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March 31, 2006, 12:39:48 PM
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  I was sitting and wondering things today, since the sun has decided to come out and shone pretty well, and except for the guy that shot at some cops on the other side of town, this is a pretty cheery day, and one to spend wondering things. I was thinking about songs. I remembered that back in Sunday school, we had songs for everything. And later, out of Sunday school for years, when I started teaching the equivalent of Boy's Scouts here, I learned that songs are used to teach because it is easier to remember things when they are sung. So I was wondering just why that is.
  Then I started thinking how some tribes in Africa pass on stories of their heritage through song. The Lakota, an Indian tribe the white man call Sioux, do the same thing, but also have some songs that are sung during rituals. At my parent's church, they sing and dance during worship. And at St. Phil's, they sing, but it is a lot slower, and sounds heavier. Angels were said to sing to announce the birth of Jesus. There are monks over in Asia who practice a type of singing where they actually produce two different tones at once, out of one person's vocal chord.
  But I guess the main thing I was wondering was: "Why is something so special when we sing it?" I haven't come up with an answer yet, and I was wondering any of your thoughts on why singing is used for everything from celebrating, worship, passing on of folklore, even ritual componet. Any thoughts?
  One of the main things I wonder is from a question I asked my parent's pastor. "Why do you sing during worship?". He answered and said that is how they worship God. I asked "Why?" and he said it's always been with song. He said the book of Psalms in the Bible is nothing but 150 songs, relating in different ways to God. I noticed that songs are used in various forms of worship. I wonder why that is.
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