpsi on May 05, 2009, 01:06:39 PM
Reading "Creation of Unintentional Telepathy," I had a realization about my own practice that had never considered telepathy or person to person interaction in the light of having preexisting telepathic structures around ourselves.
If they truly vary with each person and influence the most basic interaction with other people, that would be very interesting indeed. Thank you, Kettle.
Title: Re: The Current Telepathic Nature of Humanity
Post by: Kettle on May 05, 2009, 07:47:13 PM
If they truly vary with each person and influence the most basic interaction with other people, that would be very interesting indeed. Thank you, Kettle.

You are very welcome  :)